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Episode guide: 913- Quest of the Delta Knights









Movie: (1993) In medieval times, a young boy comes under the protection of a wizard, and they plot against a malevolent ruler.

First shown: 9/26/98
Opening: Crow’s in the shop, but the loaner Crow has a radio!
Intro: Worried about a lack of results in her experiment, Pearl trades places with Mike!
Host segment 1: Pearl completes her observations, while Mike, Bobo and Observer enjoy a guy’s night
Host segment 2: The Sir Thomas “Neville” Servo Consort of the Middle Ages Just After the Plague Singers performs an ancient Air on a Delta Knight
Host segment 3: Leonardo Da Vinci visits, and he’s a good fella
End: The bots mourn the loss of Pearl; the annual Delta Knights pancake breakfast is a success
Stinger: Even his co-star is embarrassed by Mr. “I’m Comeeeng!!”
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• A pretty good but not great final episode of the season, complete with a switcheroo in the theater, more workmen coming and going as they please, another choral treat from Sir Thomas, an almost TOO goofy movie and solid riffing throughout.
• Paul’s thoughts on this one are here.
• This episode is not yet available on DVD, and Shout officials despair that it ever will.
• Of course, the highlight of this ep is Pearl taking a turn in the theater, where she seems a little more Mary Jo-ish than Pearl-ish. But I think it works better that way. I’m not sure sustaining the Pearl character AND doing a good job riffing could really be pulled off. Yes, Mike did it with Eddie, but even that wore thin after a bit.
• I love the loaner Crow sketch. It may be one of my all-time favorites. Maybe it’s because that’s pretty much how my car runs.
• In the Intro segment, Servo says “No movie, no Mike.” I think he meant that the other way ’round. That was the best take they had? Or did nobody notice? Or am I missing something?
• Nice callback: “My boat.” a reference to a classic bad movie moment from “Waterworld,” referenced in episode 808- The She Creature.
• One drawback of this movie choice is that we get a rare foray into attempted comedy here, especially the scenes with Richard Kind. As expected, the riffing suffers a bit during these moments. Indeed, the whole movie really doesn’t seem to take itself very seriously, pretty much a prerequisite for a great episode.
• Self referential riff: “Later at Castle Forrester…”
• Several LOTR references: Legolas, Bombadil and Gollum.
• The medeival aire (words and lyrics by Kevin) is lots of fun. By the way, you can hear more of the “dirty” song at the end on the “Clowns in the Sky 2” CD.
• Also: Somebody put boobs on one of the Tom Servos! Yikes!
• Bill, in full James Gandolfini mode, is terrific as a mobbed up Leonardo Da Vinci in segment 3. He really sells it. One of the better hexfield viewscreen visits of the later years.
• Obscure reference: “Timothy? Where on Earth did you go?”
• Patrick is again a workman visiting the SOL. This time he’s “Eggs,” the pain leakage repairman.
• Always nice to see the big clown hammer make an appearance.
• For the pancake breakfast scene, the cast and crew pretty much called every relative and friend willing to be on camera. It held the record as the segment with the most number of people, though some of Moon 13 scenes in season 11 may have beaten it. In addition to Paul, they were: Benjamin Bakken, Andrea Jackson DuCane, Ari Hoptman, Katie Johnson, Mikey Johnson, Anne Kleinschmidt, Joe Kleinschmidt, Marie Kleinschmidt, Rick Kleinschmidt, Edna McKeever, Tom McKeever, Rachel Mertz, Dara Moskowitz, Kathleen M. Murphy, Sandy Oian, Gerald A. Pehl, Nick Prueher, David Rudrud, Tom Schufman, Krista Skogland, Lorin Skogland, Anna Stonehouse, Dan Tanz and Marshall Tebben.
• Cast and crew roundup: Nobody who worked on this movie worked on any other MSTed movie.
• CreditsWatch: Directed by Mike. Intern Nick Prueher would be back one more time in season 10 but this was intern Dan Tanz’ last episode.
• Fave riff: Sit outside and pet our millipedes! Honorable mention: Well, the movie lost me. It lost me and it’s trotting off without me.

190 Replies to “Episode guide: 913- Quest of the Delta Knights”

  1. schippers says:

    #146 – Although typically with micro-budgeted crap like this movie, the producers have only enough scratch to pay for a few days’ worth of the “name” star’s presence (that SEEMS to have been the case with Ms. Hussey). It seems like Warner could have been charging AT LEAST as much as her around the time this movie was made, but who can say besides their agents. So, I submit that his dual role remains a puzzling sorta-mystery.


