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Episode Guide: 413- Manhunt in Space (with short: ‘General Hospital’–Segment 1)

Short: (1963) A few scenes from the soap opera “General Hospital.” Jesse plans a party while Dr. Hardy gives a worried patient a diagnosis.
Movie: (1954) Edited-together episodes of the TV series “Rocky Jones, Space Ranger.” Our hero and his sidekick Winky rescue stranded Vena and confront space pirates working for evil Queen Cleolanta.

First shown: 9/19/92
Opening: Crow isn’t happy that the movie is going to be in black and white, leading to the discovery that Tom Servo is color blind!
Invention exchange: The Mads have invented beanbag pants, while J&tB demonstrate recycled paper clothing
Host segment 1: The bots are playing soap opera, but Joel won’t play
Host segment 2: J&tB discuss the overuse of modifiers, such as “space”
Host segment 3: J&tB get a visit from Winkie on the Hexfield
End: Crow is Joel’s guitar and Tom is the amp, Joel reads a letter, the Mads are stuck in their bean bag chairs
Stinger: Space traitor Ken tosses a chair
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• Of the two Rocky Jones episodes, I prefer “Crash of the Moons,” but this one is a good time too. The previous time I watched this I was really, really sick. The consequence was that the black-and-white movie and all that monotonous rocketship taking off and landing practically put me to sleep (the meds might have contributed to this). This time through I was fully functional (more or less) and I have to say I liked it a lot more. The movie is pretty strange but the cast really commits to the premise, which makes the riffing easier and more fun. The host segments are mostly pretty good (although the “space modifier” segment wears out its welcome) and generally I didn’t have any trouble staying awake and laughing a lot.
• This episode was included in Shout! Factory’s “Mystery Science Theater 3000 Collection: Vol XIV.”
• A little backstage info: Kevin has acknowledged that he actually does have red-green color blindness, which I guess is where the idea for the bit came from.
• I love how, in the short, the doc tells his patient that his treatment for her apparently minor condition is TWO WEEKS in the hospital. How times have changed.
• When John “Dr. Hardy” Beradino appears, Crow says “Wow, he was old even then!” Beradino was in his mid-40s when that scene was shot. Wonder if Trace would still make that joke? I know I wouldn’t! :smile:
• Showbiz info: The syndicated television series “Rocky Jones, Space Ranger,” lasted only one season, because it lost a considerable amount of money. It was the first space opera to be shot on film, (which is why it survives so well today) and had huge overhead costs (sets, special effects, large cast) compared to other shows of the early 1950s (I know, hard to believe THOSE were bank-breaking special effects, but…). The show was popular and had no lack of advertising sponsors, but it became evident during its first season that it would probably never break even.
• Tom Servo thinks a shot of a planet looks like the MST3K logo—Joel hushes him.
• All the rocket ship footage seemed to push some “Thunderbirds” buttons for the cast: they mention it a couple of times and Crow says “Scott Tracy!” at one point.
• During segment one, Crow mentions “mogo-on-the-g-go-go” a W.C. Fields reference which we can now be pretty certain came from Frank, since he goes on at some length about it here.
• Nice reminder that Cambot is there at the end of segment 1. We sometimes forget but they seldom did.
• Callback: “I told you to find adventure not bring it home with you!” (City Limits); Hikeeba (Women of the Prehistoric Planet); “I’m a Grimault warrior!” (Viking Women); “Chief? McCloud!” (Pod People); The Gamera song.
• Then-current reference: “What’s your position?” “Leaning towards Perot.”
• Last time, I thought Tom said, “What is this, Radio Oz?” Turns out it’s Radio AAHS.
• I had the same reaction to segment 2 this time that I’ve had in the past: “Did they really say ‘space’ that much? I can’t remember them doing it even once.”
• Movie complaint: Winkie says “the ship won’t land on its tail” and then it does. Several times. Hmm. But I always enjoyed the notion of a rocket ship landing back on its tail, like a car backing into a parking space, but apparently in real life it’s really damn hard.
• In segment three, Crow has an acid-flashback to episode 310- FUGITIVE ALIEN, which Joel notes was “like, 20 experiments ago.” It was 26 episodes ago, to be exact.
• Mike is great as Winkie (is that an MST3K logo on his shirt?) and Frank sure does a great little old lady voice.
• As a side note, Scotty “Winkie” Beckett wrote that song he sings. Another thing he was not that good at, I guess.
• Shoes for industry! (Another Firesign Theatre reference.)
• As the traitor carries Rocky to the gantry, Crow says “Oh, he’s gonna do the Letterman thing.” Huh?
• Um, Joel can call Earth? (I know, I know…)
• Cast and crew roundup: Of course, much of the same crew also worked on “Crash of the Moons,” including executive producer Guy V. Thayer, producer/creator Roland Reed, associate producer Arthur Pierson, director Hollingsworth Morse, assistant director Dick Moder, editors Fred Maguire and S. Roy Luby, special effects guy Jack R. Glass (who also worked on “Project Moon Base”), production manager Richard L’Estrange, art director McClure Capps and music conductor Alexander Laszlo (who also worked on “Attack of the Giant Leeches” and “Night of the Blood Beast”). In front of the camera, Richard Crane, Scotty Beckett, Sally Mansfield, Robert Lyden, Maurice Cass, Charles Meredith, Patsy Parsons and Harry Lauter were all back again for “Crash of the Moons.” In addition, James Griffith was in “The Amazing Transparent Man,” Dale Van Sickel was in “Radar Men from the Moon” and Judd Holdren was in “Rocketship X-M.”
• CreditsWatch: Curtis Anderson and Kelly Ann Nathe started their internships. Jim directed the host segments once again, but this was his last time in season four. Kevin, Joel and Trace would trade off for the rest of the season.”Ammendment” is still spelled wrong.
• Fave riff from the short: “Here comes Nurse Feratu.” Honorable mention: “Nothing an expensive operation can’t complicate.”
• Fave riff from the feature: “What are you doing in Alan Brady’s office?” Honorable mention: “I’ve got something that’ll put you through the floor, boys.”

