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Episode guide: 207- Wild Rebels

Movie: (1967) A down-on-his-luck stock-car racer is recruited as getaway driver for a biker gang planning a robbery spree. He wants nothing to do with it until the cops ask him to go undercover.

First shown: 11/17/90
Opening: Something’s wrong with Gypsy but to find out what it is, Joel must shut down most of the ship’s higher functions of the SOL
Invention exchange: Gypsy was just a little depressed but she’s feeling better; the Mads unveil their hobby hogs; Joel shows off his 3-D pizza
Host segment 1: Joel explains that most famous intellectuals rode in biker gangs
Host segment 2: J&tB do a commercial for Wild Rebels cereal
Host segment 3: Joel and Gypsy have a nice little stroll, and he serenades her, a la the movie
End: Joel explains how to appreciate a bad movie, then he and bots start to party, much to Dr. F’s astonishment. Joel reads a letter and Dr. F puts a partying Frank down for the night
Stinger: None.
1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (157 votes, average: 4.27 out of 5)


• I have to agree with the folks who have been saying, for several weeks, that this is the best of the three biker movie episodes in season 2. This ep is definitely a lot of fun. You’ve got a dumb but watchable movie, good and steady riffing and memorable host segments. All in all, plenty of KICKS!
• Joel, still in a green jumpsuit, is now sporting a cheesy goatee.
• This episode was included in Rhino’s The Mystery Science Theater 3000 Collection, Vol. 9.
• Tom Servo’s regular head returns. No explanation is given.
• The opening explains Gypsy’s role on the SOL, a bit that came in response to fan questions about her. In the ACEG they sheepishly admit that it was a little uncomfortable that the only female character on the show was distinctly cow-like. By the way, I never noticed before that Joel actually turns a little knob on the back of Gypsy’s head in order to turn off the “higher functions.”
• Trace and Frank are very funny in the invention exchange. Dr. F finally tries to get to the bottom of “eyukaeee,” but nothing doing.
• Joel twice calls the theater the “Mystery Science Theater”–the first and last time he would do that.
• J&tB take note of a really glaring continuity mistake early on, as the guitar is present on the car Rod is trying to sell, and a moment later it isn’t.
• We get Gypsy’s second appearance in the theater (her first was in episode 112- UNTAMED YOUTH) about ten minutes into the movie when somebody mentions “Voyage to the Bottom of Sea.”
• The club where our hero meets the bikers was an actual place, a Dade County dive then called Trader John’s.
• The band playing in the background at the bar are “The Birdwatchers,” a surf-rock band out of Tampa. Drummer Eddie Martinez died in the ’80s. Lead guitarist Joey Murcia’s whereabouts are unknown. As of a few years ago, keyboardist Bobby Puccetti was a party deejay in Florida and bassist Jerry Schills, who founded the group, lived in Dubuque, Iowa, and still played in a band. Lead singer Sammy Hall was a minister until he died in 2013. There’s a really extensive look at their career here. Schills, Hall and Puccetti reunited in 2012 to play a concert called “Geezerpalooza.” I got an email from Schills, who said “I don’t remember much of the movie other than the whole 5 or 10 minutes we had in it took the whole damn day to film. We weren’t the problem, it was just the way they do movies.” Still, he says “It was an unforgettable time of our lives.” I spoke to Hall on the phone for a bit. He also remembered that he was told to be there very early, and he was, but the filming still took all day. He also said he was the only one of the group who was actually called upon to act, “since I had to pretend I was playing the trumpet.” Incidentally, the song they sing, “Can I Do It?”, was never released commercially until a retrospective album came out in 1980.
• The bartender is played by then-Miami radio deejay Milton “Butterball” Smith.
• Callbacks: “The driver is either missing or he’s gone.” “Thees will seemplify everything!” (both The Phantom Creeps)
• Segment 1 is another intensely written but very funny sketch, typical of season 2, including the great line “Everyone thought Joseph Campbell was tough, but that was just a myth.”
• Segment 2 is an instant classic. Great line: “Like getting hit on the back of the head with a surfboard of flavor!” It’s not in the credits, but that’s Alex Carr as the voice of “Mom.”
• Movie observation: No gun dealer, no matter how naive or smitten, would ever load a gun for a customer.
• Instant catchphrase: “That square bugs me!”
• This was an era in the show when any character in any movie saying the words “I will…” was enough to get somebody shouting “I WILL KILL HIM!” as Sting did in the movie “Dune.” They were obsessed with it.
• Joel says “J. Gordon Liddy.” That’s G.
• The driver of the lead cop car in the scene where the cops are pursing the bikers through the swamps is then-Miami radio deejay Dutch Holland.
• Other than in the Marvel universe, I can’t find a Citrusville, Fla. I believe Jupiter, Fla., stood in for it. There is a lighthouse in Jupiter, too, but it’s unclear if that’s the Jupiter lighthouse in the final scenes of the movie. If anybody knows for sure, I’d love to find out.
• Also, the racing scenes were shot at the Palm Beach Fairgrounds Speedway.
• Segment 3 is just so adorable. Great line: “You know, I kinda feel like Mac Davis on ‘The Muppet Show.’ ”
• The closing segment really gives viewers a primer the MST3k way to look at a movie.
• Joel says “…dark, tarry…” Hmm.
• A balloon explodes in mid-letter, the bots react in character and they just keep going.
• For some reason, this episode has no stinger. Maybe they just forgot. Stinger suggestion: “That square bugs me…”
• A record album by Steve Alaimo, “Every Day I Have to Cry,” hung on the wall at the Best Brains studio. That appears to be the one Mike gives Crow in episode 512- SANTA CLAUS. You can briefly see the back and it looks like it’s been matted like something you would hang on the wall.
• Cast and crew roundup: None. Nobody who worked on this worked on any other MSTed movie.
• CreditsWatch: The font size and spacing are back to normal this week. Trace and Frank are, again, “special guest villians” (misspelled). This week’s Creative Pit Boss: Jim Mallon. Jim’s name, and Jann Johnson’s name, appear along with Kevin’s and Alex Carr’s names, in the Post Production Supervision credit, for this episode only. After an episode off last week, Tim Paulson returns as editor and will remain in that job for the rest of the season.
• Fave riff: “Personally, I like guys in clown suits.” Honorable mention: “Here comes the sermon on the Gran Torino.”

