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CT Officially Announces Next Episode

Cinematic Titanic has officially announced its next episode, “Doomsday Machine.”

Here’s the new trailer:

The show will be available on DVD (in what appears to be an actual DVD case) and for download on Thursday, June 19.

Somebody in a previous comment thread asked about the upcoming performance in Minneapolis. It will be at the State Theatre (where the MST3K live show at the first conventio-con was performed) on Saturday, Oct. 25. Tickets officially will go on sale July 1, but CT will let fans know how to get them a few days ahead of time. Stay tuned.

16 Replies to “CT Officially Announces Next Episode”

  1. robottcrow says:

    Great, here comes my mom.
    Classic Joel.


  2. Captain Cab says:

    That was me who asked about the Minneapolis show, thanks for the update, Sampo. :) Looks like I better sign up for the CT newsletter already.


  3. Captain Cab says:

    Oh and: “There’s got to be easier ways to get Alice Cooper tickets.” lol


  4. BSBrian says:

    damn!! my work computer won’t load the trailer, but lets face it, I’m buying sight-unseen anyway!!


  5. Fred P says:

    It looks Fabulous!!! can’t wait!!!!!!


  6. Coderjoe says:

    That’s a switch.


  7. radioman970 says:

    I don’t have the first one yet. Perhaps they could do a special “CT: Value Double Pack” just for me, eh?


  8. Me Without My Bike says:

    I wonder if they will be selling copies of Doomsday Machine at the LA Film Fest show (seeing as how it’s 2 days after the DVD’s release). Does anyone have any insight on this matter?


  9. Matty-O says:

    MUST… GET… NOW!!!

    Hey, is it possible to get any pre-orders in for the DVD so it mails out as soon as possible?


  10. losingmydignity says:

    Yes, the Alice Cooper quip is great! And I love that I haven’t seen the film. Can’t wait.


  11. Steve Vil says:

    Cool! It’s in a case this time! Did people complain?…..


  12. Doug says:

    Me Without My Bike wrote:
    I wonder if they will be selling copies of Doomsday Machine…

    Well, I wouldn’t think it would take more than one. It being a Doomsday Machine and all ;-)


  13. Steve Vil says:

    To Radioman-

    Yes, there’s a special double pack: buy both and then stick them in a dual-dvd case.


  14. radioman970 says:


    Well isn’t that special! :p


  15. Manny Sanguillen says:

    Can you buy that using Paypal?
    Does anyone know?


  16. radioman970 says:


    I think they just take debit or credit cards. Both are pretty easy to get. ;)


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