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Episode guide: 502- Hercules

Movie: (1957) Hercules helps Jason, the true king, wrest the throne away from pretender Pelias and his son Iphitus, while wooing the lovely Iole.

First shown: 7/17/93
Opening: J&tB “wing it” with the intro
Invention exchange: The Mads demonstrate the cellular desk, J&tB demonstrate Instant Karma
Host segment 1: Tom has updated the constellations for the ’90s; Crow disapproves
Host segment 2: Crow and Tom want to know about Hamilton Joe Frank and Reynolds
Host segment 3: Crow valiantly performs a solo version if the ‘Match Game’
End: The bots discuss Amazons, then some visit on the Hexfield; Frank is now at the desk
Stinger: “It’s like something out of a bad dream!”
1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (161 votes, average: 4.22 out of 5)


• Pardon if it seems like I’m channeling Leonard Maltin, but I’d give this one two-and-a-half stars. The host segments are fair at best, and the movie is so cut up that it’s almost impossible to follow. It has its moments, but the episode is a bit frustrating.
• This episode was included in Shout!Factory’s “Mystery Science Theater 3000: Vol. XXXII.”
• It’s clear that the Brains chose to make most of their cuts at the commercial breaks, but the result is that half the time the characters are in the midst of one plot development before the commercial, and by the time we get back they’re somewhere else entirely. Important plot information was apparently cut as well. Why does the floor make a sound when Jason crosses it? We’re never told, but it seems an important point to everyone in the movie. How does Herc go from retrieving a discus to fighting a lion? No idea. How do Herc and his pals escape the Amazons? One minute they’re being fed sleeping potions and watching dancers, after the commercial break they’re back on the ship. You almost have to treat each of the eight movie segments separately. The riffing is good, and they have plenty of weird stuff to work with, but I’m afraid this episode is less than the sum of its parts.
• This was a widescreen movie, but in this print we see about half of the screen at any moment. It’s not even pan-and-scan. It just sits in the same spot no matter what’s happening on the screen.
• Callbacks: “Where is the sampo??!” (Day the Earth Froze) “Hey, its’ Commando Cody!”
• As noted in the previous writeup, despite being episode 502, this was the first episode shown in season 5. In the previous writeup, I offered a guess as to why.
• During the invention exchange, the third “instant karma” bag leaks. They keep going.
• Many of the riffs in this episode were used in that MST3K program for Windows 3.1 somebody created. For those who weren’t computing then, it put shadowrama at the bottom of your screen and played one of only about 15 quick sound bites every so often. It got very old very fast and, worse, it turned out to be a very invasive program that was hard to remove. Anybody remember that?
• The first host segment is clever but creating modern constellations that make about as much sense as the old ones do is really not an original idea. That said, they put a great spin on it.
• Arcane reference: something is said to resemble a Jim Dine sculpture.
• Tom Servo channels every naughty third-grader with: “Claude Balls, ladies and gentlemen…”
• Note the completely unremarked-upon box of Capt’n Ron cereal sitting on the desk in the second segment.
• If you’re wondering, they were a trio, Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds, composed of Dan Hamilton, Joe Frank Carollo and Tommy Reynolds.
• One I don’t get: When the Amazons surround our heroes and raise their arrows, Crow says, in a very stilted voice, “even the archers are beautiful!” What the heck?
• The Match Game bit, while funny, is another one of those “huh?” sketches.
• One of the cleverest bits comes right at the end, as they sit through the closing credits and Tom explains what happened to the characters after the story. Pretty funny stuff, but why do they sit through the credits when large chunks of the film were excised?
• Mary Jo makes her first physical appearance on the show, and Bridget makes her first appearance since season three, as the Minnesota amazons.
• Cast and crew roundup: Many of the same people also worked on the sequel “Hercules Unchained,” including American executive producer Joseph E. Levine (who also brought you “Santa Claus Conquers the Martians”), director Mario Bava (who also directed “Diabolik”), director/screenwriter Pietro Francisci, screenwriters Ennio De Concini and Gaio Frattini, editor Mario Serandrei and score composer Enzo Masetti. Executive assistant Massimo DeRita also worked on “Puma Man” and art director/set designer Flavio Mogherini was the art director on “Diabolik.”
Similarly in front of the camera, Steve Reeves, Sylva Koscina, Fabrizio Mioni, Mimmo Palmara (who also appears in “Hercules and the Captive Women), Gabriele Antonini, Andrea Fantasia, Aldo Fiorelli, Gino Mattera, Willy Colombini, Fulvio Carrara and Aldo Pini were all in “Hercules Unchained.” In addition, Ivo Garrani was also in Hercules and the Captive Women and Luciana Paoluzzi was also in “The Green Slime.”
• Creditswatch: Host segments directed by Kevin Murphy. Hair and makeup by Clayton James (one of only two times this season).
• Fave riff: “Stay away from their powerful hind legs!” Honorable mention: “It’s the Andrea Dworkin memorial cemetery!” “Do you have a reservation for Hercules? It might be under Heracles…”

