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How Was the Show?

An open thread for reports from tonight’s Cinematic Titanic shows in Concord, N.H.

If you post any photos, please provide links.

14 Replies to “How Was the Show?”

  1. Brian Dixey says:

    The show was….great!


  2. Brady says:

    Both shows were great. The line of the night for me was in “The Alien Factor” – the characters are out in the woods somewhere and there’s some weak synth music playing, so Joel says “Welcome to Mini Moog National Forest.” Beautiful.


  3. Jamey Flanders says:

    Awesome. They were all so nice to meet, and I was happy that someone finally signed an autograph without charging $20. War of the insects was a bad movie and was funny as he’ll to hear them riff on.


  4. Steve K says:


    They did signing between the shows, and Katie got an Alien Factor poster and got it signed. We’d seen Alien Factor already on DVD, but the live show was definitely different enough to make it worthwhile (atmosphere, different riffs, etc.)

    Back to the signing, in front of us was a lady with two kids. Her daughter had drawn an MST3k drawing, and had the Titans sign it. I saw it when Joel was signing it, and couldn’t help blurting out “Put that up on Still-Store!” That earned me a reaction from Trace, not exactly positive. But the picture was so cute, I couldn’t resist.

    Then we went back for War of the Insects aka Genocide. This one we hadn’t seen before, and all I can say is wow. That is one baaaaad movie. But there were some very good riffs and it was definitely cool.

    There were quite a few kids at the first show, but fewer at the second, which is good because the riffs definitely got naughtier as the night progressed.

    Openings: before each show, J. Elvis and Frank did some stand-up (different each time), and J. Elvis also sang an Elvis Costello song (Accidents Will Happen for the first show, which we saw him do in Boston, and another which I can’t remember the name to, but which he hadn’t done live before). Then Mary-Jo read some excerpts from Trace’s book as he ran the slides (because he was “shy” and his “dongle was too short”.) First time through there were technical difficulties, but they handled them well, and second time through was cool. Finally Joel and J. Elvis sang the MST3k theme song just before the show.

    Oh, and one more thing: whoever brought the remote-controlled Tuxedo Servo, cool. I’m sure there will be pictures posted here, but my cellphone and I don’t get along for taking photos.


  5. Clay W, says:

    Super fun. Alien Factor was a blast, with tremendous audience response. Too bad about the slightly wobbly live opening, but the movie and riffing were a hoot. Genocide was a markedly different flavor. Rowdier audience (lots of groans, which the Titans responded to in kind), dirtier jokes, much darker movie. Second J. Elvis song was Watching the Detectives. Quite a night, quite a crowd, quite a performance.


  6. Nate H says:

    Loved The Alien Factor! This was my first live event: the part where Joel & Elvis sang made me cry. Met all five after and they were gracious to sign my Arena video (Gorn Trek episode) and they all made jokes and shook my hand.

    Frank said he loved being in that episode, trace said he’d seen it and “it’s where Kirk makes a gun out of crap.”. Mary looked puzzled, but gracious (probably thinking I was at the wrong event) .

    Great show!


  7. mobileunit98 says:

    Alright Titans if you can do shows in Concord N.H. You could come to Asheville, N.C. and do a few shows. If Jerry Sienfeld could come here and have success. You guys could take this town no problem. Show the south some love.


  8. Travis H says:

    AWESOME show. It was great to see “The Alien Factor” live, with a fully in to it audience. “Genocide” was the title I was REALLY pumped to see, and it blew away my expectations… easily one of their best (if not their best IMO). The movie is just so dark and strange with that very familiar international dubbing… I was surprised how riffable it ended up being. And, of course, it was WONDERFUL to meet Joel and the CT gang again, such sweet people.

    Here’s hoping for more CT awesomeness in 2011!!!


  9. the2ndsuitor says:

    This is the first New England CT show we’ve missing, due to my wife’s light case of pregnancy.


  10. BIG61AL says:

    I swear one of these days I’ll get to a live show…..


  11. bla 421 says:

    Had an awesome time for my first CT show. The second movie was definitely the better of the two. I also saw J Elvis walking down the street as I left concord sunday.


  12. Captn Ross Hagen says:

    We had a great time. I want to say what a nice place the Capital Center is, clean and the people there were very friendly. And the location was near places to eat, we ate at a place across the street and we also parked right in front of the Capital Center. There was 9 of us and we saw both shows,we had right balcony seats for both shows. But here’s a cool thing that happened at the second show, I went to get a beer and when I got to the first floor I saw rows of seats empty. So I asked one of the guys there if we could move down to one of the rows and he said to meet him near the sound board, and we had great seats for second show. I liked both movies but need to see “War of the Insects” more to catch everything. I watched “The Alien Factor” a bunch of times but this was the first time I saw it live. Later on I will post a letter about the second show meet and greet the proved to me what a great bunch of people the CT folks are, I’ve got to get out before our weekly snow storm hits. ( We live in Mass.)


  13. lancecorbain says:

    PLAY SALT LAKE, for cying out loud!!!!!! I can’t fly to Phoenix just to see you!!!! (I would,but I can’t afford it.).


  14. Tim M says:

    My wife and I attended both shows and had a great time.

    The pre-show bits really helped warm up the audience. The only repeated bits (from first show to second) were Josh and Joel performing the MST3K theme and one of the poems Trace read from his book. Josh and Frank knocked it out of the park and Mary Jo did a wonderful job reading from Trace’s book.

    As a native of New Hampshire I (like many others in the audience) noticed when the Titans failed to pronounce Concord like a local and called them out on it. During the second show warm-up Joel was careful to pronounce it our way while Frank decided to go with Concrid. We loved them both for the effort.

    Both films were great. I preferred Alien Factor, but War of the Insects was still an excellent rifffest.


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