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Weekend Discussion Thread: Best and Worst Cops in MSTed Movies

Alert reader Patricia suggests we discuss…

Who do people consider the best, or worst, representative of law enforcement in MSTed movies?

You can pick any criteria you want. I’ll just talk sheer competency: Most incompetent cop has got to go with Alan “Nassau” Hale Jr. as the completely clueless sheriff in “Giant Spider Invasion.” For most competent, I’d pick the Hat Squad from “Radar Secret Service,” but then they did have RADAR helping them!

What would you pick?

105 Replies to “Weekend Discussion Thread: Best and Worst Cops in MSTed Movies”

  1. Scott B says:

    I’m going to assume that Space Chief was a galactical police officer and I think he was the worst. How could he have let the Neptune Men destroy the Hitler Building?

    Best cop has to be the Sheriff from Squirm. Not that he was any good but he sure was authentic.


  2. Howard says:

    I haven’t seen every MST episode, and it’s funny that almost every movie ever made includes a cop in one capacity or another. But anyway, my favorite good/bad cops are 1) the Sheriff from Squirm and the Sheriff from Blood Waters of Dr. Z and Gypsy’s impersonation of this sort of cracker cop in a Manos skit — all tied for badness, and 2) the deputy in Touch of Satan who gets murdered by the old lady — he seems like a nice guy and I always feel sad when he hits the dirt.


  3. I have to second Sheriff “Willem Dafoe” from Squirm as the worst, but I think a good runner up is the really icky sheriff from “It Lives by Night.” (they both ended up eliciting hilarious lines from Mike and the Bots.

    For best cop – I honestly think one of the most competent cops was Hatten (Clu Gulager) from San Francisco International. Fair, not even smarmy, and COMPETENT. He got the men and best of all got it without killing anyone so they can stand trial.


  4. MikeH says:

    One more about police, at the end of the first story, Dr. Hale is hauled off by the police who are wearing motorcycle helmets. Yet they drive him off in CARS!! Why are you wearing helmets while driving patrol cars??


  5. Troy Thomas says:

    Best= Mitchell.

    True, he may have a left a body count to make John Saxon drool, but he may be the only cop in MST history who actually caught who he was going after.

    Worst= Sheriff Pink.

    Enough said.


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