110 Replies to “Episode guide: 502- Hercules”

  1. Mark says:

    Suprised to see the “fair at best” comment about the host segments in this one. I suppose they aren’t consistently strong, but the cellular desk bit is, IMO, one of the very best moments of Frank-Clay interaction. And the Match Game segment is probably a top 10 all-time host segment. If not top 5. To each his own, I guess.

    And yes, I do remember that MST Windows program. And yes it was a pain to remove.


  2. Travis M says:

    My first thought on the archers comment is that it’s the MC from Cabaret. Having not seen this episode in a really long time, it’s hard for me to say…


  3. GizmonicTemp says:

    The “Match Game” sketch for me was kind of like “Apocalypse Now”; you knew you were watching something profound, yet it was boring.

    I love this genre of movie and thus “Hercules” is a 3.5 star movie for me. And with an RPM of 10.5, it followed up #501 quite well. (I first saw these in numerical order.)

    Callback: Crow yells, “Where is the Sampo.” and then finishes with “Oops.” The “oops” kills me EVERY time!!

    My full review is here.


  4. swh1939 says:

    I remember when I first saw this episode, I started to hear the first unofficial buzz that Joel might be leaving soon. So my memories associated with this episode are a bit tainted … in addition to not caring so much for the Hercules series of movies anyway.

    With the resurgence of Match Game on GSN, that host segment isn’t as dated now as it could have been.

    Sampo, my apologies. I mentioned elsewhere that I didn’t mean to offend anyone with my ‘commercials’ comment; it was more a curiosity than anything else. But clearly I touched a nerve within the community. Quite a change of reaction as compared to my ‘don’t show Manos first to the uninitiated’ comment. Again, my bad.


  5. GizmonicTemp says:

    Why does the floor make a sound when Jason crosses it?

    Sampo – The oracle tells Pelias to beware of a man with one sandal. Hercules presents a one-sandaled Jason to Pelias and the odd sound effect emphasizes the oracle’s prediction coming true.

    I also agree with you that the Brains’ editing of this movie wasn’t the best. There are some pretty major plot points lost, especially a scene where Hercules discoveres Chiron and Jason living in a cave in exile.


  6. Tickle Me Carlo Lombardi says:

    I agree 100% this movie is unfortunately so chopped up it is almost confusing. Perhaps that is why this particular Herc movie was saved for last. They were most likely considering not showing it because they knew what they would have to do to it.

    Correct me if I’m wrong but are J&TB required to watch the credits as part of the licensing the films?


  7. happy says:

    They should have made this a 3 hour episode because the movie is very long and I cant understand why they picked a movie that had to be so severely chopped
    The match game skit I think came from show 501 where Crow does a match game riff…i think it was Warrior of the Lost World where the riff came from
    This episode is ok, but not high on the ShoutFactory release list..


  8. Ed Vosik says:

    I think that’s Heracles not Pericles as an alternate name for Hercules.


