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Updated: Cinematic Titanic News, Reviews

Reviews of the latest Cinematic Titanic release from…

Update: DW Dunphy of

Brian Orndorf at DVD Talk.

Bryan White at Cinema Suicide.

Nick Lyons at DVD Corner.

John Scott Lewinski at

Press in advance of the New Year’s Eve Cinematic Titanic show:

• Gregory Gethard of interviews Joel.

• Eric Leisure of previews the show.

As does Naila Francis of

28 Replies to “Updated: Cinematic Titanic News, Reviews”

  1. Speedy says:

    I’d go to Milwaukee, but I’d like to know what movies they are showing. Nothing wrong with seeing them live, but for me to drive that far, I’d like to see something new.


  2. Matt D. says:

    Hey, you all getting to pay 25 and 30 bucks should be grateful, the NYEve show is 52.50 and 67 bucks.

    Still, I’m pretty sure I am going to pay it and love it all the same…and of course we are getting THREE movies.


  3. Richard says:

    If you’re in the area and have the chance to go, I would definitely recommend seeing CT at The Castro Theater in San Francisco. The place is am old style movie palace with all of the bells and whistles that you can think of. I’ve been there a couple times including a couple years back when I saw a special show called “A Hedwig Christmas” that included an appearance by the play/film’s creator, John Cameron Mitchell. The Castro is a great place to go and it will knock you out to go there.


  4. darthservo says:

    I noticed that the 3rd movie at the Keswick has been changed from Castle Of Freaks to Legacy Of Blood! Is this true? Why the change? Not that it matters…I am going to the show anyway! Unless a possible Nor’easter cancels it!


  5. I’ll be at the NJ show and, hopefully, the NYC show as well.


  6. Gary Bowden says:

    @Speedy..I’m pretty sure the 2 movies will be WAR OF THE INSECTS and SAMSON AND THE SEVEN MIRACLES.I bet THE ALIEN FACTOR and DANGER AT TIKI ISLAND will be coming to DVD in the months ahead.


  7. Speedy says:

    I hope so, the link shows “Frankenstein’s Castle of Freaks” and the NYE show has a previous release in it.


  8. Mela says:

    While CT for New Years would be pretty awesome, it’s also pretty darn expensive. For half the price, I can better justify the drive to Princeton for the April show.


  9. Teenage Cavegirl says:

    ^ For 3 movies instead of one? NYE with the Titans? NYE seems like a great deal!


  10. Laura says:

    Not going to either the Philly show or Princeton show (too far away for me for both shows). Guess they can’t come to SOUTH Jersey.


  11. darthservo says:

    I’m PISSED!!! They just put on their website that there will be no meet and greet at the NYE show at the Keswick! I bought the tickets months ago hoping for a chance to finally meet them. Why didn’t they say this in the first place. I hope they put on a good show…cuz CT this will be my last!!! Way to disappoint a fan.


  12. BigWilly1231 says:

    Dude calm down. They are doing three movies and ending around 1:30. What more do you want from them, not to mention Im sure they have to be out of the building right after the last movie.


  13. bobhoncho says:

    Finally have a Detroit show! Unfortunately, I have to skip it because I am already spending $140 to take my mum to see “A Prairie Home Companion” live at the Fox Theatre (that’s in Downtown Detroit, across Grand Circus from Comerica Park and next door to the Hockeytown Cafe).


  14. Iggy Pop's Brother Steve Pop says:

    “Gregory Gethard of interviews Joel.”

    After a slight wince, I can live with Gethard writing that “the show ended its Comedy Central run in 1999.” But “Santa Clause Versus The Martians” ? I’m not a violent man, but anyone who thinks the ho-ho-ho man’s name ends with an “e” needs to be beaten with bats.

    This is just the kind of person I am, but if I had the ability to write just one piece of information into the brain of every person on Earth, I’d seriously consider, “The title of that Tim Allen movie? It’s a PUN. There’s a CLAUSE in a contract that forces him to become Santa CLAUS.”

    Sorry. I get this way by early January every year.


  15. Anime says:

    I am really excited to see what they are going to do with the Titanic release. It should be spectacular, I will have to get in to one of these shows, I kick myself if I miss them.

    -Hannah at Girls’ Myspace Layouts


  16. JeffCO says:

    Still waiting for a Denver-area show. C’mon guys, how about Red Rocks? Would be great!


  17. Ryan S says:

    Orndorf’s review convinced me to purchase. I can’t wait to see EAST MEETS WATTS now!


  18. Pete- yes, that Pete says:

    (Hoping that Joel et al sometimes look at this site) Ottawa is a very nice place to have a live show. CT should come to Ottawa. Well, maybe not now, with bumper-high snow everywhere. In a few months. We will buy you beaver tails!


  19. Is this the theatre version of Titanic? Never heard of it but it sounds pretty interessting. Could anyone give me a short feedback if its worth it to see it?

    Thanks in advance



  20. GregS says:

    WOW!! My wife just told me she got us 2 tickets for the Princeton show as my birthday gift!!

    How cool is she? (rhetorical question).

    Hope I get to meet them!


  21. Dip says:

    No offense to ^15 and ^19, but what’s everybody talking about?


  22. jere7my says:

    #15 and #19 are spammers — their links lead to a MySpace design site and a power supply supplier, respectively.


  23. Pete- yes, that Pete says:

    We should mock these faux posters with the same ferocity that the SOL visited on Manos.


  24. I aint spamming and I was just asking to dont get it wrong. Sorry if my question did disturb someone in some way. I just wrote my website where im working at into “Website” becuase thats what we do have that “Website”-field for.



  25. trickymutha says:

    I’m going to the 10:00 show in Royal Oak (Detroit) – just got 4th row center! I hope there is a meet and greet. The show is starting very late, but it’s a Friday night so I should make it. Too bad bobhoncho you can’t attend- my advice- when in Downtown Detroit visit the Motor City Casino- I was there in December and saw Bela Fleck and the Flecktones! Awesome- here are links to aftershow:


  26. bobhoncho says:

    #25, I will not be able to enter Motor City Casino for another 2 years.


  27. JeffCO says:

    FYI the Cinematic Titanic live show at the Nokia Theatre in Times Square finally has an on-sale date, this Friday. There seems to be a pre-sale for this Wednesday – anyone happen to have a password for that?


  28. Maroussia says:

    It will be great to watch Milwaukee Bucks, i have bought tickets from looking forward to it.


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