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Weekend Discussion Thread: Top 5 Stingers

Picking only five is going to be tough, but I never promised you a rose garden.
My picks are:
• 205- ROCKET ATTACK USA–Stinger: “Help me!” The very first stinger and still one of the best.
• 514- TEEN-AGE STRANGLER Stinger: “And he didn’t steal no bike neither…I did!”
• 820- SPACE MUTINY Stinger: Our hero bravely screams like a girl and bails out.
• 1003- MERLIN’S SHOP OF MYSTICAL WONDERS Stinger: “Rock ‘n’ roll martian…”

What are yours?

89 comments to Weekend Discussion Thread: Top 5 Stingers

  • 1
    Nicolletta says:

    OUTLAW–“Get out of here, you disgusting wwwooorrrmmm!”

    WEREWOLF–“Dis iz obsullutely fussinating.”

    TRACK OF THE MOON BEAST–“Moon rock? Oh, wow!”

    THE VIOLENT YEARS–“So what?” *sob*



  • 2

    Squirm – “YOU gonna be da worm face!”

    Time Chasers – “Matt, it’s time for you to decide if you’re going to be one of my team players or not.” (Text really doesn’t do this guy’s enunciation justice.)

    Pod People – *OK sign* “It stinks.”


  • 3
    eric from NJ says:

    “Moon Rock, Oh WOW!” there are indeed so many and im gonna take one from season 10, too.


  • 4
    Brandon says:

    “Mom… M’I nuts?” from Overdrawn at the Memory Bank.

    “Is that stud coming?” Dander: Diabolik


  • 5
    GizmonicTemp says:

    I’ll second Pod People and Space Mutiny, and I’ll add:

    Secret Agent Super Dragon – Dragon is jumped to a suspense-killing xylophone glisando.

    Radar Secret Service – Thankful maid.

    Painted Hills – From the short. She’s so naughty! Naughty she is!


  • 6
    TVsAdam says:

    Oh, man, I narrowed it down as much as I could, but I couldn’t decide which of these to get rid of, so here’s my Top 6:

    -Gamera: “Bye………………………..”

    -Crash of the Moons: “Boopie!”

    -Radar Secret Service: “THANK YOU!!!”

    -Night of the Blood Beast: “A wounded animal that large isn’t good.” (I laughed typing that out just now.)

    -Deathstalker: “POTATOES are what WE eat!”

    -Overdrawn at the Memory Bank: “Mom, ‘m I nuts?”


  • 7
    sasanagui says:

    I’ll have to go with Final Sacrifice’s “…..Rowsdower?”

    Because you’ve all seemed to have pinned the best already, it’s a triple tie with me between J.K. Roberson, Rock n’ Roll martian, andDavid Ryder’s AAAAAARGH! *hops* *rolls*


  • 8
    Joe The Chosen says:

    Pod People – “It Stinks!”
    Track of the Moon Beast – “Space rock, oh wow!”
    Werewolf – “Its absolutely fascinating.”
    Final Sacrifice – “Rowsdower?”
    Mitchell – Joe Don Baker argues with the kid


  • 9
    pablum says:

    Master Ninja II – *Cleef fondles hamster*
    Teenagers From Outer Space – “The high court may well sentence you to TORCHA!”
    Overdrawn at the Memory Bank – “Mom. My nuts?”
    Rocket Attack USA – “Help me!”
    Diabolik – “Is that stud coming?”


  • 10
    NeonMaetdreams says:

    Angel’s Revenge – Horse-face sings “Shine your Love”
    The Unearthly – Tor Johnson sez “Time a go to bed!”


  • 11

    1. Mitchell – “I SAID BUZZ OFF, KID!”
    2. The Sinister Urge – “Dirk? Nuh-uh. No. That can’t be Dirk. Nuh-uh. No way.”
    3. Parts – The Clonus Horror – “Sure!”
    4. Werewolf – “Dis is absolutely fussinading.”
    5. Devil Fish – “It’s right underneath us!” “I KNOWWWWWWWWW!!!”

    Also I’d like to add four stingers that SHOULD have been, but weren’t (but who am I to second guess BBI?):
    1. The Incredible Melting Man – “Otchka!”
    2. Escape 2000 – “No sugar! How many times must I tell you NO SUGAR! It makes me CRAZY!”
    3. The Thing That Couldn’t Die – “You’re all horrible! I hope a TREE falls on you!”
    4. Time Chasers – “We know you’re planning to use the transport as a weapon.” “I AM NOT!”


  • 12
    Ralph C. says:

    When the show was in first-run episodes and I was watching them with a friend(s), we would try to guess what the stinger would be. Anyone else ever play that game? What other MST3K games have people played?


  • 13
    Bat Masterson says:

    I only have one: the silent creep of the old man down the tunnel in Hercules Against the Moon Men where he becomes impaled by the spike trap. The timing is so wonderful that I used to rewind it and watch it over and over again.


  • 14
    emily says:

    Mitchell – mitchell having a screaming match with the little boy
    Unearthly – Tor saying “time for go to bed”
    Riding with death – “WOW”
    The Touch of Satan – “this is where the fish lives”
    Space Mutiny – dave ryder screaming (duh)


  • 15
    emily says:

    and seriously people, can anyone else not stand the “My my my my mitchell” song?


  • 16
    Light Bear says:

    In no particular order:

    Outlaw: “…you dissguussting woooorrrrmm!”

    Hobgoblins: The Hobgoblins truckin’ …well, kartin’ anyway.

    Space Mutiny: “AAAUUUUGGGHHH!” *pause* *clambers out of Zamboni*

    Laserblast: “Faaaaaaar out!”