  9. This was touched on in the comments for “Hercules Unchained,” but I don’t think the sword-and-sandal epics hold up at all. I tried to watch this one recently, and apart from Joel snarking on a camera angle at the beginning, I found it instantly forgettable.

    Once you’ve gotten your mileage from making fun of the silliness of the costumes and the beefiness of the actors, the jokes and riffs just become stale and commonplace. And like you say, because these are all so cut up, you can’t even really follow the plot either.

    The last sword-and-sandal epic they did was “Colossus and the Headhunters,” one of the worst of Season Six. I was glad when they stopped; it had gotten to a point where if I saw a man wearing a Greek skirt or a legionnaire’s helmet, I immediately turned it off.

    That said, I loved the Match Game bit, because I was a fan once upon a time (I still occasionally watch the GSN reruns). Considering that Gene Rayburn was the first of the regular cast to die, it seems particularly poignant now.


  10. BabaYaga says:

    Travis M is right. The MC from “Cabaret” (played in the film by Joel Grey) opens with remarks about how all the people in the show are beautiful and “even the orchestra is beautiful,” all in a clipped German accent. The orchestra, as it happens, is comprised of hideous transvestites.


  11. Skenderberg says:

    I don’t know what you guys are talking about. I loved Hercules. (And yes, the alternate is “Heracles”, not “Pericles”.) I think that may be a matter of personal bias, however, as I am predisposed to like sword and sandal, sword and sorcery, fairy tales and so on. The story did jump around a bit, but having watched the rest of the show up to this point already, I’m pretty used to disjointed subjects.

    Favorite riff, after Iole claims that Herc’s ability to stop panicking horses proves his identity: “Well, he could be Roy Rogers!”


  12. Eric D. says:

    Including the credits must surely be part of the licensing arrangement: “Cut up the film as much as you want, but you gotta show the credits.” Surely if bailing were an option, Mike or Joel and the ‘bots would have done so rather than exert themselves to fill the time on the movies with really long closing credits.


  13. Bob says:

    I’ve always loved the “modern constellations” host segment. “It’s a pencil, the eraser’s mostly gone” still cracks me up. Extremely funny stuff.

    Heracles is the Greek name for the ancient hero who is the son of Zeus, the Romans changed it to Hercules.

    Pericles was the great visionary leader of Athens at the peak of it’s “golden age” when the Parthenon was built, etc.


  14. Sampo says:

    Thanks for the Heracles correction, everybody. Clearly *I* don’t know my Greek mythology! :-)


  15. Mac says:

    Where was Medea during all of this? (No Tyler Perry jokes, please.)

    Anyway, in myth Heracles/Hercules was originally one of the Argonauts. But he jumped ship. I quote from Carl Kerenyi, Heroes of the Greeks:

    “Herakles… would have nothing to do with the Lemnian women [the “Amazons” of the movie]… in the country of Mysia, the Argonauts lost the beautiful Hylas to the water-nymphs, and with him Herakles, who went back to his Labours after long and vain search for the beloved lad.”

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that…


  16. Evan K says:

    “Heracles” is an alternate name for “Hercules,” not “Pericles” — for those who don’t know their Greek mythology, Sampo *cough* . . .




  17. Snackula says:

    For me, regardless of editing or even basic storytelling competence, the Herc movies are all time favorites.

    Goofy, unmanaged, obviously chemically assisted brainstorming went into every one of them. That’s why I don’t get too concerned with the continuity of the mythology. These films aren’t about historical accuracy. They’re simply fun popcorn films.

    And as the crew of the SOL has shown, there is plenty of fun to be had with these “epics”. Now just ’cause they’re fun doesn’t mean they’re easy to watch. But a nice helping of MST sure does make them go down easier.


  18. Ben Murphy says:

    The Herc movies rock.

    I don’t if its this one, but there’s at least one riff when Joel sees a nice rack on one of the Greek ladies and says “guys, I am so homesick right now.”

    The riffs are pretty good all around.


