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Cover Art for MST3K:TM

cover artWe’ve noticed that Hugh at Deep Ape has noticed that jjb3k at the Discussion Board has noticed that the cover art for the upcoming release of MST3K: The Movie has popped up at Amazon.
As several people have already observed, it looks like somebody easily spent a full ten minutes on it.

53 Replies to “Cover Art for MST3K:TM”

  1. Cornjob says:

    Is it an actual movie poster for Mitchell or just a poster of Mitchell? I bought my non-MST3K Mitchell DVD at a truck stop. When I saw it there I realized I’d hate myself for not buying it, if only because there couldn’t possibly be a more appropriate place to get it.


  2. steve vil says:

    I think it’s fine. I have the German dvd set so maybe I’ll just stick the new disc in that box or something. Has anyone gone back and watched “This Island Earth” by itself? I was really surprised at how seamlessly they edited the movie. Like how when the cat in the labratory hisses and alerts the scientists to the fact that they’re being watched, a HOLE DAY passes (in the movie) before the next scene where they’re giving the cat some milk. Truthfully, I don’t think having added that scene to the final cut of MST3K:TM would’ve improved anything. Most of what they cut out was really boring and didn’t add much to what little plot the movie had.


  3. steve vil says:

    I’m an idiot.

    WHOLE day. Not HOLE day.

    Dumb, stupid fingers. Stupid, dumb fingers.


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