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Kickstarter Smashes Records

The #MakeMoreMST3K kickstarter raised more than $6.5 million, enough for 13 episodes (including 2 hosted by Joel), 12 shorts, the establishment of the Gizmoplex and much more.

Congrats to Joel, Ivan, Matt, Jonah, Hampton, Baron, Rebecca, Emily, Conor, Nate, Yvonne and everybody else who made the week an event.

On to season 13!

5 Replies to “Kickstarter Smashes Records”

  1. Terry the Sensitive Knight says:

    I know I’ve been fairly critical of the netflix MST seasons, but I really don’t care anymore. I WANT MORE MST3K!!!
    Watching those live streams really changed my attitude towards the new show. These folks are hilarious and I absolutely 100% want more more MORE! I’m particularly smitten with Nate, even with the stupid hat (call me). Last night’s stream was the perfect finale. From magic tricks to musical performances to ‘Johnny at the Fair’ (one of my favorites) to more Jackbox gaming, to breaking $6.5 mil with mere minutes on the clock. It was history in the making and I’m thrilled to have been privy to it. Here’s to another 10 seasons, Joel and Co. Let’s make it happen!


  2. Lisa H. says:

    Terry the Sensitive Knight:
    I’m particularly smitten with Nate, even with the stupid hat (call me).

    I love Nate, but MAN am I Ed Wynn-ed out after this week. I think we got a year’s worth.


  3. Scott Strong says:

    I was really concerned that they were going to come up short. Shows what I know. So glad to look forward to at least 13 more new episodes. And hopefully even more in the future. Well done in the stretch run Msties!


  4. mikeschr says:

    I pledged on Day 1, and the telethon and watch-alongs did a lot to endear the new crew to me, especially Nate. And I remember Ed Wynn.


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