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Episode guide: 820- Space Mutiny

Movie: (1988) The leaders of a space colony must fight back when their security chief plans to take over the ship.

First shown: 11/7/97
Opening: Crow and Tom think Mike’s encyclopedias are outdated
Intro: Mike has new encyclopedias; Pearl, Bobo and Observer are in prison
Host segment 1: Mike’s tea time is interrupted by the bots trashing some escape pods
Host segment 2: Crow’s a Bellerian…or is he?; Bobo’s escape plan fails
Host segment 3: Servo installs railings
End: Tom is buff, Crow less so. Meanwhile Pearl, Bobo and Observer escape, and a fire begins!
Stinger: Our hero bravely screams like a girl and bails out
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• First of all, has everybody signed Sherri’s birthday card?
• For several episodes now, the show had been going very strong, but many fans point to this show as probably the zenith of season eight, where everything worked and they were firing on all cylinders. It’s good, okay, at least in terms of the riffing. Still, a geeky scandal plagues this episode and many of the segments are only so-so. I’m not sure the next two eps aren’t just as good.
• The many many names of Dave Ryder just got funnier and funnier—and one, “Big McHugelarge,” later became a bumper sticker BBI sold. Scarcely a week goes by that someone doesn’t tweet that video.
• Paul’s take on this episode is here.
• This episode was included in Rhino’s (and now Shout’s) “The Mystery Science Theater 3000 Collection, Vol. 4.”
• The big scandal about this episode was the “Battlestar Galactica” footage nobody at BBI recognized. I remember at the time that several online fans simply COULD NOT CONCEIVE of the POSSIBILITY that they would not recognize this footage. It seemed simply out of the realm of possibility to them. I said at the time that this lapse pointed up the painful lack of nerds on the Sci-Fi Channel-era writing staff. If Frank or Trace were still on the staff, I don’t think this would have been missed.
• The encyclopedia segment sort of predicts Wikipedia, which would launch a few years later.
• That’s Patrick and intern Dan Breyer as the Roman guards, and that’s Best Brains Controller Tim Johnson, hopelessly typecast as Mike Down, CPA.
• Classical music buffs: What is the piece Mike is listening to in segment 1?
• Movie observation: Reb Brown’s character is supposed to be a military officer, isn’t he? Then why the heck is he walking around in a wife-beater?
• Trivia: The Mitchell family infests this movie. In addition to Cameron Mitchell, his son Chip Mitchell portrayed mustachioed crew member Blake and his daughter Camile Mitchell provided the voice (but not the body) for Jennera.
• The rest of us may not enjoy Cisse Cameron’s portrayal as Lea (and btw I cannot BELIEVE they gave the female lead in a space action movie that name). But Reb Brown apparently liked what he saw. The two are now married and the set of this movie is where they first met.
• Callback from the old days: The line “Guard! Guard! Sick man!” is a bit from “Red Zone Cuba.”
• Of course, another classic moment in this movie is when the character we saw killed in the previous scene is quietly back at her station on the bridge.
• Mike does a very good impression of SCTV’s Ed Grimley at a couple of points.
• Segment 2 is another of those “Crow is not right in the head” segments. I think they work because Bill really commits to the concept.
• Crow is still wearing his Bellerian costume in the theater.
• Mike, channeling protective father figure Joel, covers the bots eyes during some suggestive moments.
• Segment 3 gives Mike a chance to do some nice physical comedy. He nails it.
• Servo thinks the movie is Canadian. Nope, South African.
• Another closing credits conversation.
• The final segment is not the first time the bots have bulked up. They also tried it in episode 410- HERCULES AGAINST THE MOON MEN.
• Cast and crew roundup: special effects guy Jerry Kitz also worked on “Soultaker.” Makeup person Debi Nichol worked on “Outlaw of Gor,” as did production designer/art director Geoff Hill. In front of the camera, John Phillip Law was also in “Danger: Diabolik” and Cameron Mitchell was in “Stranded in Space.”
• CreditsWatch: Produced & directed by Jim. This was intern Todd Severson’s first episode.
• Fave riff: “JUST STOP AND AIM, YOU IDIOTS!” Honorable mention: “She’s presenting like mandrill!”

