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Cinematic Titanic Tour Schedule Update

They’ve added a few dates to the lineup of Cinematic Titanic shows. It now includes:

* Saturday, Sept. 24, 8 p.m. at the Best Buy Theater in New York City (Tickets not available yet).
* Saturday, Oct. 15, 8 p.m. at the Visual and Performing Arts Center at Elgin Community College in Elgin, Ill. (Tickets not available yet).
* Thursday, Oct. 27, 8 p.m. at the Lisner Auditorium at George Washington University in Washington, DC (Tickets not available yet).
* Thursday, Nov. 3, 8 p.m. at Nightingale Concert Hall at the University of Nevada in Reno, Nev. (Tickets not available yet).
* Friday, Nov. 4, 8 p.m. at the Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts on the campus of the U.C. Davis, One Shields Ave., Davis, Calif. Get tickets here.
* Satuday, Nov. 5, 8 p.m. at the Wells Fargo Center for the Arts, 50 Mark West Springs Road, Santa Rosa, Calif. Get tickets here.
* Sunday, Nov. 6, 8 p.m. at the Arlington Theatre in Santa Barbara, Calif. (Tickets not available yet.)
* Saturday, Nov. 12, 8 p.m. at the Meyer Theatre, 117 South Washington St. in Green Bay, Wis. (Tickets not available yet).
* Friday, Dec. 30, 8 p.m. at the Keswick Theater, 291 North Keswick Ave. in Glenside (suburban Philadelphia), Pa. (Tickets not available yet).

If you know of a great venue for a Cinematic Titanic performance, tell the people at the venue to contact CT’s booking agent. The contact information to give them is here.

45 Replies to “Cinematic Titanic Tour Schedule Update”

  1. Katana says:

    At Elgin Community College? At ECC?! Talk about close to home, I’m there!


  2. casimar says:

    Has there been any news on whether they’ll release more dvds? Its been quite a while.


  3. Chuck says:

    YES! The Keswick in Glenside! I know what I’m doing on 12/30!


  4. Gary Bowden says:

    @2..Someone asked Joel a while back and he said they’re thinking around September.Since they produce this themselves,are they in charge on when to release a new dvd or does someone else do that? I don’t know how it works.And when they make a new dvd,does putting it all together come out of their own pockets?? Just curious.


  5. Terri Jones says:

    Still have yet to come anywhere near the Kansas Cities. Certainly not driving to St Louis area ever. Guess they only want a select group of fans to see them and the over priced shows.


  6. Captn Ross Hagen says:

    Hey toss us a bone and release a new DVD or two so we can get them signed at a up coming show.


  7. Laura says:


    Now you know how I feel. CT doesn’t seem to care about South Jersey, no matter how many times I email the casinos.


  8. Gary Bowden says:

    I don’t know why certain fans believe that CT doesn’t want to come to their town(like they decide they want to perform there,but not there),when they want everyone to contact their town through their booking agent.And of course they’re going to charge a little more,just like rock bands and comedians do,and also,CT are not a bunch of millionaires who can perform wherever and whenever they want to..And does anyone know if CT produce and make their own dvd’s? Or does someone do it for them,like Rifftrax does? And also,I know for a fact that they’re NOT going to perform here(Arkansas)because not very many people would attend.There are a few MSTies here,but not a lot and CT would lose money if they did.Wouldn’t be practical.Same goes for other towns…


  9. Gary Bowden says:

    @7 Laura..There you go again.I doubt very seriously CT doesn’t care about South Jersey,like they pick and choose what towns to perform at..Also,how can you go anyway when you don’t have a job or a car that needs work done on it anyway??


  10. Laura says:


    I was going to ask some friends about it but they would never agree to attend. Especially for the show in Glenside. They hate Philly and would travel there under any circumstances. They also wouldn’t know what was going on, and I don’t want to spend the whole show explaining to them what’s going on.

    Also, I never really said my car needs work constantly. I just don’t trust it to travel to North Jersey.