  2. schippers says:

    People are saying Brigid Conley Walsh is some sort of super-hottie. Tastes are tastes, of course, and there is no accounting for them, but I will submit that a VICIOUS pushup bra is likely unduly coloring the admirer’s perceptions.


  3. littleaimishboy says:

    [Scene: David Warner’s agent’s office]
    DAVID WARNER [Standing up]: Well, I don’t know … let me take a walk around the block and think it over. [Exit]
    DW [Thinking]: ” ‘… in which David Warner demonstrates his supreme mastery of characterization by playing both the evil archvillain and his nemesis, the heroic (etc etc)’ “.
    DW [Aloud]: YES! Yes, I’ll do it!!!” [Hurries back to agent’s office]

    (This is purely a hypothetical recreation, based upon having known a lot of actors.)


  4. thequietman says:

    Well, since David Warner’s duel role remains a mystery, I would like to say how much I liked the ending segment at the pancake breakfast. I wonder how many of those ‘extras’ realized they were gaining a little bit of immortality by volunteering to sit at a table, eat pancakes and listen to a guy in an ape suit cry out “Will somebody PLEASE pass the syrup?!”

    Incidentally, was ribbing of parades another ‘thing’ from the CC era that the Brains were trying to allude to for their new Sci-Fi audience? The kicker “and in celebration, hard candy for everyone!” gives me that impression.

    And finally, besides ‘wizard whiz’ there’s another riff from that scene that no one’s highlighted yet. When the slave dealer sneaks up to repossess Jonathan “Tee”lor Thomas, he reaches behind his back and Crow panics:
    “What’s he pulling out?! HELP!”


  5. Ralph C says:

    David Warner was also the voice of The Lobe, a Freakazoid villain.


  6. jjb3k says:

    I don’t know what it is about this episode, but I always zone out after about thirty minutes. Maybe it’s the dull, poorly lit, earth-toned movie full of crappy acting and no discernible plot. Maybe it’s the riffing, which isn’t exactly phenomenal this time out. Maybe it’s Mary Jo’s more low-key delivery in the first theater segment. Or maybe it’s a perfect storm of all these elements, combining to bore the hell out of me every single time.

    This isn’t one I watch very often, is what I’m implying.


  7. “I have a good life. Thank you.”

    And Season 9 comes to an end. . .

    What a strange season. It contains some incredible highs (Final Sacrifice, Werewolf, Hobgoblins) as well as some so-so, good-not-great episodes (Deadly Bees, Screaming Skull, etc). Quest of the Delta Knights is one that I used to love, consider one of their best of the season/Sci-Fi years, but upon recent rewatch I gotta say that it too is only “good-not-great.”

    This movie is more or less a comedy making it harder for the Brains to make fun of (in my opinion). Some segments feature Mike and the Bots just groaning at what’s happening on screen (like the scene with Richard Kind). Sure, it’s got some memorable moments, like the pee throwing and the “I’M COMMEEEEENG!” guy (not to mention Princess Dough has Risen) but overall the episode doesn’t quite approach greatness. Even double David Warner can’t save this one…

    Oliva Hussey: I like her in Bob Clark’s classic Black Christmas and also Brian Trenchard-Smith’s less-classic-but-fun Turkey Shoot (aka Escape 2000, but not the Escape 2000 that MSTies are familiar with), and hey, she was Norma Bates in Psycho IV and was in the TV adaptation of Stephen King’s IT, not to mention she played Juliet in Zeffirelli’s Romeo and Juliet, which I’m sure some of you saw in your high school literature/English class (that’s where I saw it; teacher had to fast forward through the brief nudity). Sure, her role in QOTDK is pretty small, but what I’m getting at is, WHY WAS SHE IN THIS MOVIE? WHO DID SHE OWE MONEY/A FAVOR TO??

    Back to the MST episode: the Host Segments are okay, not that great overall. HS#1 is completely “meh” (just ask your girlfriend) and HS#2 with the singing Servo’s is something that they’re done before and done better. HS#3 is the only winner in my book; Bill really nails the Soprano-ish nature of Leonardo da Vinci. The opening segment with Mike has some nice quotes (see the top of this post) but I don’t really care for Pearl’s presence in the theater to start the movie. It’s novel, I guess, but once again it feels like something they’ve done before (which they had) and were more successful at. The closing bit with the pancake breakfast is decent and acceptable. “Hey kid, you gonna finish those? Let me give ya a hand there.”

