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20th Anniversary DVD Promo Reel – Updated

Shout! Factory has provided us with a copy of the MST3K 20th Anniversary DVD promo reel. It has clips from cast interviews and the reunion panel, plus the official DVD announcement, including the first look at the episode cover art and the Crow figurine.

Here is the original MP4 file: MST3K 20th Anniversary DVD promo reel
Note: the sound is a bit low at the beginning, but gets louder during the panel footage. It also may not play on all players.

And thanks to reader MLD for providing us with a spiffy WMV version. He’s improved the sound to make it more even throughout: MST3K 20th Anniversary DVD promo reel

Oh, and here’s a shot of us with some guys we met at the Shout! Factory booth.

57 Replies to “20th Anniversary DVD Promo Reel – Updated”

  1. John Banner(gram) says:

    Boopie! And might I say that I wish when I have a son, he will grow up to be as fine, handsome, and as vunderbar as you are!


  2. Fred P says:

    Thnaks guys nice to put faces with the names.


  3. Fred P says:

    oops, that would be Thanks.


  4. steve vil says:

    I wonder if anyone can answer this question…

    The stinger at the end of “First Spaceship On Venus” is a clip from “Alphabet Antics” but “Alphabet Antics” is listed as a short for a different episode. So does this episode have the “Alphabet Antics” short or is it just some weird, non-sequitur stinger?


  5. H says:

    No. The stinger is the alphabet people waving, not alphabet antics.


  6. Weepy says:

    I noticed at the end of the video that the cast members are not sitting with their placecards – whats up with that?


  7. Glenda Naleway says:

    Can’t wait to see the anniversary dvd. It’ll bring back old memories of when my husband and I sat and watched the shows when we first got together. Now our 16 year old son is loving the same dialog that we laughed at. Good things never change!

    Thanks for the memories!
    Glenda, Marty and Cameron


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