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Episode guide: 506- Eegah

Movie: (1962) A teen girl, her weird-faced boyfriend and her scientist dad discover a cave man living in the desert.

First shown: 8/28/93
Opening: Crow has been frozen to nearly absolute zero!
Invention exchange: Rebuilt Crow is just like new; J&tB presents the Pork-orina, while the Dr. F replaces Frank’s blood with antifreeze
Host segment 1: J&tB consider subtle forms of hell
Host segment 2: The bots alter Joel’s face to look like Arch Hall Jr.
Host segment 3: J&tB discuss why ’60s sitcoms are run by single dads
End: Washing the movie off the bots, Joel reads a letter, Frank gets a fluid change
Stinger: “Fake it.” “That’s what I’ve BEEN doing. Now I’m getting sick!”
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• We’re in a very good stretch of episodes here. This is another winner, following close on the heels of last week’s gem. Great host segments, great inventions, great riffing. Shtemlo!
• This was one of the first episodes released on DVD by Rhino, in April of ’00.
• I always wondered what the “porkorina” instrument really was. Commenters informed me that it is a bass harmonica, aka a bass harp.
• Then-current reference: While doing his Cryptkeeper impression, Crow mentions the now-forgotten cable series “Dream On.”
• Callbacks: “Glen was 50 feet tall!” (War of the Colossal Beast), “The Torgo school of fondling,” “To live like the hu-man” (Robot Monster—also a mention of the Robot Monster set) “Durn smoochers!” (Attack of the the Eye Creatures) “He tampered in God’s domain” (Bride of the Monster), “Giant Gila Monster.”
• Segment one, is another pithy, brilliant sketch, one that assumes a certain level of sophistication on the part of its viewers. It’s classic MST3K.
• I hate to tell Joel, but maybe the reason he didn’t see anything in the papers about Charley Weaver dying is that Charley’s real name was Cliff Arquette.
• After having referenced “Last of the Mohicans” with the classic “Stay alive! Whatever may occur! I will find you!” line in the last episode, they go ahead and do it again…and then they do it again!
• The second segment, while not as witty, is a great example of the sort of Looney Tunes silliness they often did well.
• Crow is once again netless following the second segment, as he was in the previous episode.
• There is very little that needs to be said about this travesty of a movie, since it’s been thoroughly examined many times, but it’s worth saying again, as so many have before, that the scenes in the cave, with Roxy’s dad cheerfully suggesting she give in to Eegah’s romantic advances — particularly the horrifying shaving scene — are the very dictionary definition of the term ”icky.”
• This is an episode that launched so many catchphrases, from “Stop saying ‘whee!’ Nobody says ‘whee!’” to “My tires are filled with water!” to “Watch out for snakes!” to “Shtemlo!”
• “Wha happa!” is used twice.
• Joel again invokes Gregg Toland, the cinematographer for “Citizen Kane,” because a shot shows a ceiling.
• Arty reference: Keith Haring.
• Cast and crew roundup: associate producer/editor Don Schneider worked on “Incredibly Strange Creatures,” screenwriter Bob Wehling was an actor in “Revenge of the Creature,” cinematographer Ray Dennis Steckler directed “Incredibly Strange Creatures.” He also appears in the movie as the guy who gets thrown into the pool at the end. Sound recorder Sam Kopetzky also worked on “Girl in Gold Boots” and score composer Henri Price worked on “Incredibly Strange Creatures.” In front of the camera Richard Kiel was also in “The Human Duplicators” and “The Phantom Planet.” Carolyn Brandt was also in “Incredibly Strange Creatures.”
• CreditsWatch: Contributing writer Colleen Henjum becomes Colleen Henjum-Williams. Host segments directed by Joel Hodgson.
• Fave riff: “Sit down, pie face, it’s a long list.” Honorable mention: “That little satchel will be the death of him.” “Poor shovel. Didn’t ask to be in this movie.”

148 Replies to “Episode guide: 506- Eegah”

  1. adoptadog says:

    Graboidz (#46), thanks for the info. I’d been kicking myself for passing up an Arch Hall Jr movie, but it sounds as if I’d be better off with Wild Guitars or The Sadist. Good to know.