    Up at post #125 back in 2010, I ranked season 9 in list form and now I look at it and wonder what I was smoking back then (probably the same stuff I’m smoking right now; don’t judge! It’s the weekend!). Now that I’ve seen Gorgo, here’s an updated ranking of Season 9 eps from me to you. Enjoy:

    #910 The Final Sacrifice
    #907 Hobgoblins
    #904 Werewolf
    #902 The Phantom Planet
    #903 The PumaMan
    #909 Gorgo
    #913 Quest of the Delta Knights
    #908 Touch of Satan
    #906 The Space Children
    #912 The Screaming Skull
    #911 Devil Fish
    #901 The Projected Man
    #905 The Deadly Bees

    Quest of the Delta RIFFS:

    Servo: “Paaaaackeeers!”

    Crow: “Here now, have some angel dust.”

    movie: “That’s a fine name.”
    Servo: “If you’re gay.” ——I’m not a “sensitive viewer” but I got to admit that this riff made my ears perk up. Could not imagine the guys performing a riff similar to this on Rifftrax today and even less so could I imagine it going over well. Seems a little mean-spirited. By comparison, the later riff by Crow as Tee saying “Look, I’m probably gay,” works because it’s not using the term in a disparaging way, just as a mere statement of fact.

    Mike: “Wow, they had Ethan Hawkes too.”

    Servo: “He studied at the Royal Academy of Dan Cortese.”

    Mike: “Put a sock in it, Legolas.”

    -Quest of the Delta Knights is no Deathstalker, that’s for sure.

    I give it 3 out of 5 pee throws.

    :shock: :shock: :shock:


  8. pondoscp says:

    “I’m comeeeeng” is a lame voice over! Watching this again, it’s clear that no one is actually saying this line! That line makes me want to smack this movie lol
    Wait a minute, there’s a female Servo that was duplicated floating around the SOL? Crazy….


  9. Captain Cab says:

    I’m watching this episode right now, first time in years and I have always LOVED Pearl in the theater! Mary Jo doesn’t miss a beat and it’s much better than Eddie in Time Chasers (which I just watched again last week). Also love how Crow and Servo come to adore her like kids. “You gave us a mint!”

    Maybe it’s because of my generation, but something about movies from 80s and 90s that make better episodes sometimes in opinion. I love how this movie is a weird mix between general bland medieval fantasy and bizarre pseudo-modern, atomic age technology in a very similar way to Cave Dwellers. Good riffs, good skits, other than that……



  10. JCC says:

    @17, @77 – I know it’s old, but I think you guys are overthinking this a bit. Besides the Servo Academy Singers which is damn near a remake I THINK (can’t speak myself for Best Brains reasonings/motivations) it was usually pure coincidence when something like the examples you guys mention happened again later on. Maybe their memories were jogged when writing The Episode Guide, but it always seemed to me that BBI usually moved on and forgot about a lot of their own material instantly once they were done producing the shows. It was their form of PTSD, IMO.

    @152 – I’m not really a fan, but those have to be real. She built her 25 year career on that deep cleavage so you would think that said apocryphal bra company would want that known because then everyone would run out to buy this pushup bra after seeing the results.


  11. Dr. Erickson says:

    “No whorin’ while I’m gone.”


  12. schippers says:

    #160 – Well, a quick Google Image search confirms your theory. I stand cantilevered.


  13. Bombastic Biscuit Boy says:

    “David Warner, you are under arrest by order of David Warner!”


  14. goalieboy82 says:

    the Timothy riff:
    with Rupert Holmes writing the song.


  15. littleaimishboy says:

    Seriously, there’s nothing weird or mysterious about David Warner playing a dual role. Alec Guinness possibly holds the record (nine different characters in one movie) but plenty of other actors have played two or more characters in the same movie.


  16. Sitting Duck says:

    The dreaded And Introducing credit went to Brigid Conley Walsh. While her filmography isn’t terribly impressive, at least it doesn’t suffer the sparseness of the similarly handicapped Venita Wolf from Catalina Caper

    St. Sebastian was a Third Century martyr who is typically depicted in art tied to a tree and riddled with arrows, hence the riff.