  19. Doctorb says:

    According to Apollonius of Rhodes’ “Argonautica”, Heracles was actually pretty miffed about being left behind, IIRC. They’d tried to elect him leader of the Argonauts, being a demi-god and that, but he insisted on deferring to Jason because it was his special quest, and then after that nice gesture got left behind!

    Okay, geek out over… I will go back to my Classics major in silence…


  20. Bobo "BuckDat" Briggs says:

    Herc Unchained was an instant classic for me and loved the other Herc episodes. So i’m glad they did this one even though they claimed in season four to be done with Herc. To me the Hercules movies, especially the Steve Reeves ones, sum up the very tone of this particular era of Joel’s MST years really nicely. :) The chemistry between Joel and the Bots makes it really fun and always great to watch.

    “Claude Balls, Ladies and Gentlemen. Claude Balls.” :)


  21. Kenneth Morgan says:

    A while back, for the Even Deeper Blurting site, I wrote up an article on all the bits from the movie that BBI cut out. I have to agree that it would’ve been better if they’ve just made this a longer show, or even a two-parter, so they could use the whole thing.

    For example, there’s a big sequence where the Argo runs into a terrible storm and the crew has to jettison most of their supplies (hence the stop at the island). During that scene, I can just hear Joel or a ‘bot say, “Maybe we shouldn’t have given that Jonah guy a lift.”

    Still, this is ep is pretty good. I liked the host segments and the inventions, and the riffing is fine. My favorite riff is probably a tie between, “I love my dead Greek son!” and “You have the right to remain silent.”


  22. Satan's Jockstrap says:

    502 – Hercules is easily the best of the sword and sandal episodes (perhaps they were saving the best Hercules episode for last) and one of the best episodes they ever did! This was my first Joel episode and it sealed my fate as an obsessive, long-term fan. When I finally got a chance to see the other three herc eps, I was profoundly disappointed (they seemed relatively dull by comparison). Part of the charm of this one is it’s so incomprehensible (most likely due to the editing) which makes it all the more hilarious. All of the host segments are brilliant and it just seems as if they were firing on all four cylinders from beginning to end……home run episode all the way! A hundred, million, gajillion stars!!!!!!

    Mark this one at the top of the list for Shout!



  23. Bob says:

    According to Apollonius of Rhodes, who set the ancient story of the Argonauts down in writing, thus preserving it for the ages, Heracles left the Argo to search for his friend and squire Hylas, who was captured by a nymph. The Argo set sail in haste to take advantage of a sudden favorable wind, thus accidentally leaving Heracles and Hylas behind without knowing the fate of either of them.

    Penguin Books publishes a quite affordable translation of the story for anyone who’s interested.


  24. Central Scrutinizer says:

    I agree with Ed….it’s Heracles.


  25. Brian says:

    I rather enjoyed this episode. I’d have to say that my favorite is Joel’s “Hi, we’re here for Scruffy, our pet lion… OH MY GOD!” The way he delivered just makes me laugh every single time I watch it.


  26. I’m not a medium, I’m a petite says says:

    Speaketh Sampo : One of the cleverest bits comes right at the end, as they sit through the closing credits and Tom explains what happened to the characters after the story. Pretty funny stuff, but why do they sit through the credits when large chunks of the film were excised?

    Don’t we have to assume that they felt the closing credit riffing ( which IS excellent ) was better than the additional riffing they would have done with the extra footage ? It’s only about 1’40”, I don’t think it would have added much to the continuity of the film.

    In general, I think their closing credit riffs are some of their best. Tusk anyone ?


  27. Ben Murphy says:

    “Um…. he broke….”


  28. I thought the Match Game skit was kind of cool.

    Here’s a classic J&TB riff: when one of the characters announces: “Arrest them all!” J&TB respond “You have the right to remain silent!”


  29. Clint says:

    For me, this episode is a little so-so as far as MST3k goes. The movie is impossible to follow, and I can see where editing is to blame.

    My favorite riff might be when the old man says “I’ve made a lot of mistakes – and they are beginning to catch up with me. Joel replied, “Probably what Michael Milkin said.”