    Watch out for snakes!


  2. R.A. Roth says:

    A show of giant meaty hands if you still “flip” over to the un-MSK3K version during the “Crow cues”. I do, I do! I especially enjoy the scene of ROXIE! being felt-up by Keil and, e-ugh!, getting into it. The groping-scene really adds subtext to ROXIE’S! forlorn looks when they leave the clam-flowage desert and head back to their life of swinging pool parties and living rooms with an oven in them.



  3. “I pledge allegiance…to your dad.”

    I finally upgraded from episode-premiere home-recording of Eegah to DVD back in May, and it’s quickly become my most-watched episode as a result (just edging out The Day the Earth Froze). As usual, I got to this thread a bit late to say anything not previously covered, but I do have a personal anecdote considering the Porkarina: the first time I heard the harmonica solo on the Beach Boys’ “I Know There’s An Answer” (from Pet Sounds, my favorite album for twenty years now), I received visions of Hooterville. Shame about that Universal fire.


  4. Hersh says:

    That’s not a tongue, it’s a musky leech !


  5. Manny Sanguillen says:

    This was one of my early Joel episodes too.I like it more now after seeing it multiple times than when I first saw it.
    It was tightly riffed and an all-around good episode. I give it a 3.7 on the richter scale.
    Wendy Richter, that is.

    My favorite riff was right before the “watch out for snakes” scene when Arch called out “Mr. Miller!” (to show him the footprints), and the camera cut to a quick shot of Arch with his head hanging oddly, and Servo quipped “My neck snapped!”. Gets me everytime!

    Second best was when the musical buildup prompted Servo to sing “Born Free!”


  6. Rowsdower17 says:

    Now, to give him the look of a sunburnt baby!!

    But I don’t wanna look like Arch Hall Jr.!


  7. “Second best was when the musical buildup prompted Servo to sing ‘Born Free!'”

    Which reminds me of another favorite riff…the guitar lick that calls “Jailhouse Rock” to Servo’s mind. “WARDENTHREWAPARTYINTHECOU-NTYJAIL!”


  8. crowschmo says:

    “Boy, this looks like it’s really going to be scary, what with the smoke and flowers and everything.”


  9. Smog Monster (ripping on his own kind) says:

    I love that this movie stayed colorful up until the party night scenes, which was just the end of the movie. Then it looks drab.


  10. Rotten as British Teeth says:

    The ACEG referred to this as “Manos the Musical”. That’s a pretty good description, considering the amount of loathesomeness in this movie. Its also probably the reason why this is arguably the best episode of season 5 (at least the Joel half of season 5, anyway.)

    From start to finish, this experiment is funny as hell! From Crow reaching towards Absolute Zero, to Forrester and Frank arguing about the blood that was taken out of Frank’s body and replaced with antifreeze. The movie has got bad sound, a very creepy relationship between a father and daughter, a pug-faced teen who can barely sing, and best of all, RICHARD KEIL! A definite five-star episode!

    Fav riff: with one of many close ups of Arch Hall Jr., I believe its Crow who says, “He’s a syst(sp?) with hair and teeth.” In fact, Jr.’s looks and acting give TOO much fodder for J&TB. It’s almost unfair.

    Did anyone else notice that, during the Mads’ IE, when Forrester goes to release Frank’s valve, and Frank makes this “AAAHHHH” sound, Trace is covering his mouth trying not to laugh? Its always been one of those spontaneous moments I’m glad they kept from the cutting room floor.

    One more thing: I’m glad this made it to DVD early, but I wish it had been re-released in a future box set. I tried watching the edited scenes while at the same time watching the episode, but it came across as somewhat incoherent. I did like it when Rhino included the full, uncut movie to complement the MST versions, and hope Shout! will do the same. But interwoven like the Eegah! DVD just doesn’t work for me.

    Oh yeah….”Watch out for snakes!”


  11. The Bolem says:

    Someone once told me that Ray Dennis Steckler actually did most of the directing on this one, and Arch Hall Sr. basically just slapped his name on it. Does anyone know if that’s true?


