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Weekend Discussion Thread: Lame Science

First off, several folks have sent me discussion thread ideas, some I will use in future weeks, some not so much. :-) But keep ’em comin’!

Alert reader Matthew writes:

What is the lamest scientific explanation and/or plot device given in a MST movie?
For me it’s tough to choose, but I think my top three are:
1) Beginning of the End: Peter Graves’ “radiation makes photosynthesis, the growing process, occur day and night.” So be sure to fertilize your plants with lots of uranium!
2) Space Mutiny: David Ryder’s “high-density de-atomizer escape system.” If only it really had pulled apart all his atoms.
3) The Undead: Quentis merging with Diana’s brainwaves to travel back in time, sans clothes. Of course his wristwatch survives the psychic teleport perfectly intact.”

Good one!

I’d have to go with the cheesy “invisible” face shields in “12 to the Moon.” It’s amazing how invisible they are!

What’s your pick?

158 Replies to “Weekend Discussion Thread: Lame Science”

  1. Kay, ... just Kay says:

    Thank you Nicias, 121. One of my strong interests is Pre-Columbian cultures, so the geographical/anthropological errors in Puma Man, really bug me man. From a brief artistic analysis of the golden mind contol mask, it appears in no way to be stylistically consistent with either the Aztec or Andean (Inca or Inka). The Aztec had little to no interest in gold artifacts. Most Pre-Columbian Andean designs were geometric, due to the basis of weaving as a respected art form. Weaving designs are dependent on the horizontal-vertical weave of fabric. (An exception to the strong geometric design preference in Andean cultures is the Moche or Mochica. These people are renowned for their three dimensional ceramic works.) Oh, wait … the mask was created by ALIENS. Of course, it all makes sense now, NOT. Track of the Moon Beast, anthropoligist Johnny Longbow’s intern, Bird Call boy, lays the ceremonial mask on the GROUND after using it in a PRANK on the future werelizard. I’m all for people having light-hearted fun, but it was a borrowed CEREMONIAL mask. What kind of scientists are YOU? I should really just relax. C-14 dating, NASA was two guys in a pickup.


  2. ck says:


    If Pumaman bugged you, whatever you do never, never watch The Mummy vs. The Aztec Warrior. :mrgreen:


  3. Miss Mary says:

    Still, I hate it when Aztecs force their way into your hotel room and make you try on belts.


  4. Cabbage Patch Elvis says:

    “My name is Vadinjo. I am an onion.”


  5. Cornjob says:

    Could anyone here make any sense of anything going on in The First Spaceship on Venus. Why does shooting goo make it go backwards and make a rocket launch against its’ will?


  6. Jan in the Pan says:

    With “Lame Science” as the topic, I will not mention anything where aliens or magic is involved. That said, here are some that always bother me…

    1. The one that makes me the most irrationally angry is Boggy Creek 2. His sensors can pick up the weight? At the beginning in the office, he asks if they packed the “mic sensors.” How are they supposed to measure weight (or height).

    2. The Brain That Wouldn’t Die is one that I have a weird affection for. But, you can’t ignore that she is alivein the pan with no lungs, heart, digestive system, and a severed spinal cord.

    3. Time Chasers- “So 8 5 1/4 inch floppies hold the key to time travel.” Time travel movies should just stop trying to explain how the “science” of it works. It’s just goofy. See also The Undead.


  7. I’ve been looking for this precise info on this subject for a while.


  8. How the hell did that work, was Trumpy in cahotes with the guy who made “The Wizard of Speed and Time”!

    I love that movie!


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