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Still More Vol. XIX Stuff

Here’s the official press release:

For Immediate Release

Shout! Factory to release
Mystery Science Theater 3000: Volume XIX

Featuring Never-Before-Released MST3K Episodes
Robot Monster, Bride of the Monster, Devil Doll and Devil Fish

You are cordially invited to celebrate the launch of this year’s holiday season with the rambunctious crew from the Satellite of Love, as Joel, Mike and their robot pals Gypsy, Tom Servo and Crow T. Robot embark on a painfully joyful (and joyfully painful) voyage through the magnificent madness of  the Mystery Science Theater 3000: Volume XIX limited-edition 4-DVD box set (featuring the highly collectible Gypsy figurine) from Shout! Factory, in association with Best Brains, Inc. on November 9, 2010.

This side-splitting collection of MST3K features the show’s never-before-released episodes Robot Monster, Bride of the Monster, Devil Doll and Devil Fish.  Those entrees come with a side of extras, including a new introduction by J. Elvis Weinstein, cult filmmaker Larry Blamire’s full-fledged geek-out on Robot Monster, new featurettes on Bride of the Monster and Devil Doll, MST3K: Origins and Beyond from CONvergence 2009, original movie trailers, and four exclusive MST3K mini-posters by artist Steve Vance. There might even be an Easter Egg…we’re just sayin’.  This limited-edition 4-DVD box set also includes a figurine of Gypsy, the perfect companion to the Crow T. Robot and Tom Servo figurines included in previous year-end Mystery Science Theater 3000  DVD box sets, all of which have become collector’s items.  A must-have for loyal fans and collectors, Mystery Science Theater 3000: Volume XIX 4-DVD box set is priced to own at $69.97.

The sinister alien Ro-Man has decimated the Earth’s population, leaving only eight survivors, including a professor and the family of young space enthusiast Johnny.

Its status as “one of the worst films ever made” easily makes Robot Monster an instant hit with the crew of the Satellite of Love! Join Joel, Servo and Crow as they explore their own fears of Ro-Man — errr … Ro-Tom — surrealism and, of course, the awful greatness (and the great awfulness) that is Robot Monster!

Also includes the shorts Radar Men From The Moon: Chapters 4 & 5!

Bonus Features
Brand-new introduction by J. Elvis Weinstein
Larry Blamire Geeks Out
Original Robot Monster trailer

Horror cinema icons Bela Lugosi and Tor Johnson star in this unforgettable Ed Wood classic as the crazed Dr. Vornoff and his beastly assistant Lobo, who conduct heinous experiments on human victims in an effort to create a race of atomic super-beings that will conquer the world.

The film raises some intriguing questions: Do robots made of scrap parts aboard an orbiting satellite dream of electric sheep? Can Joel and the ’bots carry a tune? Who doesn’t love cold Tater Tots® and olive loaf? These and other, equally imperative, questions will be answered — and more — in this “very special episode” of Mystery Science Theater 3000 that pays tribute to one of Ed Wood’s best bad movies ever! After all, no Ed Wood film would truly be complete without the biting yet loving riffs of your faithful Satellite of Love crew!

Also includes the short Hired!, Part 1!

Bonus Features
Citizen Wood: Making ‘The Bride,’ Unmaking ‘The Legend.’
Inventing the “Invention Exchange”
Original Bride of The Monster trailer

Well … hello Dolly!
Before a sold-out audience in London, “The Great Vorelli” performs with his ventriloquist dummy, Hugo. The doll walks on his own. It talks on his own. It even threatens the audience on his own. But is Hugo the real villain? Or could it be that his ventriloquist owner has lost his marbles?

While Pearl and Brain Guy show the Romans how to have a good time at the Lesser God Day celebration, Mike, Crow and Servo invite you to their own open-window frat party! Party it up with the S.O.L. crew, complete with special guests, devil dolls and their own British pub!

Bonus Features
The Puppet Master: Richard Gordon on Devil Doll
Original Devil Doll trailer

When Dr. Stella Dickens concludes the recent string of grisly deaths and demolished boats can’t be the result of any known marine creature, she sets out to capture the beast, a genetically created bio-weapon that must be kept secret . . . at any cost. One thing’s for sure, however: The fish are biting!

Beware the dolphins, after Mike and the crew of the Satellite of Love decide to mock their intelligence! Meanwhile, Pearl is forced to convince unexpected visitors that the castle’s actually a luxurious cruise liner! No one’s safe — least of all, Devil Fish — in this episode from Mystery Science Theater 3000’s ninth hysterical season!

Bonus Features
MST3K: Origins and Beyond at CONvergence 2009
Original Devil Fish trailer

28 Replies to “Still More Vol. XIX Stuff”

  1. mst3ktemple says:



  2. Markedman247 says:

    Already discussed but that’s a heck of a pattern of names:

    Robot Monster
    Bride of the Monster
    Devil Doll
    Devil Fish

    So, remove the most common factors and we have:
    Robot Bride of the Doll Fish?


