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Episode guide: 623- The Amazing Transparent Man (with short: ‘The Days of Our Years’)


Short: (1955) A minister urges railroad workers to stop selfishly getting injured on the job.
Movie: (1959) A mad scientist makes an escaped convict invisible so he can steal radioactive material, but he would rather rob banks instead.

First shown: 3/18/95
Opening: Crow is Tom’s science project
Intro: At Auntie McFrank’s bed and breakfast, Dr. F. demands that M&TB provide some “local color” — and soon regrets it
Host segment 1: Crow learns about “gentle pressure,” but doesn’t practice it
Host segment 2: Frank misses out on “Squanto”
Host segment 3: Mike gets caught playing Rick Wakeman
End: Answering the film’s question, transparent letter, in Deep 13 Frank is still Auntie McFrank
Stinger: Petting the invisible guinea pig
1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (146 votes, average: 3.95 out of 5)


• In terms of the host segments, this episode feels like the opposite of last week, where the segments were kind of blah. These are mostly inspired. The short is a classic, with very good riffing. The riffing feels like it falls off a bit during the main feature, but it definitely has its moments.
• This episode is not yet available on DVD.
• We begin with a hilarious opening, one that feels very season-fivey, then move on to the legendary B&B segment, as Dr. F asks M&tB for help and very quickly wishes he hadn’t. Trace and Frank are hilarious. And watch Mike: He never blinks.
• Dr. F does not mention the short in his introduction. Not sure he’s ever done that before.
• I loved the “Plan 9” reference. The shot is remarkably similar.
• Callback: “Flag on the Moon.”
• Non-spaghetti ball bumpers: Bulletin board, beaker, book, film canister.
• “Gentle pressure” became an immediate catchphrase.
• Interesting commercials on my copy (from the debut): a commercial for their “Little Gold Statue special” and one for “Duckman” on USA.
• Annoying commercial: The “Etiem!” commercial in which the couple, lost in a foreign country, follows a little boy who seems to be saying “etiem!” Turns out he’s taking them to an ATM–they’re saved. Cute the first time, annoying after several viewings. Also: there was one of CC’s “Just say No-J” spots. Good times, good times…
• Segment 3 is random, but very funny.
• Then current reference: the now-largely forgotten movie Squanto, A Warrior’s Tale.
• Although this probably wasn’t his favorite movie, the movie’s director, Edgar G. Ulmer, is well respected in some circles.
• Cast and crew roundup: special effects guy Roger George also worked on “The Human Duplicators.” Special effects guy Howard A. Anderson also worked in “Women of the Prehistoric Planet,” “King Dinosaur,” “12 to the Moon” and “It Lives By Night.” Makeup guy Jack Pierce also worked on “The Brute Man.” Assistant director Leonard Shapiro also worked on “Project Moon Base” and “Bloodlust.” Set designer Louise Caldwell also worked on “Giant Gila Monster” and “Killer Shrews.” Sound guy Earl Snyder also worked on “Giant Gila Monster,” “Killer Shrews” and “The Crawling Hand.”
In front of the camera: James Griffith was also in “Manhunt in Space.” Edward Erwin was also in “Ring of Terror.” Jonathan Ledford was also in “Attack of the the Eye Creatures.”
• Host segments directed by Kevin Murphy. Additional contributing writers: Ben Bakken, Bill Corbett and Drew Jansen.
• Fave riff from the short: “Get out of my head, Reverend!!!” Honorable mention: “Obey the toaster!”
• Fave riff: “Here. These’ll blow your mind.” Honorable mention: “Doc, that’s not his wrist!”

99 Replies to “Episode guide: 623- The Amazing Transparent Man (with short: ‘The Days of Our Years’)”

  1. swh1939 says:

    I don’t remember which episode, but I clearly remember Joel saying during a host segment, “Oh wow, blindsided by a short”. I don’t think Forrester warned them about that one.

    The short is definitely a favorite (but I have to admit for having a soft spot for shorts … I do like most of them). I re-visit this one at least once a year.


