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Episode guide: 913- Quest of the Delta Knights









Movie: (1993) In medieval times, a young boy comes under the protection of a wizard, and they plot against a malevolent ruler.

First shown: 9/26/98
Opening: Crow’s in the shop, but the loaner Crow has a radio!
Intro: Worried about a lack of results in her experiment, Pearl trades places with Mike!
Host segment 1: Pearl completes her observations, while Mike, Bobo and Observer enjoy a guy’s night
Host segment 2: The Sir Thomas “Neville” Servo Consort of the Middle Ages Just After the Plague Singers performs an ancient Air on a Delta Knight
Host segment 3: Leonardo Da Vinci visits, and he’s a good fella
End: The bots mourn the loss of Pearl; the annual Delta Knights pancake breakfast is a success
Stinger: Even his co-star is embarrassed by Mr. “I’m Comeeeng!!”
1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (206 votes, average: 4.19 out of 5)


• A pretty good but not great final episode of the penultimate season, complete with a switcheroo in the theater, more workmen coming and going as they please, another choral treat from Sir Thomas, an almost TOO goofy movie and solid riffing throughout.
• Paul’s thoughts on this one are here.
• This episode is not yet available on DVD.
• Of course, the highlight of this ep is Pearl taking a turn in the theater, where she seems a little more Mary Jo-ish than Pearl-ish. But I think it works better that way. I’m not sure sustaining the Pearl character AND doing a good job riffing could really be pulled off. Yes, Mike did it with Eddie, but even that wore thin after a bit.
• I love the loaner Crow sketch. It may be one of my all-time favorites. Maybe it’s because that’s pretty much how my car runs.
• In the Intro segment, Servo says “No movie, no Mike.” I think he meant that the other way ’round. That was the best take they had? Or did nobody notice?
• Nice callback: “My boat.” a reference to a classic bad movie moment from “Waterworld,” referenced in episode 808- The She Creature.
• One drawback of this movie choice is that we get a rare foray into attempted comedy here, especially the scenes with Richard Kind. As expected, the riffing suffers a bit during these moments. Indeed, the whole movie really doesn’t seem to take itself very seriously, pretty much a prerequisite for a great episode.
• Self referential riff: “Later at Castle Forrester…”
• Several LOTR references: Legolas, Bombadil and Gollum.
• The medeival aire (words and lyrics by Kevin) is lots of fun. By the way, you can hear more of the “dirty” song at the end on the “Clowns in the Sky 2” CD.
• Also: Somebody put boobs on one of the Tom Servos! Yikes!
• Bill, in full James Gandolfini mode, is terrific as a mobbed up Leonardo Da Vinci in segment 3. He really sells it. One of the better hexfield viewscreen visits of the later years.
• Obscure reference: “Timothy? Where on Earth did you go?”
• Patrick is again a workman visiting the SOL. This time he’s “Eggs,” the pain leakage repairman. Always nice to see the big clown hammer make an appearance.
• For the pancake breakfast scene, the cast and crew pretty much called every relative and friend willing to be on camera. It holds the record as the segment with the most number of people. In addition to Paul, they were: Benjamin Bakken, Andrea Jackson DuCane, Ari Hoptman, Katie Johnson, Mikey Johnson, Anne Kleinschmidt, Joe Kleinschmidt, Marie Kleinschmidt, Rick Kleinschmidt, Edna McKeever, Tom McKeever, Rachel Mertz, Dara Moskowitz, Kathleen M. Murphy, Sandy Oian, Gerald A. Pehl, Nick Prueher, David Rudrud, Tom Schufman, Krista Skogland, Lorin Skogland, Anna Stonehouse, Dan Tanz and Marshall Tebben.
• Cast and crew roundup: Nobody who worked on this movie worked on any other MSTed movie.
• CreditsWatch: Directed by Mike. Intern Nick Prueher would be back one more time in season 10 but this was intern Dan Tanz’ last episode.
• Fave riff: Sit outside and pet our millipedes! Honorable mention: Well, the movie lost me. It lost me and it’s trotting off without me.

163 comments to Episode guide: 913- Quest of the Delta Knights

  • 1
    Bobby 23-Skidoo says:

    “Now I’m going to attach Rosey Grier’s head to your shoulder.”

    Riff enhanced by the fact that when I recently rewatched the episode, I had just watched parts of The Thing With Two Heads (OK, just the motorcycle scene).


  • 2
    swh1939 says:

    Apparently I liked this one better than Sampo did; I revisit this one often. I figured I was one of about seven people that would get the Joan Blondell joke, but it makes me laugh every time (even though I know that it’s coming up). The pee-throwing sequence is another guilty pleasure (not without the riffing though). I remember Corbin (Tee) being on a TGIF sitcom on ABC about the time this aired. He had a dead friend that was an angel — good kids stuff there.


  • 3
    I'm Evil says:

    I seem to recall an interview where Mike identified this one as a movie they really had to fight for, as Sci Fi wanted them to stick science fiction-themed films. Mike went on to say that they were thrilled to win that battle, but that the end result was not as funny as they hoped. That latter bit surprises me, as I think it is as good as anything in season nine. I’ll be interested to read the comments, as I’ll bet (not unusually) they’ll be some divided opinions on where this rates. IMO, host segments are solid, too many great riffs to list, and a movie that constantly outdoes itself in terms of ineptitude. Four to four and a half stars from me.

    I like Host segment one: Pearl’s questioning of Mike is great, but his responses sell it. “Doing very well, Pearl, thank you.”
    I think the other standout host segment is, of course, the Servo Choir. I was not sure if Mike was doing anyone in particular in introducing the Servo Choir, but I love the description “livid with proudness.” I also quite like that they rhyme Archimedes and Wheaties.

    In the riffing, fewer swipes at ren fests than I would have expected (“Take care of my leather mug! Insult people from the suburbs.” and “Well, ‘Huzzah’ I suppose.”) Maybe they had abused ren fests enough after nine seasons (though I doubt it).

    Tee is pretty annoying, and you just have a hard time taking him seriously dressed like Holly Hobby (“Well, mmm-bop.”), and any hope for Leonardo is washed away with the line “I’m from Vinci.”

    Anyone know why David Warner played two characters? Were they supposed to be brothers? Was that bit cut? David lost a bet with the director? (“Hey! That’s also David Warner!”) Also, was there more Olivia Hussey? She just kind of disappeared (for better or worse).

    Upon seeing him in “Mad About You” I thought it impossible for Richard Kind to be more grating. I was wrong.

    A couple of other random thoughts: Second week in a row for a Deney Terrio reference.
    I was figuring this had to be the largest cast for an episode, and Sampo confirmed it. Seemed like more names in the credits than actual people I saw on camera.

    Some great riffing:

    Servo’s exasperation is great: “Well, the movie lost me. It lost me, and it’s trotting off without me.”
    “That was supposed to make us sad, right?”
    “You can go ahead feel something. I’m not gonna.”

    “You better get out of the way, I’m in a pee-throwing mood.”

    “Yeah, yeah fine. Look, I’m probably gay.”

    “Medieval Gold! 24 Madrigals by 24 stars!”

    “Bonanza: Now with femmie clothes.”

    “You are full of crap beyond your years, kid.”

    Prince: Athena was always a princess!
    Crow: Or a cheerleader or a naughty nurse.

    My fav: “The pee throwing scene ladies and gentlemen.”


  • 4
    Joe Walker says:

    Close, but that would be James *GandolfINI*. Wink


  • 5
    MiqelDotCom says:

    The opening “spare crow” is hilarious … it’s like he’s running on dos & diesel.
    “to have said goodbye to things”

    I don’t even know where to begin, this script is awful. Total lack of historical accuracy, geographic ambiguity, confused theology, schizophernic costume&set design, incredibly lame humor .. was this meant to be a movie for kids? I just don’t get it.
    Mike: “Sultans, Pirates … after them!”

    Of all of the ‘quasi-masonic secret society safeguarding ancient technology’ movies i’ve seen, this is the absolute worst on many levels – i’m glad the Brains got the chance to riff it!

    The princess is quite hot though, so that part is enjoyable! Smile
    4 stars!

    And what is with the “I’MMM COOOOMMMING” guy in the treehouse chase scene? Is that supposed to be funny or something? Really weird.


  • 6
    Jason says:

    So if the obscure riff is so obscure…why not explain it?

    Anyway, I do love this episode. The movie is kinda weird, the riffs were funny, and of course Pearl/Mary Jo riffing. And how could you forget “pots to throw pee at your neighbor!”


  • 7
    Joseph Nebus says:

    This episode was also used for a neatly delivered bit of snark from The Onion, in their intermittent TV Listings section, to the effect of:

    8:00 Mystery Science Theater 3000 – Quest of the Delta Knights.

    10:00 Quest of the Delta Knights.


  • 8
    robot rump! says:

    this one is a mixed bag for me. i did’nt really get all that much from Mary Jo in the theater. and i’m almost embarrassed for the “im commiiiiiiinnnnnnnng!!” nimrod, i have this image of the director walking up and saying “ok trevor, for this scene i envision you running amok screaming ‘im coommmiinnng!’ very loudly.” yep that’s what i see. other wise it was a riot. and since i dont know of anyone else saying it yet. the barmaid/ princess/ love interest Theena was kinda hot there. just me i’m sure.


  • 9
    Emily says:

    I LOVE this episode, mostly because I am a sucker for anything pseudo-medieval and Ren Fest-y. I agree that the riffing isn’t at 100%, but it’s a fun episode that always makes me laugh. There. I’ve said it, I’ll say it again if I have to.


  • 10
    Bat Masterson says:

    “That’s mah pee!”


  • 11
    MiqelDotCom says:

    lol @ #8 robot rump –
    Not just you, I mentioned the hotness of the princess in post#5 Smile
    It’s not just the cleavage, she’s just hot in general, I’d put her in the top 10 ‘babes of mst3k’ category.