    Riding with Death: “WAAAOOOWW HOO HOO! WOAH!”


  • 17
    underwoc says:

    I like pretty much all of the stingers but here’s the ones that stand out for me:

    Cave Dwellers: “Dong, the fish is ready!”
    The Unearthly: “Time for go to bed.”
    Manos: The Hands of Fate: “Why don’t you guys leave us alone?”
    The Wild Wild World of Batwoman: Guy screams while our Batgirl sinks her teath in his arm.
    The Phantom Planet: “You know, Captain? Every year of my life…”


  • 18
    outer space says:

    Pod people: “It stinks”
    Ring of Terror “Wierd I guess that is the word for it, Wierd”
    Teenagers from outer space: “TOTCHA”
    Phantom planet: The good and the beutiful speech
    Mitchell: “BUZZ OFF KID”

    Least favorite: The Hobgoblins. So many funny lines and they choose a shot of the hobgoblins in a go cart Confused .


  • 19
    Diamond Joe says:

    Rocket Attack USA: “Help me!” I can see why this inspired the Brains to do stingers in the first place. I love that bizarre line delivery. Over-acted, or just weirdly-delivered, lines became kind of a stock in trade for the stingers. Some other memorable ones: The Rebel Set (“I am bugged!”), Eegah! (“Fake it.” “That’s what I’ve BEEN doing! Now I’m getting siiick.”), The Brain that Wouldn’t Die (“Who’s to tell me to blow if I don’t want to?”), Time Chasers (“Matt, it’s time for you to decide if you’re gonna be one of my team players or nauut.”), and Diabolik (“Is that stud coming?”).

    It Conquered the World: “He learned too late that man is a feeling creature…” Coming right after they’ve run the whole speech three times, it never fails to get a laugh from me. It’s the tipping point into complete absurdity.

    Teenage Caveman: Watch out for that tree. A bit with unintentionally hilarious comic timing.

    Overdrawn at the Memory Bank: “Mom… ‘m I nuts?” Unwitting double entendre AND comic timing.

    Merlin’s Shop of Mystical Wonders: “Rock ‘n’ roll Martian… rock ‘n’ roll Martian…” As Mary Jo says, it’s “a pure kid moment.” And maybe the one genuinely amusing thing in the movie.


  • 20
    happy says:

    1-Help Me from Rocket Attack USA
    2-Old Man impaled Herc Against the Moon Men
    3-That guy who yells “HERCULES” and Hercules’ goofy look from Hercules and the Captive Women
    4-Youre Stuck Her – Fugitive Alien
    5-Sneak Attack/Jumping – Secret Agent Super Dragon


  • 21
    elaine says:

    Another one that should have been a stinger but wasn’t: “STAAAAAAYYY!!!” from The Undead. Instead, we get a shot of the Observers? How disappointing.


  • 22
    Rowsdower42 says:

    Yeah, those 4 or five episodes without stingers? Just hurtful, that’s what that was.


  • 23
    Steve K says:

    What, no mention yet of 905 – THE DEADLY BEES? (“The dogs meat! Have you seen it?”)

    Also, 913 – QUEST OF THE DELTA KNIGHTS (“I’m Comiiiiiiing!”)

    But best of all HAS to be:


    If you don’t know it, you don’t know MST3k.


  • 24
    Jedzz says:

    I find it so hard to pick just five, that I think I’ll pick a top five, followed by five honorable mentions

    1) Soultaker: Zoom in on smiling creepy mom. One of those moments that’s easy to miss in the episode proper (especially since the classic “partial nudity” bit is going on when the moment happens, but is funny when highlighted in the stinger. Then you remember the context of the moment, and it becomes hilarious.

    2) Ring of Terror: “Weird. Yeah, I guess that is the word for it. Weird.” What a wonderful line of cheesy dialog.

    3) Horror of Party Beach: Beach dance excerpt. How many people even notice the true star of this shot the first time they see this?

    4) Hercules Against the Moon Men: Old guy gets skewered. As Bat Masterson pointed out, the comic timing here is wonderful (and Hercules’ reaction, in the background, is awesome).

    5) The Final Sacrifice: “Rowsdower…” The long silence before this line is spoken makes this moment perfect.

    Honorable Mentions:

    Hercules and the Captive Women: “Hercules! Help me!” Hercules’ expression at the end is priceless

    Michell: “I said BUZZ OFF, KID!” What an odd scene, and Joe Don Baker looks so genuinely angry.

    Jack Frost: Clap, clap, clap. “Bring on my fiancé!” A terrific moment that well-represents a truly bizarre movie.

    The Phantom Planet: The “Good and Beautiful” speech. I love that they not only included the entire monologue, but included the captain’s eye-roll of a response: “You’re some guy, Makonnen”

    It Lives By Night: Our hero swarmily says “Well?” then has a seizure. Once again, a case of excellent comic timing.

    Least favorite: The singer from “Hecules Unchained.” This movie is filled with so many goofy moments (particularly Ulysses flying across the room to knock away the Water of Forgetfulness away from Herc) that the relatively staid shot of the queen mourning her loss feels disappointing.


  • 25
    MikeK says:

    LOL! So many good ones.

    My favorites, from most recent memory.

    1. Cave Dwellers: “Thong, the fish is ready.”

    To hear such an ordinary, domestic phrase come out of Ator after so much noble posturing is funny.

    2. Master Ninja II: The Master holding the hamster. Or is it a gerbil?

    Anyway, whether it’s because a badass ninja is caressing a small rodent or for some other, less wholesome reason, it’s funny.

    3. Deathstalker: “Potatoes are what we eat!”

    Militant vegetarianism? After I watch the whole episode, I always watch that entire scene over again.

