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The Episodes on Volume XIX Will Be…

The episodes that will be included in MST3K Volume XIX from Shout!Factory will be:
episode 107- ROBOT MONSTER (with shorts: COMMANDO CODY Parts 4 and 5)
episode 423- BRIDE OF THE MONSTER (with short: HIRED!, Part 1)
episode 818- DEVIL DOLL, and
episode 911- DEVIL FISH

Yes, it’s monsters and devils. Also, a special edition of this release will include a Gypsy figurine that will be in proportion to the Servo and Crow figurines. (Awesome.)
Info on a street date and other extras as soon as we get it.

194 Replies to “The Episodes on Volume XIX Will Be…”

  1. rcfagnan says:

    Always excited to get episodes I haven’t seen yet (Robot Monster and Bride of the Monster). And @149: If they’re in their underwear, they aren’t naked…one cannot be naked and simultaneously be in one’s underwear :twisted:


  2. Alex says:

    @ 151

    lol I know, I’m joking around. ;-)

    Makes ya wonder why a ****load of cash wouldn’t even convince them. If only Shout could do that for Daiei. :|


  3. Jamie says:

    did Shorts Vol. 3 ever get released on DVD? I know it was supposed to be on the Essentials 2 DVD set 6 years ago but my copy doesnt have it. So I kept my original VHS release.


  4. ck says:

    Why not KTMA episodes on dvd? I haven’t seen them and they
    don’t even seem to be available (mostly) on youtube
    and such. Some of Season 1 on dvd have been better then I
    thought they’d be.


  5. bad wolf says:

    #150–sure, let’s all just download everything and ignore them putting out sets altogether. nothing could possiblie go wrong.


  6. majorjoe23 says:

    “did Shorts Vol. 3 ever get released on DVD? I know it was supposed to be on the Essentials 2 DVD set 6 years ago but my copy doesnt have it. So I kept my original VHS release.”

    Yes, but only if you purchased the set through a specific website.


  7. Alex says:

    Personally, I always kind of felt that the Essentials DVD was nothing more than a big middle finger from Rhino to us fans, since it had an episode (Manos) already released on DVD and alot of us already purchased the solo DVD (thankfully, I never got it so I got lucky :mrgreen:). For my opinion, if the Essentials DVD was just Santa Claus Conquers the Martians and Shorts: Vol 3, that would’ve been a good set.


  8. Gary Bowden says:

    @ck..Why no KTMA episodes on dvd?? Did you read on page xxxii in the Amazing Colossal Episode Guide where Kevin says and I quote,”Why don’t we release these shows and cash in? Well,first we don’t dwell in the past;second,the shows were seminal and formative,which is to say they weren’t very good;third,we’ve gotten a lot better;fourth,technically,we don’t have the legal right to release them;but beyond that and fifth,there’s a reason why musicians and artist leave a lot of work unreleased,and the typical reason is that it’s not very good at all and they don’t want it seen.Imagine if you were a best selling author and Brother Robert from your high school literature class published your first,really bad short story about a dog that gets hit by a car and comes back to earth to haunt the guy that hit him,and people read it and say boy,that isn’t very good,is it? and they never look at you the same.We think that explains it.”


  9. Alex says:

    @ 158

    I’ve always kind of thought that the KTMA’s not being able to be released had a very stupid reason to it: “The episodes weren’t scripted”. :roll:

    I mean, yeah, I know it’s technically their property (well… maybe not since it was made at KTMA), but if Joel and Jim are going to give a very lame excuse for not letting these episodes go on a proper DVD (and if it’s the only one they can come up with), then they may as well just come out of their shells and release the episodes.

    As long as the fans are happy, then they should be proud of themselves. ;-)


  10. MitchellRowsdowerBeardsley says:

    Wow – that sucks so bad most of Season 3 probably won’t come out, I didn’t realize.

    and not to be a negative nelly, but I just watched Lost Continent. The little ‘static’ or whatever you want to call it during the beginning and end of shots was AWFUL, Shout. Really unacceptable for a professional release, guys.

    Oh well, one more Joel coming – Bride of the Monster – glass half full.


  11. Laura says:


    Bite me jerk. I don’t have the funds to pay for a set right now. It’s my only alternative. Unless the price is reduced to $5 or less, I can’t afford it. So I’d rather download and make my own.


  12. Alex says:

    @ 160

    Well, the only real confirmation for Shout on which S3 episodes ain’t gonna make it are so far Gamera, at least from my understanding.

    Stranded in Space might possibly make it. The films owned by Susan Hart might not. Any Lionsgate released DVD films are a possobillity. The two Master Ninja episodes could be a surprise. The Japanese TV movies Fugetive Alien, Mighty Jack and Time of the Apes might also be a possibillity. The Arkoff State owned ones I’m not sure. And finally, Castle of Fu Manchu seems like it might be easy. Who knows for sure.