  2. Katana says:

    If just for those fifty-five seconds where M&TB are the “local color”, this is amazing. Tom is a great hillbilly, Mike never blinks, and Trace’s llama bleating is one of my favorite moments. Also “touch the llama” has become a thing we do to one of my friends who wears a soft and furry sweatshirt during the winter time. Saying “You people bring matches for Mikey?” is optional.

    The short is hella depressing. I guess the railroad enjoyed funding shorts (“Signs of Life” too) about people dying, but man does this one hurt. The combination of making it long doesn’t help, so it’s one of my least-favorite shorts. Doesn’t mean I won’t watch it, though. :D


  3. MikeK says:

    Great episode if only for the short alone, but add a great host segments and a good riffing on the movie, and it’s worth five stars.

    TV’s Frank really shines in this episode. First as the matronly Auntie McFrank and in his failed plan to see “Squanto! A Warrior’s Tale!.” I remember some sort of big deal being made about that movie, so I subconsciously feel that the Squanto jokes are appropriate.

    Dr. F is good too. I love the way Trace gets all weird when Kevin asks him about his relationship to Auntie McFrank.

    “We’re partners. Yes. Partners.”

    He’s also great when gives Frank the news about Squanto.

    Back on the SOL:

    The “local color” part by Mike and the bots is great. Servo as the old farmer, Crow as a llama, and Mike as an, obviously inbred, Mikey are great.

    I love Crow and Tom’s suggestions for others to that Frank can see. Camp Nowhere and The Road to Welleville. (Man, the ’90s sucked.)

    The short is a classic. When I compare it to Last Clear Chance, I find it to be the better of the two Union Pacific shorts.

    The movie is pretty good. It certainly doesn’t drag like it might have.

    Fave riff: “Come over to this side!” From the short when we see that lady’s distorted reflection in the toaster.

    Oh,and Joe is one stupid, stupid man.


  4. Zee says:

    Good episode! The opening sketch is one of the best. “So, Clay, you and Auntie McFrank, you, uh, are you…” “Partners. Yes, we’re…” So funny… Also love the scene where Frank is going to see Squanto (“I’ve NEVER tried to contact you, Frank”).

    Great short (in which they reference “Plan 9 From Outer Space”- twice!) and a solid goofy movie. My favorite riff from the short is:
    “A newborn’s father is one of the most excitable people in the world!”
    Crow: Other than the father at the time of conception…

    Here’s some of my favorite riffs from the movie:
    BEST RIFF: “He was invisible, but I’m sure he was black!” -Tom as woman who witnessed the robbery

    “I know you’d like an explanation…”
    Mike: I’m effeminate because my mother was overbearing.

    “That bit of shrapnel ended his military career.”
    Crow: And his sex life.

    Tom: Honey I Shrunk The Audience’s Interest

    Mike: Think of it! People might think there’s NOT a guinea pig in the room when there actually IS! Ha ha ha ha ha! It’s brilliant!

    Crow: You were talking to me, weren’t you? You were saying ‘Come over here and drink me!’

    “…Not me. Only what’s left of my soul.”
    Mike: I’m kidding. Pie?

    Crow: Well, it’s just gonna make an invisible gerbil-sized hole in him!

    “I do not joke about my daughter.”
    Crow: Although I hear she does swin with the troop ships!

    Crow: He’s moshin’ by himself!
    Tom: This happens everyday, whether there’s a transparent man or not.

    Tom: Can we finish being fired now?

    “Julian would disagree.”
    Tom: Yeah, well, Julian can lick m- oh, hi, Julian!

    Tom (as Julian): Ah, now it’s just me and the new issue of ‘Sassy’!

    Crow (as Julian): Goofus pisses me off!

    Mike (as Julian): Locks may mean nothing to you, but a lock saved my life once!

    Tom: Excuse me, you folks not drinkin’? This is Texas, you know.

    “There is one man who has unlocked every door, except the one to his own soul…”
    Crow: Robert Dornan.

