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Historic Comic-Con Panel

We now have full confirmation of the upcoming panel at Comic-Con in San Diego, Friday, July 25, 7:15 p.m.

On the panel will be: Trace Beaulieu, Paul Chaplin, Frank Conniff, Bill Corbett, Joel Hodgson, Jim Mallon, Kevin Murphy, Bridget Nelson, Mike Nelson, Mary Jo Pehl and J. Elvis Weinstein. Wow.

The moderator will be Patton Oswalt.

60 Replies to “Historic Comic-Con Panel”

  1. outmywindow says:

    Jim Mallon, eh? This could be interesting for reasons beyond the obvious “Oh my god, they’re all here!”


  2. Captain Cab says:

    Too awesome. Mike and Joel together with all the other cow town titans in tow?! Shoutcast would be mighty wise to document this for a future boxset bonus.

    I’m impressed Mallon is going to be there. He’d better get ready for some serious questions once Oswalt opens the floor to the fans, yes indeedy.


  3. Brandon says:

    God! I’ll be in Wyoming during all this! Somebody please take a camcorder and record this and put it on YouTube!


  4. Roswdower17 says:

    Oh my God, I think I need to change my pants.


  5. BSBrian says:

    here I am, a grown man-but never grown up- and I honestly think I’d be giddy as a school girl if I actually got to see these comic heroes in person!!!


  6. Sam says:

    All of them PLUS Patton Oswalt!? :shock: :!:


  7. Luke says:

    Unless they’re all there to announce the show’s triumphant return, I honestly don’t think it’ll be all that interesting. Sure, its cool they’re all in one place, but what more can they say together than they’ve already said a million times at individual appearances elsewhere?

    I’ve gone to seperate book readings / signings by Kevin and Mike. The former was awesome; genuinely super nice guy. The latter about the opposite, though to be fair it looked like he was having a bad day (though I don’t necessarily consider that an excuse).


  8. Captain Cab says:


    Go figure. I would never equate Mike with the word surly. You brought up Mallon selling his stuff didn’t you?


  9. Ben Murphy says:

    OK, whoever attends this thing ask them WTF is up with our 20th Anniversary stuff. We want it!!!!


  10. outmywindow says:

    @Luke: Infamous Mike headache?


  11. Aaron says:

    Holy S***!

    The MST3K cast + Patton Oswalt?



  12. Scooter says:

    it’s cool to see that I’m not the only one interested in the Patton part as well.
    My friend and I are trying to save up money to fly out there from New York. So far it looks like it’s going to cost us about $900 each when all is said and done.


  13. Fred P says:

    I would love to be a fly on the wall when they’re all together in the green room before they come out and make nice with everybody. I sure would love to be there but…


  14. Moltar says:

    All of them together? come on…something big has gotta go down! Man, I’m excited


  15. Erik @ RiffTrax says:

    Yeah, it’s going to be fun. I heard rumors about “a giant MST3k spaghetti logo ball hanging from the ballroom ceiling” but that could all just be rumor talk..

    I’m sorry I couldn’t mention this earlier. I tried giving hints but, we were under a gag order so I couldn’t just come right out and say it. Gotta respect the people-in-charges’ wishes, ya know?

    It’s going to be a blast, and I will try to find out from Shout!!!!!!!!!!!??!! Factory’s guys if they plan on filming it. (They would be incredibly daft not to.)


  16. WouldntYouLikeToKnow says:

    Luke says:
    Unless they’re all there to announce the show’s triumphant return, I honestly don’t think it’ll be all that interesting. Sure, its cool they’re all in one place, but what more can they say together than they’ve already said a million times at individual appearances elsewhere?

    I’ve gone to seperate book readings / signings by Kevin and Mike. The former was awesome; genuinely super nice guy. The latter about the opposite, though to be fair it looked like he was having a bad day (though I don’t necessarily consider that an excuse).

    I agree that it probably won’t be anything special. The tired and true question/interview thing will be the exact same as it has been the last 20 years. It would be fun to see them all there together…besides Mallon. Anyways, about MIke in person; he always seems to have a “headache”. My g/f met him once and we met him together once and he was a dick both times. Liked him on MST though.


  17. Target205 says:

    :???: Odd, I had a rather positive Mike encounter at the Rifftrax booth at last year’s SDCC.

