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Weekend Discussion Thread: Blurting Out MST3Kisms

Well, dang, I can’t find it now, but I got an e-mail a while back with a great suggestion for a discussion thread: Times when you have blurted out an MST3K line or phrase, only to realize that nobody around you has any idea what you’re referring to.
The guy gave a really funny example of blurting some catchphrase in the middle of…I can’t remember, maybe a classroom or an meeting at work, and getting some very strange looks.
My apologies to whoever sent the e-mail.
So since I can’t remember his story, I’ll tell you one of mine.
I was visiting some friends of my wife’s and a football game was on, and a beer commercial came on featuring a very shapely young lady. Without even thinking, I muttered “Oh, I hate to shoot a butt like that!” It got very quiet. I think some of her relatives still talk about that.

Ever have any experience like that?

168 Replies to “Weekend Discussion Thread: Blurting Out MST3Kisms”

  1. ck says:

    Oh, and “Watch out for snakes.” Won’t you?


  2. Trilaan says:

    Better get your phrases right as it would be downright embarrassing to have been using a phrase for so long only to find you’ve been misquoting it. As for me, I frequently say “No, Lupita.” whenever someone asks me if something’s a good idea.


  3. ToonPhreak says:

    I remember my sister talking about how a party she had gone to had gotten out of hand, and I chimed in with “…what with all the shenanigans and goings-on!”

    She couldn’t have given me a stranger look if she had tried.


  4. ghlbtsk says:

    I am, to my everlasting embarrassment (and everyone else’s annoyance), VERY easily startled. I’m trying to take the edge off by exclaiming, as Bill’s Crow, “AAAHHH! MY HEART!!” when it happens. — From The Thing That Wouldn’t Die (but actually did after all).

    Also, anything can and usually will be substituted for springs when saying “Noooo springs!” (whistle)


  5. Fred P says:

    Ooops forgot another great story. I was dropping off my 4 yr old daughter at pre-school and her teacher says can I speak to you for a second….I’m like oh no what’s happened, because my oldest daughter (and then me) got in trouble at calling her school mates morons because she heard daddy say it to the other people driving on the road…but I digress, She says Alyssa sometimes says “Do not bring your evil here” what does that mean. I smiled proudly and said it’s from my favorite tv show and she got it from her daddy. :mrgreen:


  6. Nip says:

    I use lines all the time

    When in a warehouse, I’ll belt out, “Tried to kill me with a forklift…”
    Getting in an elevator with others, “Push the button, Frank”
    At Tim Hortons, “Coffee, I like coffee”
    Constantly while at work, “Well, that could have gone better”


  7. cMs says:

    Diarrhea is like a storm raging inside you


  8. John Seavey says:

    OK, I don’t think I’ve ever done it in front of anyone, but when I’m faced with a large job, just before I dig into it, I point to where I’m going to begin and say, “We start here…at Goofy Clown Face.”


  9. microfame says:

    I know the weekend is over for this thread, but reading all the entries reminded me of a couple I’m always falling back on. Sometimes, when someone tells be to do something, I’ll reply “Dare I?”, as Troy does in Final Sacrifice, after Rowsdower tells him to floor it…..And Pearl’s request at one of the movie openings to “Enjoy it….or don’t!” is pretty useful. And any time I hear a loudspeaker announcement, I think of “Mike Nelson…..a robot from the future to see you.” Too many to think of them all.


  10. Vicky D. says:

    I’m always compelled to go through the buffet line with comments from “Pod People”…. “little winged potatos, potatos with long floppy ears…it all looks so good”. NO ONE has a clue what i’m talking about, cept my husband, who will reply: “i had jello today”. LOL


  11. Brent Lohaus says:

    I will sometimes quote: “I’m so sleepy, I can barely keep awake.” from Hercules Unchained, I believe.


  12. When Val calls my attention, I’ll often say (from “Space Mutiny”) “Whaddya got for me, Rick Astley?”

    For years she thought I was just being weird… and she’s every bit as big a MSTie as I am.


  13. Sedanimal says:

    “I love Tang” whenever someone mentions the powder.

    “Allow me to repeat my earlier assertion that your weapons have no affect on me” or some variation thereof whenever someone has told me something several times.

    “Chief? McCloud!” whenever someone is listing things.


  14. Mutant Turd says:

    I always try to throw in “…And then he died.” whenever there’s a lot of laughing going on. (from Touch of Satan) That always shuts it down reeeeaaal quick.

    Also from that episode whenever somebody breaks down a door in a movie I have to say “It’s open.” I yelled that at a movie theater while watching one of the Bruckheimer abortion-like remake of some horror movie or another and actually got a response of “A kabuki actor’s been hit.” It got real quiet as me and the other guy (seated in seperate parts of the theater) started busting up at that especially since it happened during one of the death scenes.


  15. ya'na'glachy baby! says:

    “Soultaker” quote-“is it the right thing to do?” And from “Pod People” quote-“Trumpy you can do stupid things!”…I find myself doing the second one and adding friends names in while they are showing me something.


  16. ya'na'glachy baby! says:

    Also from “Pod People” this is an actual quote from the little kid( I forget his name)..he says “oh Trumpy you’re hungry aren’t you?” and I try to say it with a creepy voice like the little kid, my gf and me laugh everytime I do it.


  17. Dangeroso says:

    When my brother and I play video games and I crash my vehicle, I shout, “I regret nothing!”


  18. Chief?McCloud! says:

    Can’t recall the episode, but I use Tom Servo’s “that’s going to put your pan fish down for awhile” when disaster strikes….followed by the oft mentioned ‘blank stare’.


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