111 Replies to “Episode guide: 207- Wild Rebels”

  1. Dan in WI says:

    So is that Jim Mallon’s voicing Gypsy when the higher functions are turned off? I can’t recall when I’ve heard him speak last to compare.

    Is it just me or does Joel look a little like a Star Trek Original Series era Klingon with the half goatee?

    I’m not sure I get the Wild Rebels cereal segment. For a segment that does tie into the movie, I really don’t understand how it ties into the movie. But it is a catchy tune.

    This is easily the least sleazy of the greasy biker flicks. I’ve noticed it doesn’t involve Ross Hagen. Coincidence? That said it’s a pretty boring flick and the riffing is not up to par. It’s just there. Over all this is an episode I find a little more boring on each viewing. I will agree with others who say this is the best of the greasy biker flicks. But it’s not like that bar is all that high. I guess this just isn’t the genre for me. As they say “your millage may vary.”

    So what is exactly is up with the lack of a stinger. Sampo’s notes says there isn’t one and I don’t have one on my Rhino disc, yet the ACEG claims one does exist.

    Favorite Riffs:
    Tom “It’s really dark. It must be a new moon.”

    As Linda is “passed around” Crow: “Banjo I believe you’re next, Fats you’ll have to wait your turn.”

    Tom after Fats is shot “Live fast, die young and leave a fat bloated corpse.”


  2. I'm not a medium, I'm a petite says:

    What is this, a Shed’s Spread commercial ?

    A vivid watchable movie with some kind of plot that makes sense with lots and lots of riffs.

    I’ll give it 4.

    Like M Pataki in Sidehackers, Bobbie Byers ( Linda ) is on a different plane than the rest of this movie. She brings a lot of style to this mediocre little flick. And it doesn’t hurt that she is a very attractive adult female that looks like an adult female ( as opposed to these days if hyper-sexualized juveniles ).

    And as with Sidehackers, we have what we consider to be a biker film where the bikers seem to get around mostly by car.