  3. BeefStumpKnob says:

    great! gives me about 10 weeks to sell enough blood…….


  4. ck says:

    This set is best watched while enjoying a
    snack of assorted luncheon meats.


  5. Cyanide says:

    AWESOME full spread of details, Sampo!

    Can’t wait.
    Is that a first look at the covers/posters up there?


  6. big61al says:

    Start dusting off the dvd player Laura……


  7. Mr. B(ob) says:

    That is an awesome set of extra features this time. Many extras and mostly really good ones. Though I have to say, Larry Blamire seems to be in there simply perhaps because his movies are also now Shout! releases and they are shamelessly plugging him? Otherwise, the extras are terrific and are of [i]direct[/i] interest to fans of MST3K.


  8. The Toblerone Effect says:

    Like I said in another thread, I’m pleasantly surprised with what SF came up with for bonus content. I’m also somewhat intrigued by a possible “Easter Egg”, too!


  9. StarDustMaiden says:

    Love it. :mrgreen:
    Love it. :mrgreen:
    Love it. :mrgreen:
    Love it. :mrgreen:

    But how about some scene selections? The power went out yesterday and I had to start the movie all over when it came back.


  10. rcfagnan says:

    ck (#4): Also enjoyable while in the presence of a stupid worthless electrician :razz:


  11. Nice to see that everyone is excited about the MST3K XIX extras! I certainly had a blast putting the new mini-docs together. You have to give it up for Shout! They’re really going all out on this one!

    In response to Mr. B(ob)… the “Larry Blamire on ROBOT MONSTER” featurette is based more on his love for b-movies, than his own self-promotion. And he’s such a delightful subject! Not to mention that he’s a HUGE MSTie! That’s why we (Ballyhoo Motion Pictures and SHOUT! Factory) continue to utilize his wealth of knowledge and general admiration for these films.

    Thanks again everyone!


  12. Gary Bowden says:

    Looks like another outstanding set and extras from Shout!! I wonder what’s next for Volume 20? Will we get another figurine of some sort?? I can’t wait,but I’ll have to,won’t I? :lol: Thanks Shout! You guys are doing an excellent job.


  13. Alex says:

    Now that they got Ed’s Bride of the Monster on Volume 19, how about getting The Violent Years on Volume 20? :P


  14. Mr. B(ob) says:

    I’d like to see the rest of the Hercules movies done on the show on SHOUT! DVD releases. And of course, Jungle Goddess!


  15. starman15317 says:

    All right, now I just need to sell my kidneys so I can get this DVD ;-)


  16. H says:

    I’m glad that the extras are spread out pretty well on this set. They sometimes end up with a lopsided set (extras-per-DVD-wise) but this is relatively even.


  17. Graboidz says:

    Great set…already on order. The extras are great! Can’t wait for a crisp copy of “Robot Monster”…mine was barely visible when I transferred it to DVD a few years ago!


  18. ck says:


    You might want to consider keeping one kidney.
    Just sayin’. ;-)

    (Unless, of course, you’re a clone daddy).


  19. GizmonicTemp says:

    Hey Shout!, DEFINITELY give us (me) more specials like “Inventing the ‘Invention Exchange'”. I LOVE the Mst3k “history” features. More cast features, more show history, more Shout!


  20. Clark says:

    “This set is best watched while enjoying a
    snack of assorted luncheon meats.”
    Your not getting any of my ham.


  21. Cabbage Patch Elvis says:

    #20 – Clark, you think you like ham. Wait till you see ME like ham.


  22. Dammit! Why isn’t November here yet?


  23. M "Danger Is A Man Mangling Maxims!" Sipher says:

    Sorry to be pedantic, but “decimating” Earth’s population would be reducing it by one-tenth.

    Otherwise, YAY. This looks to be one hell of a box set. Great movies all around, solid extras. Saving my pennies!


  24. dsman71 says:

    im still thrilled just like the day it was announced..
    I want Jungle Goddess too !! :mrgreen:


  25. NightlyMST3K says:

    Good to know that Ballyhoo/D. Griffith was involved in these extras. A guarantee that they will be top notch and add a great value to the sets. Everything they have done for Shout! looks excellent and ends up being super informative and fun. Keep them coming – more mini-docs and extras please!


  26. GizmonicTemp says:

    #23 – Sure, but one tenth only means 2 less people in line in front of you at the DMV. Roman went all out baby!!


  27. Happenstance says:

    I…excuse me, I need some privacy for the next five…three minutes.


  28. Tod Stiles, the Buz Murdock of Fon Du Lac says:

    None of you, and I mean none of you, like ham as much as I like ham.



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