  12. crowschmo says:

    “TAXI!!…oh, that’s right, I drove.”


  13. Huracanrana says:

    One of my faves, so many great riffs and moments. One being a moth flying into Arch during the party scene and Crow going “BONK!” Add me to the group of people who actually enjoyed an un-MSTied Arch film – Wild Guitar was surprisingly fun and entertaining to me when I watched it on TCM awhile back.


  14. losingmydignity says:

    One of their finest moments for sure. In my top ten. I would guess about number 7 or 8.
    It’s just such a perfect movie for them. How could they not get inspired…all the elements are there. It’s superfluous to list them at this point.
    The best moment for me, after the great cave scene (laugh wise, I mean…I’m a perv but I’m not that kind of perv) is the escape. When they are bounding around in the dune buggie and Eegah giving chase…some of the best riffs ever.

    I, too, actually like Arch Hall Jr. His music is decent and he is great in the “Sadist.” In fact, I recommend this film…it’s too good to be just camp and not good enough to be a great film, but it’s a lot of fun. In fact it’s pretty great.


  15. jessie says:

    I the only one who thinks this wasn’t a horrible movie.

    And that arch’s songs were good

    and that Arch Jr wasn’t super ugly*Ducks in shame*

    It was creepy in the cave though.I mean she shaved her dad.The one riff i laughed at,unexpectedly,Was when it shows a long shot of her shaving him,and Joel says”Hey,shaving cream on the face,continuity.”

    This movie wasn;t horrid,just tedious,and very very icky.this was like manos with a a little less oiliness


  16. Spector says:

    Yep, this one’s another classic, one of my all-time favorites. The Brains were now fully back into their stride by this point in Season Five. So many wonderful lines, especially at the expense of Hall Sr and Jr. I also love the scene in the dune buggy where Roxie keeps going “Wheeee!” and Tom yells at her to “stop saying wheeee! Nobody says wheeee!”.

    I’ll give Richard Kiel credit, he was a good sport about this. Joel talked recently about meeting Kiel at a convention and was initially nervous about his reaction but it turned out Kiel enjoyed the ribbing at his expense in this and “Human Duplicators”.


  17. Uranium - 235 says:

    Yes Jessie, you’re the only one. When the movie makes its first cut to a closeup of Arch Jr. my reaction was the same as Crow’s: “Eaaah!” In fact, Segment 2 was one of my favorites, not only because the device was hilarious on its own, but Joel almost DID look like him!

    One of my faves, so many great riffs and moments. One being a moth flying into Arch during the party scene and Crow going “BONK!”

    For me that was one of those moments where my brain is going along right in sync with the Brains’ – I see moth fly in, I think ‘Heh, that’ll hit him – BONK!’ and sure enough…


  18. Uranium - 235 says:

    I mean, seriously, look at this!


    When I first saw the title I thought it was like ‘Eaugh!’ as in, an expression of shock, disgust… boy it sure fits him.


  19. One of my absolute favorites! I love this movie so much! The cave scene has to be one of the creepiest, weirdest scenes in any movie they ever riffed. In terms of being disturbing to watch, it is beaten only by the MANOS scene of the little girl being made into a child bride, IMO. But Eegah is way more fun to watch, a riffable romp from beginning to end. Thanks, Arch!


  20. Dan in WI says:

    A couple things come to mind in the opening. First it reminds me a bit of the frozen Crow of K05 & K06. Second the darkened set reminds me a lot of the Mike Comedy Central years.

    I love how Frank “closely examines” Clayton as he is looking for his long underwear.

    Clayton sells the blood replacement well. He ticks off the benefits and caps it off with a well delivered “and you act like I’m the jerk.” That could make a good catchphrase t-shirt.

    The subtle forms of hell sketch were great. Yahoo Serious, Vicky Lawrence, Flo saying kiss by grits are all great examples. And I for one NEVER got Styx and I do like rock of that era. My only exception is “No Cure for Cancer.” I love that Denis Leary concert more and more as they years go on. He speaks a lot of truth in that thing.