    Liked both inventions. I really liked the Wild Rebels cereal bit. I guess the Gypsy ennui bit ( is it her time of the orbit or something ? ) is pretty good, but I am not much of a fan for the serio-comic. The follow-up bit with the guitar and the thugbots was adequate for what it was. Biker Literati was a bit much for me, but not by any means painful ( I guess the host segments are keeping from going 5 on this ).

    It looks like the backyard of the Brady Bunch house.


  3. TheDON3k says:

    For kicks, baby… For kicks….. (Joel: The Cereal?!)

    Kix is a breakfast cereal, likely what spawned the idea for the skit.

    Great episode. Always been one of my faves.

    I had pointed out, on another forum, about the Hobby Hogs – Dr F’s helmet is unpainted (or painted orange), then when they make their 2nd appearance in Hellcats, his is now painted silver.


  4. Sampo says:

    Dan–Yes, that’s Jim.

    I’m not a Medicum: Shedd Spread commercial:


  5. (The Original) Rex Dart, Eskimo Spy says:

    The first episode I ever saw! I tuned in about halfway during the auto race. I was curious as to what those strange figures were on the bottom of the screen. But when Crow said, “For those of you at home, we have no idea what the hell is going on,” I knew I was hooked!


  6. I'm not a medium, I'm a petite says:

    ( yes Sampo I know. I was quoting the riff, not asking a question )


  7. Sampo says:

    Oh. Duh. I misread your post. I thought you said “What is this Shedd Spread commercial.” Well, at least it’s explained for those who don’t get the reference.


  8. Kenneth Morgan says:

    I just watched this one this past weekend. The movie is pretty awful, especially the dialogue, but the riffing is great. Nice reference to “The Bill Cosby Show” during the final chase, and, call me juvenile, but my favorite riff is during the song at the bar: “My lunch goes BLEEEEEH!”

    A couple of less-than-vital questions: first, when Joel is giving instructions to the ‘bots during the opening, was the “Look at me when I’m talking to you” bit scripted or ad-libbed? (Looks ad-libbed to me.) Second, who provided the mom’s voice during the “Wild Rebels Cereal” bit?

    And I have to agree that saying this is the best of the biker films isn’t saying much, given the overall quality of the three of them.


  9. Tork_110 says:

    So the police recruit the hero because they can’t catch the gang because the latter group has motorcycles. Yet later on we see how utterly incompetent the police are at setting up roadblocks for a car. I’m not even sure why the gang needed the main character.

    (Is this the episode where the police set up a “roadblock” and the car barely makes an effort to get through it? I’m looking through clips and all I see is Steve Alaimo’s character pulling off into the woods.)


  10. Sampo says:

    Kenneth Morgan: The woman’s voice in the commercial is not credited, so I would guess it’s Jann Johnson or Alex Carr.


  11. ck says:

    The evil girl wasn’t bad as an actress, although you had to question her
    taste in boyfriends.

    The almost funny ending, where the bad guys effortlessly shoot the
    good guys chasing them, and then suddenly get shot themselves brings
    up the question of most absurd shooting of people sequences in mst3000
    movies. This occurs because I just watched the ludicrous Warriors of the
    Lost World sequence where the Paper Chase Guy and the bald Star Trek girl
    take out zillions of bad guys rescuing her dad. At the beginning of the
    sequence notice how the Paper Chase Guy fires off one or two bullets and
    a whole group of bad guys fall down, not unlike the ending of this epic.


  12. Fred Burroughs says:

    One of my favorite moments in MST: after Joel and Gypsy’s ‘date,’ when Joel is mugged by the bots. Innocent and sweet Gypsy doesn’t protest, because “I’m in it for the kicks!”

    Also I thought the ACEG nailed the description of ‘sharp-featured cycle slut Linda.’

    Entertaining characters in the movie Banjo, Fats, but the whole Rod/ Cop undercover sting goes off worse than Reservoir Dogs. He does nothing to prevent dozens of killings (Oh yeah, he flashed his lights once.) has to be the most inept police operation in a MST film.


  13. Sampo says:

    Kenneth–Just asked Mike on Twitter. He thinks it was Alex. Ain’t Twitter great?


  14. PALADIN says:

    This has always been one of my favorites. I like everything about the movie, from the dippy ‘hero’ to the oddball villains and the simple-minded plot. The dialogue is replete with period slang. It`s pure 60`s and pure pain.

