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Goodbye Sci-Fi

Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett reflect on MST3K's final broadcast.

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Joel Interview

Joel gave a radio interview on 97.1 in St Louis on the Dave Glover Show on Tuesday. Joel discusses his life in the church when he was a kid, his early days in standup and, of course, the upcoming tour.

Check it out here.

Thanks to Jason for the heads up.
The tour begins in two weeks and press is definitely starting up. If you see or hear any press, let us know.

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Weekend Discussion Thread: Worst Exposition in a MSTed Movie

Alert regular Sitting Duck notes:

In film and television, conveying exposition through character dialogue that sounds natural isn’t easy. So it’s no surprise that many MST3K movie writers aren’t always up to the task. What character dialogue exposition did you find particularly clumsy or awkward? Mine comes from “I Accuse My Parents” where, in a textbook example of the “as you know” style of exposition, Kitty has to be reminded by her roommate about the existence of her mob boss sugar daddy.

My pick is from “Slime People:” “Now, we’ve always known that there are fish in the ocean, haven’t we?”

What’s your pick?

Keep those WDT suggestions coming!

RIP Jack Perkins

CASEY KEY, FLA–Avuncular NBC newsman and TV personality Jack Perkins died here Aug. 19. He was 85.
Television viewers across the country remember Perkins from his work on “NBC Nightly News” and “The Today Show,” along with his hosting duties for the “Biography” program on the A&E Network.
But MSTies will always remember Mike Nelson’s hilarious impression of Perkins starting with the host segments in episode 310- FUGITIVE ALIEN and recurring several more times.

The Sarasota Herald-Tribune has a nice tribute.

Thanks to Paul for the heads up.

Samuel Gelfman, RIP

LOS ANGELES–producer Samuel Gelfman, best known at the producer of low-budget films “Caged Heat,” “Cockfighter” and “Cannonball!” for Roger Corman’s New World Pictures in the 1970s, died Aug. 15 at a hospital here of complications from heart and respiratory disease. He was 88.

But MSTies know him for his role as the fisherman in the movie in episode 704- THE INCREDIBLE MELTING MAN, a movie he also produced.

The Hollywood Reporter has the story.

Hat tip to Timmy for the heads up.