    The Casual Day segment was similar to one they did later in “Deadly Mantis.”

    My tape was taped in the summer of ’93 and therefore there are many “Coneheads” ads, complete with the tie-in with Crack-Ups snack crackers.

    E-kudos go to whoever can finish this jingle:

    Say goodbye a little longer
    Make it last a little longer
    Give your breath long-lasting freshness (…insert line…)


  30. crowschmo says:

    “…with Big Red…”


  31. Satan's Jockstrap says:

    I watched Hercules again and I’m convinced they were truly at the peak of their powers during the Joel era with this episode.

    Favorite riff: “Wait, this is ‘ancient’ Greece. They didn’t have ruins yet!”

    Honorable mention: “Herc’s invented the weed whipper!”


  32. Satan's Jockstrap says:


    I was checking out your review of Hercules and was reminded of another favorite riff:

    “Looks like it’s big, brawny, hairy, glistening, two-fisted, manly day!”



  33. Rotten as British Teeth says:

    Its alittle ironic that this may be the least remembered Hercules movie MST did, even though it was “the one that started them all”. I remember reading somewhere that this was one of the highest-grossing films of the 1950’s, probably because the sword-and-sandal genre was new at the time.

    As for the episode itself, its average at best. The riffing is strong in parts but not continuously, while the segments are in the average-to-good range. I find the “Match Game” segment alittle tedious, and in fact depressing if I take it too seriously at the time I’m watching it. :sad: However, the episode itself isn’t a total snooze-fest.

    Fav riff: “Hey, I found a pack of Trojans on the road!”

    Thankfully, they had a home run with the following episode. :smile:


  34. adoptadog says:

    The sword & sandal epic is not my favorite genre, but I will watch any MSTed movie, and I can always find something to enjoy.

    I will second the fav riff from Rotten as British Teeth: “Hey, I found a pack of Trojans on the road!” is just one of the most perfect comments ever.


  35. crowschmo says:

    Here’s something out of a bad dream.


  36. Satan's Jockstrap says:

    It’s the Bataan Sex March.


  37. Not only is this one of my favorite episodes, but it’s one of the few (there *are* a few) movies that are riffed that I actually like straight.

    I like the original so much that when I was putting together my entire MST3K collection I edited back one tiny (but key) sequence in the temple where Hercules is made mortal. Of all the things that were cut this is the most crucial, because it’s really the whole point of the movie. Oddly enough (or perhaps not) putting that sequence in, even without Joel and the bots in the theater, is very smooth and seems natural (although I had to alter the tone of the voice of Hercules, as the DVD I had did not match the dubbed version MST3K used — there must be at least two versions with different voice actors doing Hercules — yes, it was weird, but Steve Reeves was dubbed even though he spoke English — but all Italian movies are dubbed because they don’t ever record live sound)

    I agree with those who said the muscle epics are fun because they are so goofy — perfect riffing material. But I also happen to like this one movie on its own, due to the immortal giving up his immortality theme (BTW, it also explains why Hercules acts so goofy prior to the temple scene — he’s a god and doesn’t connect to men at all. After he becomes mortal he really does change and it’s probably the only movie Reeves really showed he could act. Or at least his voice dubber could :>)


  38. Morgan says:

    That’s Naughty!

    Other favorite riffs: “Hi, we came to get Scruffy, our pet lion–Oh my God!”

    “Have I mentioned I’m immense and immortal?”

    Overall, this one just took a while to get going, and as others have mentioned the decision to edit out large chunks did not help. That said, it certainly had some good moments and I think the second half was better than the first. I’d say 3.5 stars is about right.


  39. Nick says:

    I gotta agree with the consensus here: it’s an OK episode. Not bad, not a classic. Herc Unchained was a better ep IMO.