  • 12
    Brian says:

    The brief homage to Peter Gabriel’s “Sledgehammer” was one of those “They wrote that joke just for me!” moments. Cool LOL


  • 13
    TrumpyDumpy says:

    “I’m commmmmmmmmmmming!” is an instant classic! Also love the Pearl segment in the theater. “Can you say my name” ‘Uh-get bent. Nope, guess I can’t’ crakes me up everytime! I remember seeing this one while at my Grandparents on SciFi on New Years Day so this episode also has a special place in my heart for that as well.


  • 14
    Sampo says:

    Joe Walker–thanks for the catch! Now fixed.


  • 15
    Spector says:

    Not a bad episode, certainly loved the segments with Pearl in the theater and Mike down at Castle Forrester playing poker and hanging out with Bobo and Brain Guy.


  • 16
    touches no one's life, then leaves says:

    They did ALMOST get Archimedes’s death right. Supposedly he really was in the middle of a project when a soldier killed him (against orders, btw, because the invading leader wanted Archimedes, one of the greatest minds of his time, taken alive), but the soldier did so, allegedly, because when the soldiers raided his lab, all he said was “Don’t disturb my circles” (where he was sketching something) and kept working, as if he barely noticed them. The soldier got annoyed and killed him.

    >>>“No movie, no Mike.”

    He think he meant that in the same sense of “no more pencils, no more books.” A straightforward list of two, not cause and effect.


  • 17
    jjb3k says:

    This episode has two good examples of a phenomenon I noticed in the SciFi era, wherein the Brains seemed to be attempting to create SciFi Channel equivalents to classic Comedy Central era moments. Here, we get Pearl in the theater, basically a reworking of Forrester and Frank in the theater from “Last of the Wild Horses”, and the Sir Thomas “Neville” Servo Consort of the Middle Ages sketch is an obvious sequel to the United Servo Academy Men’s Choir skit from “The Starfighters”, right down to the chorus breaking into a dirty song at the end.

    Some other examples I’ve noticed include Servo and Crow trying to escape the theater during the opening credits of “Hobgoblins” (first done in “Robot Monster”), or the bots playing a trivia game based on the movie that they can’t remember at all in “Gorgo” (first done in “City Limits”). In terms of movies, they seemed to try to match those up, too – “The Incredibly Strange Creatures…” feels like it was attempting to be the “Manos: The Hands of Fate” of the SciFi era (right down to Ortega becoming a Torgo-like recurring character), “Jack Frost” was an obvious throwback to the Russo-Finnish trilogy of “The Day the Earth Froze”/”The Magic Voyage of Sinbad”/”The Sword and the Dragon”, etc. Kinda feels like the Brains were attempting to retell their entire history to an audience that might not have watched the first seven seasons.


  • 18
    Steve K says:

    This was definitely one of my favorite ones. It starts with the opening segment and gets better from there.

    Re the movie: Am I the only one geeky enough to notice that the slave auction/training to beg/spy bits are an almost word-for-word rip-off of the opening chapters of Heinlein’s “Citizen of the Galaxy”?

    #12 Brian: Not JUST for you. I will sit on the edge of my seat waiting for that bit ; )


  • 19
    Bookworm says:

    @I’m Evil (post #3)
    Re: Mike’s introduction of the Servo Choir–

    As with his introduction of the United Servo Academy Men’s Chorus, Mike is imitating bill McGlaughlin, host of Saint Paul Sunday on NPR. Not so much matching the voice as exaggerating the mannerisms.


  • 20
    Titanius Anglesmith, Fancy Man of Cornwood says:

    Man, the Bots sure did love the song “Timothy.”


  • 21
    Steve K says:

    #16 — They also actually got Leonardo da Vinci’s “surname” correct — He was born in a town called Vinci, and da Vinci literally means “from Vinci”; he had no surname in the traditional sense. ( — I’m just glad the riffers didn’t think to joke on that by saying he lived for a while in some place called “Caprio”…


  • 22
    Tork_110 says:


    I also came here to wonder what the hell happened to The Mannarjay character. She should have been pouting and overacting later in the movie.


  • 23
    Laura says:

    I believe at the time the episode was supposed to air, SciFi actually aired the Un-MSTied version BEFORE the actual episode. Why, I had no idea then and I still don’t have any idea. Would anyone else here know what the deal was on that? Was it just coincidence?


  • 24
    Dan in WI says:

    My impression is that the obscure Timothy reference noted by Sampo is of the canabalist song “Timothy.” Doesn’t that take place in a mine. I laughed at this one because it struck me as a callback to the end of the Pina Colada Song sketch from Monster a Go Go.

    And speaking of callbacks: “Paaaaacccckkkkkeeeeerrrrrs” from the Giant Spider Invasion.


  • 25
    Raptorial Talon says:

    “No movie, no Mike” sounds right to me as well – no movie is good, but no Mike is even better. A fun bit of absurdity delivered from the ‘bot’s point of view (and note, they’re quite peeved when Mike does return).

    Good episode. Really nothing *not* to like here, except perhaps the film’s more awkward moments. Not in my top 5 but definitely in my top 15.

    “This episode was also used for a neatly delivered bit of snark from The Onion, in their intermittent TV Listings section, to the effect of:

    8:00 Mystery Science Theater 3000 – Quest of the Delta Knights.

    10:00 Quest of the Delta Knights.”

    And that’s quite accurate too: I saw Delta Knights three times on the Sci-fi Channel – and assumed it was standard fare for them – before I was shocked to see they had admitted it was deserving of the MS3k treatment. It’s one of only three films I had heard of *before* seeing them on the show, thanks to Sci-fi’s desperate need to fill airtime.


  • 26
    Tim S. Turner says:

    I love this one. My friend worked as a production assisstant on it(you can see his name-Bruce Mitchell) and I called him when it was on screaming, “Your movie is on MST!!” He loved it. Apparently the majority of the sets were from the RenFest in Marin County. I love the way they use the SF Palace of Fine Arts for the Roman flashback. Cheese City. Wink


  • 27
    Gummo says:

    This one gets LOTS of replay in our house.

    The fact that the movie itself can’t decide if it’s a serious period adventure story or a lame spoof of a serious period adventure story is just the beginning of what’s wrong with it.

    How many times do directors have to think, I’ll shoot my movie at the Renfest and it’ll look like I spent millions instead of tens of dollars! before they realize …. no, it won’t.

    Richard Kind is like Grady Sutton (Last of the Wild Horses) in that he can be a really funny guy IF he’s handled correctly by a director. Otherwise, ouch.

    Mrs. Gummo, who’s seen the original (in fact, it used to play constantly on Sci-Fi) says, yes, there is a LOT more Olivia Hussey in the original. But it’s all just her talking & plotting, so no great loss there.

    Loved the host bits in this one, loved the riffing (“That’s mah pee!”). Great episode.


  • 28
    Colossus Prime says:

    Such a great opening segment. Mike’s dry delivery is hysterical though I can’t tell if (character wise) that’s just how he’s answering or if he’s purposely doing it that way because he knows it’ll annoy Pearl. Both are very plausible. The edit of Pearl teleporting up and grabbing the bots is amazingly well done, and Mary Jo is great in the theater.

    Best line from the song, “I’m strong and I’m savvy and I’ve got these.” That and the entirety of, “the dirty one.”

    Seeing David Warner in this didn’t bother me, he is an incredible actor but he’s never seemed to take himself too serious and therefore has fun doing movies like this. At the point that this episode aired I was somewhat familiar with Brigid Brannagh from Kindred: The Embrace (then Brigid Walsh), but I wasn’t THAT familiar with her. I’m sure the kid playing Tee fainted a few times on set. BTW – I’ve read great things about her work on Army Wives.

    I’m sure someone is going to mention it as a missed opportunity, but I’m ok with them not making any references to Sarah Douglas. Given how small the roll is it may have seem forced since the only thing to really go by is her appearance in Superman.

    This is one of those movies that makes me want to know all that I can about its production. It’s just so incredibly all over the place with historical references and downright silly. In fact it is so silly that it kills any emotional impact of Baydool’s death.

    Baydool: My name is, Baydool. Can you say, Baydool?
    Pearl: Let me try; get bent. No, I guess I can’t!

    Baydool: That’s a fine name.
    Tom: If you’re gay.

    Crow (30 minutes into the move): Hey! That’s also David Warner.

    Tom and Mike breaking into Sledgehammer.

    Baydool: Am I trailing blood?
    Mike: Gah! Umm… no, no, you’re fine.

    Tom: There’s a midget under her dress pushing up.


  • 29
    Finnias Jones says:

    Je m’appelle Bite Me.

    3 stars (2 w/o the host segments).
    I’d seen this a few times and never thought much of it before learning it was a generally hated Season 9 show and now I can see why: the movie dictates the pace and it beats them. Maybe it was end of the season blues, but this is not a strong effort by the Brains.
    In retrospect, after witnessing Mary Jo in a the live Cinematic Titanic shows and watching all the CT DVD releases, she is not so bad in the first theater segment. Now, I actually wish they’d kept her there for the entire episode. Would have at least shaken things up. Sure, it improves once Mike returns, but I don’t think they ever scored a home run in this episode. In contrast to the so-so riffing, the host segments are outstanding, many focussing on how much the Bots love Pearl, despite many MSTies not sharing their affection.

    Is Servo’s medieval Knight song based on anything in particular?

    The bearded, beret-wearing Ewok leader slightly resembles eccentric British folksinger Roy Harper.

    Mike: Oh, her dough has risen.

    Start of HS 4: I’m bad, jammon. Servo quotes Michael Jackson. Never liked that song.

    Bill channelling De Niro/Pesci as Da Vinci = hilarious.

    When they find the cave, Mike says: Timothy, where on earth did you go?
    This is from “Timothy” a 1971 by The Buoys, written by Rupert Holmes, who also wrote the MST favorite “Escape (The Pina Colada Song)”, about cannibalism during a mining disaster.

    Mike: It’s the Blind Faith album cover. (referring to the topless girl depicted in the mural)

    Mike: So Da Vinci was a moron and stole all his ideas.

