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RIP Robert Ginty

LOS ANGELES–Actor-writer-producer-director Robert Ginty, perhaps best remembered as the star of 1980’s “The Exterminator,” died here Sept. 21 of cancer. He was 60. MSTies will remember him as “the Paper Chase guy,” the title character of the movie in episode “501- WARRIOR OF THE LOST WORLD.”
Variety has his obit here.

Thanks to Kate for the heads up.

37 Replies to “RIP Robert Ginty”

  1. Jeyl says:

    “Like….what wall….man?”

    RIP Robert Ginty. Being an Actor, writer, producer and director are all things I would love to be but will probably never experience even one of them.


  2. Bot Snak says:

    And his eulogy sounded like, “mblrmmmblrbmm, mmmbrlrm bbrlmmlrb”


  3. Nicolletta says:

    I’ll miss your unintelligible lines and chipmunk cheeks. RIP Robert Ginty. *sniff*


  4. Cabbage Patch Elvis says:

    I remember him mainly for his role in BLACK SHEEP SQUADRON with Robert Conrad. They used to show it Sunday afternoons on one of the local Portland stations when I was a kid. So long, Wiley…


  5. Graboidz says:

    FTFA – “The rugged thesp was mostly known for his tough guy roles in B-movies…”

    I don’t know “rugged” isn’t really the first adjective that pops into my mind when I think of Robert Ginty? Still it’s a shame he passed away so young….

    Maybe there is a Megaweapon curse:
    Persis Khambatta
    Donald Pleasence
    Robert Ginty

    Fred Willamson better watch out!


  6. badger1970 says:

    I only remember him from “The Paper Chase”, forgot he was in Baa Baa Black Sheep. RIP Mr. Ginty.


  7. H says:

    Wow, another one. What a deadly year this has been. RIP Paper Chase guy. He will be missed.


  8. Watch-out-for-Snakes says:

    I love, love, love “Warrior of the Lost World.” One of my faves. Will MeagWeapon be one of the pallbearers??
    I’m not sure if Mr. Ginty knew how much joy he brought others in the realm of unintentional comedy, but you shall be missed Mr. chipmunk-cheeked Paper Chase Guy.

    “Do you have any fruit to declare?!”


  9. Aw damn! I wonder if he was a smoker…


  10. Yipe Striper says:

    Dangit! This really is a blow. I loved the paperchase guy… he was absolutely the Gintiest.

    seriously… he’ll be missed.


  11. Gary Bowden says:

    So sad to hear Mr. Ginty passed away.He will be missed.If anyone is interested in checking out his other movies,then I suggest “Out on Bail” starring Kathy Shower.Really good.


  12. The Toblerone Effect says:

    When watching “Warrior” on the Volume XVI set, it will have a bittersweet feel to it. Too bad one of the extras isn’t an interview with Mr. Ginty; I would have loved to known his take on the treatment of WotLW.

    RIP Paper Chase Guy…looks like the ultimate Megaweapon, known as mortality, finally beat you this time!


  13. mikek says:

    RIP. :sad:

    We’re losing MST3K-related actors left and right these days.


  14. KentuckyCunctator says:

    I liked his delivery in Warrior. He wasn’t reading Shakespeare. And I doubt post-apocalyptic nomads would be brilliant elocutionists.

    I thought it was a crafty, albeit selfish, move on his part to make the character somewhat more interesting.


  15. BebopKate says:

    I have to admit…when I saw the obituary, I thought, “Man, that name looks famil…oh, the Paper Chase guy!”

    What a versatile career, though. And I did kind of like his “I don’t give a crap” attitude in “Warrior”.


  16. Fart Bargo says:

    Much respect to the actor, RIP.

    I can not stop myself hearing his warrior character saying ‘Why’s it so dark in here?’ ‘How come I can’T move?’ “Why’sit so cold?’ “I didn’t want to wear this suit.” ‘I didn’t sign on for this.’


  17. dafs says:



  18. crowschmo says:

    I used to love The Paper Chase. Although Ginty was only in it in the first season, that’s what I’ll remember him for the most. And 60’s not supposed to be that old these days. Celebs seem to be dying in bunches for the past few months. Sad.


