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Changes In the Works at

Pardon their dust….

The team tells us:

“Coming in early June: a newly revamped official MST3K site!
Watch those potholes! Best Brains, Inc. is busy with spring construction, as this June we are rolling out a new look for our website. With some of the best ‘Bot riffing ever, classic host-segments, rad musical numbers–and future surprises–Joel, Mike, and the gang will be gracing the net in style!”

We should have details of what they’re planning pretty soon. As always, stay tuned…

33 Replies to “Changes In the Works at”

  1. Bob Jackass says:

    “Joel, Mike and the gang”?

    That intrigues me. Hope they mean more in the vein of the Giant Gila Monster special feature than the animated/online clip variety.


  2. Bob says:

    When Mallon agrees to do the kind of projects Joel Hodgson wants, like the idea of doing a 20th anniversary episode of the show for example, then I’ll be interested.


  3. Captain Cab says:

    What Bob said. The fact that Joel fully confirmed AGAIN at the Dallas show that A)He left the show because he couldn’t get along with Mallon and B) Mallon rejected his idea for a reunion show/revival in favor of the flash shorts…I mean really? What more needs to be said? Stubbornly shooting down NEW content that fans would buy up like wildfire (look at how beloved Cinematic Titanic is already and just one ep in) in favor of flash shorts kind of shoots the whole “Oh wah, people are too hard on Mallon. The feud thing is overblown, he’s just trying to be a good businessman and protect the brand” defense in the face. Hopefully the 10.2 skit is a sign that SOME progress is being made. Until then, I have no interest in Mallon’s “projects” and especially no interest in more flash shorts, the first batch which quality wise were easily trounced by the weakest of any Homestar Runner short.


  4. Electric Bozo says:

    “Joel, Mike and the gang” sounds like mining the host segments to me. :roll:


  5. Tim says:

    Wait, how is that going to be any different than what he did a few months ago??…then NOTHING for months with no explanation. I say make this site the official mst3k site again and forget about on getting more dvds out or go to joel and/or or mike and beg forgiveness…


  6. Tim says:

    But at least we’ll get 4 more shorts before they give up again….


  7. Moltar says:

    They need to burn that website down and Mallon needs to get the hell over it. It’s hard to imagine one single person in tv with this much venom directed toward them who has happily had their head in the sand for so long…perhaps this signals a change, but i wouldnt get my hopes up.

    As long as Mallon holds the keys, don’t expect to go for a very interesting drive.


  8. Luke says:

    Ibidem to what Moltar said. Also- cynical though this is to say- announcements about something “big” about to happen seem to always disappoint. Its probably a great big nothing. Now, where are those alleged new dvds, ask I.


  9. Scott P. says:

    The funny thing is that a reunion DVD with either the Mike camp or the Joel camp (sorry, both together ain’t gonna happen) would make a ton of money. If Mallon sold the DVD exclusively on his site or allowed download he’d have a very profitable project.

    Hell, if it was a one-off he could probably sell it to the sci-fi network as a movie.

    Of course, he’d actually have to share some of that money, which is where the problem lies. Right now he can feed Paul Chaplin peanuts and reap the rewards of old DVD sales, so there’s not much incentive for him to do anything, really.


  10. Kenneth Morgan says:

    We’re not about to start seeing “Jim Mallon raped my childhood” posts, are we?


  11. Scott P. says:

    Would you settle for “Jim Mallon is raping my future?” :mrgreen:


  12. norgavue says:

    I don’t think this BIG whatever is gonna amount to anything unless drastic “sacrificing myself to the dark lord” things happen. I can assure you i ain’t going to go this far. Although if I was pleasantly surprised that would certainly be swell.

    “It’s the eighties! Do alot of coke and vote for Ronald Reagan!”


  13. KMURPHY says:

    You bunch of STUPID ungrateful MORONS!

    MALLON is GOD!

    The MST3K website is the BEST thing on the internet.

    It beats the HELL out of EVERYTHING including this sorry looking WordPress website!

    ANYONE who has anything negative to say against Jim Mallon or MST3K.COM should throw themselves off a bridge and do us all a FAVOR!




  14. Ryan says:

    It’s Mallon (posting as KMURPHY, for shame!)! Grab him! Rip him apart!


  15. Diamond Joe says:

    You’ll notice the announcement doesn’t mention the animated shorts. I wonder whatever happened to the new batch by the new animator, promised way back when?


