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Goodbye Sci-Fi

Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett reflect on MST3K's final broadcast.

Social Media, version 2.0

The revamped is now up and running, featuring “Riff of the Day,” “Planet Theater” and “Gypsy’s Host Segment Drive-In.” 

For those wondering what has happened to the cartoons, Barb tells us “they’re in ‘cold storage’ for right now. We hope to bring them back as the site develops!”

45 Replies to “, version 2.0”

  1. What happened to the Cartoons? I wasn’t a huge fan . . . but it seems rather odd to produce them and then exponge them from the website (and it seemed like they were the primary reason for the website in the first place!)


  2. Ditto, they could at least be archived somewhere.


  3. Ryan says:

    I would hope they are buried in the same hole as the unsold copies of ET the video game.


  4. Skenderberg says:

    …which is probably the same hole that hides the first four KTMA episodes.


  5. Gorn Captain says:

    They’ve been floating around on Youtube for quite some time.

    Someone even made a riffed version by mixing in soundbites from rifftrax.


  6. radioman970 says:

    Hee hee!

    I love the riff of the day idea. Short and sweet. I’ve got to remember to visit daily.


  7. Bob says:

    It may be revamped and the horrible cartoons may be gone, but it’s still no substitute for the new 20th anniversary production of the show that was suggested by Joel Hodgson and refused by Jim Mallon. If Mallon thinks this site will be seen as an acceptable substitute for what should have and could have been, he’s got a lot to learn. He doesn’t care about the show or the fans, he just wants to keep making money off of what was already done, reaping reward from the comedic genius of Joel Hodgson whom he’s snubbed since he drove him from the show.


  8. Badger1970 says:

    So this is like watching mst3k clips on youtube but with a place to buy stuff?


  9. magicvoice says:

    Mallon is very short sighted indeed.


  10. Captain Cab says:

    What Bob said. Post #7 all the way. “In cold storage”? You can keep ’em there, Jim. It’s just as well that you don’t go on pretending that your hub for discs, tees, post its and bumper stickers is a suitable substitute for new money making content. Hmmmm. Money. I thought producers liked to make money and new ways to make it? So really, what gives, Mr. Mallon? Yes, sentiment these days is not warm towards you both from your former staff and (especially) the fans. But you could always man up by actually talking to us for once instead of just viewing us as your customers. Showing up for the 20th anniversary panel would be a great start since A)you were the voice behind one of the show’s beloved characters and B)helped carry it for so long (respect). But of course, we should by all means “pardon your dust” if you don’t. After all, steadfastly keeping a brand someone else created exactly where it is and signing DVD contracts must be taxing enough on its own.


  11. Ryan says:

    We’re all complaining about Mallon’s greed but if that’s true, where are our toys? This guy is clearly a selfish businessman, but he is the most inept one I have ever seen. I had to get my plush Tom and Crow from Silent Orchid (


  12. Weepy Donuts says:

    Say what you will… this is a step in the right direction. The Riff Of The Day on the mainpage is great for fans and for newbies. Its just unfortunate that many of clips are going to be “familiar” for those fans who own the Rhino videos.

    I am very glad to see a link to Satellite News.


  13. Zeus says:

    Boo. I want my cartoons. What, you want me to cry like a little baby? Fine: Waaah! Waah! I want my noogies! (Which is what I actually called cartoons when I was too young to say cartoon. “Noogies.” Figure that one out.)

    But yeah, how much does it cost to make a flash animated cartoon? They obviously already paid for the animation software, no sense in letting it sit around collecting dust.

    I don’t care if they ‘weren’t funny’. That’s what everyone says about the KTMA episodes of MST3K. Five years later it was the best show ever. Can you imagine if KTMA was debuted during the internet? I shudder to think of the forum posts…


  14. Josh says:

    Meh. Same crap, different look. Except for the new planet logo. That still looks terrible.


  15. Captain Cab says:

    I have this recurring fantasy where some multi millionaire’s spoiled kid gets his dad hooked on the show. Said dad also happens to be a competent businessman and when he finds out the brand is stagnating, buys the rights away from Mallon and hands them back Joel. I can dream.