    Then current reference: Flowbee. Oh that was one strange infomercial.

    I think those showers in the closing host segment were inspired by Daniel Russo in The Karate Kid.

    I love the way Frank is perched up on ramps and jack stands.

    Favorite Riffs:
    “Sorry about my face”

    Robert Miller is sweating like a pig. Crow: “I sure hope it doesn’t get hot.”

    Bikini girls are seen around the pool. Tom “oh it’s a Tampax commercial.”

    Tom/Arch Hall “that’s what the buggy was made for” Tom Servo “It’s swell for tearing up fragile ecosystems.”

    Roxy “Wheee” Joel “Are they carrying a pig?

    Setting up camp. Tom Servo “Do you think we’ll freeze to death before the jackals get us?”

    Tom starts singing. Crow “This should keep the wolves away.” … Crow as Eagah “I’ve heard enough. I’ll go beat him to death.”

    Joel “Oh no this guy went the Torgo school of fondling.”

    Eagah carries Roxy. Tom Servo sings “Rag doll daddy’s little cutie.”

    Eegah belches. Tom Servo “Mm. Seconds.”

    Band plays. All say together unenthusiastically “tequila”


  21. Jer says:

    “To Live Like the Hu-Man” was from Robot Monster? I haven’t seen that episode. I always thought that was a reference to the Ferengi on Star Trek…


  22. robot rump! says:

    let’s face facts. Eegah is far and away the most sympathetic of the anti-heroes from the MST movies. in fact, i have a hard time calling him an anti hero. who among us hasn’t fallen in love, abducted both our love intrest and their dim witted father? who among us hasn’t kept their family members in our living room well after they have exceeded their expiration date? who hasn’t punched out a bat faced suitor, stalked our love interest into a small desert town only to be seduced momentarily by a store window mannequin? can anyone honestly say, in the name of love, they haven’t committed a little B&E, assaulted a meat carving buffet peon and then held several people at bay with a pool ladder until the MAN dropped by and shot them? can anyone say that this was not a fool in love? Alas poor Eegah, keep crazy young man, keep crazy.


  23. Sitting Duck says:

    Sampo’s Theorom is once again in effect, as I find this one a trifle meh. The riffing is top notch, but the film’s icky factor leeches through a bit too strongly. Plus I found segments one and three a bit too talky.


  24. Kenotic says:

    “Eegah, Eegah, Bonk Bonk on Head” is when an entire busload of college band kids riding across Montana laughed their heads off.


  25. John W says:

    “Ya ever go whizzin’ in the desert, Joel?”

    Also Joel’s, “He resents my dune buggy!” in Droopy Dawg voice.


  26. Tom Carberry says:

    Eegah was the product of a father and son team, filmed in and around Palm Springs, California (and of course the old reliable Bronson Cave inside Griffith Park, CA). As for Dad’s name—well to paraphrase a line from Bride of the Monster—pick a name and stick with it. Arch Hall, Sr., also known as William Watters, and also known as Nicholas Merriweather—was born William Waters in1908 and died in 1978. As for Jr., well I’m sure enough has been said about his talent. I shall opine that the acorn did not fall too far from the tree.
    Favorite lines:

