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CT Launch Party Report–Updated

Alert reader and longtime MSTie Dave sends this report of last night’s Cinematic Titanic launch party:

In a nicely intimate comedy club setting, holding approximately 150-200 people max, the show commenced a few minutes after 8, as scheduled. A screen was already down in front of the stage curtain with The Oozing Skull title screen from the start of the DVD. As the lights went down, the first segment of CT 1.0 was played for the audience. As the segment ended, Trace and Frank started voicing (on microphones, off stage) over the DVD, in character as Dr. F. and Frank. Trace asked Frank what this was, “…where are the robots, the satellite?” and questions of that nature. Then the entire cast of Cinematic Titanic came on stage to audience applause. Introductions all around, and then Trace stayed on stage alone as the “emcee” of the evening. He then introduced Mary Jo, who came on to perform approximately 15-20 minutes of her own inimitable and very humorous stand up comedy. This was repeated for every member of the cast; following Mary Jo, in order, were Frank, then Josh, and finally, Joel. Joel brought out many of his classic, beloved “inventio-props”, such as the pocket mohawk and the leaf blower bagpipe, along with some newer ones.
At the conclusion of Joel’s stand up, the entire cast came back on stage to take some Q & A. No information was given about the next CT episode. He did say they were shooting for a release at “…the end of next month” (i.e. end of March). When asked if CT would appear on television or cable, the response was, essentially, that would be great if the opportunity came up, but for now, they’re pleased with this format and releasing/selling the product in this manner. The last question asked was, “What about the toast to MST3K?” Joel said, “…That’s right, we forgot!” Joel and Josh went backstage and came out seconds later with guitars. They proceeded to discuss the writing of the original MST theme song, which Joel said was written at a Denny’s restaurant in Minneapolis. Josh disagreed, and they essentially ended up agreeing to disagree, with Joel standing his memory ground. Josh and Joel then proceeded to play the beloved theme on guitar, with the rest of the Cinematic Titanic cast and the audience accompanying. It was a great conclusion to a wonderful evening of nostalgia, history and launching point for Cinematic Titanic. As for merchandise, there was a table at which the following items were sold: black t-shirts with the Cinematic Titanic logo on the front, the Time Tube display on the back (think the classic MST globe shirt, only replaced with Cinematic Titanic…large logo, not small); 8×10 CT cast (in silhouette) picture, Oozing Skull DVD case, either regular or pre-autographed, and, of course, the DVD itself.

The biggest news of the evening was this: Josh informed the audience that they had finalized a deal to perform a Live Cinematic Titanic show at the State Theater in Minneapolis on Saturday, Oct. 25 (if I heard the date stated correctly). We will obviously be hearing much more about this soon.

Thanks to Dave for the report!

UPDATE: Another report here with some great photos.

FURTHER UPDATE: And somebody snuck a video camera in…

18 Replies to “CT Launch Party Report–Updated”

  1. radioman970 says:

    I have to ask…is it worth waiting for a DVD with decorative case to come out? In other words, will there definitely be one? They do have 12 films licensed and this first one looks like a fantastic start. I sure don’t mind waiting on something that will look really good on my shelf.


  2. Mark says:

    Regarding the cases…I heard no mention of them planning to offer these for each release. But since they seem to be planning on making downloading a big part of their plan going forward, I would assume that if they did continue to offer cases they would sell blank cases as well. The blank cases were $10 and the dvd with case was $25, so in this case you weren’t saving anything by waiting to buy the DVD with a case.


  3. Kelli says:

    I was there last night and let me add that the crew was so awesome! I asked Trace if I could get a pciture w/ him adn he was so cool about it! That was the perfect ending to one kick ass event!! Joel asking me if I was coming on to him-too classic!! :grin:


  4. radioman970 says:

    * touches Kelli *

    Great points Mark. I agree. I’ll snatch it up when I can regardless of the box.


  5. I don’t know why CT doesn’t just put up a JPG of a cover that people can use for an empty DVD case. It would be so easy to do.

    As for me, I just went ahead and made my own. It’s nothing fancy, but in case anyone is interested:


  6. Mark says:

    When someone asked a question about EZTakes, Josh made a point to say that they were still working out the kinks in the process. Maybe downloadable covers will be part of that re-working for the next release.


  7. Hugh says:

    Fantastic report. Now, did anybody take pictures?


  8. GoldenTriange says:

    Wow. Sounds awesome. Officially jealous of those who got to attend.

    For anyone who was there, was the crew pumped about CinTi? Did it seem like they regarded this new project as something they’re doing for the long-haul?


  9. Bobo "BuckDat" Briggs says:

    Damn. :twisted: And I already went to Vegas recently and made plans to go back in a month. :( Damn that Vegas. If only they’d do a show THERE. My sister’s making me go and see Flogging Molly. If only at least the Melvins would be playing a show then. :(


  10. James says:

    The show was killer. It was great just to meet other misties in person. During the show somehow Mitchell got brought up and someone said that he had died. Later as I had Trace sign my Mitchell dvd case he said “I don’t think he’s dead. Awsome night. Now if only Rifftrax would show the Twin Cities some love too.


  11. Welcome, won't you? says:

    I’m so bummed I missed this. I found out about it the next morning :oops:


  12. Just got home to Kansas from the CT Launch Party.
    I have to say I had an awesome time!!!! It ended up taking me 12 hours to get there, and only one Car accident in Iowa (near St. Ames I believe)
    I have some great Video clips of my adventure up there and the Live show. SO check out my youtube site Drewsolo79 soon. I will have some great pictures and video. I Would like to thank all the Titans for everything. And a Special Shout out to Trace and his lovely wife for letting me be his “official Rodie” (chuckle) and Rad (Mary Jo’s Husband) for being so kind and friendly. Everyone IN Minnesota was great, and I look forward to adventuring up that way again in October (hopefully) for the live show.

    I ended up driving a total of around 1300 miles according to my Garmin. Would I do it again ? Heck yes, The live show was great and Memories of a lifetime.

    Looking forward to editing my video over the next day and getting to stand by all the titans
    for my picture was an end to a perfect night

    thanks again to Joel and the gang for putting on a great show



  13. Kelli says:

    I took a few pictures, Hugh! I posted the one of me and Trace on my blog-had to share that one!!! :grin:


  14. I would not say I “snuck” in a video camera:). the acme staff saw me with it, and I assumed it was ok. I did remove the footage I shot, out of respect for the Titans. I would never do anything to upset the gang intentionally, So the footage will have to stay for private use.

    The Live show was awesome, as I mentioned above and I will be posting some photos soon on myspace page.


  15. kelli says:

    Hey lunchpail,
    E-Mail me @!


  16. updated myspace web page

    several Photos from the CT Feb 12th show



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