    Auntie McFrank: Here, have another one of my flavorless, rock-hard butter cookies…

    “You see…? I touch it… It does me no harm.”


  5. Ruth! says:

    I’ve only seen this one once or twice, so I don’t remember much of it… I first saw the “local color” segment in a Youtube montage of the “MST top ten WTF? moments”. Without the context of the bed & breakfast storyline, that is a “WTF?!”-inducing scene if there ever was one.

    But funny as hell!

    Fave riff: (in resigned voice)”Well, I’d better go fall for this.”


  6. ck says:

    There’s a rather annoying “disappearing comments” when you scroll down. Can that be fixed? It didn’t happen before the last day or two.


  7. klisch says:

    This is another episode that I have yet to watch. Can I still be called a ‘mistie’ if I haven’t seen half the shows?


  8. I’ve only seen the short on this one thanks to Vol. 2 and, while it’s got great riffing, it’s incredibly depressing and I can’t even think about the guy who goes blind at the end without my own eyes hurting.

    Favorite riffs:
    “Nice puppy.” – Mike
    “You are getting sleepy.” – Crow
    “They’re in hell!” – Servo


  9. MikeH says:

    I’ve only seen the movie a couple of times and vaguely remember it being pretty funny but I don’t remember any riffs. The short though I watch that a lot on Shorts Vol.2, it is so dark and Mike & the Bots have a great time with it,

    I’m watching you feel good

    Plan 5 From Outer Space

    Do you take this bionic man?

    Let’s go on a Hawaiian sex tour

    There my problem went away

    too many others to list, I wonder how many of these safety films Union Pacific put out, each one of them need to be riffed.


  10. jjb3k says:

    “I don’t remember which episode, but I clearly remember Joel saying during a host segment, “Oh wow, blindsided by a short”. I don’t think Forrester warned them about that one.”

    406 “Attack of the Giant Leeches”.

    I mentioned last week that this was the episode that demonstrates what a good actor Frank had become over his five years with BBI. You look at his early appearances, and whenever Frank the character was supposed to get excited or angry, Frank the actor would do this weird half-whisper half-scream thing, like he was afraid of getting too loud (it shows up as recently as early Season 5, in “Secret Agent Super Dragon” when Frank whispers “Security! Security!” while being heckled by the virtual comedy club audience). But you don’t see that anywhere in Season 6 – and in this episode, Frank banishes his former subpar acting skills to the annals of MSTory forever with his mighty bellow of “SQUANTOOOOO!!” The whole reason it gets a huge laugh from me every time I watch it is because it’s so over the top. If Frank had whispered it, it would have just fallen flat. Bravo, Mr. Conniff!

    It took me a while to warm up to “The Days of Our Years”, but now I think it’s even funnier than its sister short “Last Clear Chance”. Looking at it now, it’s just one brilliant riff after another. “Get outta town, accident lover!”, “In my version, things went a lot further”, “Do you take this bionic man…”, “Bob, does fur run in your family?”, “So the leading causes of accidents are joy, sex, and old age?”, and so on…

    There’s a missed riff opportunity in the movie that I again suspect the Brains didn’t know about. The movie credits Darrel Calker as the music guy (“He really caulks the whole film together” says Mike). As an animation geek, I happen to know that Calker also composed the music for Walter Lantz’s cartoons in the 1940s, including dozens of Woody Woodpecker cartoons. Just another random tidbit from my archives.

    “You people bring matches for Mikey?” is a classic. So much so that I paid tribute to it on DeviantArt a couple of years ago: My caricature of Mike has gotten a lot better since then.


  11. swh1939 says:

    I have the ‘disappearing comments’ problem as well. At least I can read the comments in full before they vanish.


  12. Graboidz says:

    Just read that David Carradine was found dead??!! Damn shame.

    This was only an okay episode for me, the film itself was just too blah, especially coming off the heels of “Angel’s Revenge”. The short is fantastic though, well worth repeated viewings.