    Leonardo de Wet Pants brings to mind the portrayal of H.G. Wells in the Doctor Who serial Timelash. I’m in something of a minority when I state that I think claims of the Colin Baker era of the show being uniformly terrible are a load of horse hoo (for the record, other than the one that introduced Rani which I somehow missed, I have watched the entirety of Seasons 22 and 23). But Timelash is definitely one of the weaker ones. Much of that has to do with the buffoonish characterization that Wells gets. You could easily believe that his initials stood for Hud Gomer.

    Well, since David Warner’s duel role remains a mystery, I would like to say how much I liked the ending segment at the pancake breakfast. I wonder how many of those ‘extras’ realized they were gaining a little bit of immortality by volunteering to sit at a table, eat pancakes and listen to a guy in an ape suit cry out “Will somebody PLEASE pass the syrup?!”

    Looking at the episode credits, it appears they were mostly family members of the Best Brains staff rather than random shmoes pulled off the street.

    This movie is more or less a comedy making it harder for the Brains to make fun of (in my opinion).

    Not a comedy per se. It just had bad comic relief.

    Favorite riffs

    Next up, Pippy Longstocking.

    “My name is Beydool.”
    No wait, that’s my intestinal condition.

    “You are no longer a slave. Understand?”
    You’re a hostage of a madman.

    I’ll see if Bombadil has a place to crash.

    “My father sent us to safety.”
    He wasn’t very good at that.

    Back now, this is a lot of money.

    “It seems…”
    Chilly in here. Could you turn your guy down?

    “It allows me to move around freely.”
    Like a good pair of underwear.

    “Don’t I know you?”
    Aren’t you me in another role.

    Sir, are we Saxons or Vikings? So what are we? Let’s settle on that.

    “She’s nothing but a serving wench.”
    “That’s not true!”
    She’s a shift leader.

    Bonanza, now in femmy clothes.

    And this winter, I’m planning on being Leonardo de Cancun for a few weeks.

    You’re full of crap beyond your years, kid.

    “Athena was always a princess.”
    Or a cheerleader or a naughty nurse.

    I guard this old futon with my life.


  17. goalieboy82 says:

    Seriously, there’s nothing weird or mysterious about David Warner playing a dual role.Alec Guinness possibly holds the record (nine different characters in one movie) but plenty of other actors have played two or more characters in the same movie.

    Kind Hearts and Coronets if i am not mistaken


  18. goalieboy82 says:

    Seriously, there’s nothing weird or mysterious about David Warner playing a dual role.Alec Guinness possibly holds the record (nine different characters in one movie) but plenty of other actors have played two or more characters in the same movie.

    also lets not forget Peter Sellers in Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb.


  19. Raigely says:

    The Medieval Air segment gets me for much of the same reason that the United Servo Academy Chorus segment does. I remember my parents flicking through the channels every Sunday morning and my mother just complaining about the general-interest crap that they march out [you would have thought CBS Sunday Morning had killed her dog] in the vein of all these boring choir numbers. Unfortunately we never got Satellite of Love: Sunday Morning…
    [by the way–the first time I saw the breasted!Servo I thought I was imagining things.]


  20. touches no one's life, then leaves says:

    One thing that never sat right with me was….why was that guy peeing in the house? Granted he was peeing in a pan…but he was going outside to dispose of it….wouldn’t it just make more sense and be more sanitary just to go and pee outside?

    Same principle as a bedpan. Sometimes the bathroom’s just a little too far away…


  21. Speedy B. says:

    Breaks my heart that this episode may never be licensed.


  22. Ray Dunakin says:

    I love this episode! The movie is at least watchable, as well as being dumb and goofy and has plenty of material that is ripe for riffing. Ms. Walsh does a decent job in her role, in addition to being easy on the eyes (it’s not just the pushup bra, IMHO.) I got a kick out of seeing Pearl in the theater. Some of the host segments are really great — the “loaner Crow” bit, the song, and especially the mobbed-up DaVinci visit.


  23. thequietman says:

    A potato chip, but why?