    I had a riff origin question regarding “Teen-age Strangler” (“Anderson…that’s me.”). Kevin immediately launched into the full explanation of the riff while Mike sang the full version of the song it referenced. Both posed for a pic along with Bill and Mike kept singing. Made the Con for me. :grin:

    Looking forward to the panel!


  18. Captain Cab says:


    Yowza! Second cranky Mike anecdote in a row. Was he just in a pissy mood, did he actually say anything rude? I have heard that a sour celeb meeting can stick with you. Maybe it’s just as well my copy of Megacheese has gone belatedly unsigned all these years. Autographs are overratted anyways unless you get a good rapport before the ‘ol John Hancock gets transcribed. I met Mr. T 6 years ago and he was a blast. Put me in a bear/shoulder hug and signed a glossy B&W photo for free. Heckuva nice guy.


  19. Captain Cab says:

    Wow, google Mike Nelson “headache” and you’ll (eventually) find his NY Times piece on the terrible chronic headache he’s suffered for many years. So apparently at the rifftrax panel the aspirin was working. :p


  20. The Professor says:

    G4 will be covering Comic-Con. I wonder if they’ll show some of this on-air?


  21. magicvoice says:

    I would expect this to be a polite affair from the panel. I don’t think Joel will necessarily bring up that he left because of Jim in front of Jim.
    But, I really really hope someone in the audience calls Jim out on not agreeing to do the 20th anniversary! Maybe if everyone starts chanting, he’ll start seeing every person in the audience as a dollar sign and will wise-up. Maybe he doesn’t read the blogs and doesn’t see the potential for coin in the idea.


  22. Hugh says:

    I don’t fault Mike for being cranky in public, sometimes. If I were well-known, there would be so many stories of my being a dick to fans who came up to me. Simply put, even good people are not nice 100% of the time. Factor in his chronic headaches, and he’s got an even better excuse. I’d just chalk it up to bad luck, if I were you guys.

    Oh, almost forgot: HOLY BLEEP! I’m a penniless hobo and, thus, will not be attending, but this is amazing news. I was beginning to doubt that it was going to happen. I really can’t wait for the pictures, the video and, I hope, the incredibly detailed transcription of every single damn thing that is said at the panel. This needs to be the most highly documented event in MST3K history.


  23. ety3 says:

    Wow. I mean, there’s no one missing.

    I definitely hope this ends up on a DVD or something in the near future. I say “DVD” because I want this in good quality, and not someone’s partially concealed cellphone video.


  24. WaffleTron says:

    It’s like the day I heard about Rifftrax and Cinematic Titanic… and when I heard Mike & the Bots would be back one more time on Cheap Seats. I’m just ridiculously giddy right now. ALL OF THEM! Wow. Can’t wait.

    Since I prob can’t go, I have to demand someone take high quality footage to post on YouTube. PLEASE.


  25. Scott P. says:

    Remember folks, just because they play lovable and cute on stage doesn’t mean they aren’t just like me and you in real life. Me, personally, I hate just about everyone I meet. Well, okay, maybe not everyone, but still. Why should an entertainer be any different?

    I learned this lesson the hard way. When I was eight years old I saw one of my childhood idols, Carl Yaztremski. He blew through a bunch of young kids trying to get his autograph. The guy was a total and complete jerk about it, too, if I remember correctly he mumbled something about getting out of his way. Meanwhile, supposedly surly Jim Rice patiently signed every autograph dutifully.

    Point being, you don’t know these people. You know the characters they play. Just assume they’re all jerks, so when they’re not you can be pleasantly surprised all of the time.


  26. Badger1970 says:

    I must be out of the mainstream that I had to look up who the hell is Patton Oswalt (and didn’t seem to mind missing his venues).

    I agree, unless Joel and Jim throw down, I don’t think much would be said that hasn’t already. With Rifftrax and Cinematic Titantic doing well and the “new” start up, would it be anything more than a lovefest and plugging?