  16. Bob says:

    Captain Cab, you speak for many of us. Oh, if only Hodgson had never left, and maybe Mallon had done so. Who knows how long the show would have lasted in its original format or what kind of new material we might be seeing now. Mallon is to Hodgson and MST3K what Paramount was for years to Roddenberry and Star Trek. It’s a nightmare for creative people and fans when some “evil” entity owns the rights to their creations.


  17. John H. says:

    Moltar: It’s hard to imagine one single person in tv with this much venom directed toward them who has happily had their head in the sand for so long[…]

    Actually, it happens in TV all the time. Does the name Rick Berman ring any bells?

    As for how the MST guys seem to have divided themselves up into “camps,” it’s really saddening. IT’S JUST A SHOW, MAYBE THEY SHOULD JUST RELAX.


  18. magicvoice says:

    Jim Mallon is a fool for turning down Joel’s offer to do a reunion show. Plain and simple. He has become Sandy Frank.


  19. BSBrian says:

    considering the fact that I know virtually nothing about the reasonings behind the joel/jim rift, i prefer to relish in the aftermath–11 seasons, 180+ hilarious shows with 2 great hosts!


  20. MyMyMyMyMitchell says:

    Whoo-boy this gets em’ going doesn’t it? Quoting BSBrian “11 seasons, 180+ hilarious shows with 2 great hosts!” I whole-heartedly agree sir. I watch BOTH hosts (no “camps” for me) from season K to 10 and I don’t shudder when Mallon’s name rolls by in the credits. I think that Jim understands that he had his shot and lost it – he’s trying to ride to coat tails folks. Mike and Joel have moved on – if it’s so bad at – why can’t the rest of us move on as well? Just let it die a natural death. Hopefully this post will not impede its progress.


  21. Bob says:

    On the topic of DVD releases, I’ve written to Shout Factory politely inquiring as to where their MST3K releases are exactly. No response yet. Six months roughly now since they announced their deal and still nothing from them regarging even one release. A search on DVDVerdict’s website shows nothing under Mystery Science Theater or MST3K in the upcoming releases and that site lists items months ahead of time if they get a release notice for them.


  22. Fred P says:

    Shout Factory had a post in it’s Film Crew for fans of Mst3k blog or whatever it’s supposed to be and strongly “hinted” that “Laserblast” would be one the four releases. Someone mentioned season 7 episodes and “Laserblast” in particular and B. Ward wrote back Funny you should mention that episode… He also said that 3 of the 4 titles they already had the rights to and that the fourth would be secured soon. He then said that they would be announced sometime in July. That should cover it check out the site I do daily to see if there are any more “hints”.


  23. Fred P says:

    It’s in the community section. Check out the posts.

    Later F


  24. losingmydignity says:

    The guy hints that the releases will be announced at the San Diego comic con in July. He also says that they are not relying on the “comfort” of public domain. Which is cool. Maybe will get us some Pumaman action and Gamera, etc.

    Just thought I’d save you guys some time. :mrgreen:


  25. the2ndsuitor says:

    I was not a fan of the flash animation to any degree. Also, nothing the other camps have done since MST3K has interested me to fork over my $$$.
    I enjoyed all 11 seasons and both hosts. I hope that if there really is a big change happening, all camps will be involved.
    Otherwise, I will just continue to enjoy the show itself.

    Isn’t one of the reasons they didn’t continue the show in Home Video after the Sci-Fi cancellation because it would be too expensive? If so, why don’t they just pool what they are doing now? Put the BS aside and have some fun.


  26. Bob says:

    I just got a posted response from Brian Ward at Shout Factory on their forum regarding new releases of MST3K. Check out the thread at:


  27. somebody says:

    Well it’s about time that made some changes and modifications to this dusty old web site.


  28. Smoggy says:

    New features include going back in time and changing elements of the original content! Careful, now!


  29. Smoggy says:

    #21 – The most important thing is to restore the relics to their original luster. The only thing that I may agree with you about is to cancel Rifftrax which simultaneouly ruin the original MST3K legacy, reek ofliving in the past, and fail to make fun of the movie adequately, as evidenced by the YouTube preview of the original Jurassic Park!


  30. Mike says:

    Who would have thought that a show about not taking things too seriously would have produced the most anal retentive group of fanboys in history. You guys suck.


  31. Steve Vil says:

    Wow, reading all these posts has made me hungry! Okay, I was already hungry.


  32. Captain Cab says:

    Hey Mike:

    Yep, a show about not taking things too seriously, I applaud you pointing that out. Also interesting though that at the end of every credit roll, they give props to the First Amendment. So in the words of a certain yellow, vaguely avian automoton: BITE ME.


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