  11. Jaynie says:

    Atlanta has been denied yet again. I didn’t get to go last time they were here because I was in the hospital having a superhero bionic knee installed. (No really, I had a knee replacement.)


  12. Appollonia James says:

    I can’t believe they’re actually coming to ECC– the school I have attended for years, and which I drive past on my way to work every day…. and I won’t be able to go because I’m getting deployed in october. I’m very upset by this…


  13. Chuck says:

    @Laura, Glenside isn’t in Philly.


  14. Johnny Ryde says:



  15. David Mello says:

    Glad you guys are headed to UC Davis. Trust me. Fans up here are just as excited as the ones in San Francisco


  16. Sharktopus says:

    Sweet! The Best Buy Theater in Times Square (formerly the Nokia Theater, as it was called the first time I saw CT Live) is a great venue but probably the most expensive place they ever perform at. It was worth it to see how excited Frank was to do Broadway, though. I definitely won’t be getting another $10 Captain & Coke that’s fer sure.


  17. big61al says:

    RE: tour cities. I think we all understand cities are picked based on economics but maybe they can throw us outlying fans a bone.[a satellite shaped bone – haha]. If there was a show here where I lived I would blase off 500 sheets of a typed flyer on the copy machine and hand them out where ever i can, malls – grocery store , movie theaters….i want the show to sell out so they will come back…..


  18. EvanGMan says:

    I will pick up tickets for the Lisner Theater show in Washington, DC as soon as they become available. I wish there was a way to preorder them, or at least subscribe to be notified when they become available…


  19. Portlandia says:

    The dream of the 90’s is still alive here in Portland OR…we would love some more CT in our city! Keep Portland Weird? Nah, just Keep Portland Riffin’! Now that’s a bumper sticker I’d buy!


  20. EricJ says:

    Okay, I have to ask: WHAT was the Best Buy theater formerly named, before the corporate graffiti?


  21. Jay says:

    They’re going to Reno, and they still have yet to visit Vegas? Oy gevalt!

    Though I did see Allen Ginsberg at the Nightingale there back in college.


  22. Cyrex056 says:

    WooHoo!! Lisner Auditorium! I’m there!

    Hopefully they will be doing a different movie than last time though…


  23. Sharktopus says:

    @ EricJ:

    The Best Buy Theater was called the Nokia Theater when it first opened, but it was built where Astor Plaza used to be.


  24. Sharktopus says:

    Actually, now that I think of it, the entire building is Astor Plaza, and the theater is basically the basement. It was called the Astor Theater before they auctioned off the naming rights to pay for the remodelling. I believe the accursed MTV has their studios upstairs somewhere. (In Manhattan, the only direction you can build is up.)


  25. Mr. B(ob) says:

    I’ve been waiting for them to come back to the Maryland/D.C. area. This will be our 5th time seeing them live. Yeah!


  26. Tim S. Turner says:

    Aweaome! I live in Santa Rosa! Finally, I don’t have to brave the traffic and parking in San Francisco! Yay!!


  27. Tork_110 says:

    Washington D.C.? Wow. I might actually go to one.


  28. Cheapskate Crow says:

    If they are going to Reno, they should come to Boise too. I will do my part and harass a local theater I think would be perfect.


  29. SuperSwift says:

    I wouldn’t go to one even if they were playing in my basement. I’m with you #5, way overpriced.


  30. MitchellRowsdowerBeardsley says:

    Elgin Community College? Sweet Moses, I went there too. I CAN HARDLY WAIT! (grabs his Hellcats DVD to get signed).


  31. Sharktopus says:

    Yeah, how dare performers charge you to watch them perform? It’s not like it’s their livelihood. They should give free stuff away, too, like Oprah does. We deserve it after eveything we’ve done for them. Who do they think they are, anyway, providing for themselves and their families? Pffft. Comedians are so entitled. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go see if the next X-Men movie is on BitTorrent yet…


  32. SuperSwift says:

    Who said anything about free shows? We just stated it shouldn’t be so much you idiot. And comparing MST to Oprah? Really? That’s an insult to the entire show.