  27. Gary says:

    Okay, completely unrelated. When I was a kid (7th or 8th grade?) I met Tommy Smothers (of the Smothers Brothers, of course). He was leaving the stage door after a play he’d done in Denver. My friend and I wanted his autograph. He was obviously (even to us kids) trying to hit on this woman he was walking out with. He stopped for us, but she kept walking and he was trying to get her to stop. He paid little attention to us, but signed the autographs and hurried on his way. At the time I thought, wow, what a jerk (we also got Dick’s autograph and he was all smiles and joking with us, really cool – they came out separately). But when I got older, it dawned on me. Tom, despite obviously wanting to go after this woman, stopped and signed autographs for two kids. He could have brushed past us, but he didn’t. And, yes, I still have their autographs.


  28. the2ndsuitor says:

    Exciting news.

    There is so much to say aboot this, but I’m just gonna keep it to: I hope they get the band back together.


  29. M "Jump Up My Tube, White Boy!" Sipher says:

    Wait, we are missing one! Patrick Brantseg, our third Gypsy, for two and a half seasons!

    We must get Brantseg there!

    Even though I’m not going!

    And Patton’s gonna be there too!



  30. Graboidz says:

    Okay, I can understand the excitement of getting the entire MST3K crew on one panel. That is way cool, and am envious of those who are able to attend.

    My question is centered around the excitement of Patton Oswalt??? That’s the guy who played Jethro in the “Beverly Hillbillies” movie I think?? People are excited about him hosting the panel…why?


  31. xmattxyzx says:

    Haha, no. That’s Diedrich Bader–also from the Drew Carey show. Patton Oswalt was on King of Queens, among other things, but is also an absolutely hilarious stand up comic.


  32. Me Without My Bike says:

    @ Graboidz

    Patton Oswalt is actually a hipster(?)comedian in the same vein as David Cross…very funny guy. Most notably, he was the voice of Remy in Ratatouille, though his inclusion in that film should in no way be any indication of the kind of material in his stand-up act.

    The guy you’re thinking of is Diedrich Bader.


  33. Me Without My Bike says:

    It appears that I type my responses a little too slowly. :mrgreen:


  34. xmattxyzx says:

    Oh yeah, and wasn’t Bader’s character on the drew carey show Oswald? The plot thickens!


  35. magicvoice says:

    It’s too bad they couldn’t get Beez, too!


  36. Bookworm says:

    *shrug* I’ve been to two Mike Nelson book signings in the past (chronicled here and here), and had wonderful times at both.


  37. Bix Dugan says:

    Those names sound familiar…


  38. norgavue says:

    Why does nothing this monemental ever occur on the east coast… Grrr I R on vacation the following week on top of that…. Just Grrr and another for good measure GRRRRRRRRRRR…. Neat though


  39. Graboidz says:

    me without my bike & xmattxyzx:
    Thanks for somewhat clarifying who Patton Oswalt is for me. Still not sure why he generates excitement.
    /not a King of Queen fan
    //or Drew Carey Show fan


  40. xmattxyzx says:

    Oh yeah, they’re both fairly crummy shows, but Oswalt is great. Check out some of his stand up on youtube.


  41. TV's Adam says:

    All those Brains AND Patton Oswalt?! It’s like they dropped a metric ton of awesome…on the other side of the country from me. :cry:


  42. TheUnabeefer says:

    I get an odd feeling the people who AREN’T excited about this are a lot of the same people who have been complaining about none of the camps (Rifftrax, Cinematic Titanic) mentioning each other, and have been worried about problems between the groups.

    Now, here’s the BEST form of proof that they all don’t hate each other, and will most likely have mention to every “side-project” there is… and people aren’t all that thrilled about it?!

    I expect detailed reports and good video.


  43. Matt D. says:

    Unbelievable and horrible for me. Up until last year, my parents lived right above San Diego, and I even lived there for a year. Now we are all in New Jersey, and NOW the MST3K peeps will be in San Diego?



  44. WaffleTron says:

    Anyone think Shout Factory might actually be able to put out full seasons of the show, even if any individual season is split into box sets in itself?

    I honestly think, for MSTies anyway, if the revival of the show isn’t in the works, this would be the best big news.


  45. the2ndsuitor says:

    Shout Factory said no plans of seasons.

    Congrats to all San Diegans. San Diegoeons. San Dieguns. People who like in San Siego.


  46. the2ndsuitor says:

    Live in San Diego. I’m sure they like it there, but I meant to say “live in San Diego.” Those San Dieganites. San Dieginians.


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