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Video Revue Talks MST3K

The latest edition of the Video Revue podcast is all about MST3K, and they show some love to Satellite News as well. You can download “Video Revue from Deep 13” here.

9 Replies to “Video Revue Talks MST3K”

  1. Kenji says:

    Also available via iTunes.


  2. UberNeuman says:

    Wow. That was really awful..


  3. Jake Ignatowicz says:

    First of all, I wouldn’t know how to podcast if my life depended on it. I also don’t have the kind of voice that works well in radio; so the fact these two people have managed to do this in itself deserves some merit. HOWEVER, I can’t lie and say that I liked it.

    Through the whole thing, the female podcaster was regularly correcting her male co-host who had no facts straight. I can understand if he is not a big enough fan as she is; but a little research would have been nice. Instead it made me ask myself several times “Why should I be listening to this guy?”

    But that was nothing compared to how he was regularly blurting out joke quips that had nothing to do with the episode they were currently discussing which always led her to say “Did you want to talk about (fill in the blank)?” I’m sorry but that got annoying REAL fast. If you’re going to quote some lines from some episodes, at least EXPLAIN to your listening audience who might have never seen that particular episode why you’re quoting it or at least share why Joel and the Bots made that joke. Instead you have two people suddenly burst something out of left field and leave it at that. (I do have to give them props about bringing up foley artists and then giving a brief description of what they are – THAT’S the way to do it!)

    I don’t mean to be hard on it. Like I said, they’re doing something I wouldn’t be able to do and I have tremendous respect for that. But usually what really makes a good podcast stand above others is a little planning. Quoting jokes from “This Island Earth” when you’re in the middle of discussing “Teenagers from Outer Space” and then suddenly quote lines from “Eegah” without any connection comes off very sloppy and unorganized.

    I feel like a jerk posting this but I hope they take what I’m saying as friendly constructive critism and not a personal attack on themselves. I wish them the best in their endevors. I just wish this particular episode about a subject I’m quite fond about was better. And if they want to discuss it further with me, I’d be glad to have a friendly dialogue with them (my e-mail is


  4. alex. says:

    Based on the last two comments, I feel obligated to respond. Of course, all of us at Satellite News love the show, and most of us have for a long time. But the first thing I noticed when I listened to this podcast was how young the hosts were. Even though it wasn’t the most professional podcast, what I did find interesting were their own stories of how they discovered the show. It surprises me at how many new fans there are of a show that’s been off the air for five years. Sure, we can criticize this podcast for it’s flaws, but we can also share the “giddyness” that MST3K brings into our lives… (cue orchestral music)… and isn’t that what it’s really all about? Anyway, if the podcast hosts are reading this: Keep working hard, and keep it fun!


  5. Josh says:

    I’ll second the “Keep Working Hard” thing. Try not to take people here too seriously. We’re MSTies too, so naturally we’re a group comprised of smart asses and armchair critics. Most of us do it with love though. I’m sure I’ll get comments of this sort when I start podcasting and eventually do an episode on MST.


  6. Josh says:

    Also, Erhardt: it might be nice if you’d put a link to these guys’ website, so people can potentially check out more than just this episode.


  7. Jake Ignatowicz says:

    Josh is right. My comments, although honest, were only meant out of love. I see a lot of potential and I want them to succeed. So if I gave them the slightest impression they should pack it all up, I deeply apologize to both of them. They definately have enthusiasm and were excited about what they were covering. Maybe just a little TOO much. :)

    But in no way was I trying to discourage them. I know nobody asked for my opinion, and perhaps I still came across a little too harsh, but that’s why I made sure if they wanted to contact me, they could do so. I think what they are doing is great. And like I said, they’re doing something I wouldn’t be able to do. :)


  8. AgentLT-Z says:

    No they’re right. It’s lousy. And not from a ‘youngsters talking in a microphone having fun’ way.


  9. Patch says:

    Well, if they’re going to broadcast, they better be ready to accept criticism. (I was a DJ in my young teen years-and I definitely got some-but I used it to improve.)
    Criticism needs to be constructive though. My ‘put is all that they REALLY needed to do was:
    1- Rehearse,this woulda prevented the annoying guy from slowing the pace down due to his ignorance. It’s the jerky pace that is probably what was annoying to listeners- my “DJ bias” is probably showing here.
    2- Research (applies the guy more than the woman-SHE seemed to know what she’s talking about.)


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