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Vol. 34 Goes Out of Print

In a move that is believed to be related to the Susan Hart imbroglio, “MST3K: Volume XXXIV” has officially gone out of print. The episodes are still available in digital formats, but physical copies of the titles are no longer on sale at (though we did spot some copies on Amazon). But if you want a physical copy, good luck.

Thanks to Paul for the heads up.

13 Replies to “Vol. 34 Goes Out of Print”

  1. Sitting Duck says:

    Got my copy on the day it first came out. Just have to be extra careful with the keeping the discs from that set from getting scratched.


  2. Kenneth Morgan says:

    Ordered a copy from Amazon today. Usually, I’ll wait around, saying “Oh, it’s OK, it’ll be available later on,” only to find that it’s either vanished or going for a king’s ransom on Ebay.


  3. Terry the Sensitive Knight says:

    I just watch them on YouTube


  4. BobNotThatBob says:

    I expect that since the problem is in the documentary, the set might be re-released without that extra.


  5. Captain Howdy says:

    Every MSTSK episode needs to be encoded on a gold plated copper disk and shot toward Alpha Centauri.


  6. Speedy B. says:

    Bought it on release day so this doesn’t affect me.


  7. Captain Howdy:
    Every MSTSK episode needs to be encoded on a gold plated copper disk and shot toward Alpha Centauri.

    ….with an endless loop of Cheesy Guitar Solo embedded in the rim…Andy LaCasse shall play on through all eternity…


  8. radioman970 says:

    ordered today. biggest fear is missing vols I don’t have yet. had some amazon card reward $$$ too so it wasn’t all that much.


  9. radioman970 says:

    oh meant to say thank you too. :)

    Also, I found Undead single in dollar tree a few weeks ago.


  10. mando3b says:

    Fortunately, I got The Undead as a single. That is the only one from this collection I would want to own. Have recently watched Viking Women and The She-Creature on YouTube. Colossal Beast is in the rotation on the MST3K Channel. Is there any news about the lawsuit that has had so many eps tied up in copyright limbo?


  11. Yeti of Great Danger says:

    Thanks for the heads-up; I ordered the set on Amazon pdq. I only have a few sets left to get, had been waiting on some that I tend to ask for as a birthday gift etc.


  12. radioman970 says:

    now says
    “Available to ship in 1-2 days. ”

    hum… are we sure they are running out? happy I ordered mine regardless.


  13. radioman970 says:

    Mine came in the mail! woo hoo!


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