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Goodbye Sci-Fi

Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett reflect on MST3K's final broadcast.

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Weekend Discussion Thread: Origin Stories

Alert regular Andrew suggests:

Which MST3K character, main or supporting, would have the most interesting origin story and/or what might the facts of their origin story be?
How did Calgan become the head of the Enforcers and why is he so upset?
Was Torgo, like Mike, a normal man and might one of Manos’ brides have indeed been Torgo’s own before being taken over by the power of Manos?
Despite the rigors and discipline of obvious combat training, why is Deathstalker so laid back?
Has Mr. B Natural ever failed to bring a tormented soul into the musical fold?

Batwoman and Rat Fink seem to know each other. What is THAT about??

Your pick?

Weekend Discussion Thread: Most Riffable Hammer Movies

Alert regular “Sitting Duck” opines:

Though they have produced many riffable titles, MST3K has only featured one Hammer film. Even that was a science fiction film instead of one of their trademark Gothic horror movies. So what Hammer film would you like to see riffed?

I’d go with “The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires,” where Hammer Horror is crossed with Hong Kong martial arts cinema. They could have one or more host segments where the Satellite of Love gets an infestation of bat-on-a-string, which could invade the theater as a handy way to censor the topless virgin sacrifices.

I’m going to go with “The Quatermass Xperiment.” Challenging, but I think they could do it.

Your pick?

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Get it here.

Season 12 Begins Streaming on Turkey Day

The AV Club got the scoop.

Weekend Discussion Thread: What Would Your Name Be?

Alert reader Stef writes:

In the show’s “universe”, we’ve had Joel “Robinson” (shout out to Lost in Space/ Swiss Family Robinson) and Jonah Heston (shout out to Charlton Heston) as the experiments.
So my discussion is: If YOU were one of the experiments in the SOL, what would your character’s surname be and why?
Mine would be either Rathbone after Basil “Sherlock Holmes” Rathbone who got me hooked into the franchise, or Stewart after Patrick Stewart, one of my top favorite actors as well as my favorite Star Trek captain.
So, I would be S. Rathbone or S. Stewart.
Also, those posting answers to this question don’t have to use their first name if they’re not comfortable with that.

I think I’d go with Meacham, after Cal in “This Island Earth.”

Your pick?