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Volume 10.2 Cover Art has posted the revised cover art for Vol. 10.2. Basically, it’s exactly the same as the art for Vol. 10 except for the tag around the dinosaur’s neck. You can see the artwork HERE.

16 Replies to “Volume 10.2 Cover Art”

  1. Shaw says:

    Whoo hoo! The Pebbles and Bamm Bamm show is on DVD! Just what I always wanted :neutral:


  2. dinosaur says:

    I like my picture on that.


  3. Sean74 says:

    It was nice of Rhino to go all-out on a whole new cover version for Volume 10! :roll: I’ll be sticking to buying the single version of “Giant Gila Monster”, thanks.


  4. dinosaur says:

    I’m buying it because I’m on the cover, but I think you are a stegasaurus for demanding a new cover for a re-release.


  5. Thunder Dan says:

    seriously, the fact that it’s being re-released at all should be awesome enough


  6. happy says:

    I wish they would elaborate more on their plans for the single disc, as are a lot of us who were astute enough to buy Vol. 10 or any other volume for that matter as soon as they can get it..
    To me its always good to get their Volumes as soon as they come out with you because you never know when the volume may suddenly go out of print.
    V. 10 with Godzilla will still be the most valuable MST box set ever im sure


  7. Smog Monster says:

    I liked the Dinosaur, but what did it have anything to do with the novies in Volume Ten?!? I shouldn’t complain since Godzilla vs. Megalon was in it, but still…


  8. “V. 10 with Godzilla will still be the most valuable MST box set ever im sure”

    If they don’t release V.9.2, I think V.9 will surpass it, as there will be *four* episodes only available on it, while V.10 will only have one. Now, if V.10.2 sells well, I’m sure that V.9.2 will follow shortly.

    Current prices (after forgetting that bootlegger):

    V.9 – $150 used / $249 new
    V.10 – $189 used / $210 new


  9. Those are prices, btw.


  10. zombiewhacker says:

    BTW, does anybody know which movie in Vol. 9 triggered the recall? Was it only one of them, as was the case with Vol. 10, or are there several movies in Vol. 9 whose rights are disputed?


  11. Travis says:


    The most likely episode that caused Vol. 9 to go out of print was WOMEN OF THE PREHISTORIC PLANET. Rhino claims to have licensed it from Krypton International, but the information I’ve gathered says that Wade Williams actually owns it. The rest of the movies in the set look fine, so I don’t think it was more than one title.


  12. Sean74 says:

    That’s a very good idea, happy. But in regards to what you said about Vol 10……have you seen the prices for Vol. 9 on Amazon? That’s just as tough to get if not owned already.


  13. Bob says:

    Yeah, the prices for those out of print sets on Amazon are quite high, but if one looks at what they ACTUALLY sold for at auction on sites like eBay, one quickly realizes that those Amazon prices are not that realistic and not a lot of people are paying them. For example, recent final bid prices for four copies of Volume 9 on eBay were approx. $100, $105, $115, and $128. These are rather high, but they are not $150.

    Like a lot of people here, I own Volume 10 already, so I am anxiously awaiting news of The Giant Gila Monster and whether or not it will be sold separately. If not, usually sells MST3K Collection pre-orders for $38-$40 and postage is always free there, so that’s my back-up plan if Rhino doesn’t sell Gila Monster separately. I wrote to Dr. Rhino about it today. If I get a worthwhile, informative response, I will share it here at Satellite News.


  14. zombiewhacker says:

    Travis, thanks.

    I’d rather Rhino just dropped WOMEN from the set, substituted another title, and re-released it, same as Vol. 10. I’ve never seen any first season shows, but I couldn’t imagine a MST3K episode without Kevin Murphy.


  15. Radioman960 says:

    Anyone know what the single Gila Monster will be sold for? sells it’s singles for $19.95. Ouch! sell them for $13 shipped. Much better. Hopefully will have the single too.


  16. xmattxyzx says:

    The singles are on sale at only for a limited time.


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