    I still think this episode is better than ‘good, not great’. Maybe it’s because I saw it in multiple reruns during the last Sci-Fi years, but it’s always been one of my favorites and probably my ‘most wanted’ for official release. This is a movie where there’s simultaneously too much effort put into it and yet not enough and that makes it fascinating. There’s something of a sad symmetry that the first episode of the second season and the final episode of the penultimate (pre-Jonah) season are currently considered un-releaseable. Here’s hoping Shout! is still periodically trying to untangle who can actually license this to them. I’d love to see a Ballyhoo documentary about this film. Maybe see how Brigid Conley Walsh is doing these days…

    Fave riffs
    Beef TINK and Chicken BLONK and Pork FLOONK

    “Would you like some food?”
    I would, but what’s that crap you’re holding up?

    ‘…we should call Master.’
    Isn’t that right Mr. Baiter? [Incredibly I JUST got that joke rewatching the episode last night!]


  24. Lisa H. says:

    touches no one’s life, then leaves: Same principle as a bedpan. Sometimes the bathroom’s just a little too far away…

    Chamberpots were the usual thing then, I understand. Maybe they couldn’t get their hands on a correct-looking prop, although you’d think it wouldn’t be that hard to find something with vaguely the right look at the Ren Faire.

    Obscure reference: “Timothy? Where on Earth did you go?”

    Obscure maybe, but they referred to it before in Monster A-Go-Go (


  25. bartcow says:

    If nothing else, “how are things that are happening” and “to have said goodbye to things” have entered my vernacular (to the confusion of most around me).


  26. docskippy says:

    This movie betrays a lot of confusion/muddled vision on the part of the filmmakers, much like the even goofier Merlin’s Shop of Mystical Horrors, or whatever that movie is called. I am fascinated by movies that just cannot get the job done, and hence I have a lot of affection of Delta Knights.


  27. jay says:

    Say what you will about this movie, but it was definitely educational. Before watching it I had no idea that Leonardo Da Vinci had invented the push-up bra! Bra-vo, Leonardo. Bra-vo.


  28. touches no one's life, then leaves says:

    SAMPO: Movie: (1993) In medieval times

    “…it protected a man but made him look like a sardine in a can.”

    “Scavenger Hunt” was one of the first films in cable’s earliest days so as a child I watched it very frequently so the phrase “In medieval times” has that default to me. Sorry. ;-)

    SAMPO: more workmen coming and going as they please

    Didn’t we cover that? I thought we covered that. Workmen can come and go as PEARL pleases.

    Now, if they were traveling salesmen…although upon reflection, traveling salesman may be a job that’s been phased out of society like iceman and milk deliverer. Poor dopes. Sad, really.

    On a separate note, why are the workers always guys? Is Pearl practicing job discrimination on top of everything else?

    SAMPO: Of course, the highlight of this ep is Pearl taking a turn in the theater, where she seems a little more Mary Jo-ish than Pearl-ish.

    Well, that’s because Pearl isn’t funny. Pearl has NEVER been funny. Pearl is TOO MEAN to be funny. That’s why apparently her sole pleasure in life is to inflict misery on others, to make people even more miserable than she is. That’s at least partially why she’s so upset about Mike enjoying life, because that’s something that, deep down, she knows she cannot do and will never be able to do. IMHO all round on that, of course.

    Sure, Dr. Forrester was evil but he was rarely MEAN about it. Whatever else could be said about him, no one could accuse Dr. Forrester of not enjoying life. :-)

    Ultimately, that may be why Pearl decided to try being a mad scientist (which as any number of correspondents has opined really doesn’t seem to suit her), to try to enjoy life as much as her son did. For naught, all for naught…

    SAMPO: Bill, in full James Gandolfini mode, is terrific as a mobbed up Leonardo Da Vinci in segment 3. He really sells it.

    But he-a make it such-a broad-a stereotype-a…

    SAMPO: Patrick is again a workman visiting the SOL. This time he’s “Eggs,” the pain leakage repairman.

    The implication that inflicting pain on others is a major industry doesn’t bear contemplating. Unless it does.


  29. goalieboy82 says:

    wasn’t there a sort of masturbation joke in the film (Crow said it about 20 minutes into the episode)


  30. Be right there says:

    “Come outside and pet our millipedes”

    I used to work at a science museum where we would take millipedes our to show our guests. They were, in fact, allowed to pet our millipedes.


  31. touches no one's life, then leaves says:

    and my fav riff
    Travis “Master”
    So dirty but funny.

    Anyone else remember the 43rd Primetime Emmy Awards (1991) in which Gilbert Gottfriend, as an award presenter, performed a routine consisting almost entirely of masturbation jokes? East coast viewers saw it live but west coast viewers didn’t because Fox censored it.

