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Cinematic Titanic Preview

Julia Ann Weekes of the New Hampshire Union Leader previews this weekend’s Cinematic Titanic show in Concord. N.H.

5 Replies to “Cinematic Titanic Preview”

  1. Toby says:

    Kinda wish Ms. Weekes had done a little more research on MST3K, but it was nice she listed some bits off the group’s resume, something I don’t see quite often.


  2. Steve K says:

    Is this the first mention of the specific movies they’ll be riffing? It’s the first I’ve seen, at any rate.

    Those two are the only two in the current crop that Katie and I haven’t seen live. We have the live DVD of the Alien Factor already, but it’s one of her favorites so it’ll make a good opener. And since we haven’t seen War of the Insects at all, it’ll complete our live experiences set!



  3. Captn Ross Hagen says:

    I’ve been home sick since January 5th. But I’m feeling better and can’t wait ’till Saturday night. This will be our 4th show and we always have a great time. Watched Alien Factor yesterday but have never seen War of the Insects so this will be a treat. Gonna get my last 3 C.T. DVD’S signed so I’ll have all 10 discs signed. And I’m gonna get my M.S.T.3K lunch box and the 20TH Anniversary Tin signed as well. I hope Trace will enjoy this night out with friends and fans.


  4. BIG61AL says:

    Some day I get a chance to see a live show [tear slowly slides down my cheek].


  5. Captn Ross Hagen says:

    #4 Where do you live? I don’t know how you could go about finding a place for them to do a show near where you live. But the first show we saw in Boston ( Somerville Theater- 2-21-2009 ) was a very old and very small theater. I mean is there any older or small movie or big movie theaters that you could ask about looking into doing a show. Get a bunch of M.S.T.- C.T.- Rifftrax fans on line to get a number of people to say to theater please do a show here. I would love to go to a live Rifftrax show and meet and get stuff signed by MIKE,BILL, AND KEVIN. I think the live shows they do are a great way to be seen by the fans, but wish they’d tour more of the country like the C.T. guys and gal do. I hope you get to see them someday soon. One last thing about the show we saw in the Somerville Theater, the same year U2 did a show at the same place and my wife said ” That place was so small when we saw C.T.there, I cant picture U2 on that tiny little stage.” We didn’t go to the U2 show but people said it was packed and crazy in and around the Theater that night.


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