259 Replies to “Episode guide: 820- Space Mutiny”

  1. Mike from Portland:

    I disagree strongly with you — I’m older than you, and BG WAS a big deal to us adults at the time. It was heralded as the first TV show to have movie FX and, to a degree, it was (at least compared to what had previously been on TV). A lot of us SF fans watched it and even liked it, sort of (in retrospect maybe not the wisest of choices :>).

    And I love this episode — it’s just soooo cheesy. How can you not love the riffing on a movie which tries so hard? That’s really the whole point of MST3K, making fun of a movie which is not well-informed (my problem with RT trying to riff a lot of more recent films).

    I can’t say this is my favorite of the season — the Japanese efforts always crack me up — but it has so many great riffs that it has to be up there among the greatest episodes of all time, regardless of what age you are.


  2. The Bolem says:

    “So, finally, Christmas comes to Santa.”

    I can’t express my love for this one any more than previous posters. As someone around the same age as RaptorialTalon, I must echo that it’s a just plain great ep, but also consider it a treat to see them tackle an ’80s movie so foolishly ambitious that it’s effectively a study of all the negative effects Star Wars had on sci-fi/action films (outweighed by the positive ones, that is).
    “Music that means-means-means,
    Nothing at all-all-all…”

    By amazing coincidence, I don’t know jack about BSG, so no complaints there.

    And speaking of everything clicking together to make this a great episode, I imagine others on this board who hold the ’80s precious do so largely for the same reason that MST3K shone as brightly as possible in the dreck surrounding it upon first airing: general pop-culture in the ’90s just plain SUCKED! I’d much rather have the soundtrack to Space Mutiny than almost any movie produced in the past 2 decades, because even a song as generically ’80s as the one in the end credits somehow rings more distinct than the muzac that prevails in today’s reality-TV-fueled audio Hell, and has a certain energy that’s disappeared everywhere except anime theme songs. As far as I’m concerned, most major improvements in pop culture this last decade were the result of the ’80s getting rehashed as part of the 20-year cycle of humans acquiring the buying power to pursue stuff they’re nostalgic for.

    Not that it was ALL good, especially on the big screen this year. If I don’t bash Michael Bay for “Revenge of the Fallen”, it’s because that was merely the latest chapter of a wretched curse that overcomes the Transformers franchise at the end of every decade, just like Action Masters and Beast Machines.

    Moving on…I’ve known for some time that I should be trying harder to find a copy of “Yor”, but how is it no one’s mentioned that Reb was also Captain America in 1979? Not that I’ve seen that either. And he actually married Spider Skank, you say? Hope she doesn’t turn out to be a clone too…

    And if the ship had this amazing system to simulate sunlight streaming in through factory windows, could that be the reason it was called “The Southern Sun”? Not that this movie deserves any effort made to rationalize its absurdities, but it’s a thought.

    And how many episodes prior to this had jokes about Calgon commercials? Is there a list somewhere? Add to that the fact that it was released the same year MST3K was born a year and a score ago, and it’s almost like Space Mutiny was being helmed by some deranged prophet, deliberately striving to make it the perfect movie for the Brains’ purposes. TISCWSLABMUZ will always be my favorite SciFi ep, but this one damn near noses it out every time I rewatch it, and is the #1 experiment in the book of biggest Star Wars fan I know.

    And is there a generally agreed upon name for this and the next 2 eps that closed out season 8? “The Trilogy…OF-THE-FUTURRRRE!”, maybe? They do produce a strong collective feel, probably because the show hardly ever did such recent movies all in row like that.


  3. GonzoRedux says:

    I remember being impressed by the special effects in Segment 1. Those must have been some of the coolest the show ever did (does anything compare?). I always loved when the Brains let you know that the whole thing took place in space.


  4. Rich says:

    Anyone else here agree that no one would dare mention how good-looking Flavia was in her Roman getup on accounta you wouldn’t want to offend her husband? Yeah- me too.


