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A New Short from RiffTrax…

Get it here.

4 Replies to “A New Short from RiffTrax…”

  1. jay

    It’s a given that psychoactive substances were an element in the creation of this piece. Take your pick. My vote is for peyote, not that I know much about that stuff.


  2. Terry the Sensitive Knight

    Just the guys? And not even live?
    Sure, the short is weird as hell, but this can’t possibly be as good as the Summer Shorts Beach Party version…


  3. Cornjob

    I posted this on my facebook page:

    If there hasn’t been enough insanity in your life, check out this Rifftrax short called The Baggs. It’s one of those bizarre educational short movies that leaves you wondering what the heck the lesson is supposed to be. In this piece two burlap garbage bags become sentient and ambulatory and run off. For some reason the garbage collector pursues them, and the short follows his fruitless efforts to recollect the self disposing garbage while the sacks frolic about in a very surreal fashion as they continue to outwit the garbage man. If anyone can discern any meaning or point to any of it, you’re a more perceptive man than I am.


  4. Speedy B.

    “What? You don’t like my Baggs?”


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