    Near the end as they blow up the cave,
    Mike: So guys, should we be feeling anything at this point, or…?
    Servo: You can go ahead and feel something, I’m not gonna.
    Mike: Oh, okay…

    The movie does feature a bevy a beauties though: the breastacular Brigid Conley Walsh, Sarah Douglas (Ursa!) and Juliet herself, Olivia Hussey. So it’s got that going for it. And of course David Warner is good in anything…

    The end credits of the movie, where Pearl returns to the theater with a technician, are good, returning us to the mad scientist experiment theme central to the show. I like how Mr. “Eggs” offers suggestions for why the pain/funny quotient is so low. Then Pearl breaks out the clown-hammer. Good times.

    Ask your girlfriend.


  • 30
    Gary Bowden says:

    Not a favorite of mine.There are a few good jokes,but the movie doesn’t do it for me.I’d rather watch Deathstalker and the Warriors from Hell than this one.I wished they would have picked a movie that was really bad instead.This was more cheesy,which is alright I guess.I give it a 2 out of 4.


  • 31
    Finnias Jones says:

    @29: (self-correction)
    s/b Start of HS 3: I’m bad, jammon.
    & “Timothy” a 1971 song by The Buoys

    Thanks to Dan @ 24 for reminding me of this: “I laughed at this one because it struck me as a callback to the end of the Pina Colada Song sketch from Monster a Go Go.”


  • 32
    Wilford B. Wolf says:

    To me, this episode represented a missed opportunity for the Brains. David Warner also played “The Lobe” on Freakazoid! (a show that very much shares the same spirit as MST3k; hell, they even did a parody of “The Crawling Eye”!). I still feel they should’ve at the end where the evil Warner character in the end gets blown up to have Servo quip, “I feel so abused.” as a ref to F!


  • 33
    ck says:

    About LOTR/Middle-earth references, I believe the first MST3000 movie I saw was Rowsdower and the
    LOTR reference by the kid (hero?) was the first indication it might be more then a children’s puppet show. It makes you wonder (well, me anyway Wink ) if someone ever calculated how many Middle-earth/Tolkien references are in the series and if any other literary/tv/etc. allusion tops it.


  • 34
    ck says:

    About allusions above, perhaps Gilligan’s Island is a candidate.


  • 35
    Apollonia James (yeah, right) says:

    Travis: “They call me T.”
    Crow: “…It’s short for R.”


  • 36
    Sampo says:

    CK–one of the regulars here has mentioned in the past that he/she is compiling a list of LOTR references. I forget who it is. To that person: I definitely want it for Ward E when you complete it!


  • 37

    Wasn’t this the movie they finally got Barry Schulman to sign off on by getting him drunk? I don’t remember what interview with Mike that came from but i seem to remember they didn’t want them riffing on it cause they were still running the movie all the time on the channel. So a bit of alcohol got us this episode.


  • 38
    Gummo says:

    I’d seen this a few times and never thought much of it before learning it was a generally hated Season 9 show

    Generally hated? Really??

    Weird. Makes me glad I don’t follow this kind of stuff more closely. I just watch and form my own opinions….


  • 39

    >This is from “Timothy” a 1971 by The Buoys, written by Rupert Holmes, who also wrote the MST favorite “Escape (The Pina Colada Song)”, about cannibalism during a mining disaster.

    Uh, it’s a well known fact that Timothy was a duck.


  • 40
    kismetgirl88 says:

    I love the way the gang make fun of kid in this movie. “MMMMMMM Boop.” “Look I’m going kill all the Ants”

    and my fav riff
    Travis “Master”
    So dirty but funny.


  • 41
    Roman Martel says:

    I always remember this episode as being a laugh riot and when I watch it, I realize that it’s funny, but not top tier. Then a few months later I’m convinced it’s one of the best of the Sci-fi era. I think its because I love when they tackle fantasy films, and they usually provide plenty of laughs. But I agree with Sampo on this one. “Quest of the Delta Knights” is in on the joke for most of it’s running time, and when a movie is in on the joke it actually makes it tougher to riff. To riff on a funny movie, the movie itself has to fail on nearly every aspect, like “Hobgoblins”. But “Delta Knights” isn’t nearly as poorly made, and the comedy isn’t as forced (with the exception of Richard Kind). Its more like the tone of the movie is light and fluffy, like a muffiny hat.

    Anyway, the host segments are fun, I like having Pearl in the theater (and wish she was in there for one more segment actually), and the movie has some classic moments (pee throwing and “I’m Coooooming”). I give it four dryer lint beards out of five.


  • 42
    Stoneman says:

    I always thought Bill as Leonardo in the hexfield was a great Harvey Keitel imitation, but I never watched “The Sopranos” so what do I know?


  • 43
    Manny, Moe and/or Jack says:

    My dough has risen.

    I don’t agree with Sampo’s statement, “…the whole movie really doesn’t seem to take itself very seriously, pretty much a prerequisite for a great episode.” I think Quest of the Delta Burkes, er, Knights is a good example of a movie where “They Just Didn’t Care,” which also makes for good riff fodder (Attack of the The Eye Creatures or Hobgoblins, anyone?) It seems like the people behind QotDK thought that as long as they filled their movie with lavish sets and costumes, nobody would notice the idiotic script and wildly uneven tone (it can’t seem to decide whether it’s high camp, low comedy or serious fantasy.)

    I’ve also noticed that they younger the actor in QotDK, the more seriously they take their performance. David Warner, Richard Kind and Olivia Hussey seem to play to the campier side of the script (especially Warner- just look at his post-pee-toss “That’s muh pee!” shrug and pretty much everything he does as the bad guy.) They’re pros, they could probably tell they were making a movie destined for late-night cable obscurity (Sci-Fi actually aired the movie the year before they riffed it- there’s a bunch of promos for it on my tape of Giant Spider Invasion.) But look at Tee, the Princess and the ur-Dan Cortese. They play every scene seriously, like they’re expecting QotDK do be their big break. Ur-Dan especially seems to go for a Han Solo “Charming Rogue” vibe, but since he has no talent or charisma he just come off as a pompous, grating jerk. It’s no surprise that they, like the movie, seem to have vanished into obscurity.


  • 44
    Fart Bargo says:

    I LIKE IT VERY MUCH!, as my good friend Micky would aver. I have this in my top 20. A very loopey movie, good riffing, fun host segs. I just love it when a guest does some theater riffing with the bots and MJ/Pearl did not disapoint. Best riff by Pearl “Oh, their hats and underwear are interchangable.” LMAO


  • 45
    Torgo's Pizza's on my speed dial says:

    My favorite quotes:

    “You are no longer a slave.” You are the hostage of a madman.
    “You will sleep here.” In this basket.
    “She was always a princess.” Or a cheerleader, or a naughty nurse.
    Um, we make less when you dance.
    Did it for the money, folks.
    Is that a beard or a toilet seat cover?
    Hey, that’s also David Warner!


  • 46
    Ator In Flight says:

    I love this episode and it’s not just the heroic amounts of clevage.

    I remember watching this with my sister and really seemed to enjoy them putting Pearl in the theater.

    Favorite riffs:

    Pearl hitting Observer “Why do you keep on mouthing off to me? You get the same reaction.”

    “How about if I lit your head on fire,would that jog your memory?”

    Leonardo reacting to Tee appearing behind him. “Wha Who Tha Ahhhh!”

    One riff I can’t seem to place. Pearl’s “Dagnabit Lukie.”


  • 47
    CG says:

    I also thought that this episode was looked down upon, so I’m happy to see in the comments that that isn’t the case!

    While it isn’t my favorite episode, I rewatched this episode over the past few days and was thoroughly surprised at how much I enjoyed it. I found myself giggling or chuckling out loud at a lot of parts. When a “lesser” episode of a TV show makes you LOL, you know that your show is awesome.

    -The one big flaw of this episode is that there aren’t that many riffs. Now, don’t get me wrong; I believe in quality, not quantity, and not that Episode X is better than Episode Y because X has 30 more riffs. But this episode had a LOT of long, silent stretches, particularly during the opening auction.

    -I can’t believe that no one has mentioned my favorite line yet: “Are we being attacked or entertained?”

    -My favorite stinger description ever is “Even his co-star is embarrassed by Mr. ‘I’m Comeeeng!!'” Easily one of the best stingers ever. I hadn’t seen this episode in years and I always remembered that actor to be a midget, so I was surprised that it was a full-grown man.

    -So this movie is VERY confusing. The guy at the beginning adopts Tee, and then we find out all along that he was the real father? So…why didn’t he say so?

    -And why, exactly, is Leonardo da Vinci the biggest jerk in the universe? Not only is he just rude and whiny, but there’s nothing that says “admirable historical figure” like a guy forcefully sleeping with a sex slave. Oh, and constantly trying to sleep with her later, then calling her a filthy whore when she refuses.

    -And the ending? You know, if I ever find the cure to cancer in a mine shaft, I think I’m just gonna leave it there because “the world isn’t ready for it.” I’m sure the rest of Europe was pretty darn pleased at Tee for keeping them in the Dark Ages for another 200 years or so.

    -Servo is SO cute whenever he dresses up in costumes.

    -I liked the “building contractor” segment in the credits, but in a way I wished that they had just riffed the credits instead. Why? A bunch of people have random bizarre nicknames, like John “Cool Breeze” Smith and stuff like that.

    All and all, a fun episode. The tone of the movie reminded me a lot of those Lifetime “comedies” mixed with medieval stuff, so I’m glad Best Brains riffed on it.


  • 48
    MPSh says:

    Titanius Anglesmith, Fancy Man of Cornwood says:
    Man, the Bots sure did love the song “Timothy.”
    Of all of us who are old enough to remember 1971, who doesn’t love the song “Timothy”?


  • 49

    “It makes you wonder (well, me anyway ) if someone ever calculated how many Middle-earth/Tolkien references are in the series and if any other literary/tv/etc. allusion tops it.”

    I’m trying to compile a list, although I’ve been pressed for serious leisure time lately. From what I’ve seen, there are definitely more Tolkien references than Star Wars ones, and quite possibly Star Trek as well, to get our geek trifecta covered. I haven’t pinned those down numerically though.