    PERFECT for MST.

    ‘Wild Rebels’ also has a particular visual appeal to me, because I was born in Florida in 1960 and this is a look at a Florida that has not existed for a long time now.

    Favorite Riff:
    The Robbery Crew On The Road, thinking they have cops watching them (which they do):
    “Well, we can`t go forward, and we can`t go back”
    CROW: “And we can`t go straight up…Remember when we tried that ?”



  15. Sitting Duck says:

    Joel says “J. Gordon Liddy.” That’s G.

    That may be. But as anyone who has watched Rocky and Bullwinkle or The Simpsons knows, J is the most intrinsically humorous initial.


  16. PALADIN says:

    Oh…By The Way…

    This is erroneously described in the ACEG.
    The Guide states that at the end of the movie “motorcycle slut Linda is among the dead”…

    Linda is THE ONLY ONE of the robbers who lives.


  17. A movie filled with swastikas, cycles, and shooting should be more fun than this. Still, Linda was “neat,” one of the most nuanced and complex female characters to be found in a MST movie. As far as the biker trilogy goes, it’s a more consistent film than Sidehackers (though not as fun an episode for me) but miles above Hellcats. Glad to see Tom’s dome head return, and the growing depth of Gypsy’s character, but overall I found the host segments lacking.
    3 stars.


  18. Fond of this one as it was my first MST3K.


  19. Mr. B(ob) says:

    I love this one. It was the first episode we ever saw. We had just gotten the Comedy Channel and when I turned it on in the evening, I think it was a Friday, the show was in progress. I spent the rest of the weekend trying to catch it from the beginning and wondering how Joel and the ‘Bots got to the theater and the setup premise of the show. Finally, on a repeat showing that Sunday I caught it from the beginning and I was not disappointed and most intrigued. I immediately began trying to watch the show every chance I got. Soon I was taping it if I couldn’t be there for an episode. My wife and I became devoted fans quite quickly.

    The idea that the police didn’t arrest the Wild Rebels after they shoot the gun store owner and rob him, but wait till they carry out the bank heist to go after them is ludicrous. Like there wasn’t enough evidence to arrest them after the gun store heist? They had a shack full of the stolen guns! But no, they had to let them commit another serious crime and let piles of people get killed, many of them cops, before bringing them down. It’s beyond ridiculous.

    I love this episode still. So many good riffs and sketches. The cereal commercial song is still a favorite with the list of “cheap, stupid surprises inside” absolutely funny. Really clever writing the way they make fun of the movie and do that hilarious cereal commercial parody at the same time. Great outside the box comedy thinking. The “intellectuals biker gang” segment is also really clever and funny. I love it when the ‘Bots jump Joel! Also love the “hobby hogs” the Mads are on at the beginning.

    Favorite riffs, call-backs and catch-phrases from this one:
    It’s like getting hit on the back of the head with a surfboard of flavor!
    Three on one is not much fun!
    That square bugs me, he really bugs me!
    You’re square baby, so square you look like a box.
    Live fast, die young, and leave a fat, bloated, ugly corpse.
    Look, they’re just really smart, okay?
    How do they fade out like that? (during the musical number in the night club)
    For the kicks!

    There are too many great jokes in this one to even think of listing them all. The movie is just so dumb, but lively and great for the show.

    Here’s some trivia about Steve Alaimo. He actually worked with the Allman Brothers in his music career and co-wrote one of their most popular songs, “Melissa”.

    Someone above commented that this film is less sleazy than the other biker films used on the show. I don’t know what film they were watching! The Wild Rebels are sleazy murderers wearing Nazi regalia committing horrible crimes, assaulting people for no good reason in public, robbing, shooting, etc. I will say that the movie is so implausible that it takes away some of the impact of the sleaziness and makes it easier to watch than say, Sidehackers, because there’s so little emotional connection to it for the viewer in Wild Rebels.


  20. monoceros4 says:

    You know what really saps the movie of any impact and goes a long way to ameliorating the sleaziness? It’s that frothy, tinny-sounding musical score. Even with all the swastikas and the guns, you can’t really believe the Wild Rebels are very threatening when they’re accompanied by a zippy, twanging guitar and a horn section. Not to mention that odd choice of music at the end (“‘Cos I get a kick out of–wait, wrong song!” )


  21. Smoothie of Great Power says:

    This movie is the perfect example of the TVTropes entry for “Cops are useless!” This is also another one that grew on me over time, especially as I started taking notes of previously unnoticed riffs that added to the subtle humor.