  13. Alex says:

    So anyway, when’s the news come out that Volume 19 is gonna get released? Patient as I usually am, I’m eager to know. :grin:


  14. MitchellRowsdowerBeardsley says:

    @ 162

    Thanks for the info Alex. If Time of the Apes and Daddy-O come out – I’ll count myself a very lucky fellow.


  15. Alex says:

    You’re welcome. But again, I’m not posotive. On Travis’ likelihood list, it said Daddy-O was unlikely cause it’s owned by the Arkoff Estate, while Time of the Apes also has a “Not likely” but only an assumption, so there’s a possible chance it may or may not see the light of day. I wouldn’t really know what the mini poster for Daddy-O would look like, but I’d imagine Time of the Apes would have Crow and Servo in the woulds with a bunch of soldier apes around them, all pointing their guns towards the bots who all look terrified.


  16. Alex says:

    Correction, *woods.


  17. Flying Saucers Over Oz says:

    Re: Re-releases of Rhino singles. That might be an effective stopgap and would certainly please fans who didn’t happen to buy those episodes when they first came out. The tricky part would be figuring out how to release them so they would screw over the least number of people.

    To wit: I’d be thrilled with a four-set containing THE CRAWLING HAND, THE AMAZING COLOSSAL MAN, I ACCUSE MY PARENTS, and BEGINNING OF THE END because those are the four Rhino episodes I only have on VHS, aside from MITCHELL, which I hate and SHORTS, VOLUME THREE, which will eventually become redundant, one hopes, if they keep releasing the original episodes. Getting back to the point, even setting aside that’s three Joels and a Mike, that would just be me. Others might want THE AMAZING COLOSSAL MAN, EEGAH, THE BRAIN THAT WOULDN’T DIE and BEGINNING OF THE END. Then I’d be screwed because I already have two of those. But they might already have CRAWLING HAND and I ACCUSE MY PARENTS. Really, the only way they could keep everyone happy is to either let each fan personally select his own set, which would be ridiculous, or release them as singles, which might not be cost-effective.


  18. Jamie says:

    @156 Thank You.


  19. bad wolf says:

    262-Hey, i can’t afford a car, might as well just steal one…


  20. bad wolf says:

    whoops, i little warning to the people of the future there.


  21. ck says:

    Re-releases could be palatable if combined with good extras,
    like interviews with directors/cast and such, and limited
    to one per four-set.

    This Island Earth could be reissued (if rights are avilable)
    with the unmystied uncut version and some sort of sci-fi movies
    special, say one comparing a classic black and white one
    (The Thing- not the silly remake) to TIE or Forbidden Planet.


  22. Gary Bowden says:

    @159..It could be the same reason why George Lucas doesn’t want to release The Star Wars Holiday Special.I can understand why they don’t because it doesn’t represent the show as a whole,since they got a lot better later on.They could be embarrassed by it.Who knows..


  23. dsman71 says:

    Hey Alex one more time
    Arkoff/ Susan Hart stuff is pretty much untouchable as are Time of the Apes, Mighty Jack , Gamera & Fugitive Alien
    I will never say impossible, but the Gameras and AIP titles are close to it. Time of the Apes and Fugitive Aliens are also unless a big surprise happens, pretty much SOL (PUN intended :) )
    Only Castle of Fu Manchu has the best chance followed by Stranded in Space and the Master Ninja titles..which I also feel arent happening at the moment. Anything can happen but I wont believe it until I see something released :)


  24. Alex says:

    I know the Susan Hart films are untouchable… for now (I wasn’t aware Susan was part of the Arkoff State at the time).

    But what I wonder is if Shout will have to get the rights from Arkoff or Lionsgate, for the ones released on DVD by them.

    Apparently there’s still no confirmation with Fugetive Alien, Time of the Apes and Mighty Jack, so I’m just gonna assume there could be a posibillity.

    I still agree Stranded in Space and the Master Ninja episodes might have a chance… though not quite sure. Keep them fingers crossed.


  25. Alex says:

    That also comes to my mind: what exactly is the whole deal with Susan? Does she want alot of money? Did she get a bug up her ass for what Mst3k did to some of those films she owns? Or does she just not wanna share her material?

    And I’m assuming the other members of the Arkoff estate feel the same way of these 3 reasons? Correct me if I’m wrong. Not very good with companies sometimes. :oops:


  26. mikek says:

    Would it be cheaper for Shout! Factory to hire thugs to and force stubborn movie rights holders into letting them use their movies?


  27. dsman71 says:

    She isnt selling the rights for MST or non MST versions of her movies. Im guessing Lionsgate released their titles , knowing our luck , on a deal where they wouldnt sell the rights to the MST3K versions..
    Mighty Jack, Fugitive Alien, Time of the Apes are all owned by Japanese companies and that falls into the Gamera category. I just dont see it happening. I would LOVE it if they would, but realistically the answer is not happening
    All of the Season 3 stuff save for what I have mentioned are all going to be very hard to get, and sadly will not happen. Such is the case with the Gamera titles..not happening anytime in the near or long term future.