    If anybody notes a LotR reference and wants to e-mail it to me for the list, just look for the link on my comic page (the e-mail link is a bit small but it’s there).


  • 50
  • 51
    monoceros4 says:

    Poor David Warner. Long ago he seems to have made it his mission, or perhaps his curse, to add a touch of class to wretched movies like this one, at least until Jeremy Irons was old enough to do it for him. I seriously can’t think of one really good movie Warner I’ve seen Warner in. Straw Dogs?

    I prefer the Deathstalker episode, although you have to leave the room during the “Clayton! Clayton!” bits. My favorite bit of this episode is undoubtedly Bill Corbett’s mobbed-up Leonardo. The trend continues of the ‘bots seeming not wanting to accept how good they have it with Mike (I mean, what if he were…a CRASH TEST DUMMY!!) Also as I’ve said before I like how the Sci-Fi episodes developed the idea of doing a routine through the closing credits of the movie and, even though Delta Knights‘s doesn’t exactly measure up to the Final Sacrifice TV series pitch or to the ’80s-hate at the end of Space Mutiny, I do think it’s an amusing interruption.


  • 52
    Zeroninety says:

    46-“One riff I can’t seem to place. Pearl’s “Dagnabit Lukie.””

    Was that a Walter Brennan “Real McCoys” reference?


  • 53
    Cabbage Patch Elvis says:

    While this movie does little for me, the AMC Loaner Crow sketch is one of my absolute favorites. “He’s got a killer radio. COOL!” I think Melissa from the Allman Brothers was a great song choice too. “LATER WE’LL TAKE STUFF AND DO IT RIGHT?” The performances in this movie make me CRINGE. So awful.

    @#51 – I think David Warner was good in the Omen. Fantastic death.



  • 54
    Brandon says:

    For the longest time I thought the “loaner Crow” was the KTMA Crow in a cameo appearance… but after rewatching the episode, it clearly is not. Whoops.

    Yay. The Brains finally got a Bootsy Collins riff in.

    Sampo, how is the “Timothy” riff obscure? A lot of people know about that song! Remember, Timothy was a duck!

    Richard Kind is in this movie? I don’t remember that. Hm.

    Olivia Hussy is in this though!

    “Lucky midget. Midgets get everything!” Yeah, now we’re starting to get into the “vulgar era” of MST3K, when Sci-Fi asked them to do more dirty humor, so they’d have a show like South Park. Obviously MST3K was never a vulgar show, but some of the jokes that we’ll hear in season 10, are quite out there by MST3K standards. Pop in “Horrors of Spider Island” if you don’t believe me.


  • 55
    Thomas K. Dye says:

    Only two comments: It’s a shame to see David Warner come to this after Time After Time and The Man With Two Brains.

    Second: Richard Kind’s scenes are painful and make me want to tear my hair out.


  • 56
    Thomas K. Dye says:

    Did anyone notice, too, that Sarah “Superman II” Douglas gets lead billing and appears for maybe all of five seconds in a walk-on walk-off role?


  • 57
    Thomas K. Dye says:

    #51: I seriously can’t think of one really good movie Warner I’ve seen Warner in. Straw Dogs?

    I mentioned two of them in #55.


  • 58
    Colossus Prime says:

    #47 CG

    What movie were you watching?

    “-So this movie is VERY confusing. The guy at the beginning adopts Tee, and then we find out all along that he was the real father? So…why didn’t he say so?”

    He wasn’t Tee’s real father all along they were trying to imply how close they’d become over the years.

    “-And why, exactly, is Leonardo da Vinci the biggest jerk in the universe? Not only is he just rude and whiny, but there’s nothing that says “admirable historical figure” like a guy forcefully sleeping with a sex slave. Oh, and constantly trying to sleep with her later, then calling her a filthy whore when she refuses.”

    There was never any implication that Leonardo had sex with Athena. Plus paying for sex with a prostitute and forcefully having sex with a prostitute (do note that she did seem very accomodating for a slave) are radically different things. Additionally he only tried to sleep with her once to prove a point to Tee. Granted it was still a horrible character portrayal, I’m just confused by where you got your reasoning.


  • 59
    creepygirl says:

    CG @ 47:

    I agree with you. There were a lot of folks on the crew with nicknames. I have to admit I just watched this one for the first time in years and never noticed that before. There are at least 4 that I noticed.

    I like this one over all, but I do call this one of my middle-of-the-road episodes. It certainly isn’t bad, but all I usually can say is “meh”. I love the host segments and Pearl in the theatre, but the movie and the riffing kind of slide by act three. Over all this is not by any means a bad episode…just an average one. Confused


  • 60
    rcfagnan says:

    David Warner also played Bob Cratchit in the George C. Scott version of “A Christmas Carol.” That was pretty good. But this movie… I like it but, not one of my favorites. I watch it and laugh, but nothing (outside the host segments) really seems to stick and I can’t give you any excuses as to why. Maybe it’s the knowledge that SciFi would rather show movies like this one than MST3K that galls me… Anyway, I always love me a good pancake breakfast!


  • 61
    Big McLargeHuge says:

    I really liked David Warner as Klingon Chancellor Gorkon in Trek VI. Not so much as the Terran ambassador guy in Trek V, but maybe it was just the general stink of that particular movie that was tainting his performance.

    If we want to talk about historical inaccuracies–wasn’t Leonardo gay?


  • 62
    Manny, Moe and/or Jack says:

    How are we missing two legendary (to most geeks, anyway) David Warner villain roles, the Evil Genius in Time Bandits, and Dillinger/Sark/the Master Control Program in TRON!

    Some other very geeky things he’s been in:

    Star Treks 5 and 6
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2
    Twin Peaks
    Tom Jones (the Kubrick movie, not the Welsh singer)
    Cross of Iron
    The French Lieutenant’s Woman
    Airport ’79
    The Company of Wolves


  • 63
    Manny, Moe and/or Jack says:

    Come to think of it, The French Lieutenant’s Woman, Tom Jones and Cross of Iron really aren’t “geeky.”


  • 64
    Manny, Moe and/or Jack says:

    David Warner also appeared in episodes of Tales From The Crypt, The Larry Sanders Show, Babylon 5, Star Trek: TNG, Murder She Wrote and Brisco County Jr. He also did the voice of Ra’s Al-Ghul on the early-90s Batman cartoon.


  • 65

    One Star!


  • 66

    Sorry, I don’t know what came over me. I guess it’s worth about 2.75 stars to me in reality but I was just stunned to see how high it was rating. This is one of the ones I never transferred to DVD because I just couldn’t see putting it in my rotation, ever.


  • 67

    I’m not up on most of his appearances, but IIRC the geeky line I remember Warner best for would have to be “There are five lights.”

    One of the most memorable moments of ST: TNG, actually.


  • 68
    JimmyBruce says:

    I’m with Castle on this one, it’s not good, not good at all. It is better than The Screaming Skull, I’ll give you that.


  • 69
    Needs to go up a Shirt Size says:

    This has always been one of my favorites, and I’m glad that most posters seem to agree. Just Servo’s “Aire For a Delta Knight” makes this an instant classic for me, plus we have all of the screwy history (and of course the pee-throwing.)

    I would put this in my top ten, but with all of the episodes I keep putting in my top ten, there are about 50 in there now.


  • 70
    touches no one's life, then leaves says:

    I’m not sure why people refer to this as a fantasy film when it has no fantasy elements. Everybody’s human, nobody performs magic, and vagueness alone does not a fantasy kingdom make.

    Archimedes’s inventions were, by definition, examples of super-advanced SCIENCE, so it’s a science fiction film.


  • 71
    Random Citizen Who Can Kick a Werewolf's Ass says:

    What I want to know is, if it’s generally agreed that the AMC Crow intro is one of the funniest bits of the season, why has it not been put in Ward E.


  • 72
    Sampo says:

    Random–write it up!


  • 73

    “I’m not sure why people refer to this as a fantasy film when it has no fantasy elements. Everybody’s human, nobody performs magic, and vagueness alone does not a fantasy kingdom make.

    Archimedes’s inventions were, by definition, examples of super-advanced SCIENCE, so it’s a science fiction film.”

    Ah, but T (and Baydool, seemingly) have a tingly Spider-Sense that kicks in for no rational reason! That’s a fantasy element . . .


  • 74
    Cornjob says:

    I have a friend who goes to Ren Fests, and when Delta Knights was filming near a Ren Fest, she and a big group of other Ren Festers were invited to be extras. Unfortunately the scene she was in was cut in the MST version.


  • 75
    Travis says:

    I learned from this episode that my name is gay. And South Park gave a head lice character the name Travis. Are my favorite shows trying to tell me something?


  • 76
    This Guy says:

    “Get me, I’m Saint Sebastian!”

    When Leonardo says he’s from a town called Vinci, the guys scoff, but I can’t tell if they’re scoffing at the notion that Leonardo da Vinci was from Vinci (which is, as was already mentioned, true) or the notion that the filmmakers tried to shoehorn him into their crappy movie. It also occurred to me that if this episode had been made just a few years later, there would have been umpteen jokes about Leonardo looking like Orlando Bloom.

    Still, it’s better than The DaVinci Code.

    According to ‘kipedia, even the uncut version of the movie never explains why both the villain and the Obi-Wan figure are played by David Warner. My guess is they wanted two good actors to class up their movie a bit, but they couldn’t afford it, so they just had him play both parts. A possible missed riff opportunity when Vultare zaps one of his henchmen: “I would have started with lasers–eight o’ clock, day one!”


  • 77

    jjb3k @ 17:

    Good call on the recycled bits being sold to Sci-Fi fans who hadn’t seen the CC eps – you left out the funny names for the hero in “Space Mutiny”, which had been done a few times in the CC era, and the Sci-Fi era fans kept going on and on about as though it hadn’t been done before.

    As for this ep – a middling one, but it was a lot of fun to have Mary Jo in the theater. The AMC Crow was also funny.