    4. Werewolf: “This is absolutely fascinating.”

    An entire movie’s worth of bad acting summed up in one line. Perfect.

    5. Puma Man: Vadinho shoves Puma Man out of a window just so that he can see if he’ll land on his feet.

    The scene is so awkward and poorly done and it just makes you go, “huh?”


  • 26

    My vote for best line that wasn’t a stinger that could have been one had their not been a better one in the same episode was “You’re Welcome” from Merlin’s Shop of Mystical Wonders.


  • 27
    eric from NJ says:

    ralph c- the show ran thru my college and grad school years so we had a pretty good drinking game for the show. ahhhh beery memories Grin


  • 28
    BebopKate says:

    I’m surprised some enterprising MSTie on YouTube hasn’t made a stinger montage. Anyway, the ones that always amuse me for some reason:

    The creepy laughing reindeer from 521 Santa Claus
    The invisible guinea pig from 623 The Amazing Transparent Man
    “Are you waiting for a bus?” from 509 The Girl in Lover’s Lane
    Moon get hysterical from 415 The Beatniks
    “It stinks!” from 303 Pod People

    And three honorable mentions:
    Ann-Margret’s tantrum in 615 Kitten With a Whip
    “Bye…” in 302 Gamera
    And the now classic “Help me” from 205 Rocket Attack U.S.A


  • 29
    magicvoice says:

    Fire Maidens From Outer Space – Guy looks around for something to throw, decides on a chair, and does just that!


  • 30
    Rowsdower42 says:

    I doubt I’ll be able to get down to five. I got it down to seventeen. So bite me. You don’t tell me what to do, Sampo!

    303 – Pod People: “It Stinks!” – It perfectly sums up the Pod People experience.

    310 – Fugitive Alien: “Ha ha ha ha ha… YOU’RE STUCK HERE!” – Such a manic mood swing from boozy brawler Cap’n Joe.

    512 – Mitchell: “Buzz off, kid!” – It’s always good to have your hero verbally abuse children.

    514 – Teen-age Strangler: “He didn’t steal no bike, neither!” – Just brilliant, moving delivery. We love Mikey.

    520 – Radar Secret Service: “Thank you!” – The ridiculous maid, probably the director’s niece or something, over-reacts to a dead body. Beats out the creepy screaming woman from 608 – Code Name Diamond Head.

    521 – Santa Claus: Evil Reindeer – Beating out Sinbad for the creepiest laughing horse moment.

    602 – Invasion, USA: “Extra, paper…” – the very definition of a “walk-on.”

    613 – The Sinister Urge: “Dirk? Nuh. That’s can’t be Dirk. Nuh-uh, nah, that’s not Dirk, nuh-uh.” – Self-explanatory. This is how you react to the wrong dead body? Nuh-uh!?

    616 – Racket Girls: “It’s gone! Where’d it go!?” – Some people just find rubber bands evil and magic.

    702 – The Brute Man: “Creeper, creeper, creeper – you give me the creeps!” – The angry old man hates his help. Why wasn’t this movie called “The Creeper?”

    704 – The Incredible Melting Man: “Let’s get out of here, Harold!” – The odd old person interlude in graphic detail.

    822 – Overdrawn at the Memory Bank: “Mom… m’I nuts?” – Poor Raul Julia. Get back to good movies.

    905 – The Deadly Bees: “The dog’s meat; have you seen it?” – The most disgusting conversation ever.

    913 – Quest of the Delta Knights: “I’m Coming!” – Even Prince Jub Jubs is embarrased.

    1003 – Merlin’s Shop of Mystical Wonders: “Rock’N’Roll Martian!” – Again, speaks for itself. Although, as Redwine said above, the “You’re Welcome!” would have been great too.

    1004 – Future War: Headbutt knocks off a shirt. – One of the more inexplicable things I’ve seen in these movies.

    1011 – Squirm: “You gonna be da worm face!” No, you’re going to be the worm face.

    As far as the four episodes lacking stingers, my choices:
    805 – The Thing That Couldn’t Die: “I have my hands. My hands are strong.” …either that or any moment with the head in the hatbox.
    806 – The Undead: “STAAAAY!” (of course)
    807 – Terror from the Year 5000: Our hero does his hilarious impression outside the theater.
    808 – The She Creature: The glasses fly off and on the man’s face. (I do have the right movie, right?

    Finally, one I would have picked different: I just rewatched 617 – The Sword and the Dragon, and I don’t really like the stinger of the wind demon being knocked out of the tree. My favorite moment of the film is when one warrior runs up to the camera during the dragon fight and shouts “WATER!” He is then hit with two bucket-fulls from off left and right. It think it might be Crow’s riff of “Not me!” that makes it.


  • 31
    Rowsdower42 says:

    Magicvoice, you’re thinking of Manhunt in Space. And then they use the exact same stinger (kind of) for The Screaming Skull. Throw a chair!

    Also, why wasn’t “I KILLED THAT FAT BARKEEP!” the stinger for Beatniks?


  • 32
    Roswdower17 says:

    Definitely the insanely cackling reindeer from “Santa Claus”. I don’t know whether it’s one of the funniest things ever, or the creepiest.


  • 33
    TV's Grady says:

    Incredibly Strang Creatures: “GETYOURTICKETSHERE…”
    Boggy Creek II: “I saw the little creature.”


  • 34
    adoptadog says:

    Yowch, choosing only 5 is tough, but I’ll try…only because I’m such a nice person (and many people have already mentioned many of my faves):

    Santa Claus Conquers the Martians – Voldar’s evil laugh (abruptly cut off) is a perfect choice for a stinger to this cheesefest.