  13. You look at his early appearances, and whenever Frank the character was supposed to get excited or angry, Frank the actor would do this weird half-whisper half-scream thing, like he was afraid of getting too loud (it shows up as recently as early Season 5, in “Secret Agent Super Dragon” when Frank whispers “Security! Security!” while being heckled by the virtual comedy club audience).

    There was also “Gamera vs. Guiron” in Season 3, when Frank says “Mother! Mother!” in that whispery scream that ruins the gag. I mean, what, was he afraid of breaking the microphone?

    The ACEG says that this was the only time Frank agreed to appear in drag. Weird that he chose THIS role to do it.

    And as a Yes fan, I love the Wakeman bit. I loved any prog references, like Gypsy getting distressed over Emerson, Lake and Palmer back in Season 3.


  14. MPSh says:

    Fantastic host segments (the Tangleberry Inn, slack-jawed Mikey, the way Auntie McFrank gives that femmy slap on the arm to his “partner”) and a great short as well.

    Favorite riffs:

    (The minister’s hand is raised in a gesture of blessing)
    Rev: “… the minister saying the proper words”
    TS: “You are getting sleepy”

    (The minister gazes up at the waitress from his cofee shop table)
    Crow: “Yes, I’m ruddy!”

    I’m afraid I’m not so familiar with the movie itself. I’ll have to go back and watch it.


  15. rcfagnan says:

    Dynamite episode. M&TB as “The Local Color” is probably my all-time favorite moment in MST3K. I think it’s the way mike delivers his only line of dialog: “You people bring matches fer Mikey?” Throw in the dark short (which they shred) and a movie that, as someone already mentioned, doesn’t really drag on and you get a classic ep. The riff in the movie that comes to mind almost immediately is
    Crow: “Hey, this movie has pho-to-gra-phic e-ffects!”
    Mike: “What they MEAN by pho-to-gra-hic e-ffects is that they filmed it.”
    If I watched the movie again right now (it’s been a while) there would probably be a riff I liked more, but that’s the only one that jumps out at me right now.


  16. pearliemae says:

    I heartily endorse Mike’s comment on the short – something like, On the one hand it provided a lot of good safety tips, but on the other hand it made me want to kill myself.


  17. MikeK says:

    Frank’s only time in drag? Well, considering his body type, I’d that the role of Auntie McFrank was perfect for him. :oops: Now, I’m not saying he was attractive or anything, but he did look good as Auntie McFrank. It really did help sell the character and made for some hilarious host segments.


  18. Cabbage Patch Elvis says:

    I can’t even imagine the effect this short had on the railroad workers who were forced to watch it. I think I’d head for the dankest bar I could find and drink until the movie was obliterated from my memory. :sad:


  19. Ryan says:

    Enough cannot be said about how awesome the “local color” segment is!Tom just running his mouth, Mike looking quite creepy and Crow as the llama everything is just gold. Mike can act (unlike that other sleepy eyed guy).


  20. jedzz says:

    “Interesting commercials on my copy (from the debut): a commercial for their “Little gold statue special” another for “Duckman” on USA. Spoon!”

    Duckman was a great show, often just as funny as MST3k. I think you’re getting your catchphrases mixed up, however — everyone knows that ‘Spoon!’ is from The Tick!


  21. Cliff Weismeyer says:

    I’m also having the dissappearing comments issue.

    Also second the sadness over the death of David Carradine.

    For me, this was one of the few episodes, particularly in the Mike era, where the host segments overwhelmed the riffing. I rememeber almost nothing from the movie or short, but Aunty McFrank, “local color” and Squanto are burned into my memory.

    Squanto was right at the end of that wave of serious Native American themed dramas in the early 90s (Dances with Wolves, Last of the Mohicans). I’m pretty sure that it was the last. Maybe the title had something to do with it…


  22. Sampo says:

    jedzz: You’re right of course. I’m an idiot. And by the way: “What the hell are YOU starin’ at??!!”