    Gottfried later noted (on The Tonight Show, I think; precise words not guaranteed) “They [the Emmy people, I presume] told me to go out and have fun with it, and I figured What’s more fun than masturbation?

    It was also in reaction to Paul “Pee-Wee Herman” Reubens’ then-recent arrest.


  32. touches no one's life, then leaves says:

    I’m Evil:
    I seem to recall an interview where Mike identified this one as a movie they really had to fight for, as Sci Fi wanted them to stick science fiction-themed films.Mike went on to say that they were thrilled to win that battle, but that the end result was not as funny as they hoped.

    Aside from the fact that, as noted elsewhere in here, this film does in fact qualify as a science fiction film (certainly moreso than, for example, “Jack Frost” did), I’m dully surprised that the Brains thought it was worth all that much fighting for. While Pearl’s presence in the theater means that by definition it cannot be what I’d call a very good episode in any event, the movie in itself doesn’t seem worth much of a struggle. IMHO YMMV of course. Even if the Brains themselves didn’t consider it a science fiction film and were trying to, I dunno, make some point by tackling a substandard “historic fiction” film OSLT, I’m sure there are better ones out there than this one. Oh well, so it goes, whatever and stuff.

    This episode has two good examples of a phenomenon I noticed in the SciFi era, wherein the Brains seemed to be attempting to create SciFi Channel equivalents to classic Comedy Central era moments. Here, we get Pearl in the theater, basically a reworking of Forrester and Frank in the theater from “Last of the Wild Horses”

    Except that Forrester and Frank didn’t get all bitter like Pearl (“Get bent,” yeah, THAT was called for…). Of course, Seasons 1 through 7 didn’t get all bitter like Seasons 8 through 10 were, either, so I guess it works out. Or not.

    I don’t dislike Seasons 8 through 10 by any means, but to me it seemed obvious that the Brains just weren’t having all that much fun any more. Too bad.

    Maybe Pearl would’ve fared better as a riffer if Bobo and/or Brain Guy had been co-riffing. She and the bots? IMHO absolutely no chemistry. Although I’ll give her this much, she managed to be kind of friendly to them, a trait which vanished literally the moment she left the theater. “Chattering objects,” indeed. :-|

    How many times do directors have to think, I’ll shoot my movie at the Renfest and it’ll look like I spent millions instead of tens of dollars! before they realize …. no, it won’t.

    For that matter, how long will it take directors to realize that looking like you spent millions of dollars in no way shape or form “proves” that you’ve made a good movie?

    Colossus Prime:
    Such a great opening segment.Mike’s dry delivery is hysterical though I can’t tell if (character wise) that’s just how he’s answering or if he’s purposely doing it that way because he knows it’ll annoy Pearl.Both are very plausible.The edit of Pearl teleporting up and grabbing the bots is amazingly well done, and Mary Jo is great in the theater.

    Hey, he gets at least three good meals a day, has clean clothes and a nice place to sleep and a roof over his head (no matter where he’s standing), has pals who make him laugh and whom he makes laugh, can evidently watch pretty much anything he wants when NOT in the theater (what with all the technological thingamabob stuff). If Mike’s life was real (instead of that of a fictional character), there are plenty of people in the world who’d KILL to have it.

    Finnias Jones:
    The bearded, beret-wearing Ewok leader slightly resembles eccentric British folksinger Roy Harper.

    Green Arrow’s sidekick is an eccentric British folksinger?


    Michael Hoskin:
    Uh, it’s a well known fact that Timothy was a duck.

    It’s significantly less well-known that the other guys were also ducks so it would still have been cannibalism. Fortunately (?), one of them overcame the stigma to become Disco Duck…

    -I can’t believe that no one has mentioned my favorite line yet: “Are we being attacked or entertained?”

    Prince of Space got to be both. ;-)

    -And the ending? You know, if I ever find the cure to cancer in a mine shaft, I think I’m just gonna leave it there because “the world isn’t ready for it.” I’m sure the rest of Europe was pretty darn pleased at Tee for keeping them in the Dark Ages for another 200 years or so.

    Have you seen Medicine Man (1992)? Perhaps you shouldn’t.


    Speaking of “dark“…


  33. touches no one's life, then leaves says:

    Jumping ahead about a season…Does anyone know what “eyeing one’s lemon drink” is in reference to? This occurred to me because the riff (IMHO repeated a bit too often in “Squirm”) was used in a recent Rifftrax ad for Starship Invasions. Thanks.