  16. Captain Cab says:

    Oh and Zeus, methinks you NEED a “noogie” right on the old noggin for liking those things. :p Besides, Mallon obviously uses the Pearl Forrester method of “love withholding.” So you might get one or two more ‘toons (er…or “noogies”) but then all he’ll give you are heat pads and stationery.


  17. Captain Cab says:

    Stationary. My bad. ha


  18. Brandon says:

    I still hope Mallon decides to post the host segments from the first 3 KTMA episodes.


  19. Diamond Joe says:

    It’s not very well designed for commerce. When you play a clip from, say, “Red Zone Cuba,” it should have something you can click to buy the DVD. Or for the “A Danger to Ourselves and Others” song, one for the DVD set with “Leeches” and one for the “Clown in the Sky” CD (if it’s on there… I don’t have it myself).


  20. BETH says:

    Geez, people, get a grip. mistie has been off the air for ten years now, and the fanbase isn’t large enough to spend a LOT of money on, which is what you’re asking for with the site upgrades. Be freakin’ glad you got one.

    Now you want toys, cartoons, new stuff? ain’t gonna happen. and maligning Jim Mallon is a quick way to get the site pulled completely.


  21. Farmer Iggy says:

    The site’s design is great. Comic Sans is not.


  22. radioman970 says:

    MST3K fans? MST3K thugs!! :shock:

    Mallon, hire a bodyguard! I’ll volunteer the position.

    *steals “the Rocks” walking talk stick*


  23. Scott P. says:

    I just don’t understand why he wouldn’t want to do a 20th anniversary episode. Hell, you don’t even need to do any sets – just green screen it and use a computer generated satellite of love set.

    There’s something weird going on there. All Mallon would have to do is say “yes” and eventually the money would roll in. So why hasn’t he? You can’t accuse him of being a greedy SOB when he blatently turns down a bunch of potential money.


  24. Graboidz says:

    BETH Says:
    “mistie has been off the air for ten years now, and the fanbase isn’t large enough to spend a LOT of money on”

    I sure hope the Cinematic Titanic and Rifftrax people don’t feel that way?? Seems the MST base is large enough to launch two new ventures. (3 if you could count Film Crew).


  25. the2ndsuitor says:

    No cartoons? There’s an f’n shock!!!

    I think that Mallon figured that fans would be happy with any MST3K product stamped NEW, but now realizes that is not that case. The cartoons definitely weren’t very funny to me at all.

    As someone who enjoys all the seasons from beginning to end, I can live with my complete collection of DVDs & bootlegs. However, I would love if they picked it up again (started to make new eps. with all involved) & would support that in a way that I wouldn’t with CT or RT.


  26. Bob says:

    Years ago when MST3K was on the air I had a hard time finding others who had seen the show or liked it. Now, however, I find that if I wear a T-shirt with MST3K artwork on it out in public I get comments all the time from people who are also fans of the show. The popularity of the show seems to have grown over the years rather than diminished. Like original Star Trek, but somehow without the benefit of reruns on TV, awareness of MST3K has grown and so has its popularity.


  27. Mike says:

    Bring back the Cartoons!!!


  28. casimar says:

    I agree about the MST3K toys! Where’s our Crow T. Robot action figure? Also, although I am throwing my complete support behind CT (and a little love for Rifftrax too) I am really bummed that Mallon decided unfunny cartoons were “better” than a reunion show. He needs to call Joel and beg. It’s a shame that the owner is the only one who doesn’t “get it.”


  29. mst3ktemple says:

    Love the Riff of the Day. Miss the cartoons. Maybe they’ll resurface.

    I’m not sure ripping Jim a new one every time we don’t get something we want is the answer though. I’m still willing to give him some time to come through for us.


  30. digital_trucker says:

    I want the missing KTMA episodes, ’nuff said.


  31. fishbulb says:

    Captain Cab:
    You had “stationery” right the first time.