    Favorite riff: “Not this way, man; my mom’ll see me! Nnnooo!”


  22. Smoothie of Great Power says:

    Forgot my other favorite riff:

    “I’d like to return these bullets to their original owner.”


  23. Matthew Shine says:

    As others have stated, I thought that this was the best of the three bikers films. It’s fun to see Gypsy progress from being the dumb slow one from Season One to her more articulate persona from Season 3 onwards.
    I read in the ACEG that the Stinger for this episode was supposed to be Steve Alemo’s dancing.
    I personally would have gone with “You’re so square, you look like a box!”


  24. Brandon says:

    “No gun dealer, no matter how naive or smitten, would ever load a gun for a customer.”

    Funny there’d be a comment about idiot gun dealers. In last night’s new episode of Criminal Minds, Natural Selection wins when a gun dealer, LEAVES A .38 ON THE COUNTER TO HELP ANOTHER CUSTOMER while the woman he was talking to casually takes the fun, loads it, and shoots everyone.

    My review:

    207- Wild Rebels

    Plot: Helping the police, a guitar-toting racer goes undercover to infiltrate a biker gang.

    Host Segments:
    Opening: Joel shuts down the higher functions so Gypsy will be able to free up her mind.
    Invention Exchange: Hobby hogs; 3D Pizza
    Segment 1: Joel explains geniuses who were part of motorcycle gangs.
    Segment 2: J&TB present Wild Rebels cereal.
    Segment 3: Joel serenades Gypsy.
    Ending: J&TB celebrate the movie, and then read a letter.

    Memorable Riffs:
    Joel: “Hi, I’m Rod and I’m a Gasaholic.”
    Bots: “Hi, Rod.”

    Joel: “That’s a nice guitar.”
    Crow: “I’d really like to have that gui–”
    [guitar dissapears]
    Crow: “HUH?”

    Joel: “453 times a lady?”

    Crow: “Did I mention I was bidding in pecos? Here’s you dollar!”

    Crow: “Hey, they turned the sub from ‘Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea’ into a bar!”
    Gypsy: “Richard Basehart?”

    Joel: “Hey Rod, let me out of this suitcase! For God’s sake let me out!”

    Joel: “Uh, whose gotta use the helmet?”

    Crow: “That’s uh… that’s the closet.”

    Servo: “Oh, yikes! It looks like Banjo exploded!”

    Joel: “Hi, Rod! Remember you’re undercover! Don’t talk to anyone!”

    Crow: “For those of you watching at home, we have no idea what the heck is goin on!”

    Servo: “Here’s the gun Ruby used to shoot Oswald.”

    Servo: “Banjo! Quit playing yourself!”

    Girl: “Whatever strikes your fancy.”
    Servo: “Personally, I like guys in clown suits.”

    Crow: “Don’t shoot the car! We need that!”

    Fav. Riff:
    Servo: “No, not this way, Man! My mom will see me!”

    -Never noticed this before, but during the Robot Roll Call, when Servo is highlighted, you can see pieces of candy laying on the desk from previous takes.

    -Also, in the opening segment, when Servo “hovers” away from the desk you can see his control rod. And oddly enough there’s some weird bondage around the rod, suggesting it must have broke at some point before shooting this episode. Another thing, is when Crow exits the scene, note that Trace simply sets him down near the “Spiral-On-Down”.

    -Joel has a coffee mug that has a photo of him and the Bots from season 1!

    -From certain angles, the actor who plays Banjo looks like Bill Murray in Caddyshack. Anyone else think this too?

    -I like the cereal segment and the song. Why wasn’t that included on the Clown in the Sky CD?

    -When Crow and Tom pounce on Joel during segment 3, you can see Trace’s hand!

    -I love the bit towards the end when the last bad guy points his gun at the camera, and it looks like he’s pointing his gun at Servo! Crow: “Servo, save yourself!”

    -In the closing segment, Trace has helmet hair!