    BTW: I was looking at Daddy-O’s info on the great Mario Bava and noticed a slight boo-boo. Bava didn’t direct Atomic-Age Vampire. He might have photographed it or did special effects, but I know he didn’t direct it. Kinda pressed for time now, so I’ll look it up later. :wink:


  40. losingmydignity says:

    I’ve never been a big fan of the Hercs…

    That said this ep doesn’t really pick up until Herc and the Gang (manly day!) go cruising. The first half is Gore Vidalian Sasoonian awful and The Brains don’t seem to be having much fun. Thanks to the Gods that they cut out as much of it as possible. Once they get on the boat The Brains gets inspired. The riffing on the Amazonian island is great…the H-crew’s escape is the only scene I wish they hadn’t cut, because the momentum, riff-wise, has kicked into high gear. (The cuts don’t bother me at all–all those mythological plots are dull to me…no poetry) The riffing peters out again in the fight finale, but the end credit riffing is a great consolation.
    Also: Sylvia Koscina is one of the most beautiful actresses to ever appear in an MST. Too bad the print they used is so bad she looks like a cartoon character.
    A possible missed riff: the dino-creature whatever his name kills sounds like a slowed down, drugged Godzilla. They may have even stole the sound effect and played it at a slower speed. I’m surprised no one noticed this.
    And yeah, the archer riff has to be from Cabaret. Didn’t catch that until now. Appropriate since they are posing their legs like chorus girls….


  41. losingmydignity says:

    P.S. I think part of the joke in the second host seg is that Hamilton Joe Frank Reynolds actually had a bigger hit than Don’t Pull Your Love with this song:

    Enjoy! :twisted:


  42. I'm not a medium, I'm a petite says:

    re #41

    Thx for the blast from the past :) Even more texture on Hamilton Joe et al. When they recorded and released ‘Falling in Love’, one of the original trio had left and been replaced, but the suits refused to let them change their name to reflect the new line up.


  43. losingmydignity says:

    Glad you enjoyed it Petite…

    They didn’t allow them to change it because how could you go wrong with a name like that!

    (I believe there were rumours that were going to change it to Frankly Joe Hamilton Fish or was it Frankly Joe Reynolds Wrap? But these were all taken by a law firms in Oblong, Ill. and Midol, TX, respectively)


  44. Satan's Jockstrap says:

    @Mike “ex-genius” Kelley (comment 37)

    I have to admit that I also thought the movie seemed to be of good quality for its time, which flies in the face of my theory that “the worse the movie, the better the episode (& vice versa).” If that’s the case and Hercules really is a good movie, then this episode shouldn’t be the flawless classic that it is. However, the “continuity crushing” edits by The Brains help to make the movie seem much worse, and the resulting plot holes are painfully hysterical (even without the top quality riffing included).

    @ losingmydignity (comment 40)
    “Sylvia Koscina is one of the most beautiful actresses to ever appear in an MST.”

    I wholeheartedly agree with that! Not only does she have a beautiful, angelic face, but I find myself drooling over those lovely, long, candy cane legs while trying to watch the movie….YUMMY!


  45. Meranalf says:

    This is definitely lesser Herc for me. Maybe the scene cutting would have worked better if the Brains had cut just one large sequence instead of several smaller ones during the commercial breaks. Some times I think they’re going for the effect of the movie still continuing even during the commercials and host segments.

    Favorite riff:
    Tom “singing” the North by Northwest theme as Iole’s runaway chariot almost drives off a cliff.

    We have two Wizard of Oz references here.
    Motivational Speaker: “All our men will need courage.”
    Tom: “Courage!” a la the Cowardly Lion.

    An old man recommends a concoction of wine and poppy seeds.
    Joel: “Poppies!” a la the Wicked Witch of the West.


  46. Spector says:

    Again, Sampo, we’re in agreement here. This one has its moments and there’s some good riffing but overall this one isn’t as good as their riffing during previous Hercules movies in Season Four. The first three episodes of this season were not strong ones to start what was to be a memorable season for the series.