  32. beth563 says:

    Graboidz’s post:

    “””BETH Says:
    “mistie has been off the air for ten years now, and the fanbase isn’t large enough to spend a LOT of money on”

    I sure hope the Cinematic Titanic and Rifftrax people don’t feel that way?? Seems the MST base is large enough to launch two new ventures. (3 if you could count Film Crew).”””

    My response:
    If the MST base were large enough, MST3K would still be on the air, and we would have merchandise and memorabilia coming out our ears. As to the CT and Rifftrax, do you think simply making an audio file has the same costs as producing a two-hour television show? Gimme a break!! Besides, CT has only been able to create ONE episode.


  33. Charles says:

    Better than it was before. The flash animation on the old site always choked my computer and never played right. Clips of the show are more entertaining anyway.


  34. Captain Cab says:

    Thanks for theads up, fishbulb. :p

    And Beth, as pointed out before, the MST fanbase has GROWN significantly and it would be even cheaper to make new episodes with modern tech. They’d just need to smooth out the backgrounds a little so the green screen effect wasn’t too noticeable as it was on the 10.2 skit.

    Anyways, of course I am content with the ten year’s worth of MST we have. OTOH, one can’t help but be very excited when they found out the show’s creator tried to revive it (if even only for one episode) only to be gravely disappointed when the license holder shoots it down in favor of animated shorts which (as I have said before on other news postings) turned out to pale compared to the worst Homestar Runner short. If you don’t like said disappointment with Mallon refusing to allow a reunion show along with a little venting which any fan is entitled to (within reason of course), then in the words of a certain little gold colored, vaguely avian automoton: BITE ME.


  35. Captain Cab says:

    Heads up. D’oh. Good lordy B’Gordy.


  36. Captain Cab says:

    Oh and this: “Besides, CT has only been able to create ONE episode.”

    Really, so you’re an expert on how much the first CT cost to make and how that weighs on the fact that we have at least 2-3 new episodes in the pipeline? The first episode sold faster than any other video on the site and considering Joel seems satisfied with the cost/risk of the self-production, anyone can objectively see it has a heckuva better chance of surviving on the ‘net than it would have on any network. Including sci fi, obviously, who cancelled Farscape prematurely due to cost/ownage issues when it was their highest rated show at the time. Yet a very low budget show like MST3k cost them infinitely less yet survived one cancellation by another major cable network partly in thanks to the sheer will of its supported fanbase! And that fanbase is even bigger now thanks to the success of the DVD boxsets. But yes, silly, wrathful, unreasonable us for wanting, nay *thinking* a reunion show could be profitable let alone plausible! :roll:


  37. Farmer Iggy says:

    Unhappy, unfunny people are superfans of humor-based television.


  38. radioman970 says:

    You shutup!
    No you shutup!
    Get outta here kid!!



  39. frankstv says:



  40. Simplefan says:

    Is there more news somewhere about Mallon saying no to a 20th anniversary show? I must have missed it.


  41. casimar says:

    Yeah, Joel mentioned at the recent Dallas CT appearance that he and Mallon had discussed the possibility of a 20th anniversary reunion-type show, prior to Joel launching CT, but that Mallon was into Flash animation now (Joel even gave a plug, which I thought was a nice gesture) and had gone in that direction instead. That was why he began CT.


  42. Moltar says:

    Anyone who misses the cartoons beeds to be shot. They were the long slow unfunny death of mst3k


  43. Diamond Joe says:

    #39: I’m having trouble with the Riff o’ the Day, too. I can get the other clips to load just fine, which makes it all the more puzzling.


  44. Diamond Joe says:

    Oh, and has anyone else noticed that “Hexacolor” is represented by five pentagons? Either that’s pretty subtle irony, or else someone needs a refresher on what “hexa-” means.


  45. bblackmoor says:

    I do not know if Mallon is the villain some here seem to think he is, but I think the new is a step in the right direction. It is by no means a bad thing, regardless of what people may think of Mallon’s treatment of the brand. I happen to think the Riff Of The Day is pretty nifty.


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