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Season 13 Trailer/Article

Our pals at IGN have a great wrap-up of Season 13, including a trailer.

6 Replies to “Season 13 Trailer/Article”

  1. Uh, that’s the pre-release announcement article–
    Is the “wrap-up” where they’ve already seen the episodes, the free-spending Kickstarting bums?


  2. michaelkz says:

    I think I’ll save my money for whenever this gets a physical release.


  3. Downloaded the app. Works well and has the episodes I got when I backed the Netflix MST3K kickstarter several years ago. Pretty cool. Hoping this will be a fun season and a success.


  4. And, is Max’s hair supposed to look like he’s been using Frank’s nuclear hair-dryer?


  5. dj_timmy_b says:

    So the notable thing here is that Nate Begle has been replaced as Crow. He deleted his social media in February. The official forums confirmed his departure this week. That kinda stinks because Nate was really funny and an excellent Crow in the live shows. I know most of Team Emily’s episodes were filmed prior to the tour, but we don’t know if Crow’s riffs are being rerecorded by the new Crow, Kelsey Ann Brady (who was apparently the swing understudy on the Time Bubble Tour). I hope it’s nothing bad.

    On the other hand, that means Cybernetic Remotely Operated Woman is now accurate.


  6. Franklyn Hart says:

    Wow. Nate Begle was very funny and seemed to have great chemistry with the rest of Team Emily on the various streams and the Circus Tour. He was on paternity leave (yay!) when Kelsey subbed for him in Minneapolis on the Bubble Tour. I’m sad to see him go, and wish him the best.

    I was initially surprised when Crow had a somewhat feminine voice at the Time Bubble show, but Kelsey did fine with her riffing and puppeteering, and I wish her great success and many long years as Crow.


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