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Return of the Killer Shrews?

Return of the Killer Shrews? Really?

Thanks to Finnias for the heads up.

52 Replies to “Return of the Killer Shrews?”

  1. Bobby 23-Skidoo says:

    Not 1. Not 2. But 3 Dukes of Hazzard alumni in the same movie?

    I can now die a happy man.


  2. PALADIN says:

    Every now and then I come to think that I could not possibly wish more for MST to return…

    Yet, here I am, once again reaching a new level of ; ‘DAMN, I WISH MST WERE BACK!’


  3. BIG61AL says:

    As long as they use real dogs as the killer schrews I might watch it. Nice to see our boy James Best squeezing out a little more cash. ;)


  4. Laura says:

    Yet, not one mention of MST3K in that whole article. But from the poster I saw, more like giant, mutated rats! I’m a little iffy on this one.


  5. bchat says:

    @ Bobby 23-Skiddo – Don’t forget Mel Tillis (appeared in 2 episodes of The Dukes of Hazzard).


  6. bchat says:

    Oh, and Jennifer Lyons was in “The Dukes of Hazzard: Reunion”, so “Shrews” pretty much has an All-Dukes cast.


  7. Mela says:

    So long as they use dogs in shag rugs, I will watch. Heck, even before MST3k, this was legend in my household (my mother considered it the silliest horror movie she ever saw). Hopefully it won’t sully our favorite nickname for the dogs.


  8. varyar says:

    And to complete the circle, Rifftrax and/or CT need to give this the treatment.


  9. Laura says:

    This was supposed to be a “horror” movie? By what standard? The only “scary” part of the movie was everyone standing around at the bar like they were glued there. This is even less scarier than the original “House on Haunted Hill.”


  10. klisch says:

    I’m still waiting for the Return of the Beast of Yucca Flats.


  11. Mr. B(ob) says:

    Some of the shrew concept art, especially the piece at this link, looks quite a bit like Warhammer Skaven.

    I never watched Dukes Of Hazzard, so I’m not sure it will be safe for me to watch this movie! But as sequels go, this one has something going for it that most sequels do not: they can only improve on the original since the first picture was so bad. Hopefully, this one is not padded with endless scenes of alcohol abuse by all major characters.


  12. Thomas K. Dye says:

    I can’t even remember anything about the ORIGINAL film. What does that say?


  13. Sitting Duck says:

    @ Thomas K. Dye: It says that you can’t remember any about the original Killer Shrews. :D Nothing less, nothing more.


  14. Bat Masterson says:

    Killer Shrews 2: Return to that One Corner of the Living Room Where 95% of the First Movie Took Place


  15. Mr. B(ob) says:

    There were some movies that were on MST3K about which I can remember little, especially in the later years, but Killer Shrews had some seriously memorable moments for me in spite of the lack of quality in the production. The dogs dressed up in little rugs were hilariously cheesy and therefore, quite memorable. The escape in the metal tubs at the end was also “different” enough to be memorable. The “synchronized drinking” scenes padding out the film were dull and annoying, but also hard to forget.


  16. Ben says:

    Out of respect for James Best, who has been a terrific character actor with many and varied roles besides that of his signature role of Rosco P. Coltrane, I will take a look and actually this sounds like a fun movie. Probably won’t be great or even good, but I’ll watch it. And being a Dukes fan, having John Schneider and Rick Hurst is icing on the cake.

    Remember the character of Thorne is a strong character. He survived the killer shrews and 50 years of standing around and drinking!


  17. Thomas K. Dye says:

    Well, in that case, I’m glad the film was such a vibrantly memorable experience for others, one which they could hold and cherish forever.


  18. They’ll use moronic-looking CGI, like all of those “SYFY Originals”. There oughta be a law…


  19. Thankfully, this is a full-blown sequel, not a “reboot” as the article says.

    It’ll probably be fun, like the original.


  20. Alex says:

    Hmm. Sounds interesting.

    I wonder if Rifftrax or Cinimatic Titanic will do this film as well if it gets negative reviews.


  21. Ryan says:

    #11 “they can only improve on the original since the first picture was so bad.”
    Uh, no. It’s never a good idea to say that. I agree with #18, they’ll use ****ty CGI and make it even worse than the original. It’ll still be savagely boring, they’ll probably drink a LOT (no smoking, though), but the goofy hilarious dogs in carpet samples will be replaced with dumb CGI which just isn’t any fun.


  22. Spector says:

    Ohhhhh, goody-goody-goody! Please let this be as big a stinkburger as the original so the CT or Rifftrax crew can have a go at it! “Killer Shrews! Killer Shrews! Don’t know the diff’rence ‘tween me and you!”


  23. pablum says:

    Can the new movie possibly replicate all the drinking and standing around of the first film? It would be hard to top.

    And weren’t the shrews supposed to starve to death rapidly once all the food ran out in the first film?