    Wait a minute, they got demons flipping us off here…Hey, back at ya Clyde. Otis Nixon.
    I think it’s a bug-eyed sprite—and so is she.
    You know, I heard Kiel ad-libbed this entire scene.
    [close up of Eegah] Jim Morrison, the Paris Years.
    Watch out for snakes! [They had a lot of fun with that line.]
    The hell, is that a Bell Huey? Whoa, flashbacks kicking in…Da Nang.
    Like a Cabbage Patch Elvis.
    Put a wallet under her tongue.
    He borrowed that top from Audrey Hepburn.
    [second song] I’ve heard enough, I’ll go beat him senseless…No, I’m not going to kill him right away, I’ll let him linger.
    I’ve figured it out—he’s a cyst with teeth and hair.
    [of Tom] Oh, you know, he’s built for childbearing isn’t he?
    He knows women and she’s going to want that purse.
    Oh no, he’s got people stacked like cord wood in there.
    Eegah, I woke up, you weren’t here, I hate that.
    Oh no, this guy went to the Torgo school of fondling.
    We get it Eegah, we’re just not tired.
    “Drink a lot of water, it’ll give you strength.” And there’s hardly any rat in it.
    [Roxy shaving her “Dad”] Joel, I’m gonna slap this movie so hard…Oh, please become Sweeney Todd, please become the demon barber of Fleet Street.
    The dingoes took my baby.
    Tom, I want to start seeing guys from other eras.
    Honey, why do we have an oven in the living room?
    “Is something wrong Mr. Miller?” Sit down pie face, it’s a long list.
    It looks like The Grifters meets Quest for Fire.
    He walked out on his own song. This band has more personnel changes than Menudo. It’s a tag team band.
    Man, she gets picked up so much, she should have a handle.

    Final Thought: I really need a shower. I give this one 5 out of 5 stars.


  27. 24HourWideAwakeNightmare says:

    What’s the origin of the “Seemed like a nice enough fellow”…”AT FIRST!” riff? Which may even be used in this movie, thus my question might be not totally OT. They used it right from the beginning, in K04 Gamera vs Baragon, according to what I’ve read. But no one seems to know where the riff come from.

    Oh, and Watch Out For Snakes!


  28. MSTie says:

    @19 — the ’70s singing group wasn’t “Hamilton, Joe, Frank, Ann, Reynolds,” but Hamilton, Joe Frank, and Reynolds. One of the worst names for a band EVER!

    Can’t think of anything to say about “Eegah” that hasn’t already been said better.


  29. Of no account says:

    a couple weeks ago we had a 4′ black snake crawling around (& on) the front door to the public library I work at. I took great pleasure in telling people ‘Watch out for snakes!’ for a few days. Not a single person got the reference…


  30. RPG says:

    Along with Steckler, Brandt and Schneider, I noticed this and The Incredibly Strange Creatures shared a couple music cues.


  31. snowdog says:

    Classic. 5 Stars. One of my Top 5… I suspect. I’ve never actually compiled the list.

    This is a prime example of my theory that MST3K is at its best when it has a watchable movie. Ickiness factor aside, Eegah isn’t a horrible film, just cheaply made with an unattractive cast. Funny thing is, Richard Kiel gave probably the best performance!

    Fantastic host segments as well.

    Fave riff: “Harriet, the cattle are smoking again!”


  32. sol-survivor says:

    Frank’s blood looks an awful lot like Koolaid. Perhaps he was a tad anemic…


  33. Jbagels says:

    @Jer: yup, live like the Hu-man is indeed the words of Ro-Man the Ro-Man. It’s kind of an iconic bad movie and therefore a landmark episode but it is season 1 so not the best riffing they’ve done. I’d still recommend watching it though.

    The mads sure were dark and violent during season 5. I’ve said it before but, Mst3k was a little like the Simpsons in how it got increasingly violent as the show progressed. What was the first episode Frank died in?


  34. jjb3k says:

    “Sorry about my face!”

    This is another one of my all-time favorites, and one that I often use to hook newcomers to the show. A girl I dated once was really into off-beat 1960s culture, and so I knew this episode would be right up her alley. :)

    In the same vein as “Manos” The Hands of Fate and Red Zone Cuba, here we have another piece of cinematic junk made by some talent-free doughy guy who thought he was Orson Welles. Why Arch Hall Sr. thought his son deserved to be the next Frankie Avalon is beyond me, but hey, maybe next time you try to turn your offspring into a teen idol, why don’t you make sure he’s actually worth idolizing first? (Sadly, this practice still goes on today, and YouTube has only made it easier.)

    Classic moment during the invention exchange when we cut to Deep 13 and Dr. Forrester is guzzling weight-gain powder right out of the jar for no apparent reason, then tries to shrug it off. “Ah, Joel…I was just, uh…” Perhaps my all-time favorite Trace moment. :D Also, I love the porkorina. I wanna hear more of “Holiday for Pigs”.