    Gamera vs. Zigra – how weird was the whole fish monologue? Glad they highlighted it.

    Time of the Apes – Johnny just doesn’t care…the little twerp.

    Mighty Jack – the villain getting intimate with his briefcase; I have a hard time watching this ep, but the stinger makes up for a lot.

    Invasion of the Neptune Men – poor little Piggy: “Augghh! What’s that!?”

    Plus honorable mentions to some already listed, but which are spot-on – Brute Man’s “Creeper, creeper, creeper!”, the very disturbing laughing reindeer from Santa Claus, the head bash in Teenage Caveman, and the incredible “TORCHA!” scene from Teenagers from Outer Space.

    And, which bit from Catalina Caper would have been the best stinger? I suppose the creepy girl talking about her fish might have done it.


  • 35
    TheNintenGenius says:

    Out of the episodes I’ve seen, I’d have to pick these ones (not a top five but I have too many I love. In order of broadcast):

    “Weird. I guess that IS the word for it. Weird.” (from Ring of Terror):
    This is the earliest episode with a stinger I’ve seen and it’s definitely a favorite. The line is goofy enough as-is but the delivery seals it for me.

    “It stinks!” (from Pod People):
    One of the greatest MST3K movie lines of all time, and something I’ve found myself doing sometimes.

    “Time for go to bed.” (from Unearthly):
    The episode itself isn’t so great, but this line kills me. Oh Tor Johnson. You should’ve been immortal.

    “TORCHA!!!” (from Teenagers from Outer Space):
    It always amazed me just how into it he seemed to be about that whole torture thing.

    Old guy gets skewered (from Hercules Against the Moon Men)
    I don’t know why I love this one so much. I think it’s a combination of how amazingly fakey it looks combined with the even faker-sounding scream.

    “Why don’t you guys just leave us alone?” (from Manos):
    Honestly after watching this episode this is usually what I want to ask the movie itself.

    The amazing jump kick with xylophone accompiament (from Secret Agent Super Dragon):
    This should win a lifetime achievment award for most inappropriate action scene sound effect.

    “Fake it!” (from Eegah!):
    Roxie just sounds so miserable in this stinger, and there’s also the obvious double entendre nature of her subsequent line.

    “BUZZ OFF KID!!!” (from Mitchell):
    I have to agree with a previous poster regarding Joe Don Baker’s performance here. What did that kid do to get him so pissed off?

    “What do you think we came here for? To eat?” (from The Incredibly Strange…):
    Ethnic friend’s out-of-control accent kills me every time. It’s as simple as that.

    Krankor’s laugh (from Prince of Space):
    I really can’t describe this better than Bridget herself did in the Sci-Fi ACEG. It’s hilarious.

    Our brave hero screaming like a girl (from Space Mutiny):
    Again, I’m not sure what I can add to this one. It’s just great.

    “Mom? ‘m I nuts.” (from Overdrawn at the Memory Bank):
    Poor Raul Julia for being forced to deliver this line. Hooray MST3K for pointing out how hilarious it is regardless.

    “Every year I grow more and more convinced…” (from Phantom Planet):
    This has to be my favorite of all time. The monologue itself is just so ridiculous and lame (and completely out of nowhere), and the captain’s response to it is even better.

    “This is where the fish lives” (from Touch of Satan):
    This still remains one of the most compeltely non-sequitur lines in the history of the series, which is what makes it so great.

    “Rock ‘n roll martian…” (from Merlin’s Shop of Mystical Wonders):
    How can you not love this song? As has been said before, this is totally a little kid moment and easily the best thing in the episode, if not one of the best things in the entire series. Definitely my second favorite of all the stingers.

    The girls screaming from the bizarre black space (from Horrors of Spider Island):
    This is just so inexplicable which is why I had to mention it. The airplane crash looks cheap enough, but intercutting the girls screaming from a black sound stage in the middle of nowhere makes it look even cheaper, as well as really bizarre (and not to mention hilarious).


  • 36
    TheNintenGenius says:

    Oh yeah, and as for episodes that didn’t have stingers but should have, I haven’t seen very many of those episodes but these are what I’d choose:

    “AND DON’T EVER COME BACK!!!” (from Crawling Hand):
    At first I wanted to choose “No dancing. Not allowed” from the diner just because of the old man’s delivery. Then I realized that Paul’s extreme overacting when he’s telling his hot Swedish girlfriend to GET OUT!!!! of the house is so hilarious that it deserves to be preserved for all time.

    “Hai-keeba!” (from Women of the Prehistoric Planet):
    It couldn’t be anything else. It just couldn’t.

    The beach bunnies slapping the beach bums and storming off (from Catalina Caper):
    I had a hard time with Catalina Caper. Creepy girl’s fish monologue seemed like a likely candidate, along with a lot of the undercover cop’s dopey pratfalls, and the famous “You know how to whistle, don’t you? Just put your lips together and cut to the boat.” The part where all the girls decide to just storm off the beach just feels like it encapsulates the movie, though.

    Banjo freaks out after reading the newspaper (from Wild Rebels):
    Most any scene featuring Banjo’s weird little vocalizations would probably work but this is the obvious standout. You can only watch this and think to yourself “the hell?”

    I can’t figure out one for Sidehackers, though.


  • 37
    MattG says:

    My favorite has to be when John Cameron Swayze intercepts the watch falling into the pool in 620: Danger!! Death Ray.