    And back to the here and now and the then:

    Poor David Warner.Long ago he seems to have made it his mission, or perhaps his curse, to add a touch of class to wretched movies like this one

    I think it’s more like Sir Laurence Olivier once allegedly said: “For the money, dear boy!” :-)

    Manny, Moe and/or Jack:
    How are we missing two legendary (to most geeks, anyway) David Warner villain roles, the Evil Genius in Time Bandits

    No no no no no no no, he wasn’t the Evil Genius, he was the embodiment of Evil itself. He was Evil! EVIL!

    Colossus Prime:
    Plus paying for sex with a prostitute and forcefully having sex with a prostitute (do note that she did seem very accomodating for a slave) are radically different things.

    When you think about (“So don’t think about it.”), a slave of that time might reasonably be expected to be accommodating because the distasteful truth is that in such scummy eras as this one, whichever one it may in fact be, being a slave might actually have been preferable to being a “free” serf/peasant (obviously it’s easy for me to say that because I’ve never experienced either such existence). I’m certainly not defending slavery in any way shape or form, but during the Dark Ages, slaves at least knew where their next meal was coming from and could count on a roof over their heads at night. It’s a paradox that sort of still exists today: Yes, obviously, human trafficking is horrible…but is it worse than having no food or shelter at all, in countries where poverty is more dire than Americans can conceive of? There’s that old expression about “a fate worse than death” but there’s another old saying about “where there’s life, there’s hope” and on rare occasions people have been rescued from human traffickers. There’s always at least an infinitesimal chance that a living human being’s conditions of living, no matter how horrific, can change for the better. A dead human being’s pretty much just going to stay dead no matter what. :-|


  34. Johnny Drama says:

    touches no one’s life, then leaves: Maybe Pearl would’ve fared better as a riffer if Bobo and/or Brain Guy had been co-riffing.

    As seen in the 1st Annual Summer Blockbuster Review Bobo is a menace in the theater.


  35. littleaimishboy says:

    I don’t know if this has been mentioned already, but the name of the “Sir Thomas Neville Servo Consort of the Middle Ages Just-After-The-Plague Singers” is obviously inspired by “Sir Neville Marriner and the Academy of St. Martin in the Fields”, an ensemble whose numerous recordings were in heavy rotation on Public Radio and classical music stations back in the day.

    Whether this (somewhat oblique) tribute entitles Sir Neville to a place in the Today in MSTory pantheon is not for me to say.

    I will, however, say that I love to mash me buckles in me missus’ pigeon pie …


  36. touches no one's life, then leaves says:

    Johnny Drama: As seen in the 1st Annual Summer Blockbuster Review Bobo is a menace in the theater.

    Well, yes, but very little of his contribution was with Pearl. The two of them have better chemistry with each other than either of them has with the Bots.

    Besides, I said “maybe,” didn’t I? ;-)


  37. Jason says:

    “Sir, are we Saxons? Vikings? What are we – let’s settle on that.”

    One of my most-watched episodes. I’m always astonished when it’s suggested that Delta Knights suffers as a riffing target because it has instances of attempted comedy. First off, none of those attempts are successful, and secondly, the movie has got plenty of misplaced sincerity, a prime example being Tee’s condescending closing speech about how he “can’t unleash that power into a child-like world.” What a snot.

    I find that my favorite episodes are the ones where the movie has a lot of watchability without the riffing, and apparently I have a real weak spot for movies shot at Renfest. The terminal identity crisis of Delta Knights is downright infectious – it can’t decide whether it’s a Dark Ages Indiana Jones, a standard-issue Tolkien knock-off, or a made-for-television Nickelodeon movie (albeit one where tavern wenches proposition children), and I can’t get enough of it. Oh, and one silver to anyone who can figure out exactly when and where this movie takes place. It treats the totality Europe like it’s roughly the size of a subdivision.

    Here’s hoping the evidently elusive rights holders for this film are found and it gets an official release. Has anyone checked the lost storehouse?


  38. touches no one's life, then leaves says:

    So, is that it for this one? Are we done here? Just checking…


  39. “We’ve rounded up a number of suspects”
    CROW: Including Kevin Spacey.

    I know that was a “Usual Suspects” reference–but considering recent events it takes on a new meaning!


  40. Lisa H. says:

    Oh dear!


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