    “Taxi!…Oh, I drove.” Right from the very first scene, the riffing in this one slays. My mom recently bought a Mini Cooper, so I now get a lot of use out of the riff “Y’know, the nice thing about this car is she can fold it up and put it in her purse.”

    Random bit I love: Arch Hall Jr. waves goodbye as the helicopter takes off, and Joel and the bots make it sound like the rotor is slicing his arm off. “AUGH, MY HAND!”

    Something about Joel’s delivery of “Howard Hughes?!” always makes me laugh like an idiot. Like he’s so utterly confused. :)

    I love the talk about Hell. It’s probably one of the smartest host segments they ever did. “Remember when Charlie Weaver died and it wasn’t even in the papers?”

    “I figured it out, he looks like the bat from FernGully.” He really does, it’s spooky.

    Was there something going on offscreen between Arch Hall Sr. and Marilyn Manning? ‘Cause every single scene where it’s just the two of them together is just full of ick and wrong. And then she shaves Eegah and he’s got that huge tongue, and ew. I just grossed myself out.

    The movie seems to think Arch’s dune buggy is a lot cooler than it actually is. “Did I tell you my tires are filled with water?”

    So what the hell is the deal with the ending? Does Roxy secretly love Eegah or something? It would seem the movie’s implying that the female lead would much rather be with a centuries-old caveman who paws at her and tries to force himself on her while her dad watches. And EW, I just did it again!


  35. Blast Hardcheese says:

    This episode was, for me, the one that started it all. It was my first ep, watched almost by accident. I have to confess I wasn’t entirely sold on MST at the start–with no one to guide me, the whole thing just seemed a little too odd at first. Once the movie got underway, though, I had settled in, and by the time Roxy and Pie-Face are testing those water-filled tires I was well hooked. It’s still a favourite episode, since it has the right combination of a watchable yet still silly movie, some great host segments, and a very accessible set of riffs. A perfect first episode.

    Confession: I honestly thought the first “Watch out for snakes!” was a riff, since I couldn’t imagine a movie with such an obvious random voice (Ah, but I was so much older then…)–plus, Tom does such a good imitation of the movie voice later on that it wasn’t until I saw the original version that I knew for sure it was actually in the film. I recently went on an overnight camping trip with my son’s Grade 7 class, and had frequent occasion to use the line (which, like #79, nobody got–especially since it was ticks, and not snakes, that were the prime fear in the group).

    Nerdy observation: Regarding the third host segment–dead mothers in fiction and drama are nothing new. While I think Joel is absolutely right that the dead mother is preferable to the divorced mother in the 60s mindset, the dead mother is also a convenient plot device even as far back as the 18th century, where the focus in comedy is for the male lead to get the girl away from her annoying, incompetent, and disapproving father (how he does that forms the basic plot premise). Having a second parent, especially one far more intelligent and capable than dad, would complicate things too much (the mothers that do show up are often either total imbeciles or monstrous harridans with lots of bluster but no real power). The trend now, of course, is to acknowledge divorce as a normal fact of life, mostly to allow fathers and sons to develop their relationship once the son is away from the disapproving, killjoy Mom (think such diverse films as “Night at the Museum” and “Journey to the Center of the Earth”). I think the dead mother is probably still preferable, since at least the poor woman playing Mom doesn’t have to be a one-dimensional villain. Any movies where the mother is actually fun? (“Mermaids” comes to mind, but I don’t remember much about that one).

    I can’t even begin to categorise the creepy father-daughter relationship we see in this film–I’ll only say that dad seems a little too eager to have his daughter “play along” with Eegah’s advances. The shaving scene is close to obscene and goes to some weird places I think even Freud couldn’t have imagined, apart from the fact that I wouldn’t want *anyone* coming at me with a razor the way Roxy does with her dad. Sweeney Todd was at least quick, and knew exactly where to cut. Mind you, any girl that chooses for her one-and-only a pug-faced greaseball with a fixation on girls with “V” names is probably dealing with greater issues than a movie like “Eegah!” can get into anyway.