  • 38
    J.K. Robertson says:

    “I’m scared! Let’s get the hell out of here!” — The old lady in The Incredible Melting Man
    “Matt, It’s time for you to decide if you’re going to be one of my team players or not” — My namesake
    “Alright men, into the woods!” — military guy in The Beginning of the End
    “Chief! I saw two corpses in the garden!” — Cop from Samson Vs. The Vampire Women
    The goofy assembled multitudes send us off –The First Spaceship on Venus


  • 39
    mst3Kelly says:

    a lot of my faves have been mentioned, so- here goes:

    The [the] Eye Creatures: exponentially oily and creepy roommate in striped sleeping dress slowly hanging up the phone. time itself seems to stop in horror at the sight and sound of this tableau.
    Alien From L.A.: Kathy saying ‘yuck’. although a far more disturbing stinger would have been any of the inexplicable extreme close-ups of her luridly lit, rolling, vacant eyes.
    Girl’s Town: the nightmare aunt screeching out her window. for some reason the scene in which Mamie Van Doren ‘scats’ over the hymn, enraging the nun, horrifies me more, and could have been another choice.
    The Creeping Terror: ‘my god, what is it?!’ yes- what is it indeed…
    another stinger for this one could be the rotund grandpa cheeping ‘Bob-by’. the Bobby fishing with grandpa scene is one of my very favorites in all the MST3K canon. ‘Morey Firestein- Kosher Game Warden!’ ‘swim! let the current take you away!’ and Mike’s last teeny little ‘bobby?’ this sequence kills me, every time.
    Beast of Yucca Flats: Tor Johnson hurling the boulder and howling the Beast’s warbling cry of rage. there will never be an equal to the one and only Tor Johnson. rest in peace, friend.
    Giant Spider Invasion: creepy Cousin Billy delivers a horrendously juicy raspberry. now we know what Charles Manson is like in a jocular mood. [shudder]
    The Space Children: the newly-departed Professor’s mind-wiped, bottomless stare. incredible. ‘his sitting had gotten out of control, by the end.’
    Girl in Gold Boots: ‘oh god- I wish- I had that- pretty- mind- back…’ this is SUCH a disturbing scene. for me, it is because one somehow senses that the actress painfully delivering this immortal sentence, who is portraying a washed-up at 31, strung-out exotic dancer/softcore porn extra with an aforementioned destroyed brain is, in fact, herself a– washed-up at 31, strung-out, exotic dancer softcore porn extra- with a mostly destroyed brain. oh, I could be TOTALLY wrong; she could be the wife of a successful entertainment industry lawyer with a big house in Palos Verdes and a passel of shiny-faced, dark haired kids. or she owns a cute little boutique on Sunset, and makes a good living selling sand candles and knitted go-go dresses. but then again…perhaps not. the expression on ‘Michelle’ sitting next to her is a cine-verite combination of barely repressed laughter mixed with pity and disgust. again, shudder. a possible other stinger for this episode could be the magical materialization of Buzz in the diner.

    stingers that could have been:
    Robot Monster: Ro-Man lurking ridiculously in his cave entrance
    Lost Continent: Cesar Romero smiling at overladen comic relief guy’s pulpy white butt cheeks


  • 40
    beth563 says:

    Aww, come on! Nobody mentions Girl in Gold Boots?
    “I wish I had my pretty mind back!”


  • 41
    Edwin B says:

    1. Rocket Attack USA – Help me!
    So funny! You can see why the tradition of stingers started.

    2. Pod People – It stinks!
    Great summation of the whole movie. I still use this catch phrase all the time when something goes wrong, with the OK sign!

    3. Fugitive Alien – You’re stuck here!
    Great example of Sandy Frank’s magic. Love the mood swing!

    4. The Unearthly – Time for go to bed!
    Tor’s delivery is fantastic!

    5. Track of the Moonbeast – Moon rock, oh wow!
    Great acting job!

    I also would try to pick out the stinger whenever I watched an episode. I was pretty good at it. I still can’t believe the ‘Otcha!’ from the incredible Melting Man wasn’t used, I was so sure it was stinger-worthy.

    Maybe that should be a thread, what SHOULD have been the stinger.


  • 42
    Kenneth Morgan says:


    Well, here are five from a whole bunch of favorites, and I think they’ve all been previously mentioned:

    -“You know, Captain…” from Phantom Planet
    -The heartbreak of extraterrestrial psoriosis from Being from Another Planet
    -“TORCHA!” from Teenagers from Outer Space
    -“‘m I nuts?” from Overdrawn at the Memory Bank
    -“Dis iss absuldely fassinatin’.” from Werewolf

    And, five choices for riffs that might’ve been…

    -“That was number 5!” from Sidehackers
    -“Charbroiled hamburger sandwiches…” from Jungle Goddess
    -Giant leg roping from Village of the Giants
    -The posessed astronaut with the heavy eyeliner getting blown up from Crawling Hand
    -“Ruth! This is wonderful!” from This Island Earth


  • 43
    eegah says:

    My faves are already listed in the comments (Outlaw, Werewolf, Squirm, etc.), so I won’t repeat them).

    What would make good stingers for the episodes that didn’t have one (K04-205, 207), or had a stupid non-movie one (805-807)?


  • 44
    underwoc says:

    Here’s another one that shoulda been:

    Robot Holocaust: “Yooo und your douwwterr ur deummed”


  • 45

    WILD REBELS also didn’t get a stringer. In that case, may I suggest…

    By the way, let me mention a couple of faves of my own.
    CITY LIMITS: Bad guy screaming like a baby.
    TIME OF THE APES: “I don’t care.”

    My personal list could go on and on.


  • 46
    Matty-O says:

    [b]Final Justice[/b] – “Yew think yew kin take me? Go ‘head on. It’s yer move.”

