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Now Official: Next RiffTrax Live

RiffTrax has officially announced its next live event Wednesday, Dec. 16 (with an encore the following night), riffing Christmas-themed shorts.

The evening will feature a collection of brand new and old favorite shorts including the bizarre animated “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer,” classic commercials and a musical short extolling the virtues of pork.

Even more exciting: special guest “Weird Al” Yankovic!

Tickets officially go on sale Friday, Nov. 13, but, JUST FOR YOU, you can buy them now if you follow the link above.

41 Replies to “Now Official: Next RiffTrax Live”

  1. beth563 says:

    I’d prefer a full-length Christmas movie, but shorts’ll do just fine.


  2. big61al says:

    I’ll be there! :mrgreen:


  3. John says:



  4. rebeldancer says:

    HA! I live in Grand Rapids, MI and read that lil tidbit today. Now I know why there’s been no info available. Congrats Serba!


  5. The Professor says:

    I’ll gladly go see another live Rifftrax show! :grin:


  6. Dip says:

    Great!, can’t wait. I wonder if we should buy tickets earlier this time, since the theater I went to last time was almost full?


  7. artie says:

    Additional info from

    “NCM Fathom and RiffTrax are partnering for a one of a kind holiday event. Join Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy, Bill Corbett and a surprise celebrity guest for an evening of Live riffing on a collection of 5-8 classic holiday shorts, including a wonderfully bizarre animated “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer,” classic commercials and a musical short extolling the virtues of pork. Special guest Al Yankovic will be part of the program.”


  8. Cronkite Moonshot says:

    Shorts are my favorite thing they do, and Weird Al? I’m already there. Well not really. I can’t travel through time or anything. I mean, I’m not Scott Bakula. No really, I’m not!


  9. darthservo says:

    My hope is for…



  10. bill haverchuck says:

    “santa & the ice cream bunny” seconded. i can’t believe that it hasn’t already been done by CT or RT – it’s never been released on home video (i got my copy from cinemageddon) & i’m sure whoever hold the rights – if anyone – isn’t making a dime off of it.

    i love the “rescue” at the end where a random dog keeps running around in front of the ice cream bunny’s fire engine. they keep hitting the brakes to avoid hitting the thing & some kid riding on the back of the truck falls off every time. hilarious.


  11. CK says:

    Awesome! But where’s the “LIVE” one at? As in, where will they be in person so the people attending will get to meet them and all? It won’t be in Grand Rapids, not for $11 a ticket. And when you look at the list, it’s just all for the movie tickets. So where will it be!?!?!?!?!?!? Please let it be CHICAGO!!!!


  12. crowschmo says:

    I’ll be there with Christmas bells on. Well, maybe I’ll just BE there.


  13. trickymutha says:

    Will there be a showing in Saginaw or Flint, MI?
    I hope so.


  14. Durango55 says:

    Sweet! Count me in.


  15. kbrubaker says:

    Yes, yes, yes, Santa and The Ice Cream Bunny from somebody please! Christmas shorts sound like really great subject matter for live riffing. They should be a blast. Hope they make it to DVD too.


  16. Rob(ot) Rollcall says:

    This is AWESOME news! And to reiterate what Cronkite Moonshot said above, the shorts are my favorite thing they do, this is going to be great!! And Weird Al will be a VAST improvement over whatever that musical act was supposed to be last time.


  17. PD says:

    Yes, yes, yes, yes, YES and additionally YES. :grin:

    Please consider putting it on DVD, guys, I already know of a few people who won’t be able to make it either time :(


  18. Matt D. says:

    Wow, with the Weird Al announcement, I’m sure not to miss this one. Although I do work Wednesday nights, so I will have to “settle” for a Thursday showing. WOO.


  19. PumamanRedux says:

    Out of curiosity I looked up Santa Claus and the Ice Cream Bunny over at youtube …

    I wanted to claw my eyes out after 2 minutes

    For those who don’t know what the film is all about the pain parade begins here

    someone put a plot description over at imdb that reads ————

    Poor Santa Claus. This live-action feature finds his sleigh stuck in the sand on a Florida beach only days before Christmas Eve. He psychically summons prepubescent aid from a nearby subdivision. In order to extricate Santa’s sleigh, the local children bring many different animals (presumably the sheep was someone’s housepet), but nothing works, and the kids are afraid they won’t get any gifts this year. To boost their spirits, Santa tells them the story of Thumbellina, and the setting dissolves into a “fantasy within a fantasy”. Thumbellina is a beautiful but very tiny girl, “not much larger than a clothes pin”. She becomes lost in the forest during the winter and finds refuge in the underground home of Mrs. Mole. A neighbor mole, Mr. Digger, falls in love and wants to marry Thumbellina, but she’s having none of it. When warm weather returns, she runs back into the forest and deserts the two kindly creatures who saved her life, crushing their spirits forever … the end. As Santa is finishing his story and yes, that is its intended conclusion he and the children hear the wail of a siren. The “Ice Cream Bunny” has arrived in his antique fire engine to save the day!

    with a plot like that how could this film fail to entice the kids into the theater?


  20. FordPrefect says:

    #16: For the record, Weird Al Yankovic is a fan of Jonathan Coulton.