  5. ck says:

    I quite agree about Flavia, especially having just watched the ComiCon extra on the 20th Anniversary Edition. Pity Bridget didn’t get to chip in more on that roundtable discussion.
    So…does she really have bad breath? :smile:


  6. Jane Dobson says:

    This is definitely one of my favorite eps. So many great jokes; they really were firing on all cylinders.

    “Morgan Fairchild and Phil Collins, no!”

    “Put the top up! PUT THE TOP UP!”

    And, of course, all of Big McLargeHuge’s names, including my favorite … Bob Johnson. :)


  7. hamilcar says:

    great episode. definitely in my top 5 or 10 of all time.

    i don’t see how not mentioning Battlestar Galactica footage is a “scandal”. what kind of BG riffage would/could have been added to enhance the riffs that were already in there? some people give the rest of us geeks a bad rep.


  8. robot rump! says:

    thug being grabbed by punch bonemeal: heEEEEyyy!
    mike: ‘how ya’ll doing?’
    reanimated comm officers.
    the white commadores.
    the waking of the Oak Ridge Boys.
    canadian or south african, bsg remarks or not this was still one goofy movie done just the way i likes it.


  9. UberNeuman says:

    “Kalgon, we need more of you.”


  10. jamie says:

    I saw Reb Brown in an episode of “Alice”. Right in Mel’s Diner.


  11. losingmydignity says:

    One of the great ones…and the riffing never lets up. You’d have to be a very cranky 80 year old Battle Star Galatica fan not to think this is a great one. Although for me, the way they missed Ron Wood in The Deadly Bees is a much bigger missed opportunity, but hey that’s the kind of geek I am and I’m going to write Obama about it immediately. Perhaps a new stimulating, er, I mean stimulus PACKAGE might aid the reunion of Best Brains so that they can fix all these episode mistakes. :wink:

    A+ classic


  12. Stump Beefknob says:

    Without a doubt, my all time favorite ep! Can pop this one in 1 day or 1 year after last viewing, and laugh from start to finish! And the above referenced list of Ryder’s nicknames brought me to tears last week at work!


  13. Steve K says:

    I do recall spending the first 1/2 hour when I first watched just waiting for the Battlestar Galactica mention. But then I settled down and just laughed.

    It says something about your movie when you’ve clearly stolen material and that isn’t the most risible aspect of the piece.

    “Back to the rusting septic system of this futuristic spacecraft…”


  14. UberNeuman says:

    I’ve always thought that they knew about the BSG footage, but wasn’t sure if the film makers had the clearance to use the footage…


  15. mikek says:

    I know what this movie is. Space Mutiny is what Battlestar Galactica would look like if it were made by Ed Wood.


  16. Jeyl says:

    I have a question regarding that female officer who dies and comes back to the bridge in a later scene. Every time her face is shown on screen, Mike and the bots make this crackling “Krkrkrkr!” noise. What’s the reason behind that?


  17. mikek says:

    Ever since I first saw this episode, I thought they were making fun of the woman’s unintentionally intense face. Sort of like an aggressive lizard or snake. However, a few posts up, there is an explanation that it could be a callback to Escape 2000. In that movie there is a woman Mike and ‘Bots dub, “Nosferatu” and always make a hissing sound like a vampire whenever she is on the screen.


  18. rcfagnan says:

    Why did they all set their phasers to “miss?” Hilarious ep.


  19. John says:

    top 2 episode for me (alternating with Prince of Space).

    Favorite riff as yet unmentioned: Lea’s running commentary on Big McLargehuge’s love-making technique: “…no…wait..not there……ok, just stop.”


  20. John says:

    Oddly, the internet does not seem to know how old Cisse Cameron is/was. But since she made this in 17 years after her debut in Billy Jack, she was probably pushing 40. Subtract 5 years for her age at the time she was showin’ the goods in Porky’s II.

    And Cameron Mitchell was 70.