    #78: “Hamilton, Joe Frank and Reynolds” is possibly beaten out by “Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick, and Tich” as the worst band name ever. Anyone remember them?


  36. Jbagels says:

    One other thing about this episode, it always reminds me of the last weekend of summer before the first day of school since that was the first airing. I remember coming back from a family vacation from somewhere and watching a tape of this (this was during the dark ages before DVR when you had to set VCRs to tape things). A bittersweet memory for sure.


  37. Cheapskate Crow says:

    5 out of 5 stars, definite top 5 for me and one of the all time classics. The first time I heard the Porkorina, my friends and I fell out of our chairs laughing. Classic moments like “Watch out for snakes” and great riffing abound and host segment 1 was a classic and made you think. Finding evil became a theme at my workplace for quite a while after this episode came out.
    And to think next week’s episode is even better, I wish season 5 with Joel would have gone on forever.


  38. big61al says:

    EEGAH……A classic episode…so much to love about the riffing…so much ickyness you got take shower after watching this…:star::star::star::star::star:


  39. Dan in WI says:

    I was just re-reading the Subtle Hell sketch in Ward-E and I stumbled on a then current reference that is suddenly current again: the Charlene Tilton Workout Video. In fact with her appearance on last night’s debut of the next generation Dallas on TNT this is a hot off the presses current again reference the very week this episode comes up for discussion. Coincidence?


  40. noordledoordle says:

    #89 – The “The dingoes took my baby!” riff just became current again as well. :O

    I love this episode. The opening credits remind me so much of Psycho Suzi’s in Minneapolis. And I know everyone and his mother’s weighed in on the shaving scene by now, but ICK! WHY? I wonder how Richard Kiel felt about consuming that much shaving cream. Hopefully it wasn’t actually shaving cream.

    Why do you have an oven in the living room?


  41. WeatherServo9 says:

    We’ve talked before about what we think are ‘obscure’ (one person’s obscure is another’s life’s work) riffs, or maybe it’s more accurate to call them the made-you-sit-up-and-say-I-can’t-believe-they-just-referenced-that riffs. In this movie, for me, it was the Keith Haring joke.

    First of all, the ‘cave wall’ drawings really do look like something Keith Haring might draw (on a bad day, no doubt). Secondly, I’ve worked in several bookstores and have had occasion to shelve the art section many times, and there was this one big Keith Haring book that nobody ever bought. The great thing about these kinds of riffs is that they often have some connection to your life, and the first time I heard that joke it just immediately put me in the mind of working those many hours at [unnamed store], seeing that big red Keith Haring book every day, wishing even that someone would steal it just to get it off the shelf. Of course, most books in the art section went unpurchased, as most of them were heavy and expensive, and a few did get stolen.

    This is another great early Rhino VHS/DVD release. You show some of those early Rhino releases together, like Cave Dwellers, Eegah and Manos, and you have yourself a party.


  42. Stressfactor says:

    @ #77,

    I’m not sure there is a definite origin for the “….At FIRST” riff. It does indeed, however, go all the way back to the early KTMA days. I imagine it’s just one of those funny things before pick up and it eventually works it’s way into public consciousness.

    Such as, 20 years from now how many people will remember the where the phrase “That’s what SHE said!” originated from?

    In the early days the gang leaned on that one kind of heavily but as they grew it faded out.


  43. Torgo's Pizza says:

    William Faulkner!


  44. Stressfactor says:

    “Eegah”… Eh…. Chalk this one up as a step up from middle of the road for me. The movie kind of dies down a bit in the middle with tons of useless padding and the riffing seems to stall out for me. The repeated whines of “Roxie!!!” from Joel and the bots get old very quickly for me.

    Also, the host segments aren’t exactly my favorites.

    There are a lot of good riffs in between though and I got a kick out of hearing an old favorite that I hadn’t heard in a while — Crow’s “Welcome to Death Valley Days”. I love it when they reach waaaayyy back for a callback that’s been gathering dust for a while.

    And for those mentioning the creepy relationship between Roxie and her dad remember this…. Father’s Day is this weekend….


  45. snowdog says:

    “Father’s Day is this weekend….”