  47. Finnias Jones says:

    • Two Amazon breast-removing riffs in a row. Joel going too dark? (see also: 501—Warrior of the Lost World @ 01:25:15, during the credits)
    • Ha! more synergy! Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds. I just downloaded Billboard’s Top 100 of the 1970s: 71 – Don’t Pull Your Love & 75 – Fallin’ In Love. Two tunes that I never could have ID’d before now. Thanks MST!
    • “Instant Karma” is of course one of John Lennon’s best solo tunes, and deepest.
    • re. Match Game sketch: Huh. I used to watch this show and loved it as a kid — dirtiest s*** on network TV, but I found this skit lacking. Too many personalities for one man/bot to impersonate? (eg. where are Brett’s glasses?) And why wasn’t the seed-question/set-up itself (“The day I bought my boat and the day I…(blank)”?) ever given a punch-line?
    • And hey! I loved JIM DINE when I was in art school in the late 80’s. He was already passe (but still alive/working). Making half-assed paintings of boring s*** was an inspiration to me and many others.
    • And re. the episode itself; Sylva Koscina is hot – a top 10 MSTBabe. Unchained and Moon Men are better Herc. episodes overall. I wish Rifftrax or CT would riff Mario Bava’s “Hercules In the Haunted World” – it features Christopher Lee as the villain.
    • Again, re. BB’s editing of the movie: how/when does Herc get his powers back? At one point he’s rowing a boat with the other plebes, then later he’s breaking chains. The hell?


  48. Dan in WI says:

    This is the first time I’ve ever seen this episode. I think it helped going in knowing the cuts were so deep that the film would be incomprehensible. It allowed me to just concentrate on the riffing. The riffing was good but not great. That said I love this genre of movie so I liked this episode more than I should.

    Well casual day sure went over well. Should have dropped the cow here too.

    Love the Thompson Twins reference when the Mads call the satellite. Being a child of the 80’s who can forget their breakthrough American hit “Hold Me Now?”

    I like the Cellular Desk. But someone is going to have to explain the name to me. Is it just taking the cellular of cellular phone and using that word as “portable?” That can’t be because cellular doesn’t really mean portable. Something else?

    Michael Bolton tickets sure qualify as bad karma in my book.

    I enjoyed the constellation segment. But then I’ve always been a sucker for those classic Joel cue card/artist drawing host segments. My favorite was the ham sandwich. But maybe that is because I haven’t had supper yet tonight.

    I’m not sure if I can really explain why but these host segments sure feel like they would fit in just fine in season 2.

    I wanted to like this Match Game segment. I did like that show as a kid and later in life it was something I watched with Grandma when visiting. But that this sketch was in some strange place between weird and dark. It just didn’t work for me.

    So I start out watching a Hercules movie and the next thing I know an elderly Godzilla shows up?!?!?!

    In the closing segment Crow is selling Tom on Amazons taking over the satellite. He states they could empty the load pans. That is the first time in a very long time we’ve heard them mentioned.

    Then the Amazons do arrive in some sort of proto-Widow Maker. And is that the first on screen appearance of Mary Jo? If not it is an early appearance the use of a Widow Maker type vehicle is prophetic.

    Favorite Riffs:
    Crow singes during credits “My movie has a first name it’s O-S-C-A-R”

    Crow commenting on something in the background “Wait this is ancient Greece, they didn’t have ruins yet.”

    Crow as Iole with a blank stare “I wonder what I’m thinking about.”

    After spending time with lovely Amazons the heroes are confront with savages Joel says “Well they’re not Amazons but when in Rome fellas”

    The father drinks poison and Tom imitates a Slimfast commercial “I have a delicious poison in the morning…and that’s it.”


  49. big61al says:

    I love the sword and sandal films they did on the show. I have said I wished they put them all in one dvd set. :yes:


  50. Sitting Duck says:

    Tickle Me Carlo Lombardi #6: Correct me if I’m wrong but are J&TB required to watch the credits as part of the licensing the films?

    The History of MST3K feature on the 20th Anniversary DVD Set seems to imply that it was indeed the case.

    It’s always struck me as kind of weird the way that most of the personalities from Greco-Roman mythology are usually known by their Greek names, yet Heracles/Hercules is almost always referred to by his Roman name.


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