    This is day two of the “disappearing comments” comments. I am not not seeing them if you get my meaning. :-)

    Please send descriptions of what you’re seeing to Mention what browser you’re using.


  23. fireballil says:

    I hope to get some more rememberances later, but this ep has one of my favorite riffs of all time: When the guinea pig disappears the first time and you hear the ‘ping,’ Crow says, ‘He disappeared with an audible ping! He’s goin’ to notions!’ As for the comments, personally, I’ve never been able to start seeing comments. :razz: :lol:


  24. H says:

    A pretty good one for me. The short is fine but ‘Why don’t they look?’ will always be the standard for me with these sorts of shorts. Movie is also fine, nothing too special though. Host segments are great for obvious reasons.
    Also, it’s interesting you should mention Duckman. I recently got the DVDs for the show and the episodes hold up great.


  25. DON3k says:

    Obey the toaster!!!!

    Great short, and good episode. I think the host segments help me get thru the episode, as they pep-up an overall OK experiment, where the movie itself is concerned. Good riffing, but the film should somehow be more exciting, due to the subject matter. Invisibility, a-bombs, plots to take over the US, and very sciencie science.

    In the move, the old security guard is one of those actors who has always been old. You’d know him as the really really old man married to the hot’ish blond in the film Best In Show – Patrick Cranshaw. This movie, playing the guard, was apparently his 3rd roll, having just begun 5 years earlier, at the age of 36, making him 41 at the time. Boy, that was a hard 41 years, apparently. Looks like he’s 70.

    This film also has a movie prop, which from my own count, seems to be the most re-used prop featured in MST3k experiments. The little spring-and-spark light-flashing-thingie that was part of the x-ray device. It appears in Undersea Kingdom, Transparent Man and Village of the Giants.


  26. Spector says:

    The host segments were great in this one, especially the B&B one with “Mikey”, Farmer Tom and Crow the Llama. “You people bring matches for Mikey?” Priceless bit by Mike.

    The short would’ve been very depressing on its own and usually I find the gang’s riffs with depressing material falls flat but not with this short. I guess in small doses like a short there’s plenty to work with before the full depression of the bit kicks in. Very funny one.

    As for the movie, this one falls into the good but not great category for me. It was okay with plenty of chuckles but overall I found it wasn’t as memorably funny as some of the other episodes in this series. 3.5 out of five.


  27. Joey Stink Eye Smiles says:

    I love any movie where the characters aren’t afraid to down a gimlet at 9:30 in the morning.


  28. The Professor says:

    AH! Thank god someone mentioned “Spoon!” was from the Tick. I’ve been trying to remember what that was from for darn near an hour now.

    Anyway, the episode. Good short, great host segments but the movie itself is a major drag. At this point of the season, i think the Brains were just too tired to really give this movie a proper beat-down. It has it’s moments to be sure but this episode (and the one following it) leave this near-flawless season on a sort on down note.


  29. I'm not a medium, I'm a petite says:

    -(( technical gripe ( yes I’ll forward to Erh when I get home ) For the last few days this website has been crashing my IE.. it starts to load, gets most of the text displayed and then just when you think it will display the masthead thingy… poof, it shuts down, usually happens 2 or 3 times before i can get it too stick ))-


  30. adoptadog says:

    Wow, I thought I was losing the little mind I have left…glad that I’m not hallucinating the vanishing comments.

    Like Thomas K. Dye #13, I have a certain fondness for Yes and Rick Wakeman – lots of memories there – and am always glad when they’re referenced in various eps.

    GREAT short! I often find myself muttering “Obey the toaster!” while I’m working around the kitchen.

    Movie was okay, not one of my faves, though I did like seeing the traitor from Manhunt in Space as the villain here.


  31. One of the darkest of shorts. Man I’m glad I don’t work for a railroad, its a deathtrap.
    My favorite line from the movie:
    Tom:”If he straps on a rubber glove I’m leaving!”


  32. WeatherServo9 says:

    Whatever company made that organ must have paid for some serious product placement, as it was on screen a LOT. Too bad no one played it, though.