  21. Manny Sanguillen says:

    Here my two cents on Battlestar Galactica, not that anyone cares:

    It was hyped to high heaven for months before it first aired. I watched it the night it premiered…for about ten minutes, and realized that this was even dumber than ‘Space 1999′.
    Never watched another minute of it, but always laughed to myself about how stupid it was to have Lorne Greene in a space show.

    As for Space Mutiny, I rank it as one of the top 15 at least, maybe even in the top ten episodes. It was definitely one of the best riffings of the series.

    And I agree that it’s a good one to show newbies. The host segs were not very good though, and is cause for lots of splainin’ when an mst3k rookie is there with you.

    I always tell them that Sci-fi made them do the stupid running skits. The idiots at sci-fi couldn’t wrap their head around the concept of the show, that a man was shot into SPACE to watch bad movies. Somehow that wasn’t “sci-fi” enough for the sci-fi executives’ pea brains to comprehend. Shot into SPACE. Not sci-fi. Go figure.


  22. Cabbage Patch Elvis says:



  23. Jimmy says:

    I don’t understand the continuing debate over the lack of BSG references. Paul seems to clearly state they simply just missed it.

    “But regarding the Post-Joel BBI Crew being less “pop-culture” literate in their writing? I dunno… Joel, Trace and Frank were brilliant, but they used a lot of old-school, Marx Bros./3 Stooges-era specifics that a lot of us youngsters didn’t get. And still don’t (Joe Besser?)… Wisecracks about Stevie Nicks and Rick Springfield were jokes that resonated for me.”

    I agree 100%. If anything subsided(and rightfully so), it was what seemed like frequent in-jokes in the old episodes. The sci-fi era seemed to get up to the modern era, getting more edgy in the process. I agree with the Marx/Stooges analogy.
    I used to believe a lot of the stylistic differences boiled down to Joel & Mike, but it seems like things changed the most when Trace left and Bill Corbett stepped in. The style of humor changed markedly at that point, became more risque and adult-oriented, it seemed. I don’t see how somebody can say references to pop culture disappeared in the SciFi era; there are tons of them, and were mostly caught up to the times. How many ‘X-Files’ references are there alone during the SciFi era? I mean, the older eps, how many Gene Krupa references can you go to, to site one example? Sadly, I know him AND Joe Besser, but how many others do? Gene Krupa?
    As for the skits, does anybody really care that much? I’ve seen good skits throughout the entire series run, and a lot of bad ones too, but if they never existed I wouldn’t miss them. For the most part, a good 75% of the skits I’ve seen from any period of the show were either mediocre or lame. If a good one popped up(like Public Pearl from ‘Overdrawn’ and all the segs in ‘Eegah!’), then yay, it’s like a little bonus. Personally, I skip past more of them than not. There’s great stuff from all eras of the show, just influenced by different writing influenced by different backgrounds.


  24. Jimmy says:

    “I have a question regarding that female officer who dies and comes back to the bridge in a later scene. Every time her face is shown on screen, Mike and the bots make this crackling “Krkrkrkr!” noise. What’s the reason behind that?”

    Early on, they make a reference to Lt. Lamont being insane(based on a psychotic, wide-eyed look she gives after Capt. Santa Claus asks her to confirm if Prof. Spooner is on-board the incoming Viper). I think they’re doing a drool-slurping noise to indicate she’s a little less than stable.

    I also saw that one or two posters(maybe more) wondered why Cameron Mitchell took this role. I read, in various places, that Mitchell was a gambler, drunk, spent & wasted money freely, had a messy first divorce that bankrupted him in the ’60s, was unstable enough that close friends called him “Nutzy”, and also was diagnosed with some rare condition that lead him to believe he would die at any moment.
    It was stated that Mitchell would take any role, no matter how awful, to make a paycheck to cover his/his family expenses, no matter what they were. That’s apparently why he’d appear in anything, just doing it for the shekels.


  25. Fart Bargo says:

    Happy New Year!

    Jimmy-I thought he did it for the love of family and the theater? What a buzzkill!


  26. DamonD says:

    Simply put – MST3k perfection.