  24. Max Keller says:

    “And weren’t the shrews supposed to starve to death rapidly once all the food ran out in the first film?”

    Ahem. They never said that they couldn’t be reincarnated by an atomic bomb or a lightning strike. Haven’t you learned anything from all these bad movies???? ;)


  25. kismetgirl88 says:

    Bring out the “Return of Killer Shrews” Bord game. With theme song. “Killer shrews Killer shrews”
    So who the tamer of these shrews?


  26. Max Keller says:

    “They’ll use moronic-looking CGI, like all of those “SYFY Originals”.”

    As a CGI artist, the SyFy stuff is just offensive. It’s not even ‘bad in a good way,’ it’s just…well, bad. Bad in a bad way.

    They should really hire the MST guys to riff their movies, at least have a sense of humor about the crap they are doing.


  27. ck says:

    Okay, a plan. Catherine Bach’s daughter Sophia Isabella Lopez
    is 15 now. Wait on the remake 2-3 years and she can play the
    Swedish daughter of the scientist. That might be the only
    way to make this remake tolerable (especially since they’ll
    probably have cgi shrews to replace dogs).


  28. Jettison Bobby says:

    Rick Hurst as Rook? I don’t think he can play Dixieland jazz like Original Rook. And whatever happened to Onion Rook?


  29. fantagor says:

    We can all look forward to more sloppy, boozy dialogue delivered around a wet bar loaded to the ceiling in high powered scotch.

    “Would the captain like a drink?”

    “Of course!”

    And also more Dixieland jazz players getting eaten by dogs covered in crepe seaweed.



  30. BIG61AL says:

    CGI … that is a dirty word!


  31. ck says:

    Not only that, cgi can’t play Dixieland jazz on a banjo
    any more then an automatic pilot. (At least, let’s hope so).


  32. Rifftrax, gets ready.


  33. radioman970 says:

    KUH KUH KUH- Killer shrews!
    -Mel Tillis

    Mel friggin Tillis? Man! I’m soooo there!

    I want me a trailer!


  34. Gorn Captain says:

    Will they escape the shrews in the hollowed out remains of the General Lee?


  35. Cabbage Patch Elvis says:

    Oh, I don’t know. Maybe if Cletus plays some dixieland jazz I can get behind this.


  36. Kali says:

    And, wow, they were able to convince James Best to reprise his role.

    With Hurst in the cast, I wonder how many “dipsticks” we’ll get in the production…

    At least the puppets will be believable. Or, maybe someone will look in the encyclopedia to find out what a shrew really looks like.



  37. Jimmy Doorlocks says:

    Killer shrew, killer shrew, K-I-double-L-E-R shrew…


  38. PondosCP says:

    I smell a weekend discussion coming on. With this and the upcoming Manos sequel, what MSTied movie would you like to see a sequel to?


  39. Cabbage Patch Elvis says:

    Maybe they’ll use Flash the basset hound to be a killer shrew?


  40. UHMEEEEBA says:

    Well at least there heart seems to be in the right place, if that makes any sense.


  41. This Guy says:

    If this gets shown at a theater, the concession stand had better be serving Killer Shrews.

    Also, I noticed one of the characters is described as a “two-fisted animal expert.” Did this start out as Mark Trail: The Movie?


  42. Son of Bobo says:

    I’d watch it. Seems like a labor of love for Best, he is a writer and there is a Dororthy Best listed as producer, plus all of his friends are playing other parts. Also, I want Rifftrax or CT to tackle it.


  43. Rex Dart says:

    I bet James Best’s new shipmate can’t play Dixieland Jazz.


  44. bchat says:

    @ kali – “And, wow, they were able to convince James Best to reprise his role”

    It sounded to me like this movie was something that James Best had wanted to do for years, and he does have a writing credit (according to the movie poster).


  45. ck says:


    OatMB. Really. :) The Fat man will be back from his baboon rehab,
    Fingol’s girlfriend will want some synthoflavins (or whatever that
    snack is),
    -And I see Jack Black playing Fingol- :)

    and they can always feature The Third Man as the cinema
    in the sequel (AGHHHHHHHHHH!)


  46. lancecorbain says:

    I honestly thought James Best was already dead. Wow. Got him confused with my “moment of silence” days for Sorrel Booke and Denver Pyle. Go James GO!!!!


  47. RockyJones says:



  48. MikeK says:

    I wish Burt Reynolds were in this movie as well. Why Burt Reynolds you ask? It’s because Ken Curtis was in the first Killer Shrews movie.


  49. ck says:

    Would James Arness be up to playing the scientist? :)

    Sadly, the awesomely superior talent of his brother, Peter Graves,
    is no longer available.


  50. crowschmo says:

    You know, the big twist in this movie is that the shrews are good and they’re just trying to do an intervention on the humans. :)


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