  33. Daveo says:

    Wow are these guys still around?Bought the first few discs but not a fan of the live clips I’ve seen,and they haven’t been within 300 miles of me,so thank God for Rifftrax!
    I’m glad they are making money and people are enjoying the shows as they visit the same cities over and over and over and over…


  34. Well, I’m driving up from NC to see them in Washington in October. Staying with a friend who will also be going. I spoke with Joel at Dragon Con last year and basically, there has to be a venue that will ask them to come. I’m sure there are economics involved (seating, % of the gate and what not), so I have no hopes they’ll be in my town, but…..

    They are coming to North Carolina in March of 2012! The Carolina Theater in Durham, NCOnly an hour and a half away…


  35. Luke Forester says:

    What a surprise. More showings within quick drive of where they’ve had previous showings rather than going someplace new like Denver.


  36. Gary Bowden says:

    @32.I think Sharktopus was being a little sarcastic when he said that and of course they’re going to charge a little more(don’t comedians and rock bands?)because not all of the money goes directly to them,does it? I think part of it goes to the venue as well.It’s just like if you buy a concert t-shirt,the money has got to be divided up between a lot of people(I remember Rolling Stone magazine had a piece on it in one of their issues).Also,does the money get divided up between each performer in CT? I’m sure it does..And I bet they’re playing the same places as before(maybe some new dates,too)is because someone contacted their booking agent!! And they probably figure they would get a bigger crowd in bigger cities(like the ones they have been performing at)as opposed to playing somewhere where they wouldn’t attract a bigger audience,like I know they wouldn’t come here(Ft.Smith,Ark.).But,I’m not going to whine about it and say I’m not going to buy their dvd’s until they do come here.How stupid is that?? I mean,do rock bands or comedians play at every venue in every town in every state? I don’t think so.


  37. Ryan S says:

    CT reps scan these threads, right? Maybe we can get a hint about ANY new CT DVD releases?

    I’ve mentioned it before, but here’s another round: It’s been 10 months since the last DVD release.

    What the heck? Were DVD sales THAT awful? Otherwise, this makes no sense to me.

    The tour dates are disappointing but understandable. NOT putting out a DVD for nearly a year is just plain strange. It’s an interesting way to cool the fanbase.


  38. Sharktopus says:

    I may have had my sarcasm sequencer turned up a bit too high the other day.


  39. April DeWetpants says:

    Back to DC huh? Well, I suppose that is probably the closest they’ll ever come to me. Maybe if I book a motel overnight I can brave the 10 hour drive.


  40. Michael says:

    What’s the deal with not coming to Portland? They are huge here and they won’t come. Bummer.


  41. Matt D. says:

    The Keswick Theater again? Well, depending on the movie, I will be there again! And just earlier today, I was reading about all the acts that are going to be at the McCarter Center (Princeton) because I got sent a flyer in the mail after seeing CT live there earlier this year. Woo.


  42. Luci says:

    Now this is just insane. I was the girl who got proposed to at the CT show in October at URI. We’re getting married November 4th, and we’re going to Santa Barbara for our honeymoon. Weird…


  43. Chuck says:

    FYI, tickets for the Keswick show on 12/30 went on sale over the weekend. I’ve heard it’s going to be a double feature show.

    Got mine.


  44. RAD says:

    Hey, All!

    It’s somewhat disheartening to read comments that seem to indicate that we only go to certain venues and cater to only a small populace of the Cinematic Titanic fans out there. The truth is we want to go EVERYWHERE and see each and every one of you. Please understand that this is an artist owned venture. That means that we have to fund everything ourselves. The positive is that we completely pay for everything with no backing and no investors. The negative is that we completely pay for everything with no backing and no investors. We’re constantly trying to get to every location we can to allow all of the loyal CT fans to be able to attend a show close to them. If you have a venue close by, call them and have them book us! I promise we’ll come to your town, and help you party down, we’re an American…ummm…Riffing Group.



  45. Chuck says:

    They just added a bunch of shows for 2012. Check it out!


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