    So don’t forget to shave your Dad! :laugh:


  46. maclen says:

    Yes, Eegah is in my top 5 all time MST3K episode. My favorite riff occurs when Arch Jr. is singing “Valerie”…lying on the dessert ground and looks up at Roxy with a smile …and Joel says, ” I’m death and I have visited upon you, heh.” With headphones on you can hear kevin very quietly giggling at that. Another one is when they are joyriding in the dunebuggy and the groovy music plays, servo sings, ” we’ve got a groovy thing going on”…Simon and Garfunkel” I believe.Also another thing I always look for occurs during the opening credits…right after servo does his mumbling William Buckley there is a loud tap sound, (perhaps a falling pen?) not on the original. It’s just one of those things that sticks with me.


  47. Dr. Erickson says:

    Also the episode that got me hooked, and the one I’ve probably watched more times than any other. The film itself exudes this bizarre, over-exposed-old-home-movie atmosphere that is utterly haunting – especially in the two scenes where Arch. Jr. warbles his echoey love ballads. Sergio Leone indeed. Riff that made me laugh for two days the first time I heard it comes during the helicopter ride, as Old Indiana Jones and the pilot gaze about in different directions: “Boy, they’re really hittin’ it off.” Joel at his most laconically brilliant!


  48. Joseph Nebus says:

    @78 MSTie says:

    @19 — the ’70s singing group wasn’t “Hamilton, Joe, Frank, Ann, Reynolds,” but Hamilton, Joe Frank, and Reynolds. One of the worst names for a band EVER!

    So you’re saying Ann left the band? That’s a shame, she was the best one.


  49. Stressfactor says:

    BTW, off the topic — I had an “MST3K Moment” this morning.

    Crusing though one of the big box stores trying to run an errand before work there was a big display of large DVD box sets with titles like “100 Horror Classics” and “100 Sci-Fi Classics”.

    I picked up the sci-fi one to see what they considered “classic” and was greeted with movie titles like “The Atomic Brain”, “The Brain that Wouldn’t Die”, “Lost Galaxy”, “Alien Factor”, “Astral Factor”, etc.

    Immediately, I silently thought “‘Classics’… riiiiiggghht.” Followed by going down the list and ticking the titles off with “Done on MST3K, done by Rifftrax, done by Cinematic Titanic, done by Cinematic Titanic, done on MST3K…”

    I quickly realized several things almost simultanously:

    1) Between MST3K, Rifftrax, and Cinematic Titanic there have been a LOT of bad sci-fi movies given the goods.

    2) Considering how many of these films were riffed by MST3K, RT and CT I’m not sure they should be classified as “classics” unless it’s “classics of bad sci-fi”.

    3) Considering how many of the films I *did* recognize as being MST3K-ed it’s entirely possible I’ve been watching too much MST3K.


  50. 24HourWideAwakeNightmare says:

    A favorite of mine, too; had to cue it up, after watching various eps from Seasons 1 + 10 recently, none of which quite have me cracking up with laughter like these do. A lot of ’em are plenty funny, but I’m not filing them away as “hilarious,” ya know?

    Not surprised to see a lone dissenter here. Has there ever been an entry in this ep guide where there was nothing but universal love?

    Have to agree that the Hell sketch here is one of their all time best, it’s one I recount to people as an example of the writing of the host segs being as funny as any of the riffing. My brother tells me there exist tapes Denis “Slice of Hell” Leary early in his career doing Bill Hicks routines word-for-word, which might explain why he was cited as an example of unadulterated evil by the comedy club veterans on MST3k.

    @92 – thanks for replying, Stressfactor. Us olden farts will certainly remember The Office and Michael Scarn in 2030. Kids today, are they watching old eps of Cheers so they’ll be familiar with why it’s funny to have a bar full of people shout “Norm!” when someone walks in? Probably not so much. Guess you’d have to ask the actual Best Brains about stuff like that, maybe it’s an old gag from Laugh In. That would make for a good post here – Mystery Riffs. Collect ’em and ask the BBs if they have any idea what they mean.


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