  27. ya'na'glachy!!! says:

    “Doctor lady”…”Scanty?”…”Hey guys I got my dads enforcer for the weekend”…”Shake it Ralph Machio”…”ha these guys died and lost all they’re muscle mass”…”Spider skank spider skank”…”Woo”…”Ooo


  28. DamonD says:

    “This is like when I plateaued on my delts, man…”


  29. ya'na'glachy!!! says:

    “Doesn’t this giant basement make their spaceship kinda bottom heavy?”…”Why can’t they hit the giant slow moving white thing?”…”And his eyes open-his eyes open-his eyes open!”


  30. The Bolem says:

    Another weird inconsitency, most likely on SciFi Channel’s part: Why was “son of a bitch” censored in The Final Justice to the point that M&TB had to acknowledge it and create a running gag (“What’s he a son of? A preacher-man? A son of a son of a sailor maybe?”), but here Kalgon calls our heroine, “You space-bitch!”, without so much as a bleep?

    I’m assuming any censorship was SciFi Channel’s doing, so why the double standard? Was “space-bitch” just deemed so silly that no one could possibly take offense?


  31. Flying Saucers Over Oz says:

    The space disco is priceless. It’s so adorable to me all these 70’s sci-fi shows apparently just assumed disco would still be going strong in the 43rd Century.

    Reb Brown was a fairly busy B-movie actor. I still vividly remember a scene from one goofy thriller where someone slips a poisonous snake into his shower. He steps on it, looks down in shock, and exclaims as it rears back in slow motion to attack him, “SSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIII…..”

    Also love how the Southern Sun consisted entirely of small groups of people all wearing ludicrous outfits which had no discernable relation to the OTHER ludicrous outfits the OTHER groups were wearing.


  32. The Bolem says:

    There was an episode of ‘Being Erica’ this season where instead of leaping into herself in the past as usual, she became a Rolling Stone reporter about 10 years in the future…as evidenced by a magazine with a fake date, and being wowed by some technology which caused me to burst out, “All flat-screens are 2-sided? This can only be: THE FUTURRRRRRRRRE!!!”

    Also, I happened across “The Cage” in a Meijer DVD bargain bin yesterday, and saw that it apparently has Reb Brown fight Lou Ferrigno, meaning it may have started out as a botched Marvel production of Captain America fighting The Incredible Hulk. I had no idea he was the jerk killed in the shower in “SSSSSSSSSSS!” either, so apparently I just find him somewhat forgettable, except here of course.


  33. Nice information, thanks for the post.


  34. AlbuquerqueTurkey says:

    At the end of “Avatar”, when they are zooming in on our hero’s face after his life is transferred from human to blue-guy body (yeah, whatever), it took all the self-control I had NOT to blurt out in the movie theater “And his eyes open…” My daughter confirmed that she would have burst out laughing had I done that, likely causing incredible pain to all the Avatarees in the theater with us.


  35. The Toblerone Effect says:

    Simply put: a MST3K classic! Even with the off-putting host segments, the riffing is just so fantastic that its worth dealing the less than great Roman Times subplot. In fact, this and Werewolf are the elite of the Sci-Fi era imo, and belong among the great eps in MSTory.

    “Strap in, we’ll be approaching speeds of THREE!”


  36. mike says:

    “…and theres nothing you, nor I, nor anybody else is gonna do about it.
    Mike: Bitch!”

    The delivery of that line is clutch. Haha.

    “Sting: May I please have your space status card.
    Crow: Sorry its so moist.”


  37. in the words of comic book guy…. Best Sci-Fi…. Ever! :mrgreen: :lol:


  38. robot rump! says:

    i know it’s been mentioned a million times but i am still surprised by the lack of BSG riffs during this show. and, not having seen the unMST’d version i am curious how they explain the undead Lt. at the helm. Kirk would have NEVER stood for that on HIS ship! and you know that you need more women onboard when grandma starts looking good.