    Best Segment: Easily the cereal segment.
    Worst Segment: Segment 1 is kind of a rut.

    Overall: I like this episode very much. One of the highlights of season 2. Strong riffing, great host segments, and a fairly watchable movie. I give it a full 4 stars! ****


  25. Cheapskate Crow says:

    I give it 4 stars as well and agree that it’s the best of the biker movies. I sympathize with Dr. F since I asked Frank after a CT live show how he came up with eyukaeee at the beginning of this episode. His short answer: “I must have been on drugs.”
    Although I admit I don’t know how you could put something like that into words…
    Does anyone remember where else he used eyukaeee, I would swear it found its way into at least one other episode.


  26. jjb3k says:

    A lot of fans are convinced that Joel (actor Joel, not character Joel) is stoned during the invention exchange segment, right after Gypsy restores the higher functions of the ship. The joke that he was holding his breath the entire time the oxygen was shut off and is thus very lightheaded and loopy as a result seems to be lost on most folks.

    It was nice to see them finally explain Gypsy in this episode. I bet Jim Mallon being the creative pit boss this week had something to do with it. At this point, the writers’ room was pretty much just Joel, Mike, Kevin, Trace, Jim, and Frank; in other words, a bunch of guys who can’t really write from a female perspective, which would probably explain why Gypsy wasn’t very well utilized in Seasons 1 and 2. Once Bridget and Mary Jo arrived, Gypsy became a much more feminine character, and it made her a lot funnier.

    I am not a fan of the Season 2 biker flicks, but I will agree that this is the best of the trio. If for no other reason than The Sidehackers is reprehensible garbage, and The Hellcats makes me want to claw my eyes out. Wild Rebels is just weird, and that results in creativity.


  27. Spector says:

    Definitely the best of the biker films, and is among the best episodes of Season Two. Plenty of kicks in this one, with plenty of great material to work with, and I loved the “Wild Rebels” cereal sketch! The big difference between this and “Sidehackers” and “The Hellcats” is that this one just seems less grim, with a cast of dumb characters who are so stereotypical they’re just begging to be lampooned. Oh, and no Ross Hagen, which is a big plus! And no implied rape and murder scenes. Can’t add much more than what’s already been said in this thread. Four out of five stars.


  28. MitchellRowsdowerBeardsley says:

    Simply one of the funniest MST3k episodes of all time.

    This is one I ration myself so I don’t overwatch it. SOOO bummed it was on a set that was recalled. (What was the story about that anyway?)


  29. Cabbage Patch Elvis says:



  30. big61al says:

    I agree with the other posters about the actress playing linda. She was actually a very good actress. Her performance is much better than the performances of MST3K actors that when on to win an academy award. She ceertainly out acted everyone in this film. Which says a lot for this genre which is not known for genuine acting. Kudos to you.


  31. NoTrafficAccidents says:

    Back in those days, J&tBs riffed with Sting-in-Dune’s “I will kill him!” quite a bit. This episode has my favorite usage with the combo of the band’s repeated fade-out lyrics “and I will…” and Servo calling back “I will… I will… I will kill him!”

    Yes, I am that easily amused.


  32. Johnny Ryde says:

    I wish the head of the gang in this movie had been placed by Michael Pataki from Sidehackers. You know he’d chew the scenery right up with that dialog.

    I think there’s an obscure-ish Marx Brothers ref. In the scene where Fats wakes up before everyone else and is reading the paper. They riff that he’s reading stock market quotes. I’m pretty sure that the names they mention are the same ones recited by Groucho in his “Strange figures… weird figures” soliloquy in “Animal Crackers”…

    Oh, and I never thought about Joel being loopy from the lack of oxygen, but that makes sense. He’s seems genuinely out of it and stumbling over his words (“Hey, would you guys look at me when I’m talking?” ).


  33. I'm not a medium, I'm a petite says:

    OK, this is almost interesting… if my sources are correct, then the actor that played Fats is better known as the actor that played the department store Santa Claus in A Christmas Story.

    And the guy that played Banjo was the World Light Heavyweight Champion of Boxing.


  34. Never seen this one. Guess I’ll check it out on YouTube.


  35. Lisa says:

    This is one of my early favorites too. The cereal song is a classic in my house (even my dad knows “pound it down, you stupid clown” ). And that goatee on Joel may be cheesy, but somehow it pushes my buttons.


