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Weekend Discussion Thread: Favorite Drug Riffs

Our pal Timmy suggests:

Before I start my idea for this weekends topic, I (via my lawyers at Dewey, Cheatem & Howe) neither agree nor disagree of taking of drugs.
Anyway, I recorded on my DVR (and am finally watching it) Woodstock documentary film from 1970 and this was said — and it was riffed on during the show’s original run:

I was thinking: what is your favorite drug riff? I always found that riff funny. What are yours?

Three words: “Trails…beautiful trails…”


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RIP Patrick Williams

Santa Monica, CALIF–Patrick Williams, who was best-known for his Emmy-winning television music but who was also a renowned and Grammy-winning big-band jazz leader and arranger, died July 25, of complications from cancer at St. John’s Hospital here. He was 79.
Williams earned an Oscar nomination (for adapting opera in “Breaking Away,” 1979), four Emmys (for dramatic music including “Lou Grant,” 1980) and two Grammys (for arrangements including his classic jazz album “Threshold,” 1974) during more than 50 years of music-making in New York and Los Angeles.
MSTies will remember his work for the TV movie in the movie in episode 614- SAN FRANCISCO INTERNATIONAL.

Thanks to Timmy for the heads up.

Weekend Discussion Thread: Finding the Right CR

Alert regular “Sitting Duck” writes:

In his interview on the Riding with Death DVD, Steven de Souza touches on the issue of, when writing a story, getting the capabilities of those opposing the protagonists just right.

Or in D&D parlance, the Challenge Rating (CR). Too low, and the story becomes a stakes-free cakewalk. Too high, and the protagonist comes across as incompetent, with the resolution often appearing as a deus ex machina.

Many MST3K films struggle to get their CRs in that Goldilocks zone. So which films do you think the CR was either too low or too high?

For too low, I’d go with Danger Death Ray. The goons practically walked right into Bart Fargo’s fists. For too high, I’d go with Devil Doll. English was just so hapless and he needed Vorelli and Hugo’s falling out to resolve the situation for him.

Too high: The evil night club owner in “Daddy-O.” How in the world was Pete Plum supposed to be victorious? Too low: “Batwoman.” She just walks all over Rat Fink.”

Your picks?

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