  28. Alex says:

    Well yeah, they are from Japan, but keep in mind that they’re a different company from Gamera. ;-)

    So anyway, would you happen to have the Arkoff Eastate’s email adress, dsman71? I’d like to email them on their opinion of Mst3k and see if they don’t mind seeing the episodes get their light of day. Hopefully they might reply, unless they think answering that question is too personal.

    And mikek: That’d be awsome. Then we would get all the episodes on DVD. :twisted:

    Of course, that ain’t ever gonna happen.


  29. Notundercovercop327 says:

    The problem with estates is they’re hard to find.

    Sue Hart, Isn’t worth examining. All we can do is wait for the rights to pass on to someone else.

    Master Ninja isn’t impossible if it’s in the public domain (It has had a couple of Cheepie releases, But then again so has gamera). If paramount does own it, then it’s never gonna happen.

    I question Whether Fu Manchu is even possible. Wouldn’t they have liscenced it by now? We’ve been begging for Season 3. I think Blue Underground may be like Kodakawa in that they have to much respect for these crappy films.


  30. Dee Dee Dah says:

    I have all these episodes already on DVD from my collection, transferred over from VHS to DVD. (All except Robot Monster, I’m very much not a fan of season 1.). But I’ll be buying the set anyway, for the gypsie figure! Yes, I’m that pathetic.

    Wonder if they will ever do a Mike or Joel figure? Like I said, I’m that pathetic.


  31. Gorn Captain says:

    A figure of Joel or Mike in proper scale with the bots might be too big to fit in the package. Unless they spread it out over several sets Johnny Longtorso style? ;-)


  32. Alex says:

    “Sue Hart, Isn’t worth examining. All we can do is wait for the rights to pass on to someone else.”

    …which of course probably ain’t gonna happen till she dies.


  33. Alex says:

    Anyway, apparently CBS Paramount Televison owns the rights to the Master Ninja episodes. Is that company 100 % paramount or more CBS?


  34. Captain Cab says:

    Wow, unique lineup for this set. Robot Monster is indeed one of the better S1 episodes (it’d be interesting to see it get a Cinematic Titanic re-do) and Devil Doll and Devil Fish are both excellent sci fi eps. Bride of the Monster, great Joel era ep with lots of Bea Lugosi riffing, ’nuff said. And finally, Gypsy gets her figurine due.


  35. The the Eye Creatures says:

    The long awaited Bride of the Monster, (as Mr. Burns would say) Eeeexcellent. I never thought Robot Monster would see the light of day. Devil Doll, another good one. Devil Fish is the only one on this set that I don’t care for. I can’t wait for the Gypsy figure (my Tom and Crow are running out of things to talk about). I wonder if they’ll release a Joel, Mike or The Mads? Maybe one of the many incarnations of Cambot? :smile:


  36. Alex says:

    Betcha if Cambot’s released, he’s gonna be the version from Season 5-10. :P


  37. Matty-O says:

    To be honest, I don’t really recall either of the Monster movies all that well (probably recognize them when I see them), but Devil Doll and Devil Fish… AWESOME!!!

    Can’t wait till the info club puts up the pre-order link!


  38. trickymutha says:

    @ #183- I’ve always wondered why the two Master Ninja episodes aren’t on Rhino/Shout- they have the same generic opening credits that “Cave Dwellers” and “Pod People” have, and they had commercial releases.

    Hopefully not OT, but I’d like to see a set with the two Master Ningas, Riding with Death and Code Name Diamond Head. This would be TV set 1.

    The next set after that would have Stranded in Space, San Fransisco International, Jungle Goddess and Puma Man.


  39. Alan D says:

    Yes! This is going to be my fave set yet! Love Robot Monster…and one of the best episodes ever has got to be Devil Doll (An Ugly Stupid Little Movie). See ya soon Gypsy :grin:


  40. Righty says:


    Actually, CBS Paramount quietly dropped the paramount name sooo its now called cbs television studios.

    Also if they did release a tape of the episodes (which they did back in the 80s but is now oop and was the ones used for mst3k) then it would be released under the paramount home video banner. (first 2 episodes made it into some 50 dvd set martial arts box set)

    And on another note, :roll: CBS has a 50% ownership state of the CW if that helps or complicates matters more. :|


  41. Alex says:

    Well, if Paramount’s out of the picture in CBS, then it looks like Master Ninja may have a possible good chance. :mrgreen:


  42. wagtag says:

    The release date is November 9, according to Amazon. Here is the pre-order link:


  43. Thingy says:


    Comando Cody is public domain


  44. Emile Vincente says:

    This brightend my day so can I brighten yours?

    “Stupidity, if left untreated, is self-correcting.” — Heinlein :)


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