  • 78

    This Guy @ 76:

    Regarding the “Vinci” line, they’re scoffing at the clumsiness of the dialogue – the filmmakers think they’re cleverly slipping the character into the film, but in fact, the audience will immediately get that he’s Leonardo.


  • 79
    monoceros4 says:

    Ah, I found the one gem: Peckinpah’s Cross of Iron. I wouldn’t say Straw Dogs is bad exactly…but I can’t say it’s good either. In any case, considering everything else that happens in the movie, it’s easy to forget that David Warner’s even in it. Also I see that Peckinpah earlier cast Warner in The Ballad of Cable Hogue, which I know nothing of.


  • 80
    losingmydignity says:

    One of my LEAST FAVORITE eps of all time…right down there with She Creature and Hamlet. Blah…I expect more than chuckles from any ep and there are about ten eps that are only chuckles like this one.

    I wonder if putting Pearl in the theater wasn’t an attempt to spice up what they might have realized, in the writing room, was going to be one of their duller eps. Frank and Dr. Forrester’s appearance there also took place during an ep that had some weaker than usual writing (for them), though Gypsy’s appearance doesn’t quite fall in line.

    Ah, why couldn’t they have done From Hell it Came?



  • 81
    Finnias Jones says:

    Don’t hold his goofball Delta Knights performance against Richard Kind. He had a great supporting role as a demented genius in last year’s Coen Brothers film A Serious Man. Both funny and profound. Highly recommended to MSTies as it takes place in suburban Minnesota during the 1960’s and has a running gag about “F-Troop.”

    @62 Manny…
    The 1963 Tom Jones is not by Kubrick but Tony Richardson. Maybe you’re thinking of Barry Lyndon.


  • 82
    Emily says:

    I don’t think this has been mentioned yet, but David Warner was also in a two-part episode in A&Es “Horatio Hornblower” series, in which he plays a legendary captain in the British navy who has gone quite mad. Of course, this was about 2001, long after this episode aired, but still—further evidence that he has been in GOOD productions. Kudos to him for having a little campy fun, though.


  • 83
    fathermushroom says:

    I like this one a lot. Boobs and all.


  • 84
    mjmiller18 says:

    What’s with the posting’s saying Timothy’s a duck? Did I miss a reference in the movie?

    The song “Timothy” is about 3 miners trapped in a cave-in and only two emerge when rescue comes. The chorus of the song “Timothy” goes something like: “Timothy, Timothy where on Earth did you go? Timothy, Timothy God why don’t I know!”. So the reference in the movie seems to me to clearly be about the song.


  • 85
    dad1153 says:

    Can’t believe we’re talking about David Warner (a pretty good character actor with lots of good and bad movie roles over a lengthy career) and nobody has mentioned that he was Billy Zane’s henchman on 1997’s “Titanic.” That’s the movie that 99% of people would recognize Warner from, and the one where he got to (unlike “Delta Knights”) punch the pretty boy lead actor in the stomach. Twisted


  • 86
    Finnias Jones says:

    mjmiller18 @ 84:
    At the end of the “Pina Colada Song” sketch from Monster a Go Go, Joel says, “it’s a well-known fact that Timothy was a duck.” In the link I posted @ #29, songwriter Rupert Holmes tells the story that some record industry people tried suggesting that Timothy was a mule in order for the song to become more acceptable, but Rupert refused saying, ‘No, what can I tell you, they ate him.’


  • 87
    FarmboyinJapan says:

    This episode has one of my all time favorite riffs.

    When Leonardo and T are walking into the cave, Leonard goes off frame, and Mike screams out, “Oh God I’m Dying!” The timing and delivery of the riff are absolutely impeccable.

    One thing that never sat right with me was….why was that guy peeing in the house? Granted he was peeing in a pan…but he was going outside to dispose of it….wouldn’t it just make more sense and be more sanitary just to go and pee outside?


  • 88
    Spalanzani says:

    At the end of the loaner Crow segment, Crow says that the loaner Crow is needed elsewhere, because someone else’s Crow has broken down. Mike seems puzzled at the idea that someone else out there has a Crow. Perhaps this other Crow is the one left behind in the cheese factory during “Time Chasers”?


  • 89
    Manny, Moe and/or Jack says:

    Finnias Jones @ 81:
    You’re right, and it’s not the first time I’ve made that mistake. I first saw them both around the same time, and I’m pretty sure I was drunk, so there ya go.

    dad1153 @ 86:
    I think I’ve repressed every moment from Titanic that wasn’t riffed in the Academy of Robots’ Choice Awards Special. “I’m gonna sink this bitch…”


  • 90
    H says:

    I like this one. Lots of great moments in both the movie and the segments. Big fan of David Warner, particularly his voice over work.


  • 91
    Clint says:

    As mentioned, I remember SciFi showing this movie prior to the MST version during their “Sword and Sorcery Week.” I think This very website alerted fans to when the movie was going to air.


  • 92
    RockyJones says:

    REALLY great host segments, and Pearl in the theater is a hoot, but movie-wise, this one grates on my nerves. It seems like it takes FOREVER to get going, and once it does get going, it still just sort of wanders around aimlessly until the last 10-15 minutes or so. I do acknowledge that there are some really memorable riffs…it’s just that they’re extremely few and far between. The most I can go is “maybe” 3 stars, and that’s mostly for the non-movie elements of the episode.


  • 93
    Warald says:

    This episode has a line that I still repeat to this day: when Crow is asking Leonardo just where the heck the movie is supposed to be taking place, Leo just shrugs and says, “Hey, it’s a bad movie!” Heck, I’ve said it about five times while typing this out, accent and all.


  • 94
    Tad Ghostal says:

    This is one of MST worst. I don’t laugh very much at all with this one.


  • 95
    asimperson says:

    This is one of my favorites, but only because it’s the only movie I’ve seen before it was on MST3k.

    My 7th grade English teacher made us watch it.


  • 96
    Trilaan says:

    A very good episode. This movie was full of fun, adventure, David Warner, and a supremely annoying kid hero character whose attitude continually makes me want to pummel him.

    I’d love to know what possessed that “I’m Comiiiiing” guy to DO that. Definitely the most annoying overblown extra of the Sci-Fi era.

    Long live Femme Servo’s breasts!


  • 97
    Meranalf says:

    @33 – My guess would be Wizard of Oz gets referenced the most. There are A LOT during the Joel years, though they become much more infrequent during the Sci-Fi years. I’m currently working on tallying a list of Wizard of Oz references for Ward E.

    A friend of mine and I were explaining to another friend the premise of MST3K. After telling him that some of the movies they riffed were some of the worst movies ever made, he responded, “They can’t be worse then the worst movie I’ve ever seen.” We asked him which one it was. “I don’t remember the title, but it had something to do with knights, Leonardo da Vinci was in there for some reason, and one guy played two roles.” My friend and I both cried out, “Quest of the Delta Knights!” and we immediately pulled out his tape of the episode to initiate our friend into the world of MST3K.


  • 98
    DamonD says:

    David Warner is, by all accounts, a fantastic and warm-hearted guy with a good sense of humour about his profession. He can do the serious stuff very well but has no problem hamming it up in large slices if called upon to do so! He just enjoys being able to perform, whatever way it comes.

    As for Delta Knights, I’ve never really got on with it. But looking at these comments, I may well give it another try.

    The Servo Choir, as before, is an unqualified joy though.


  • 99
    touches no one's life, then leaves says:

    “Ah, but T (and Baydool, seemingly) have a tingly Spider-Sense that kicks in for no rational reason! That’s a fantasy element . . .”

    True. Unless they’re mutants or something scientific like that. Wink


  • 100

    “True. Unless they’re mutants or something scientific like that.”

    Yeah, that’s why the X-Men were on the cover of Science a couple years back. Razz Alien

    “you left out the funny names for the hero in “Space Mutiny”, which had been done a few times in the CC era, and the Sci-Fi era fans kept going on and on about as though it hadn’t been done before.”

    I note that it was still more plentiful, better-delivered, and way funnier than any previous attempt (that I’m aware of . . .).


  • 101
    Creeping Terror says:

    Like many people here, I think this episode is better than average, but not a favorite. Most of my thoughts have already been mentioned, but I do need to tell a story about this movie:

    When I was an undergraduate, I held a monthly MST3K for coworkers, friends, neighbors, roommates, basically anyone who would come. Once we were watching “Quest of the Delta Knights,” and one of the first timers saw Corbin Allred (aka “Travis”) and shouted, “That’s my neighbor!” Apparently, she had grown up next door to the guy in the early 1990’s about at the time he was making QotDK. After seeing him mocked for 90 minutes, I don’t think she was enamored with MST3K and she never came back to another viewing.

    Corbin Allred seems like a decent actor, although the only other thing I’ve seen him in is the indy film “Saints and Soldiers,” a film that isn’t interesting enough to recommend to anyone. Looking at his IMDb profile, he’s had a lot of TV guest appearance and a few minor starring roles (“Teen Angel” series being the most notable). He seems to be one of those Hollywood actors that can get steady work here and there. Only time will tell if he ever gets a big break.


  • 102
    Colossus Prime says:

    With some people mentioning the lack of any true fantasy elements aside from Baydool and Tee’s “Spider-Sense.” I always thought they were both people blessed with an extremly powerful/accurate situational awareness.

    There is a fantasy element in that there was a prophecy about Tee and the mission to find the lost store house.


  • 103
    This Guy says:

    I forgot to note that in the same year as this movie, Corbin Allred (Tee) was also in Robin Hood: Men in Tights as the “runaway white boy.”


  • 104
    thecorman says:

    Bill’s “connected” Leonardo Da Vinci character alone is worth the price of admission.


  • 105

    I see this one has fallen behind The Screaming Skull.


  • 106
    Luther Strickland says:

    “The pee throwing scene, ladies and gentlemen, the pee throwing scene.”


  • 107
    I'm not a medium, I'm a petite says:

    oops almost forgot.. not much too say…. 3 for the movie + riffing, 5 for the hosts. 4 overall.


