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A Couple of Obscure Obits

LONDON — When Charlie Watts, the legendary drummer for the Rolling Stones, died on Aug. 24 (he was 80) in hospital here, I wasn’t sure there was a MSTory connection. But I was reminded of conversation about drummers in a host segment in episode K18- THE MILLION EYES OF SU-MURU. So all we can do is remove his asterisk and say RIP.

Actor Masanari Nihei, who played Jerry in the movie in episode K14- /314- MIGHTY JACK died on Aug. 21; he was also 80. He was perhaps best known in a number of Japanese TV shows starring Ultraman.
We’ve found brief mentions (in Japanese) but nothing like an official obituary. If you see one, let us know.

5 Replies to “A Couple of Obscure Obits”

  1. Y.I. Oughta

    Awww, good ol’ Ide (or Ito in the U.S. version) from the original Ultraman. The comic relief that was always good for a laugh. R.I.P. Mr. Nihei.


  2. Cornjob

    Damn. We lost Charlie Watts. My favorite Stone. I remember in their 80’s videos Mick and Keith would be prancing and preening and carrying on while Charlie would be playing his drums, looking detached like he really didn’t care.


  3. Cornjob

    Whenever I hear the riff in Killer Fish where someone asks refers to “the stones” meaning the diamonds, and one of the riffers says, “Mick, Kieth, and that drummer no one can remember the name of”, I always think, “What do you mean? He’s Charlie Watts! The coolest the bunch”.

    I am also reminded of his demeanor by the “Whatever, white people” riff from Girl in Gold Boots where two black guys are playing drums at a party.


  4. Brock Lee Rubberband

    Another obit – Tom T. Hall passed on August 21. Frank tells Dr, F “I like Tom T. Hall!” at the end of Fugitive Alien 2.


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