    [b]The Brain That Wouldn’t Die[/b] – “Who’s to tell me to blow if I don’t want to?”

    [b]Teenagers From Outer Space[/b] – “When we return to our planet, the high court may well sentence you to TORTURE!!”

    [b]Daddy-O[/b] – “Couldn’t help ya if I wanted to, fella. Gym policy.”

    [b]Hamlet[/b] – Where the lush kind does a double take in silent. I don’t know why but that one always gets me.


  • 47
    Matty-O says:

    So much for using HMTL to put the titles in bold. Alien


  • 48
    Ralph C. says:

    I have to say that I have no favorite stingers– I liked them all. Again, the fun I and my friends had with them was guessing what moment/scene/line would be the stinger. I am surprised people have favorites. I can understand favorite lines, which is what this is really about. I love the show very much (it is my favorite t.v. show of all-time) but this part of the show was neat to see. I think a better thread would be either pick a stinger for those shows that didn’t have one, or pick a better stinger than the ones the show chose, which some people have done here.

    And I laughed when I saw the first stinger that showed the Observers. I found nothing wrong with them changing up the format.

    It’s all groovy and stuff.


  • 49
    Steve Knox says:

    Matty-O — HTML uses < and > – not [ and ]
    Lamp To bold text, use <b> and </b>


  • 50
    crowschmo says:

    I liked – “It stinks” from Podpeople.
    “Tom Stewart killed me, Tom Stewart killed me!” from Tormented.
    “He learned too late that man was a feeling creature….” from It Conquered the World.
    That whacked out horse from The Magic Voyage of Sinbad, kind of a tie with the reindeer from Santa Claus.
    I’ll have to re-watch all these movies to remember the rest of them.


  • 51
    TheNintenGenius says:

    Actually I finally thought of what should’ve been the stinger for Catalina Caper: the bizarre underwater horn section.


  • 52
    TV's Dave says:

    No one has mentioned 1006 – Boggy Creek II “I saw the little creature.” (screams)


  • 53
    Miqel says:

    Wow, I love almost all of them, a few that are memorable:

    CAVE DWELLERS – “Thong, Fish Is Ready”

    MITCHELL: “I Said Buzz Off, KID!”

    SKYDIVERS – “I Don’t Know, I Feel Real Free Up There, In That High-Fallutin’ Sky”

    MERLIN’S MYSTICAL SHOP – “Rock’n’Roll Martian, Fu#%kin(?) Roll Martian”

    .. and I really think for TRACK OF THE MOON BEAST they should have used Johnny Longbow’s stew recipe as the stinger – “Whole lotta Things, Chicken, Corn, Green Peppers, Chilli ….. Uh .. Onions”
    (the way he delivers this line is really funny, it almost looks like the actor is embarrassed)


  • 54
    daffyphack says:

    i can’t believe no one said this:



  • 55
    Mike says:

    Hmmm… tough one. In no particular order…

    1.) The Sinister Urge (“Nuh-uh, that’s not Dirk. Nuh-uh. No…”)
    2.) Rocket Attack USA (“Help me.”)
    3.) Prince of Space (“HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HAA!”)
    4.) Werwilf (“Dis iz ubsolootly fahcinatink.”)
    5.) The Rebel Set (“I am bugged!”)

    In an additional note, might I recommend a weekend discussion thread with the topic of “Favorite Villains/Heavies from MST-ed Films”? My first vote would be cast for the vivacious and froggy-throated Gloria from The Sinister Urge


  • 56
    Edwin B says:

    Does Wild Rebels have a stinger? The ACEG says yes, but my tape doesn’t have it. I am making a compilation of all season 2 stingers to post on Youtube. If anyone has the stinger from Wild Rebels let me know.


  • 57
    Mayo says:

    Reading this makes me wish the MST3K movie had a stinger.


  • 58
    Rotten as British Teeth says:

    To Mike: Best villians has been mentioned before as a possible future weekend thread.

    I always loved the stingers at the end of the show; it’s one of the many things that made this show different from all others. Narrowing it down to five is simply brutal, if you realize that there are more than 100 to choose from. I know I’ll be slapping my head saying “Oh! I forgot about that one!!” after I post my list, but here are the ones that stand out at this moment in time:

    – blind man walking, then “exclaiming” “Help me!” from Rocket Attack U.S.A. Paul Chaplin said in the ACEG that “stingers” were started because of this odd little moment in the movie, and that subsequent stingers were a hap-hazard process. It’s true, some were hit or miss, and in certain cases you could find a better one if combing the movie’s dialogue more thoroughly.

    – Hellcats: Greasy, trumpet-playing hippie saying something that to this day I still don’t understand. Another great wtf moment in MST history; apparently speaking incoherent lines wasn’t a problem for late ’60’s filmmakers.

    – It Conquered the World Peter Graves’ over-the-top speech about world humanity. Using it to end the show, both on the SOL and with the Mads’ in Deep 13, with little additional dialogue was as simple yet clever as the show ever got.

    – War of the Colossal Beast The movie was so forgettable that Mr B Natural’s creepy prancing steals the stinger. ‘Nuff said!!

    – Teenagers from Outer Space The “TORTCHA!!” outburst is a fav moment of mine.

    Honorable Mention: Outlaw’s villianous queen saying “You disgusting woooorrrmmm!!” was the only one I’ve predicted correctly when trying to guess stingers. I guess what I find funny is not-so-much for whomever chooses these!

