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Goodbye Sci-Fi

Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett reflect on MST3K's final broadcast.

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Episode guide: The Making of ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000

Original airdate: Aug, 1, 1997

Watch on Youtube:

• Clearly the filming was done during the episode 814- RIDING WITH DEATH, and in fact it ran for the first time the week after that episode first aired and a day before the debut of the next episode 815- AGENT FOR H.A.R.M.
• Kevin’s story about the naming of the show is completely wrong in almost every respect, or at least it is almost totally at odds with the explanation Joel has given.
• I will say that this show is very nicely edited.
• Apparently the show has won “numerous awards.” Really?
• The clips from the show are well chosen.
• Among those interviewed is BBI staffer Jill Roozenboom, who I don’t think lasted until the end of season 8.
• Interestingly, there is no credit for the narrator. Anybody know who it is?

16 comments to Episode guide: The Making of ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000

  • 1
    WeatherServo9 says:

    This one feels just right to me. First of all, no odd outsider involvement (Penn), and second of all, it doesn’t feel like they’re trying to sell the concept of the show to dumb people the way that first one so desperately feels like. Also, when they riff on themselves it’s quite fun and makes me think of a mirror reflecting a mirror reflecting a mirror reflecting a mirror reflecting a mirror…

    Seeing this one and the one with Penn always makes me wish I could have a job like MST3K. What a bunch of lucky people.


  • 2
    H says:

    Hey, one’s a number! Plus, they were nominated a bunch of times.

    I like this one. It’s more concise, gets the info across more clearly than This is MST3K. It feels more like the guys had a hand in this rather than just a documentary that happened to be about MST3K.


  • 3
    Brian says:

    I remember thinking that Jill Roozenboom was kind of foxy in a midwestern friend’s mom kind of way.

    I should have probably kept that to myself.


  • 4
    SAVE FERRIS says:

    “I remember thinking that Jill Roozenboom was kind of foxy in a midwestern friend’s mom kind of way.”


    That’s okay Brian, I found myself thinking the same thing about Andrea Ducane (hair/make-up)………both ladies are definitely cute !!!

    Then of course, there’s always “Beez” McKeever (who appears only briefly)………but in the interests of keeping these posts “PG” rated, it’s best we don’t even go there……. Oops!



  • 5
    TarlCabot says:

    I dunno. I kind of liked the Comedy Central one better. Feels like they put more effort into that one.


  • 6
    BIG61AL says:

    I actually missed all these specials as I had moved and the new cable lineup in my new hometown did not get the sci fi channel until the last part of the reruns were aired. Evil I missed everything after May 1992 to the last three month of reruns broadcast. Stupid cable company. Thank goodness for [ahem] tape trading. Wink


  • 7
    Kenneth Morgan says:

    I don’t know who the narrator is, but I think it’s pretty much the same narrator that did all of the network’s promos at that time.

    The only real problem I have with this one is that Joel is barely mentioned.


  • 8
    Finnias 'Critter' Jones says:

    I have a shaved head, and I forgot that Bill Corbett is bald during this special. He wears it well. Wonder why he didn’t stick with that look? Too Colonel Kurtz? Or was it only for his time spent as Brain Guy?

    Again, like in the Comedy Central Special, it’s sadly tragic how the Sci-Fi Channel seemed so optimistic about the future of MST on its network. And unlike the CC one, no Jim Mallon.

    Overall, this is a good look at the show from behind the scenes. If Shout ever gets the rights to Riding With Death, this is a no-brainer for release as a special feature. (Scenes from Eye Creatures and Undead not withstanding).

    Thanks once more to Sampo for posting these and giving us the chance to comment on them. It makes the pain of the end of Season Ten and the torture of upcoming KTMA/Season One a bit more bearable.


  • 9
    Iggy Pop's Brother Steve Pop says:

    I think Bill had hair later on in the series. I can’t remember which episode it was, but I remember a moment where his hood is creeping forward, and he kind of hooks it with his index fingers and pulls it back a bit, and you can very briefly see his hairline.


  • 10
    Sharktopus says:

    Wow, SciFi sure hammered on the “It’s More Than Just Heckling A Movie – Look At All The Science Fiction Stuff We’re Making Them Do” message.

    Crow: “So which one’s the guy who’s always hanging offa my butt?”
    Tom: “Oh, you’ve got one of those, too?”


  • 11
    Food Man Chu says:

    Is that a cut scene from Parts: The Clonus Horror @ 2:06 in Part one? Damn, I wish there were more raw MST3K edits available.


  • 12
    Spector says:

    A necessary update needed after the move to the Sci-Fi channel, especially as an introduction to those Sci-Fi denizens who hadn’t heard of MST3K (did those folks exist?).


  • 13
    DaWurmFace says:

    I liked it but I would have like more about the origins of the show. Namely Joel and Trace, Frank is there, but isn’t even elaborated on. Or even a passing nob to Josh would be nice. And I know it is on here and I’m going to go look for it but I’m curious as to the actual name origins, and about Jim Mallon’s and Kevin’s role in the creation of the show. I hadn’t realized that Kevin was in it from the beginning.


  • 14
    Brandon says:

    @ Spector

    Well, I had the Sci Fi Channel since 1996 I think, but never became aware of MST3K’s existence until maybe 1998. And even then I only noticed it during channel surfing.


  • 15
    DrChadFeelgood says:

    I’m not suprised that there’s little to no mention of Joel, Trace, Frank or (especially) Josh – after all, it wasn’t as if the Sci-Fi Channel was ever going to show a single Comedy Central episode – why blow the horns of some other guy’s ex-employees?


  • 16
    Steve Vil says:

    Patrick is wearing a Gary Numan t-shirt in this special. That RULES.