  33. Smog Monster says:

    In Mystery Science Theater 3000’s complete history, there were only 3 realistic trauma films: 520: The Last Clear Chance; 623: The Days Of Our Years; & K16: City On Fire. The rest of MST3K’s film’s present negative things happening not as graphically, not as frequently, to the villain, &/or with an element of fantasy. I have trouble watching all 3 of them, and wouldn’t have done them in the first place. Of all the films out there … couldn’t you have chosen some thing else to riff? The way I see it, when considering that they should have done a different film (i.e.: Hamlet/Starfighters/Catalina Caper) it really confuses me, since there are so many films out there … you’d think that they could have considered something else instead … there are that many movies! But noooooooo … they had to do ‘this one’ … and it was horrifying and distressing to make fun of. :???: I’ll leave it at that, but their could have been so much better.


  34. OnenuttyTanuki says:

    I actually memorized all of the Intro Segment when I was in High School and can quote all of it at a drop of a hat. Much to amusement/annoyance of friends and family.
    God forbid, we pass by a farm that has a llama or Alpaca. Since usually this or the “We also raise Llamas. If you ever wanted to pet a llama. Got a dead alien in the attic.” remark from Time Chasers.

    “Man, I wish I didn’t know there are pizza rolls in the fridge.”

    “Here try these, they’ll blow your mind.”

    “It was so nice for his mom to pick him up from convict pratice.”

    “Gentle pressure.”

    “Hey it’s the Kessterman mailbox.”


  35. Stickboy says:

    One of my favorite shorts. There’s a great combo of riffs that come rapid fire near the start.
    “Get outta town, accident lover!”
    “I had an accident, too.”
    “I didn’t hate accidents enough.”
    Wonderful stuff.

    I love the movie and its riffs. I like old black and white SF movies with bad science. My favorite moment may be the binoculars at the end that shift viewpoints. Was the editor paying attention?

    A few observations on the movie:
    1. Mike and the bots refer to the test animal(s) as guinea pigs, hamsters, and gophers.
    2. How does Crenner (the bad guy) get out of the locked room?
    3. How does the German and his daughter escape the explosion?
    4. The authority figure guy at the end says “There’s not enough left to make ashes.” But there’s clearly a partial building frame still standing in one of the binocular shots.
    5. Why does Crenner take out the fishable(?) material if he knows it will cause an atomic explosion?

    [breathing, relaxing] Maybe I’ve seen this one too much.


  36. Tim S. Turner says:

    You got matches for Mikey?



  37. Cornjob says:

    Rest in Peace David Carradine. A long time ago I saw an interview with him. The interviewer asked him something like, “what would you like most now?” His answer was, “Happiness”

    Speaking of suicidal despair, I love this short. Why can’t they make safety films that don’t make you want to kill yourself or speak to you as if you were an idiot?

    The movie is middling but decent. Was it in a host segment that someone points out that light would pass through the retina’s of an invisible man, rendering them blind?


  38. blandoon says:

    The short has one of my favorite ultra-obscure riffs: “Quite a coup getting Francis Poulenc to do the music.” (Look it up.)


  39. crowschmo says:

    The Amazing Transparent Comments. :???:
    What the Sam Scratch is going on?

    Movie and host segments were boring, riffs were so-so, short was depressing.

    Not much to like about this one.

    A few lines I liked:

    From the short:

    “The filth that is humanity.” – Crow

    From the movie:

    “Hayley Mills in the Amazing Transparent Trap.” – Crow

    “Think of it – people will think there’s NOT a guinea pig in the room when there actually IS…” – Mike

    (As Julien? was it) “I don’t even have a son – I’m so stupid.” – Mike

    Umm…. That’s about it.


  40. Kouban says:

    It’s too bad they didn’t bring back “Matches for Mikey” later on. I can think of a number of moments where it would’ve been perfect, like during any number of Screaming Skull scenes.