  39. BIG61AL says:

    This is probably the episode I have watched the most times over the years. Rock solid riffing. BRAVO!:star::star::star::star::star:


  40. Creeping-Death says:

    A very good episode that is a incredibly stupid movie. Cisse Cameron, who played the grandma/daughter, later claimed that the film was a parody film. 99%+ of people never got that… Always thought it poorly researched that Commander Jansen outranks Captain Devers, when in the Navy, a commander is lower in rank than a captain, but that’s kind of to be expected in the movie. Always thought Lea was very attractive, being older or not, maybe its because I enjoyed her role in Porkys II…

    Favorite lines:

    Mike: Special effects by Industrial Light and Morons.

    Crow [as Lea]: My Buns of Steel videos are in there!

    Most of the jokes about Captain Santa were great.
    Mike [as Jensen]: I don’t know if this helps, but ho ho ho.

    Servo [as Jansen]: But what of the little children and their toys?

    Crow[as Jansen]: Finally, Christmas is coming to Santa.

    Servo: You’re getting a lump of coal.

    Sometimes its the little things:
    MacPhearson: Gentlemen, it seems that we are not all in agreement.
    Mike: I disagree!

    Ryder: Listen, lady!
    Lea: Doctor!
    Ryder: Doctor.
    Crow: Doctor Lady!

    The many jokes about the lame enforcer vehicles:
    Servo: Herve Villechaize’s Death Car.
    Mike: Jeez, you could walk on your hands and catch up to the guy!
    Crow [as Ryder]: Put your helmet on, we’ll be reaching speeds of three!
    Kalgan: [laughs evilly]
    Servo [as Ryder]: Hit the siren! [plays upbeat tempo circus music]
    . . .
    Crow [as Kalgan]: We need both horsepowers on this thing!
    . . .
    Mike [as Bodyguard]: I can’t go any faster, I’d have to drop the waxing compound!

    Crow [as Devers]: I think it was very nice of you to give that dead woman another chance.

    Crow [as Jansen]: Fetch me my warrior muumuu.


  41. Dan in WI says:

    Doesn’t the Southern Sun look familiar?

    I love Pearl’s line “it wasn’t my fault in a way I haven’t thought of yet.” Observer’s misunderstandings on getting Mike to the planet were fun. I especially like Observer belittling him. But am I alone in thinking that when Pearl asked for help, Mike should have destroyed the planet?

    Tom and Crow really are little rough on Mike and the 80’s during the closing credits. Now Space Mutiny is no shiny example of the 80’s but the 80’s at their best were great and there isn’t another decade I would have chosen to grow up in.

    Favorite Riffs:
    Tom “I have serious doubts this movie is staring anyone.”

    Santa and his aid assess the sabotage. Mike “I don’t know if this helps but Ho-ho-ho.”

    “Gentlemen. It seems we are not all in agreement.” Mike “I disagree.”

    Mike “I hope they spend the last 10 minutes on the apology.”


  42. Yipe Striper says:

    Hey you guys! I got my dad’s Enforcer for the weekend…

    This episode is one my wife and I agree is our go-to episode.

    “Passed from editor to editor in a desperate attempt to save it!”


  43. DeeJay says:

    Almost all the Season 8 story arcs seem to end with whatever place they were visiting being destroyed. This time, instead of Mike destroying a planet, they have Bobo become the cause of the fires in Rome.

    I love the subtle foreshadowing they do when Flavia is reminded to attend the emperor’s violin recital!

    (As a personal note, “Nero played the fiddle while Rome burned” references always bring me back to some amusing historical notes regarding that myth. First, historical documents show that Nero was traveling far from the city of Rome at the time. Second, the fiddle wasn’t invented yet!)


