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3 Replies to “Now Available from RiffTrax…”

  1. mst3kme

    From “The Daily Beast”

    “n the history of dumb ideas, few have been stupider than the Money Plane, a high-flying casino in which the world’s worst—and wealthiest—criminals wager on whatever outrageously deadly games their hearts desire while avoiding capture by soaring through international airspace. Easily tracked during takeoff and landing, as well as traced mid-flight via radar, it’s a den of illicit vice and sin that any two-bit federal agent would be able to shut down in a couple hours’ time. To consider the Money Plane for even a second is to realize not only the logistical ease with which such an operation could be thwarted but the bedrock inanity of setting it up in the first place.

    That Money Plane exists as an actual feature is a depressing commentary on movie-industry idiocy, if also some sort of wacko testament to those who both concocted it, and then wheeled-and-dealed it into cinematic reality. Credit for that disheartening feat goes to director and co-writer Andrew Lawrence, whose skill at enticing funding and actors for this project far exceeds his aptitude for staging it. Cut-rate C-grade action is the order of the day in this thriller (on VOD July 10), which is most notable for its seamless marriage of chintzy production design, wooden dialogue and first-day-of-rehearsal performances from a cast headlined by monotone WWE superstar Adam “Edge” Copeland, perpetually mugging (and slumming) Kelsey Grammer, and Lawrence’s brothers Joey and Matthew.”


  2. Terry the Sensitive Knight

    I have HAD IT with this mf-ing MONEY on this mf-ing PLANE!!!


  3. GreenLuthor

    Terry the Sensitive Knight:
    I have HAD IT with this mf-ing MONEY on this mf-ing PLANE!!!

    “If you want to bet on a dude f***ing an alligator…” -Actual line from the movie. Spoken by Kelsey Grammer.


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