  41. Kouban says:

    #33: I don’t think City On Fire was “a realistic trauma film” so much as tragedy porn. I swear that the entire last quarter of that movie was nothing but lovingly-filmed shots of people, on fire, running like idiots as they burned to death.


  42. rockyjones says:

    Yea!!!!…..I can see ALL of the comments again! It’s fixed!

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!


  43. rockyjones says:

    Oh….and I agree about “City On Fire”…

    Talk about a HIGHLY unlikely chain of “made-for-TV” events….sheesh!


  44. Tough call, but I give this Ep 4 stars.
    Crow’s bleating sounds as the rabid Llama while Mikey gropes him and Tom’s rant about “the Llama hasn’t been feeling to well lately” are TOO FUNNY! One of my favorite skits, period.

    The movie is okay, some good riffs but the short really kicks ass. Just a tiny notch below the other Union Pacific short. Depressing and bleak, but offset by some utterly brilliant riffing!


  45. Warren says:

    I know I’ve seen Amazing Transparent Man, but I can’t remember ANYTHING about it. The memory is a strange thing sometimes. I’ve seen the short several times so I know how dark, bleak, and unsafe life really is :razz:


  46. 1 adam 12 says:

    Never seen this ep, so I can’t comment. I have all the DVDs, though, so I can definitely say that the short is BEYOND DEPRESSING. Yeah, there are some great riffs, but jeez…


  47. The Toblerone Effect says:

    Every season of MST seems to have that one episode where no one remembers it very well; Season 3’s “Stranded in Space” is a good example. And I’d say that Season 6’s “forgotten” episode is this one. After just watching it twice, after not seeing it for afew years, I now know why this is so: the riffing is respectable but not memorable, and while the segments are strong, those are generally not what people remember about any given experiment. The movie itself, while having its goofy special effects moments and bizarre ending, is actually decent by MST standards. The riffing for the short is excellent, although I prefer “Last Clear Chance” abit more because the cop in that is over-the-top, and therefore more prone to comedy.

    Fav riff from short: Preacher says, ” a father is never more excited than he is when his child is born”, to which Crow responds with, “except the father at the time of conception!”

    Fav riffs from movie: Crow- “Haley Mills in The Amazing Transparent Trap!”
    Servo’s continued singing of the theme to “Spies Like Us”, until Mike chokes him ala Griffin choking Cook in “Red Zone Cuba”.

    Detective Drake, the guy grilling the two hapless security guards, reminds me of one of the geezer college student fraternity guys from “Ring of Terror”. I haven’t checked to see if it’s actually him.


  48. Roman Martel says:

    Never seen the complete episode, but I caught the opening and intro segments one night and was laughing so hard at the local color segments. Great stuff. But I could never remember what episode they belonged to, now I know.

    The short is one of those that grew on me with each viewing. When I first saw it on the VHS collection of shorts, I really didn’t like it. Too depressing and just plain wrong. But the darkness of the humor really started to appeal to me and eventually gentle pressure became a catchphrase around the house.


  49. The Bolem says:

    @37 Cornjob: I think that host segment was #3 or #4 in Robot Monster, in a general discussion of unworkable sci-fi concepts. It had nothing to do with this experiment, but rather H.G. Wells’s, “The Invisible Man”. A good point, but Wells actually sort of acknowledges it in the book, stating that the invisible cat created as the first experiment still had somewhat visible retinas and therefore could see, while that part of the retina is less prominent in humans, making it basically imperceptible to other people but leaving the invisible man able to see.

    The segment ends with Joel pointing out that bumblebees shouldn’t be able to fly according to the laws of physics, making Tom and Crow’s logic-centers explode and smoke. Neither Joel nor that guy with the “Alice” androids in Star Trek invented Paradox-Absorbing-Crumplezones (TM) in time.

    Haven’t seen this movie, but I just watched the last 13 episodes of “Moral Orel”, and I think that unbelievably dark show may have been just as heavily influenced by “The Days Of Our Years” as it was by “Davey and Goliath”.


  50. jimmy says:


    A Warrior’s Tale.


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