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Goodbye Sci-Fi

Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett reflect on MST3K's final broadcast.

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Photos/Video from Comic-Con

Reader BIG61AL sent us several pictures of Mike, Kevin, Bill and Frank from the recent San Diego Comic-Con. You can see them after the cut. Thanks, BIG61AL!

big61al and the RiffTrax crew

Also, if you went to the RiffTrax panel, this is the trailer you saw:

20 Replies to “Photos/Video from Comic-Con”

  1. Johnny Ryde says:

    Is it just me, or does Kevin Murphy look like “the most interesting man in the world”?


  2. Great shots! That’s not a convention attendee Frank’s schmoozing with, that Moira “Mo” Quirk from Nickelodeon’s GUTS and Global GUTS! :) THanks for posting these!


  3. Dennis (Mpls.) says:

    “The most interesting man in the world”????


  4. zombie says:

    Yes, the most interesting man in the world. “People hang on his every word, even the prepositions.”

    Wish I could have been there. I’ve done a lot of Star Wars cons but never my favorite TV show. I like the Tom Server, mine is just a head and a torso, I need to get the rest of the parts one day.

    I was thinking I would have gotten my Colossal Episode Guide autographed, but then I realized that 2/3’s of the guys there were not “visibly” on the show when that was written. …but who cares! Its Mike and the Bots! Maybe it would have been my first DVD I ever bought, the original MST3K: The Movie case. …yah, that’s the ticket!

    Ah well, I can dream can’t I? Maybe next year….


  5. Graboidz says:

    Johnny Ryde – That made my morning! :smile:

    I lift my glass of Dos Equis to you!


  6. Erhardt says:

    Thanks for the info, Grant! I’ve corrected the caption for Moira.


  7. Jean says:

    Does Mr. Nelson keep an ancient portrait of himself in the attic?


  8. Tim S. Turner says:

    I saw these guys at ComicCon Saturday. They are without a doubt, the friendliest, warmest people. Kevin always has a big smile for everyone, and Mike and Bill are always great, too. Kevin looks like he lost some weight, plus he has a manly-man tan. The “Most Interesting Man in the World” reference is apt.


  9. Loran Alan Davis says:

    It looks like Bill Corbett has lost weight as well.

    Question: Does anyone know why The Film Crew was discontinued after only 4 films?


  10. Johnny Ryde says:


    A current (US) advertising campaign for Dos Equis beer features “the most interesting man in the world”:


  11. Dave3k says:

    Stay thirsty, my friends…


  12. DON3k says:

    I like that they always seem to be in a genuinely good mood. That must be nice, and something I can never seem to achieve.


  13. kitty read says:

    @DON3k, I know the feeling. That’s why I’ve got mst3k plugged in here at work and I go home to watch more. It helps to make me more suitable to be around other humans and small animals.


  14. trickymutha says:

    Jean- funny I am reading the Wilde classic as I type this. I dunno, but from where I sit I think the West Coast has been awful kind to our beloved Mike- living in the Mid-west (as I do) what with long winters takes a toll on people.


  15. FordPrefect says:

    @Loran Alan Davis:

    “Question: Does anyone know why The Film Crew was discontinued after only 4 films?”

    Perhaps these Rifftrax blog comments from Bill and Kevin might help answer that question.


  16. MPSh says:

    Kevin actually looks like a cross between the Most Interesting Man in the World and Shelby Foote


  17. Dennis (Mpls.) says:

    johnny Ryde:
    I didn’t know about beer ad-sorry !!


  18. ck says:

    But was it as good as a Galaxy Quest Con?


  19. mst3ktemple says:

    Great pics and thanks for posting the trailer. That’s pretty cool to see too.


  20. big61al says:

    WOW! It feels great to finally contribute something worthy to the Satellite News website. I can not fully express how much I enjoyed seeing and meeting some of the people whose work I admire deeply. Again, they were all so friendly and approchable. I especially enjoyed sitting near Bridget during Rifftrax Live, I felt like a honored guest in the VIP section. Comic Con 2009 will be a well remembered highlight in my life. Thanks to everyone who made it special for me.


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