110 Replies to “Episode Guide: 413- Manhunt in Space (with short: ‘General Hospital’–Segment 1)”

  1. touches no one's life, then leaves says:

    >>>“Jettison Bobby!” –Crow T. Robot

    “What happened?! What’s the disaster?!”


  2. Sitting Duck says:

    Manhunt in Space fails the Bechdel Test. There are only two female characters, and they never interact.

    This episode’s DVD release is notable for being the only Shout disk with no extras, not even a trailer.

    To think there was a time when bad guys didn’t bother to frisk good guys. Such childlike trust!

    @ #28: While Professor Newton’s costume does look a lot like the one Hartnell wore as the First Doctor, IMO there really isn’t much of a resemblance.

    Favorite riffs

    Here, your headshots for The Young and the Restless audition.

    Here comes Nurseferatu.

    You calling me a liar? GET OUT! GET OUT!

    Here, let me punch you in the sternum to simulate the pain.

    Oh it’s dangerous and painful, but don’t worry.

    “I’ll soon see him.”
    In Hell.

    And this is what the Heritage Foundation will look like if you contribute.

    “You won’t be sorry. We’ll find Vena.”
    I’m already sorry, Bobby.

    Our air isn’t good enough for the Johnsons. They have to bring their own.

    I’ve got a headache this big, and it’s got Bobby written all over it.

    “It’s like Paris in spring.”
    But Paris was destroyed in the Apocalypse, Winky.

    Make it personal. Hurt their feelings if you can.

    Tonight, on Fisher-Price Medical Center.

    “What you can’t see, you can’t hit.”
    Does that mean you’re going to hit me?

    You hear an invisible ship just now?

    “But I feel like a lunkhead just sitting here.”
    Hold that thought, Winky.

    I’m not a traitor.

    This is Walter Cronkite with Roger Maude and we’re space pirates.

    Oh you kooky. Imagine his surprise when his skull hits the pavement.


  3. Dirty D says:

    I always assumed the Letterman reference was about his shows where he would toss things (i.e. TV’s, watermelon, etc.) off buildings to see what would happen.


  4. Cornjob says:

    The short overpowers the movie in a big way here. I think the musician that scored Carnival of Souls provided the music for General Hospital. Hospitals usually aren’t cheerful places but the ones I’ve been in didn’t make me want to kill myself if I walked through them. The despair is palpable. The figure from Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” would be at home here. Who the heck wanted to watch this?


  5. touches no one's life, then leaves says:

    >>>To think there was a time when bad guys didn’t bother to frisk good guys.

    Or, rather, there will be. In the not-too-distant future. ;-)


  6. touches no one's life, then leaves says:


    In an earlier discussion, I said:

    “Some of Tor’s 1930s film appearances are probably in the public domain by now, yet he has such minor roles in them that it would be silly to release them as “The Tor Johnson Collection” OSLT.”

    Releasing them as “The RIFFED Tor Johnson Collection” — by MST3K, Cinematic Titanic, RiffTrax, or another — might be something else again, though…

    I may have already asked you this before. If so, well, my apologies.


  7. touches no one's life, then leaves says:

    Okay, that last line there, about the apologies, that’s from something I intended to post entirely elsewhere, but I cut and pasted it to here by mistake. Sorry about that. :-|


  8. Ro-man says:

    This one kills me:
    Servo: “Thanks for the update, Quisp”


  9. touches no one's life, then leaves says:

    Also from Wikipedia: “Bobby: Bobby was the ward of Professor Newton, and no mention was ever made of his parents or origins.”

    Paging Dr. Wertham, Dr. Fredric Wertham…

    I wonder why Rocky and Vena (and Biffen) got last names while Winky and Bobby didn’t. Shrug.


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