  • 108
    Cabbage Patch Elvis says:

    3.1285 from me, 2.79 of which is for the AMC Crow skit. If you’d flip his air filter over, I’d give him an even 3.0. Shame on you, David Warner. And there’s a special circle of Hell for Richard Kind’s performance. LATER WE’LL TAKE STUFF AND DO IT RIGHT?


  • 109
    Fart Bargo says:

    @ 102 You may be describing folks with hyper-awareness. Generally speaking, folks who have lived through life threatening circumstances may adopt a heighten state of alertness that causes them to automatically figure out survival scenarios given their physical surroundings. Common in Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome


  • 110
    Finnias Jones says:

    I just found this old link I bookmarked for this very occasion:

    Leonardo Da Vinci Is Gonna Kick Your Ass!!

    “The project re-imagines Da Vinci as a member of a secret society who falls headlong into a supernatural adventure…”

    Note: 2/3rds of the way down in the talbacks, someone posted:
    Quest of the Delta Knights, anyone? by Walnivar1 Mar 11th, 2010 11:05:15 PM


  • 111
    Finnias Jones says:

    talbacks? I meant “talkbacks”.


  • 112
    greydruid says:

    Re: 96

    If you look and listen closely, the guy who’s swinging around isn’t actually saying anything! The “I’m comiiiiing!” stuff was added in later, probably by some idiot editor who thought it needed some “comedy” right there.


  • 113
    Richard the Lion Footed says:

    What got me about this was the cast.
    How could the movie be so bad with such a good cast?
    Yet, somehow it was a bad movie and I thought so when I saw it in the 90s on HBO.

    I loved the Sir Thomas “Neville” Servo’s ancient Air on a Delta Knight.
    It showed that these guys have real talent, they are not just riffing fools.


  • 114
    mikek says:

    Sampo: “In the Intro segment, Servo says “No movie, no Mike.” I think he meant that the other way ’round. That was the best take they had? Or did nobody notice?”

    I think that line does work as it is. I think of the idea in the context of a sentence, “I guess we’re not watching the movie if Mike isn’t here.” And if that doesn’t work for you, just remember, Crow is a little weird.

    As for this episode, I gave it 5 stars. This is on my list of “Put it on DVD NOW!” MST3K episodes. I have a great fondness for this episode, especially since I made two imperfect attempts to record it when the show was in reruns. One tape has a few seconds missing while the other was, mistakenly, recorded in LP, and thus has poor sound.

    Some favorite riffs:

    Pearl: “He’s trying to get himself invited.” When Baydool asks Tee about his family’s manor house.

    Mike: “Hey, the horse isn’t wearing any underwear under that skirt.” Tom laughs at this while Crow groans in disgust, which is really what makes the riff work.

    I also like Crow’s exasperated hiss/growl during the scene with Richard Kind.

    I really like Pearl’s turn in the theater and the way that Servo and Crow fawn over her. Later, in season 10, she will conduct an experiment about withholding love. That one is all right, but this one in episode 913 works a lot better. Speaking of season 10, the end credits theater scene kind of set up episode 1001. Pearl has that guy Eggs come and check out the theater screen and he finds that shes losing a lot pain along the edges of the screen. I like this bit foreshadowing, intentional or not, of the next episode.

    I clearly remember the commercials for the premiere “Quest of the Delta Knights” on the Sci-Fi Channel, prior to its use on MST3K. The announcer sure made it sound like a big deal. It wasn’t. Still, when one compares QOTDK with the junk that Sci-Fi currently runs, it’s almost a masterpiece. This movie was shot a Renaissance Faire in California, but it still beats the endless use of the same cloudy forest in British Columbia.


  • 115
    Flying Saucers Over Oz says:

    Any movie that has Corbin Allred, Leonardo Da Vinci, and an elderly wizard peeing into a saucepan deserves MST3K…


  • 116
    mikek says:

    That peeing scene has got the grossest thing in a MSTed movie. I say that because of the realism in that scene. From the moment you hear that stream hit the pan, it is obvious what’s going on there. Then Baydool carries the pan outside, and when he stops a bit of the liquid drips out of the pan. Finally, Baydool tosses the pee onto the slave trader. Ick.


  • 117
    Finnias Jones says:

    Also, a VERY detailed list explaining the references in this episode over at
    Too Much Information: The Annotated MST3K


  • 118
    mikek says:

    Too Much Information indeed. Shock


  • 119
    Time Blazing Nick Miller says:

    One of my personal favorite episodes, for some reason this has always been one of my more re-watched episodes.

    “I got the role on Mad About You.”


  • 120
    thedumpster says:

    I think the commercials really prevented me from sitting down and watching this one all the way. The other two that had this affect on me were “Girl in Gold Boots” and “Hamlet”. With Volume 4, I was able to watch those two with no problems and seemed to go quicker so, I think if I were to see “Delta Knights” without the commercials, it would probably go quicker for me.


  • 121
    Warren says:

    As much as I’m ashamed of David Warner for being in this, I really want this on dvd. Did anyone ever figure out what ‘mannerjay’ means? It’s not in my dictionotomy, er, dictionary-and web searches only turn up refs to QOTDK. Huzzah!


  • 122
    Zee says:

    Everyone’s covered every point I would make about this episode, so I’ll just throw out his role as the ‘main baddie’ Dr. P in “The League of Gentlemen’s Apocalypse” to add to the list of “Good Stuff David Warner Has Done”.


  • 123
    satellite of tears says:

    The comment-section for MST3K-TheMovie is long closed, so I post this here.
    I do not know if you get a lot of feedback from outside of the U.S. and particularly from Germany, that´s where I live, jawoll, (but maybe from France, Spain, Netherlands?).
    Anyway, MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000 THE MOVIE was – to my knowledge – the only MST3K-thing that ever happend in Germany – on tape. The TV-show was never to be seen on any channel, so that baffling
    little film hit us out of the blue. It must have been sometime 1997/98 (?) that I rented it from my local videorental-place, the box on the shelf had the black frame with the silouhettes of M&TB on the bottom, in the frame was reflecting tinfoil or something, so that M&TB were pointing and laughing at your reflection.
    The most memorable scenes of the movie for me where Crow singing while he was chopping away (though in the original I guess he sings “a long way to Tiperary”(?), in the german version he sings “ich hack´ ein Loch in unser Raumschiff” – “I´m chopping a hole in our spaceship…”) and the “NORMAL VIEW”-song, btw in german “NOR-MA-LES-BILD!” has a little diffrent rythm.
    I guess the rewriting/redubbing team did an appropriate job, I´ve seen the first 10 minutes of the german version recently on MYVIDEO since the movie was taken down from YOUTUBE and it was AWFUL. Good lord, it was AWFUL. The voices were moronically stupid (shtupit=lustig, nichtwahr?) and when Gypsy said her first line – ohhh, it was awful! Like the german redubb of a Python-movie.
    Still, when I first saw it, I had a laugh. Sad, though nothing else MST3K-related ever made its way into german popculture.
    Should anyone take the time to read this text – Thank you, kind sir or madam for your time, hope I haven´t bored you too much.


  • 124

    There are a number of decent actors in this movie, none of whom show it. The plot is completely ridiculous (what the hell is Leonardo da Vinci doing in that part of Europe anyway?). There’s the pee-throwing scene (still not the most disgusting scene they ever did on this show…plenty of others from Incredible Melting Man and raunchfest Hobgoblins top it). And yet, as far as MSTied movies go, this one’s pretty watchable. While the riffing isn’t quite as good as earlier episodes in the season, the fact that the movie is more watchable than those makes it an easy one to get through. This is probably a good one to start new viewers on; I tend to find that the two types of movies that work best are ones where the movie’s bad but still watchable or unbelievably bad but hilarious in its own right even without the riffing (Space Mutiny and Cave Dwellers come to mind). The host segments are pretty good, too (Bill’s Leonardo is a hoot, Mike’s description of his life is great (“I was upset for a while when I lost some shiny bottlecaps I liked”) and the loaner Crow bit is stellar), and the bots immediately falling in love with Pearl is great, even if it is a touch Mary Sueish (“You gave us a mint”). Definitely qualifies for the “good, not great” tag.

    Aside: Brigid Conley Walsh was the only woman in any MSTied movie to warrant a jaw drop and a Ron Simmonsesque “Damn!” from me. Really, the difference between her and Jenni from the previous week’s Screaming Skull is like night and supernova. Just flat-out stunning.


  • 125
    Watch-out-for-Snakes says:

    Taking into account I’ve never seen #909 Gorgo, I would rank season 9 Experiments as such:
    #910 The Final Sacrifice
    #907 Hobgoblins
    #903 The Puma Man
    #902 The Phantom Planet
    #904 Werewolf
    #913 The Quest of the Delta Knights
    #906 The Space Children
    #908 Touch of Satan
    #911 Devil Fish
    #901 The Projected Man
    #912 The Screaming Skull
    #905 The Deadly Bees

    What do you think, sirs?


  • 126
    Dan in WI says:

    More proof that Mike still doesn’t understand bot building: Joel would have fixed Crow himself. Mike had to send him away.

    That said Mike sure has come a long way since he was first sent into space. When he first arrived on the SOL he was constantly trying to escape. Now during his semiannual check up he tells Pearl what a good life he has.

    Isn’t Pearl taking a little too much credit here? When the Bots explain what movie sign is she admires her own subtle touch. It seems to me movie sign was around before she was. What was that? It’s just a show? I should really just relax? Okay.

    It is awful funny that at no time did Pearl refer to Crow as Art while she was on the SOL.

    Enough good can’t be said about the guy’s night host segment. They play it just right on the gentle ribbing and seem like a group that does it on a regular basis. You suppose that is what it was like in the Best Brain offices?

    The Servo choir segment was really pretty much from the same template of the Starfighters choir host segment but with new lyrics and costumes. But this new song had a lyric about liking pie at its end which is a callback to the end of When Loving Lovers Love.

    Anybody else get the impression that David Warner is sort of a poor man’s Liam Neeson playing Qui-Gon Jinn?

    So in conclusion: Ask your girlfriend. She’ll tell you I am.