  19. Ryan says:

    #9…He was a smoker. I don’t know if he quit recently, though. There are a few interviews with him, namely an old one which can be found on the special features section of the Exterminator 2 DVD (and YouTube), where he smokes.

    Anyhow, RIP to a cult action movie legend. As a kid, I noticed that his flicks were always on HBO in the 80s. He was well-known for appearing in cheap, violent movies; subject matter he hated, for the purpose of challenging himself to inject “the human element” into one-dimensional, gun-toting characters.

    I emailed him via his website several months ago asking him for an autograph and to go into detail about playing drums with Jimi Hendrix as a teenager. I never got a response. I’m pretty sure a bulk of Mr. Ginty’s fanmail was already “Warrior Of The Lost World”/MST3K-related, so I didn’t bother asking him. Anyone know what his feelings about the riffing were?


  20. thecorman says:

    Giant bummer. He was a good actor who did what so many actors did to make a living in the 80s – appear in giant, steaming piles of celluloid poopie. He seems like he was a very creative guy as well. Robert’s on his annoying semi-rocket powered motorcycle in the sky now. Oh no! First Pleasance, then Khambatta, now Ginty! I have to call Fred Williamson immediately!


  21. shtemlogal says:

    He was an actor/writer/producer/director…but he really wanted to grip.



  22. We ask that in lieu of flowers, that you make a donation to the Megaweapon Foundation for Disadvantaged Children.
    R.I.P. Mr. Ginty.


  23. Captain Cab says:

    That’s too bad, he was my favorite mumbly action star ever. Goodbye, Mr. Ginty. Come December I’ll pay you hearty tribute by watching a prestine copy of Warrior of the Lost World on the next Shoutcast set. And maybe someday I’ll finally get around to checking out your work in the Paper Chase.


  24. Mike H says:

    RIP. No other guy could get hit right in the yin-yang like him.


  25. DrChadFeelgood says:

    Well, he’s probably slobbering on some angel right about now.


    “Rest In Puffy Cheeks”


  26. trickymutha says:

    Maybe there is a Megaweapon curse:
    Persis Khambatta
    Donald Pleasence
    Robert Ginty

    # 5 Graboidz I thought the same thing… sad too(or good depending) as WOFLW is coming to Shout Factory!


  27. Kenneth Morgan says:

    That’s the way it usually goes; you remember an actor for one particular role then, when he passes away, you find out he did a lot more stuff than you thought. Sad, really.

    I do remember him from an action movie I saw years ago where the villain was played by a pre-“Doctor Who” Sylvester McCoy.


  28. Miss Mary says:

    When he got to heaven, Redd Foxx called out “Hey Grady, the Paper Chase Guy is here!” :)


  29. ciociekelly says:

    amen, miss mary!


  30. Clint says:

    “Let’s see what this baby can do.”


  31. Zap Rowsdower says:

    hey miss mary, what makes you think Red Foxx went to heaven?


  32. zombiewhacker says:

    Ginty was once married to actress Lorna Patterson, who hands down had one of the funniest scenes in the history of motion pictures: she was the singing stewardess who disasterously regales an ailing Jill Whelan with a rendition of “River of Jordan” in the original “Airplane.”

    That’s what I’ll remember most about Ginty.


  33. GizmonicTemp says:

    And now, Mr. Ginty can get fully airborne.

    Hopefully, that WASN’T God, and he didn’t quit.


  34. GizmonicTemp says:

    zombiewhacker #33</b – There is only one river, there is only one sea, and it flows through you, and it flows through me.


  35. Gary Bowden says:

    Check out THE EXTERMINATOR and OUT ON BAIL..Both great movies! And don’t forget LOVERBOY either..R.I.P.


  36. BOB BALDWIN says:

    I worked with Bob on Exterminator, Exterminator II, and his best, Vietnam Texas. He was one of my favorite directors,a man who, like Eastwood, went to school on a lot of movies and really knew his craft. He was great to work with. The industry,and I, will miss him. I just heard of his passing. I am sure he was welcomed to that great sound stage in the sky, now he will get an unlimited budget, and be able to cast some great actors.


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