  44. Tom Carberry says:

    Favorite Lines:

    [Written by Maria Dante] There’s going to be seven levels of hell in this movie too.
    [Scott Devers/Graham Clark] Oy. Sting, Debbie Reynolds and God. Note: Does anyone remember Susan Powter?
    Kalgon, blow me away.
    [Floor Polisher/Transport] Hey you guys, I got my Dad’s Enforcer for the weekend. We can’t go any faster I’d have to drop the waxing compound.
    [Lea/Cisse Cameron] Man, Shari Lewis has it going on. This is less subtle than an Annie Sprinkle performance piece. She’s presenting like a mandrill.
    [Lobster Boy/Guy Pringle] So, Lance Kerwin is their thug.
    Fetch me my warrior mumu.
    If there’s one thing this movie does well it tossing Canadians around. This movie is rife with the stench of back bacon.
    And our brave hero roasts the disabled man
    [Kalgon/Chunk Ryder chase] You know in their silliest moments the Three Stooges never reached this level of indignity.

    Final Thought: Who picked Cameron Mitchell’s wardrobe? I give this one 3 out of 5 stars.


  45. Sitting Duck says:

    Space Mutiny fails the Bechdel Test. At no point do any two female characters converse with each other.

    The encyclopedia segment sort of predicts Wikipedia, which would launch a few years later.

    Particularly how focuses just as much on pop culture trivia as it does more traditional encyclopedia offerings.

    The music in HS1 is probably by Mozart or Hayden, but I’m not sure which piece.

    Love how the spaghetti ball shakes when Gypsy crashes.

    Possible callback to Red Zone Cuba: “Guard, sick man.”

    What’s with the Eighties bashing during the end credits? While granted it had its share of low points, it hardly compares to the horrors of the Seventies (which the Bots present as some sort of glorious time).

    @ #131: As noted in the Doctor Who episode School Reunion, these things go in cycles and will reoccur. Much to our collective shame.

    @ #143: Seeing as how they used the special effects footage from Battlestar Galactica, maybe they also decided to snatch the idea of the CO of the ship having the rank of Commander. Come to think of it, Commander Santa’s costume is somewhat reminiscent of the costume Adama wears in the Seventies version of the show.

    Favorite riffs:

    Passed from editor to editor in a desperate attempt to save it.

    In the future, geese will be rocket-powered.

    “Red Three is down!”
    I never liked Red Three anyway.

    “It seems we are all not in agreement.”
    I disagree.

    “Are there any other of you that wish to confuse freedom with treason?”
    I’d like to confuse bok choy with cabbage, sir.

    Get a bunch of women together, it’s either witchery or a wedding shower.

    So in the future, there’s absolutely no shame.

    I think it’s very nice of you to give that dead woman another chance.

    Must be a very elderly woman with the flu under that costume.

    You’re lucky the smart guard is on vacation this week.

    Why do you hate my groin so much?

    You know, in their silliest moments, the Three Stooges never reached this level of indignity.


  46. MSTie says:

    This is it, my “desert island” episode, my all-time favorite. It never gets old for me, and I won’t reiterate all the great riffs that others have posted.

    I do want to say something in Cisse Cameron’s defense, though (don’t know why I’m feeling so gracious). I don’t think she’s as old as many people joke, and think she was a victim of a peculiarly odd/bad ’80s style of hair and makeup in this movie that would make any woman look older. You can often see the same thing in a lot of ’80s music videos, young women with grandma hair & makeup. Yuck.


  47. Cheapskate Crow says:

    I’ll be a downer and say this episode was overrated. Terrible host segments and I find it impossible to overlook the lack of BSG riffs. To prove I’m not a total Sci-Fi hater, I will say the next two episodes are quite good and will be back then.


  48. Dan in WI says:

    Cisse’s age: I think she is as old as we are joking. I find the fact that her age is a mystery very suspect in this case. So unless she wants to clear this up I’m going with 40 at the time of this film’s (or is that video’s) principle photography. Or to put it another way she still would be about 20 years too young to play a teenager in the 50’s.


  49. Thomas K. Dye says:

    Kevin Murphy did do his best to atone in the Rifftrax version of “Prisoners of the Lost Universe”… when Richard Hatch’s name comes on screen, he says, “He was on a show that used the set from ‘Space Mutiny’.”


  50. Insect Man #47 says:

    Devers: Shall we do it?
    Tom: This is sudden…..

    Jansen: Take a chair.
    Tom: And shove it.

    My goodness…. there are sooooooooo many great lines in this one.


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