    Favorite Riffs:
    Baydool “Time for food.’
    Crow “Hope you like rats.”

    Baydool “Can you say Baydool?”
    Pearl as Travis “Let me try: Get bent. No I guess I can’t.”

    Baydool shrugs his shoulders.
    Tom “That’s my pee.”
    Crow “The pee throwing scene ladies and gentleman.”

    Travis speaks his first words of the entire film. Crow “Man do you ever shut up?”

    Baydool and Travis count up their earnings from begging: Tom “Back now this is a lot of money.”

    Travis stops Baydool from getting hit by a hammer. Tom “Please hammer don’t hurt ‘em”

    Baydool opens the trap door for the first time. Mike “Come on up mom.”

    Travis “Why do we beg?”
    Baydool “It allows me to move around freely.”
    Crow “Like a good pair of underwear.”

    Travis slips into the dungeon. Tom “Oh good the bars are still open.”

    Leonardo “I’m great with maps so how about it?”
    Mike “How great can you really be at maps?”
    Crow “It’s like being good at eating cereal.”

    In reference to Thena’s cleavage: Tom “There’s a midget under her dress pushing up.”
    Crow “Lucky midget.”


  • 127
    Sitting Duck says:

    Quest of the Delta Knights fails the Bechdel Test. At no point do two females converse with each other.

    Servo with a rack is kind of creepy.

    You know what else is creepy? An adult woman seducing a pre-pubescent boy.

    @ #29: I believe it’s just a generic madrigal tune.

    @ #51: Personally, I rather liked Cast a Deadly Spell.

    @ #54: In his Bad Song book, Dave Barry remarked that he was surprised at how many votes Timothy got (fourth overall), as he regarded it as far more obscure than the other big vote getters. Also, you might want to rewatch Castle of Fu Manchu and note Joel’s quip when one of the characters was coming.

    @ #61: There’s no real certainty one way or the other. The “Leonardo was gay” comes from The Da Vinci Code, a book full of horse hoo passed off as “facts”. He’s so bad about that sort of thing that TV Tropes has a trope called Dan Browned, which describes when the writer not only fails to do the research, but has the utter gall to claim otherwise.

    @ #87: The Renaissance wasn’t exactly noted for being very sanitary.


  • 128
    dickweed 1 says:

    Brigid’s best role was as a Nympho in the psyche ward on a episode of NCIS!!!


  • 129
    MattK says:

    “Yes, Mike did it with Eddie, but even that wore thin after a bit.” I do not understand this statement. I could have had more Eddie Nelson and his bootlick Tom.


  • 130
    schippers says:

    Olivia Hussey is in this movie (for all of five minutes or so). That SEEMS pretty embarrassing, but remember, Olivia Hussey was in Turkey Shoot, AKA Escape 2000. So, you know.

    BOLD CLAIM: this is one of the worst movies ever shown on MST. I’m not going to say THE worst, because I don’t really believe in THE anything anymore, but man, there’s no part of this movie that communicates any kind of quality, commitment, or love of the craft on the part of the filmmakers or actors. The plotting is weird, the filmic geography is impenetrable, and the attempted humor is sad, sad, sad.

    That said, I vehemently disagree that failed comedy does not make for good MST. I hold Catalina Caper up as an example of FANtastic MST done with failed comedy.


  • 131
    Of no Account says:

    I’m proud to declare I like pie!
    …And this episode!

    Definitely in my top 20, maybe 15. The host segments alone are fantastic, but the movie riffing is great, too! As for where the Loaner Crow came from, refer to my comment on 821 – Time Chasers (#149), wherein I postulate that the Loaner Crow is actually the Crow from Eddie’s reality.

    The Servo Choir is one of my favorites (and the one from Starfighters). The amount of work that went into these just amazes me. Multiple people controlling the Servos, recording Kevin’s voice multiple times, etc…

    As already mentioned, David Warner is great no matter what he’s in. I know him best from Tron & his voice as Ra’s Al Ghul on the Batman Animated Series. I also just noticed that in Batman Beyond & the Superman Animated Series, Olivia Hussey played the voice of Talia Al Ghul, Ra’s daughter!

    And no, I won’t soon forget the cheese.


  • 132
    Smoothie of Great Power says:

    About halfway through my college career I started a weekly MST3K night and this was our first episode. I believe the biggest group laugh came from, “Are we being attacked or entertained?”

    * Having Pearl in the theater is like a reversal of Segment 1 from Beginning of the End when M&tB peek in on the mads and see how they behave without having to be evil scientists. In the theater, Pearl can drop the mad scientist persona, cut loose a bit and be Mary-Jo. Her humor and mint-giving are what endear the bots to her.
    * It has David Warner in a dual role. That alone makes it watchable. Too bad it all goes downhill once Leonardo comes into the picture.
    * I really do want to know what the director was aiming for. This really could have been much better if it hadn’t tried to ram ineffective comedy down our throats.
    * For fans of Mel Brooks’s “Robin Hood: Men in Tights” you may recognize the kid who played T as the “I’ve got to go home alone now,” kid from that.
    * I want to think that the, “Timothy? Where on earth did you go?” is primarily a reference to Timmy always falling down the well in any reference to Lassie, but is it also something else?
    * Has anyone else realized that when Voltaire is getting zapped by the machine and Mike quips, “Mother!” he’s channeling Daffy Duck?
    * Favorite Riffs:
    Pearl: “It seems a bit chilly in here, could you turn down your guy?”
    Mike: “Hey, her dough has risen.”
    Crow: “We’re almost back to where we first escaped from.”
    Servo: “Let me get my purse!”

    Host Segments:
    * Segment 1 is a nice throwback to Segment 2 of Escape 2000 where Mike is having a Mens Night party with the bots, only with completely different results.
    * I saw this before Starfighters so Segment 2’s song stands out a bit more than the United Servo Mens Academy Chorus, but both are still classic.
    * Favorite Line: “I’m strong, and I’m savvy and I’ve got these!”

    Things I Learned from This Episode:
    * David Warner is both yin and yang.
    * No matter how unpractical or unsanitary, women of the middle ages still wore cleavage-exposing dresses.
    * Baydool is a name, not an intestinal condition.
    * Leonardo was a moron who stole all of his ideas.
    * Archimedes would have had time to finish writing and flee if he hadn’t taken the time to declare, “Eureka!” after every realization.


  • 133
    asdf says:

    I’ve heard the “Leonardo was gay” thing back in the 90s, long before DaVinci Code. I think it was a t-shirt from a hippy catalog listing famous gays of history. Not that I’m saying t-shirts from hippy catalogs are good sources of historical knowledge, but the concept didn’t start with that book.


  • 134
    Jason says:

    I’m so ready for this one to be on DVD.


  • 135
    Of no Account says:

    Is this the first appearance of Fem-servo (Shervo?)? I could have sworn I saw him/her before. Wasn’t he/she/it used in Pumaman, wearing the party dress?


  • 136
    Sampo says:

    >* I want to think that the, “Timothy? Where on
    >earth did you go?” is primarily a reference to
    >Timmy always falling down the well in any reference
    >to Lassie, but is it also something else?


  • 137
    MikeK says:

    Pearl’s turn in the theater is not unlike her son’s. When Dr. F was in the theater, I heard more of Crow than I did of Dr. Forrester. In Pearl’s case, it’s more Mary Jo Pehl than Pearl Forrester. It works well though. Mike’s riffing as Eddie was mostly in character, although I think he could have had a few more “ignorant white trash” style riffs. You know, something that the gentler, more learned Mike would never say.

    Back to the movie, I’ll say again how amusing this one was for me. Some weeks prior to this episode, the Sci-Fi Channel was constantly touting the premiere of a new, exiting fantasy movie called “Quest of the Delta Knights.” It was funny to see it later used on MST3K. If the movie had a slightly bigger budget and didn’t have to be filmed at a Southern California Renaissance Faire, “Quest of the Delta Knights” might have been a better movie.

    I love the “Aire on the Delta Knights”. Mike’s impression of Bill McLaughlin is back and the Servo Choir returns. The extended “naught one” song is the main reason for buying the Clowns in the Sky CD. It really is filthy. I don’t even want to know what, “Dilly die me jacksies on me vicar’s baby brand,” means.

    I wonder if any of the pee that Baydool tossed at the slave trader landed on T?


  • 138
    Depressing Aunt says:

    Unbelievable that the Sci-Fi channel featured this movie in its original form. To quote Leonardo, it’s a bad movie. I remember constantly seeing commercials for “The Twilight Zone” and “Farscape” on the channel, but never this movie. It’s…bad.

    My favorite thing about this episode is the bots developing schoolboy crushes on Pearl, and her indifference to same. When Eggs comes in and does his thing, it totally reminds me of my encounters with repairmen and cable guys and other really competent people who know how to do stuff. Unlike Pearl, I just get out of their way. It’s for the best, really.

    Later we’ll take stuff and do it, right?


  • 139
    Sitting Duck says:

    @ #133: Point taken. However, I imagine that The Da Vinci Code helped popularize the belief.


  • 140

    Interesting sidebit: Intern Nick Prueher also worked for the Onion, as well as co-founding the Found Footage Festival… and going on to work on the Colbert Report and other stuff too. (I interviewed him for my website… but I didn’t know about the MST3K connection at the time! So no MST3K content, unfortunately. I just told him that I wish I’d known that when I did the interview… I would have asked him all sorts of questions like whether or not they were buckwheat pancakes or sourdough.)


  • 141
    Lisa H. says:

    I love this episode, but it may be because I used to go to the (now defunct, at least in original form) Northern California Renaissance Pleasure Faire where I believe segments of this were filmed; in fact, around the time this movie was made. In any case the faire scenes all looked very familiar to me. (The Southern California faire still exists, but I have never been, so can’t compare visually.) I don’t “play faire” any more but I still get a kick out of those scenes.


  • 142
    pondoscp says:
    classic promo for this episode

    The Pearl in the theater bit is funny, and the loaner Crow bit. But the movie, ugh. Next week, a major rebound!