    Ones that could’ve been better:
    -Gamera vs. Guiron: “What a monster.” Huh? This is a Gamera movie guys, plenty of goofy stuff to use here (including Gamera doing gymnastics, if I’m thinking of the right one.)
    -Hercules Unchained: wide-eyed evil queen gulping. Again, plenty of action and nonsense in this movie to use. I’d recommend the scene where Ulysses is acting up after Hercules remembers who he is.
    – Magic Sword: Sybil’s two spin doctors staring at each other. A better one would have been showcasing one of BIG’s many hokey special effects.

    See Sampo, this is what you get for holding out on us this weekend! Razz


  • 59

    A good stinger for Gus Trikinosis’ Sidehackers would be the doofy redneck’s punchline delivery for the prison “joke.” Also, J.C.’s reaction to strangling his girlfriend would work.


  • 60
    Bobo "BuckDat" Briggs says:

    SO many great stingers, but off the top of my head some GREAT ones…

    “Johnny, you be careful….I don’t care!” – Time of the Apes.

    “….you’re STUCK HERE!” – Fugitive Alien

    “He learned too late that man is a feeling creature…” – It Conquered the World

    The Glen Manning laughing in pain stinger – Amazing Colossal Man

    Finally, one that seems very memorable to me and I quote myself a lot for some reason…

    “Weird. Yeah I guess that IS the word for it… Weird.” – The Ring of Terror

    No clue as to why that one sticks out in my mind so much after all these years.

    Honorable mentions off the top would be the guy in pain holding his hand and screaming from Being from Another Planet, the RC Plane blowing up the tower in City Limits and of course the way demented looking Lee Van Cleef with the Gerbil, (Hamster) Alien


  • 61
    Bobo "BuckDat" Briggs says:

    Oh man. Just reading these and saw Bat Masterson’s mention of the stinger in Herc against the Moon Men. Man, it’s cracking my up just thinking about it I can barely type this. That one always gets me. TOO frikkin good. Smile


  • 62
    Bob says:

    Here are 5 of many favorites:

    205- “Help me!” First and best.
    210- Woman shrieks and then guy falls over in hilarious, stiff fashion after being mauled by “alien” alligator.
    303- “It stinks!” with “okay” hand gesture.
    309- Giant Glenn laughs till he has severe chest pain
    320- “Time for go to bed” is announced by Tor J.


  • 63
    John Seavey says:

    1. “This is where the fish lives.”

    2. “This is where the fish lives.”

    3. “This is where the fish lives.”

    4. “This is where the fish lives.”

    5. “Is that stud coming?”

    (Honorable Mention: “I saw the little creature.”)


  • 64
    Edwin B says:

    I made a compilation with all the season 2 stingers and put it on Youtube. Search for MST3K Stingers and you’ll find it.


  • 65
    cameage says:

    Until I found this website, I didn’t know the stingers were even there (and I think at that point I had watched almost every episode). Serves me right for not watching the entire credit sequece.

    Sooooo as a result, I have no favorite stingers because I think I’ve only seen one.

    Well, I guess that makes that one my favorite, actually. I am BUGGED.


  • 66
    underwoc says:

    The more I think about it, I think SIDEHAKERS should have signed off with, “He hit big Jake!”


  • 67
    underwoc says:

    Oops! Spelling! that should be “SIDEHACKERS.” Confused


  • 68
    EvilOrphanSpaceKid says:

    I think in SIDEHACKERS, it’s the crazy part where the two lovers are frolicking then ‘fall’ down the weedy slope while laughing.
    Also – RING OF TERROR, “Puma?” – me and my brother use that one constantly.
    GIRL IN GOLD BOOTS, When Buzz suddenly reappears in the booth.
    BOGGY CREEK 2, when the teacher yells, “I can smell ya!!”
    CAVE DWELLERS, when Miles O’Keeffe/Ator lops off that guys head during the long flashback in the beginning


  • 69
    Diamond Joe says:

    [This would be a blockquote if I could figure out how to do it properly.] Hellcats: Greasy, trumpet-playing hippie saying something that to this day I still don’t understand. Another great wtf moment in MST history; apparently speaking incoherent lines wasn’t a problem for late ’60’s filmmakers.

    The most sensible transcription I’ve read is “I’ll bet you’re all only children,” which I take to mean, “You’re treating me this way now because you never had younger siblings to pick on when you were kids.” Although I suppose it could also mean “If you’d had older siblings picking on you when you were younger, you wouldn’t find this amusing.”


  • 70
    I'm not a medium, I'm a petite says:

    [ I’m probably just missing something, but there are at least 3 occasions above where people are quoting different stingers from the same film, no ? ]


  • 71
    underwoc says:

    Diamond Joe,

    I think you’re over-thinking the meaning in the line. To me, the last couple of syllables sound a lot like “killed me”. I figure the whole line is supposed to be something like, “Hey! You guys could’ve killed me!”


    This thread is a little confused. Some folks are listing their favorite stingers; others are listing the “oughta shoulda been” stingers.


  • 72
    Jane Dobson says:

    Has anyone mentioned the stinger from “It Lives By Night”?

    “Well??” says Johnny before he starts convulsing

    It’s one of my favorites!


  • 73
    Fred P says:

    I’d have to go with these(even though they’ve all been said)
    5. Cave Dwellers-Dong, fish is ready.
    4.(really old) Teenagers from Outerspace-The high court may well sentence you to Torcha!!!!!
    3. Pod People-It Stinks!!!!!
    2. Touch of Satan-This is where the fish lives.
    1. Time of Apes-Johnny be careful, I don’t care!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • 74
    Dyne says:

    Hmm, this one’ll be tough. In no particular order.

    Space Mutiny – “RRRRRRAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!”
    Gunslinger – “What about our clothes?”
    The Deadly Bees – “The dog’s meat. Have you seen it?”
    The Unearthly – “Time for go to bed!”
    The Phantom Planet – The good and beautiful, dammit!