  36. Alex says:


    “Oh, no, Gypsy.”

    The films looks pretty bad. Hopefully not as bad as Hellcats (I haven’t seen that on its own yet but it looks pretty ****ty). Riffing is pretty good, and I love the “Wild Rebels” song. Overall, pretty decent episode.


  37. toot-toottoot-toot says:

    Fun biker episode…I’d probably give this one 3 1/2 out 5 stars. I liked Hellcats the best of the three but I like this a bit better than Sidehackers. The Wild Rebels cereal segment is definitely one of the better of season 2 but then again, I’m not a huge fan of many of the early-era Joel skits. I love how Gypsy went for near-mute (with minor wordplay) to actually stringing a few sentences together near the end of the series run.


  38. Watch-out-for-Snakes says:

    Crow- “Guys, it doesn’t get any stupider than this.”

    A really good episode, stupid in all the right ways. I liked it better than The Sidehackers as far as biker movies are concerned. Looking forward to comparing it to Hellcats (I’ve only seen most of Season 2 once, this is a nice re-watch for me) so I can verify my math equation here: Wild Rebels>Sidehackers>Hellcats.

    Joel’s cheesy goatee!

    In regards to the Mads hobby hogs, “I’m sorry, I wasn’t paying attention.”

    J&tB’s “throwing up” noises during the song in the movie are apt. BLEEECH!

    Another then-current riff, Servo: “Been working on the David Duke campaign.”

    During the “nighttime” bike race, Joel quips: “You’ve beat the stuffing out of three preppies and given away the girl, but before the day is through you’ll take enough drugs to kill a horse. NOW IT’S MILLER TIME!” —-HaHaHaaHaHa! Ha! Very funny—-

    Host Segment #1: Typical of Season 2, that almost overwritten type of segment, but I like this one. It doesn’t overstay it’s welcome. Plus the idea of Ted Koppel riding with Stephen Hawking in a gang is hilarious. And the line “Everyone thought Joseph Campbell was tough, but that was just a myth” is classic and hits my literary sweet-spot just right.

    Also, Servo says “dickweed” as the segment ends. This isn’t the first instance of this curse, is it?

    Joel: “It’s called Operation Weasel-Snitch!”

    Crow: “For those of you watching at home, we have no idea what is going on!”

    Host Segment #2 is really fun. Short and sweet, just like Wiiiiild Rebels, crunchy crunchy rebels!

    Maybe the most lowbrow comment in the show’s history? Crow: “Hey they’re going to the turd museum!”

    Classic quotable, Joel: “I’d like to return the bullets to the owner.”

    This movie has an astonishing amount of day-for-night photography, all of it horrid, as J&tB’s rightly comment on. Servo: “Nothing like a moonlit afternoon.”

    There a quick psychedelic transition cut for some reason at one point and Joel exclaims, “I’M WIGGING!”

    Two policemen in their cop car, Joel says “Did you see Cop Rock last night? It sucked!” Damn right, that show was supremely bad. Probably better than Glee, though. :-P

    Crow, why I have no reason, exclaims, “Calgon take me away!”

    And I agree with Joel, Banjo is funnier than Benny Hill.

    Overall, a 4/5 experiment. One of the best Season 2 eps so far. Looking forward to next weeks experiment, and. . .all…that . . . ..rock . . . .. .climbing . . .rock. . . .climbing. . .. . .


  39. Sharktopus says:

    @ Brandon, I knew Banjo looked familiar, now I know why! Thanks for pointing it out for me. Similarly, Does Fats remind anyone else of Kevin Smith? (Y’know, I’ve thought that for a while, but it just now dawned on me that, besides the pysical resemblance, Fats is also silent. Nothing slips past me, huh?)

    Definitely the best of the “biker movie” experiments – although, like saying the first Matrix movie is the best of the three, that’s not necessarily praise – but the movie still makes me a bit too uncomfortable to completely enjoy the riffing, which I admit is quite strong. It’s my problem though, not the show’s, but something about all the gang’s neo-Nazi paraphernalia dampens the fun for me. Strange then, that The Producers is one of my all-time favorite comedies? (The original film, natch. I enjoyed the musical on Broadway, but the movie adaptation just plain stinks.) Maybe if Joel and the Bots poked fun at the swastika trappings, rather than just trying to ignore them…

    Anyhoo, a solid season 2 episode – memorable host segments, extrememly stupid yet watchable movie, and most importantly, the phrase “turd museum.” :-D


  40. I'm not a medium, I'm a petite says:

    Watchout.4Snakes @38. Good post, but I think it’s Fats that’s funnier than Benny Hill.