  21. CK says:

    Yeah, I think Weird Al bases all of his stuff on Jonathan Coulton’s.
    :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:


  22. gojikranz says:

    I have to imagine there will be more theatres in california than just in manteca right? RIGHT?! :shock:

    seriously if this is all the theatres there will be i will have to miss it :(


  23. gojikranz says:

    yay walnut creek! boo no live pacific showings. yay cheaper price for the same thing one day later!


  24. Katana says:

    Awesomesauce! My first week of winter break, shorts of the Christmas variety, and a special guest I actually like!


  25. Chris says:

    this will be amazing! Weird Al is awesome, can’t wait for his new album! And this is actually playing in more then 1 theater in the pittsburgh area! (although that means there won’t be as many MSTies in my theater)


  26. mst3ktemple says:

    Thanks Conor. That has some great info for us.


  27. beth563 says:

    For those in or near Morgantown who want to attend, NCM Fathom’s directions/listings are VERY screwed up. It’s nowhere near Granville.
    It’s the Hollywood Theater in University Town Center, exit 155 off I-79.
    I went to the Encore event, and was driving around for an hour and a half.


  28. darthservo says:

    No offense to Weird Al, but I hope he doesn’t join in on the riffing. I like my shorts riffed by the pros.


  29. darthservo says:

    No offense to Weird Al, but I hope he doesn’t join in on the riffing. I like my shorts riffed by the pros.


  30. Gummo says:

    Just bought my tickets!

    Dithered too long and missed out on the first one; NOT going to happen again!!



  31. Benjamin says:

    Hey, guys just wondering, but is the show suitable for a seven year old? I’d like to go and I want to take my daughter with me because she likes MST3k and Rifftrax. So would this be kosher? A little crude language is OK but I’m just wondering what these are like. Thank you.


  32. cory says:

    I’m not sure I’m gonna go for just a few shorts. It should be a short then a movie, wierd al makes no difference.


  33. Cronkite Moonshot says:

    @Benjamin #32

    The first live event wasn’t really any different than your average regular Rifftrax as far as naughty language and such. I don’t really remember any major swearing, but there might have been an “ass” or two in there. Nothing more than that though. So if you are okay with letting your daughter see regular Rifftrax with the occasional mild potty mouthing they do in those then I don’t think there should be too much problem with taking her to their live event. And you shouldn’t have to worry all that much about Weird Al either since he typically keeps it clean as well.


  34. C. says:

    #30: Al did riff on “Jurassic Park” as part of Rifftrax Presents.


  35. Fade away jerk handshake says:

    Santa & The Ice Cream Bunny hardly qualifies as a short, but a torcha-rous full length film.


  36. MattFoley says:

    @darthservo: Seriously? Weird Al has been riffing almost non-stop for the last 30 years. I’m pretty sure the master of music parody qualifies as a pro.


  37. M "Jurassic Park In The Light? Not So Frightening" Sipher says:

    Also, the Jurassic Park Rifftrax was hilarious. As was Neil Patrick Harris’s go at Willy Wonka, and Fred Willard on Missile to the Moon. But then, they’re all comedic actors, so heeeyyyyy. Maybe people other than a handful of folks who lived in Minnesota for a while can riff movies.

    (“Movie riffing is too important to be left to the professionals. .” – Joel Hodgson, from a Q&A on this very site.)

    #37: Let’s not forget his movie, TV show and multiple specials that all focused on parodying TV and movies and celebrities. If Al isn’t a “pro”, then Joel, Mike, Trace, or anyone else involved with MST aren’t either, and they sure weren’t when they started this gig.


  38. J Master says:

    I miss the “Al TV” specials in the past. I still have on a VHS tape somewhere a 3 hr one he did (on MTV, not the later lame 1 hr VH1 ones) for the release of his Off the Deep End album in 1991.


  39. Benjamin,

    I’ll add my two cents and say if your daughter likes MST3K the live show will be just fine — just more of the same (and Christmas themed as well so it ought to be really good as long as your daughter doesn’t mind her Santa illusions played with — think “Santa Claus” or “SC v. Martians” in MST3K days.


  40. Chris Lark says:

    I got the tickets so I’m ready. It’s just too bad we can’t get the Rifftrax guys to riff on another Live Event happening at the same theaters the Rifftrax X-mas event will be at later. I’d love to see them riff on the following:

    Glenn Beck’s The Christmas Sweater: A Return to Redemption

    Glenn Beck returns to the big screen just in time for the holidays with his popular story The Christmas Sweater which will include updates to the story as well as never-before-seen elements. Prepare yourself for the latest incarnation of Glenn Beck’s deeply personal tale of love, faith and family. Glenn will re-introduce The Christmas Sweater by picking up where the story left off by chronicling the life-changing impact The Christmas Sweater’s message has had on people all over the country. This is a once in a lifetime event, a perfect way to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas with your entire family from the comfort of your local movie theatre. Join Glenn for the next evolution of The Christmas Sweater and see for yourself why critics and audiences alike are heralding it as a new American classic.

    Date: Thursday, December 3, 2009
    Time: 8:00 pm ET/ 7:00 pm CT/ 6:00 pm MT/ 8:00 pm PT (tape delay)

    Date: Thursday, December 10, 2009
    Time: 8:00 pm ET/ 7:00 pm CT/ 6:00 pm MT/ 8:00 pm PT (tape delay)


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