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“Plan 9” Rifftrax Released

Missed the “Plan 9 From Outer Space” riff at Sketchfest in San Francisky? So did we! Now you can approximate the experience with the latest Rifftrax release.

Update: for an interesting riffing experience, watch your Rifftrax with the Legend edition of Plan 9 (you DID buy that, of course, right?) and turn Mike’s commentary track ON. You’ll be able to see which lines Mike reused from that version and what new material was added. Kinda interesting to see the evolution of the riff.

7 Replies to ““Plan 9” Rifftrax Released”

  1. Smog Monster says:

    All of these space-based adventures will be so obsolete once this news breaks out:!%20There's%20a%20little%20green%20man%20on%20Mars/


  2. It’s pretty good but not one of their best!


  3. MrBNatural says:

    No thanks…


  4. EthanV says:

    Um….this was their funniest rifftrax to date. They hit a home run here. Absolutely terrific.


  5. smallerdemon says:

    We just saw them perform this live at The Castro Theater last week and it was great. If the riffing is remotely as good as it was live, it’s completely worthwhile. I still am floored at how good these three are live. This was my second time seeing them and they are amazing.


  6. <shameless plug>

    And turn on that text track! (If you have the non-autographed edition.)

    </shameless plug>


  7. Kaleb Korger says:

    I hope it’s on YouTube soon.


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