  • 75
    Rowsdower42 says:

    I forgot that 523 – Village of the Giants doesn’t have one. Sooo… hmm, it would probably be really stupid slow-mo dancing to Nietzsche music.


  • 76
    casimar says:

    Mitchell – “I SAID BUZZ OFF, KID!”
    Rocket Attack USA – “Help me!”
    Manos: The Hands of Fate: “Why don’t you guys leave us alone?”
    The Phantom Planet: “You know, Captain? Every year of my life…”
    It Conquered The World – “He learned too late that man was a feeling creature, and because of it…”


  • 77
    Bobo (has a red butt) says:

    Santa Claus Conquers The Martians – Voldar’s laugh and the look he got.

    Always makes me laugh.

    Watch out for snakes.


  • 78
    MikeK says:

    The movie should have any of these as stingers.

    “Captain Obvious” moment when Ruth points out the strange shapes of the foreheads in those sketches of the aliens.

    The laser blows up the car.

    “Stand back! Stand BACK!”


  • 79
    adoptadog says:

    While reading the comments in this thread, it occurs to me that the stingers are just a brilliant summation of the badness of the movie. I like all the stingers, but I really love the ones that just nail the movie and what it was about, that highlight a truly stunning line of dialogue or an odd gesture. All the stingers are fun, but some are beyond perfect.


  • 80
    The Bolem says:

    My 5 favs are stingers that aren’t necessarily funny by themselves, but perfectly complement the experiment.

    RED ZONE CUBA: The indescribably spooky blind lady playing piano on her chifarobe was 3 seconds of film that perfectly captured the feeling of desolation and confusion that Colman’s signature film leaves all its viewers with. Also my all time favorite episode.

    GIANT SPIDER INVASION: Just think about the ordeal our heroes went through in the host segments: Mike saves the universe from the Body-Snatcher pods…and his reward is being forced to sit through one of their most disgusting movies AGAIN! Our Cheesehead Charles Manson couldn’t have summed it up better.

    POD PEOPLE: I guess I don’t need to restate just how true it is. When I say “It stinks!” however, friends seem to think I’m quoting Jay Sherman, ‘The Critic’. Perhaps John Lovitz liked this episode too?

    INVASION OF THE NEPTUNE MEN: Speaking of The Critic, the noise Piggy makes when he falls down sounds a lot like Jay’s “M-ac-hm!” noise. Add that they freeze the scene on him pointing to the camera but leave in the music from the cut to our first Neptunian gives this an entirely different effect from when it comes in the movie, as though the movie is as astounded by the audience as we are by it, or something. The perfect ending to one experiment that almost did the bots in.

    MONSTER A-GO-GO: Not particularly great, but the Monstronaut himself somehow looks like he’s as thrown as we are by the previous statement of there being no monster.

    The one time I seriously tried to guess the stinger was for PUMAMAN, but I had my money on, “I’m not a BIRD!”.


  • 81
    Nick says:

    My favorites:

    Pod People: “It stinks!”
    Fugitive Alien I: “Hahahaha…You’re stuck here!”
    Teenage Crime Wave: “Turn it off!”
    Outlaw: “Get out of here, you disGUSTING worm!”
    Werewolf: “This is absolutely fascinating.”


  • 82
    Billy D says:

    not necessarily in this order:
    1. Touch of Satan “This is where the fish lives.”
    2. Puma Man – Vidinho throws Tony Farms out of the window
    3. The Incredible Melting Man – “Let’s get the hell out of here!”
    4. Space Mutiny – Rider’s scream
    5. Danger: Diabolik – “Is that Stud coming?”


  • 83
    Krasner says:

    The Creeping Terror – “My God! What is it!”


  • 84
    losingmydignity says:

    1. Riding with Death – This is the one that made me laugh the hardest, long after the stinger was over. Lost my dignity indeed. Had to be helped off the floor.
    2. Merlin and the bla, bla, bla, i.e. Rock and Roll Martian – Love this one, because like my number one, kind of missed it while watching the ep for the first time. The best stingers catch a strange moment you might have missed or at least overlooked the first time you watch the ep. And they make you laugh.
    3. Manos, the Hands of Fate — Another moment that would have been overlooked by even the most attentive viewer, I think. At least I did. In a film of completly off-kilter moments it’s a testament to the Brains genius for not going for the easy Torgo or Master moment and giving us this eyebrow raising end.
    4. The Skydivers – Not an overlooked moment but I just love the way the line is delivered. There are many good stingers that focus on dialogue, too many to chose just one, but I love the weirdness here more than any other.
    5. Rocket Attack U.S.A. – Not because it’s the first, but one of the funniest. Funny enough to have made them do it again and again.


  • 85
    Rotten as British Teeth says:

    Diamond Joe: Thank you for the clarification. I hear it now that I’ve played it back, after many attempts before.

    It’s still one of my favs.


  • 86
    hamtronix says:

    werent the stingers chosen by a crew member?


  • 87
    bartcow says:

    I agree with 16 (or 18? to lazy to scroll up and check). The Hobgoblins stinger was a disappointment. I always thought it should have been Daphne’s spastic dance in the doorway.


  • 88
    shinragod says:

    HERCULES AND THE CAPTIVE WOMEN – Herc hears a woman’s cry for help. Herc looks unbelievabely stoned here. (Or he’s immitating Joel Robinson.)


  • 89
    bondfool says:

    I think Sidehackers’ stinger would have been “I will. I will do it,” or shortly afterwords when JC punches Cooch/Gooch for no reason.