  41. Dark Grandma of Death says:

    Not one of my absolutely favorite, can’t-live-without episodes, but I enjoy it when I watch it from time to time. It has solid riffing, and the Wild Rebels cereal song is one of our family favorites.

    PALADIN (#16), I remember being distinctly disappointed that the skanky Linda did NOT get killed off, as stated in the ACEG. I think it was one of the few times it let me down.

    Steve Alaimo’s dance moves are stunning…but not necessarily in a good way. The more I watch him throw himself around, the more in awe I am of his sheer lack of coordination and rhythmic sense. My feelings approach reverence.


  42. mstgator says:

    More Steve Lame-o trivia: He still holds the record for most pop chart singles (nine) without a Top 40 hit, and he helped form TK Records, the label that brought us KC and the Sunshine Band.


  43. Cornjob says:

    “And my Lunch goes Bleaah”


  44. underwoc says:

    Sampo – What’s the deal with drummers? You have seen Spinal Tap, right? It’s pretty much a given (though Ringo seems to be the exception)…


  45. Steve A. Laimo says:

    This is the movie that brought me back to MST3K. I had forgotten that the show existed until I bought a $9.99 collection of bad drive-in movies from Amazon. Fortunately, both Wild Rebels and The Sidehackers were included. I had watched both films and visited IMDB to find out more about them. It was there that I saw a blurb about MST3K versions. Immediately visions of watching Gamera back in the early 90’s came back to me!

    If it wasn’t for Wild Rebels I wouldn’t be getting any “kicks” these days from Torgo, Ator, Mr. B, Wurwilfs, Arch Hall Jr., or Big McLargehuge!

    Hopefully Shout Re-releases this one (along with Women Of The Prehistoric Planet) on DVD.


  46. Stupid Repulsive Anteater says:

    I remember reading somewhere that Steve Alaimo and Willie Pastrano (my favorite sammich) were close friends. That, and Willie’s boxing history, adds a nice little subtext to their fight.


  47. Bombastic Biscuit Boy says:

    Plot: Lumpen failure race-car driver weasel-finks out a trio of chortling greaser nincompoops during an ill-conceived crime spree. Thrill as he fails to dance, fight, seduce, or play guitar

    Uh Rod, we need a few more people nibbling on me over here. C’mon over…

    I would put this one more on the “Cheesy” side of the movie ratings, actually. The finale in the abandoned lighthouse is pretty cool.

    Girl: “Are you going to let him talk to me like that?” Tom: Uh…YEAH…

    And seriously, what’s in the water in Citrusville, anyways? The police need to put Rod in a needlessly dangerous sting operation to what? Finger a gang of bikers that just publicly beat the snot out of some local “college boys” in front of EVERYBODY in a club? What more evidence do they need?

    4…5…dollars! You’ve broken the bank!


  48. Bombastic Biscuit Boy says:

    Actually, I still have that “Tappit Loose” goofy action sequence music in my head whenever I drive around town…

    And I always knew Gypsy was in it for the kicks! :devil:


  49. Bombastic Biscuit Boy says:

    finally, I’d say these are the worst-looking fake cops we’ll see until Outlaw (of Gor)…I believe Joel when he says “no jail, no handcuffs…nuthin” A blue shirted extra in a car with a gold star decal on it is not very convincing…

    Police cars courtesy of Grandma!


  50. TarlCabot says:

    I’m going to ask again since she was mentioned…

    Whatever happened to Alex Carr? Or Jann Johnson? They seemed to be a pretty big part of the show/writing staff for the first 5 years, they even have their picture with the whole KTMA/Season 2 crew in the ACEG (pages XXXI and X, respectively), and then they both just disappeared through mid season 4. Anyone know what happened to them?

    And what about Colleen Williams? What was her deal?

    Or David Sussmann?


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