  • 143
    trickymutha says:

    David Warner meet David Warner.


  • 144
    Joseph Nebus says:

    I can’t believe I overlooked this, but this was a birthday episode for me. Not everyone gets one, so I’m glad that I did.


  • 145
    Terry the Sensitive Knight says:

    Love this episode. “Her dough has risen!”


  • 146
    thequietman says:

    It may be a ‘good, not great’ episode to some, but I always enjoyed it. As to the discussion of why David Warner played duel roles, maybe it was so Warner didn’t have to disappear after only about the first third of the film. The filmmakers probably figured ‘we’re paying him, we’d better use him!’


  • 147
    trickymutha says:

    Seriously, this is not a good, not great episode. It is a GREAT episode. I glow watching this, Magic Sword, or, Deathstalker. I love love this genre. And Brigid Conley Walsh – wow. Her dough rises. She is one of the foxiest ever on the series.


  • 148
    littleaimishboy says:

    How about I come over there and SHOW you “what I do” …


  • 149
    Cherokee Jack says:

    This episode is particularly entertaining to me as I performed at the renfair at which they shot this bit of drivel for two years as a member of one of the ‘guilds’ that portrayed members of the peasant/serf class. It was like watching a movie that they shot in your home town. This renfair hometown was in Novato, California and was called Black Point. My favorite schtick was to lie in the mud by the beer tent, holding up my pewter mug so the ‘mundanes’ could pour fresh beer into it. This routine would last entire weekends. My favorite memory, though, was watching eight trek fans dressed as Klingons (full makeup) make their way around faire as part of a time travel/away team scenario. They spoke only Klingon and all of us went along with the whole thing in character as well. There were no fatalities. HUZZAH!!


  • 150
    rowsdowerdeep13 says:

    How is it possible your favorite riff is not “Eww, wizard whiz!”. Awesome episode!


  • 151
    schippers says:

    #146 – Although typically with micro-budgeted crap like this movie, the producers have only enough scratch to pay for a few days’ worth of the “name” star’s presence (that SEEMS to have been the case with Ms. Hussey). It seems like Warner could have been charging AT LEAST as much as her around the time this movie was made, but who can say besides their agents. So, I submit that his dual role remains a puzzling sorta-mystery.


  • 152
    schippers says:

    People are saying Brigid Conley Walsh is some sort of super-hottie. Tastes are tastes, of course, and there is no accounting for them, but I will submit that a VICIOUS pushup bra is likely unduly coloring the admirer’s perceptions.


  • 153
    littleaimishboy says:

    [Scene: David Warner’s agent’s office]
    DAVID WARNER [Standing up]: Well, I don’t know … let me take a walk around the block and think it over. [Exit]
    DW [Thinking]: ” ‘… in which David Warner demonstrates his supreme mastery of characterization by playing both the evil archvillain and his nemesis, the heroic (etc etc)’ “.
    DW [Aloud]: YES! Yes, I’ll do it!!!” [Hurries back to agent’s office]

    (This is purely a hypothetical recreation, based upon having known a lot of actors.)


  • 154
    thequietman says:

    Well, since David Warner’s duel role remains a mystery, I would like to say how much I liked the ending segment at the pancake breakfast. I wonder how many of those ‘extras’ realized they were gaining a little bit of immortality by volunteering to sit at a table, eat pancakes and listen to a guy in an ape suit cry out “Will somebody PLEASE pass the syrup?!”

    Incidentally, was ribbing of parades another ‘thing’ from the CC era that the Brains were trying to allude to for their new Sci-Fi audience? The kicker “and in celebration, hard candy for everyone!” gives me that impression.

    And finally, besides ‘wizard whiz’ there’s another riff from that scene that no one’s highlighted yet. When the slave dealer sneaks up to repossess Jonathan “Tee”lor Thomas, he reaches behind his back and Crow panics:
    “What’s he pulling out?! HELP!”


  • 155
    Ralph C says:

    David Warner was also the voice of The Lobe, a Freakazoid villain.


  • 156
    jjb3k says:

    I don’t know what it is about this episode, but I always zone out after about thirty minutes. Maybe it’s the dull, poorly lit, earth-toned movie full of crappy acting and no discernible plot. Maybe it’s the riffing, which isn’t exactly phenomenal this time out. Maybe it’s Mary Jo’s more low-key delivery in the first theater segment. Or maybe it’s a perfect storm of all these elements, combining to bore the hell out of me every single time.

    This isn’t one I watch very often, is what I’m implying.


  • 157

    “I have a good life. Thank you.”

    And Season 9 comes to an end. . .

    What a strange season. It contains some incredible highs (Final Sacrifice, Werewolf, Hobgoblins) as well as some so-so, good-not-great episodes (Deadly Bees, Screaming Skull, etc). Quest of the Delta Knights is one that I used to love, consider one of their best of the season/Sci-Fi years, but upon recent rewatch I gotta say that it too is only “good-not-great.”

    This movie is more or less a comedy making it harder for the Brains to make fun of (in my opinion). Some segments feature Mike and the Bots just groaning at what’s happening on screen (like the scene with Richard Kind). Sure, it’s got some memorable moments, like the pee throwing and the “I’M COMMEEEEENG!” guy (not to mention Princess Dough has Risen) but overall the episode doesn’t quite approach greatness. Even double David Warner can’t save this one…

    Oliva Hussey: I like her in Bob Clark’s classic Black Christmas and also Brian Trenchard-Smith’s less-classic-but-fun Turkey Shoot (aka Escape 2000, but not the Escape 2000 that MSTies are familiar with), and hey, she was Norma Bates in Psycho IV and was in the TV adaptation of Stephen King’s IT, not to mention she played Juliet in Zeffirelli’s Romeo and Juliet, which I’m sure some of you saw in your high school literature/English class (that’s where I saw it; teacher had to fast forward through the brief nudity). Sure, her role in QOTDK is pretty small, but what I’m getting at is, WHY WAS SHE IN THIS MOVIE? WHO DID SHE OWE MONEY/A FAVOR TO??

    Back to the MST episode: the Host Segments are okay, not that great overall. HS#1 is completely “meh” (just ask your girlfriend) and HS#2 with the singing Servo’s is something that they’re done before and done better. HS#3 is the only winner in my book; Bill really nails the Soprano-ish nature of Leonardo da Vinci. The opening segment with Mike has some nice quotes (see the top of this post) but I don’t really care for Pearl’s presence in the theater to start the movie. It’s novel, I guess, but once again it feels like something they’ve done before (which they had) and were more successful at. The closing bit with the pancake breakfast is decent and acceptable. “Hey kid, you gonna finish those? Let me give ya a hand there.”

    Up at post #125 back in 2010, I ranked season 9 in list form and now I look at it and wonder what I was smoking back then (probably the same stuff I’m smoking right now; don’t judge! It’s the weekend!). Now that I’ve seen Gorgo, here’s an updated ranking of Season 9 eps from me to you. Enjoy:

    #910 The Final Sacrifice
    #907 Hobgoblins
    #904 Werewolf
    #902 The Phantom Planet
    #903 The PumaMan
    #909 Gorgo
    #913 Quest of the Delta Knights
    #908 Touch of Satan
    #906 The Space Children
    #912 The Screaming Skull
    #911 Devil Fish
    #901 The Projected Man
    #905 The Deadly Bees

    Quest of the Delta RIFFS:

    Servo: “Paaaaackeeers!”

    Crow: “Here now, have some angel dust.”

    movie: “That’s a fine name.”
    Servo: “If you’re gay.” ——I’m not a “sensitive viewer” but I got to admit that this riff made my ears perk up. Could not imagine the guys performing a riff similar to this on Rifftrax today and even less so could I imagine it going over well. Seems a little mean-spirited. By comparison, the later riff by Crow as Tee saying “Look, I’m probably gay,” works because it’s not using the term in a disparaging way, just as a mere statement of fact.

    Mike: “Wow, they had Ethan Hawkes too.”

    Servo: “He studied at the Royal Academy of Dan Cortese.”

    Mike: “Put a sock in it, Legolas.”

    -Quest of the Delta Knights is no Deathstalker, that’s for sure.

    I give it 3 out of 5 pee throws.

    Shock Shock Shock


  • 158
    pondoscp says:

    “I’m comeeeeng” is a lame voice over! Watching this again, it’s clear that no one is actually saying this line! That line makes me want to smack this movie lol
    Wait a minute, there’s a female Servo that was duplicated floating around the SOL? Crazy….


  • 159
    Captain Cab says:

    I’m watching this episode right now, first time in years and I have always LOVED Pearl in the theater! Mary Jo doesn’t miss a beat and it’s much better than Eddie in Time Chasers (which I just watched again last week). Also love how Crow and Servo come to adore her like kids. “You gave us a mint!”

    Maybe it’s because of my generation, but something about movies from 80s and 90s that make better episodes sometimes in opinion. I love how this movie is a weird mix between general bland medieval fantasy and bizarre pseudo-modern, atomic age technology in a very similar way to Cave Dwellers. Good riffs, good skits, other than that……



  • 160
    JCC says:

    @17, @77 – I know it’s old, but I think you guys are overthinking this a bit. Besides the Servo Academy Singers which is damn near a remake I THINK (can’t speak myself for Best Brains reasonings/motivations) it was usually pure coincidence when something like the examples you guys mention happened again later on. Maybe their memories were jogged when writing The Episode Guide, but it always seemed to me that BBI usually moved on and forgot about a lot of their own material instantly once they were done producing the shows. It was their form of PTSD, IMO.

    @152 – I’m not really a fan, but those have to be real. She built her 25 year career on that deep cleavage so you would think that said apocryphal bra company would want that known because then everyone would run out to buy this pushup bra after seeing the results.


  • 161
    Dr. Erickson says:

    “No whorin’ while I’m gone.”


  • 162
    schippers says:

    #160 – Well, a quick Google Image search confirms your theory. I stand cantilevered.


  • 163
    Bombastic Biscuit Boy says:

    “David Warner, you are under arrest by order of David Warner!”