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Joel in New York Times Piece

Joel Hodgson and MST3K are mentioned in the lead-in of, and Joel is quoted in, a New York Times story (apparently in tomorrow’s paper) about people using social media such as Twitter to talk back to TV and other media.

3 Replies to “Joel in New York Times Piece”

  1. Ryan says:

    Blech. Comparing stupid **** like Twitter to MST3K is like comparing a 3 year old’s finger painting to the Sistine Chapel. The Best Brains were brilliant and made what they did an art. Any idiot can just talk back to the TV or movie, like those obnoxious frat kids in the back row annoying everybody but thinking they are soooo funny. iRiffs on is what has proven more people can really do MST3K style commentaries and be genuinely entertaining (esp. Quiptrax, Cinester Theater, Hor-Riff-ic, etc.).

    Twitter is to communication as Twilight is to vampires.


  2. Sharktopus says:

    Points to Mr Carr for bending over backward to mention MST3k in a New York Times article, I guess, but I don’t see why.


  3. Cronkite Moonshot says:

    @Ryan… spoken like someone who probably has never actually used Twitter, and definitely doesn’t understand what it is, or what it is good for. It’s purely an outlet, a way to deliver content, and the content on it is totally up to who is using it, and what they choose to do with it. So yes 99% of what is on Twitter is worthless crap, gee, you know, kind of like EVERY THING ELSE IN EXISTENCE. Twitter being used as a way for regular people to interact with friends and family is where almost all of the pointless garbage comes from, because it’s nothing but “went 2 da shoe store” or other such meaningless drivel that no one actually cares about, including your friends or family. But when used as a way for talented people to interact with other creative people, creative people to try out jokes or ideas and get near instant feedback, or intelligent celebrities to easily entertain and interact with fans Twitter is a wonderful tool. Yes their are pointless moron celebrities who only post things like “Went 2 da shoe store”, but they don’t get it, and are only “on Twitter” because they feel like they have to be. When you ignore those idiots (easily done by NOT FOLLOWING THEM TO BEGIN WITH) you can have an incredible amount of fun reading the posts of people like Bill Corbet, Kevin Murphy, Mike Nelson, Tim Heidecker, Eric Wareheim, Todd Berry, Eugene Mirman, or the many UK comedians I follow like Stephen Fry, Robert Popper, the prolific Peter Serafinowicz, or the hilarious Graham Linehan.

    And the potential for Twitter to be used communally for an MST like event is absolutely there. Tim Heidecker did a few live tweeting events mocking the Jay Leno show when that first started last year, and they were a lot of fun. Yes most of the millions of people on Twitter aren’t as funny as they think they are, and most of the millions of “humorous” Twitter posts are not so humorous at all, but you know what? You only see what you choose to see, the posts from those you choose to follow. Following the posts of people you already know are funny means you see their funny posts. You only see the ignorant BS posts of a million teenage dullards if you actively choose to follow those people, or to look at one of the special topics that they are posting to. So to correct your ignorant comparison I’ll say this… Paris Hilton is to Twitter as Twilight is to books. Saying that Twitter as a whole is bad because it’s loaded with a lot of garbage from people like Paris Hilton is as specious and small minded as saying that books as a whole are bad because Twilight exists.


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