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Episode guide: 1205- KILLER FISH

Movie: (1979) A treacherous gang of jewel thieves attempt to recover treasure from piranha-infested waters.

Opening: As Ardy and Synthia search for “Idiot Control Now” in the files, and Bonesy still wants to go walkies, Max and Kinga find themselves riffing the whole thing.

Invention exchange: J&tB present Alchemy Glue. The Mads unveil the Time Travel Oven.

Segment 1: What fish is attacking the characters?

Segment 2: Jonah has a logic puzzle to figure out how the characters get to shore.

Closing: As the Mads prepare to show the final film, Synthia has at last created the liquid version of “Idiot Control Now.”

Stinger: “That’s it. Laugh it up. It’s art.”

• The Boneheads were Tim Ryder and Zack Thompson.
• This movie has the most big-name stars since SPAVE TRAVELERS.
• MWaverly and Growler join the fun for segment 1, and again as everybody sings “Below the Dam” (by Paul and Storm).
• A fish on a stick appears from the left.
• Growler offers blood sausage
• “Idiot Control Now” has clearly been completely re-recorded with modern audio equipment. Our guess is that Joel decided that the original monaural version from 1991 would not be pleasing to modern ears. Howevver, a commenter suggested that it might be because Kevin’s, Trace’s and Jim’s voices can be heard on the original track.
• Callbacks: Mention of “Avalanche.” Mention of “Reptilicus.” “Paul, your father is in great danger.” (Cry Wilderness.”) “It stinks!” (Pod People). Mention of “Yongary.”
• Cast and crew roundup: Lee Majors was also in the KTMA episode “The Last Chase.” James Franciscus was in KTMA episode “City on Fire” and “Space Travelers.” Gary Collins was also in KTMA episode “Hanger 18.” Behind the scenes, editor Roberto Sterbini also edited “Devil Fish” under the name Bob Wheeler. Second unit director Ignazio Dolce acted in “Hercules and the Captive Women.” assistant director Joe Pollini (credited as Giuseppe Pollini) was the first assistant director on “The Pumaman.”
• Fave riff: “I wonder how they spell “Nyehehheh” in the script.” Honorable mention: “I’m off to stock Hawaii with wolverines.”

Maria Perego, RIP

MILAN, Italy–Maria Perego, an Italian puppeteer best known in the U.S. as the creator of Topo Gigio, the lovable mouse who became famous to American audiences as a frequent guest on “The Ed Sullivan Show” in the 1960s and early ’70, died here Nov. 7. She was 95.

MSTies will recall that Topo Gigio was one of the puppets mentioned in a host segment in episode 318- STAR FORCE – FUGITIVE ALIEN II.

The New York Times has the story.

Thanks to Ray for the heads up.

Episode guide: 1204- The Day Time Ended

Movie: (1979) An unsuspecting family spend the night at their newly built solar-powered house and are confronted by concepts.

Open: J&tB are still hanging out in Moon 13. Jonah is still at work on the containment vessel and the bots are just making mischief. Max seeks assurances from Jonah, and gets them, giving Max a good feeling.
Back on the SOL, J&tB are having’ a cup o’ joe, while the Mads drink from empty mugs.

Invention exchange: J&tB present the Fortune Meal. Meanwhile, the Mads show off their spray-on mustard gas.

The Mads tell Ardy to flush the movie, but he is busy suiting up Bonesy the dog, so he can go walkies.

Segment 1: J&tB are rugged men of a certain age until interrupted by hill bikers.

Segment 2: Script writers Jonah and Crow get help from Prof. Harold Servo, along with Growler and M. Waverly and, later, Max and Kinga.

Close: J&tB are losing it. Meanwhile, Max & Kinga are visited by Dr. Lawrence Erhardt, who gives them a mission.

Stinger: The little green guy pleases Jenny.

• Callbacks: “Pretty nice.” (Mac and Me). “Bah-boom!” (Atlantic Rim). “Knew your father I did.” (Mr. B Natural). The movie “Avalanche.”
• The great “concepts” song is another winner from Paul & Storm.
• Nice to hear a Flash Bazbo reference.
• Kinga’s mom was Kim Catrall? Of course! (That comment was meant to be sarcastic. There was a bit of a fan grumble by fans who noted that Dr. F never once mentioned Kim and that it was Crow who was in love with her.)
• The voice of Bonesy was the great Ivan Askwith. A commenter says Bonesy previously appeared in the first issue of the comic book series, though he did not talk.
• Cast and crew roundup: This one has many connections to “Laserblast.” Writer J. Larry Carroll was a producer on “Laserblast.” Steve Neill, a producer who was also credited with the original story, did the special effects makeup for “Laserblast” and played an alien. Producer Charles Band also produced “Laserblast.” Producer/director of visual effects Paul Gentry also did the laser effects and still photographer on “Laserblast.” Composer Richard Brand also did the music for “Laserblast. Makeup artist Ve Neil was also makeup artist on “Laserblast.” Sound mixer Joel Goldsmith also did music for “Laserblast.” David W. Allen, who did dimensional animation and was a technical advisor to the special visual effects unit, also did animation effects for “Laserblast.”
Also, director John “Bud” Cardos also directed “Outlaw of Gor.” Property master Michael F. Hoover was also special effects technician on “Cry Wilderness.” In front of the camera, Robert Contreras also appeared in “The Black Scorpion” and “The Beast of Hollow Mountain.
• Fave riff: “Don’t talk to the Lovecraftian obelisk, dear.” Honorable mention: “Uncle Owen, a Star Wars story.”

Turkey Day 2019 Info

We’ve been asked quite a bit lately about what is happening with Turkey Day. Today Shout! has the answer:

Shout! Factory TV to Host 2019 Mystery
Science Theater 3000 Turkey Day Marathon

Annual Holiday Streaming Marathon Invites Fans to Spend Thanksgiving with their Robot Friends 

It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without turkey—cinematic turkey, that is! This Thanksgiving, crack open some canned wassail and join your fellow MSTies for the beloved annual Mystery Science Theater 3000 Turkey Day Marathon! Hosted by everyone’s favorite robot friends, Tom Servo and Crow T. Robot, this year’s marathon features six classic episodes of MST3K hand-picked by series creator Joel Hodgson.

Starting at noon/9 a.m. PT on Thursday, Nov. 28, the holiday marathon will showcase six classic MST3K episodes, as well as new episode intros featuring Tom Servo and Crow. Visit for info on how to watch the Turkey Day marathon and participate in Turkey Day festivities during the holiday week by using the hashtag #MST3KTurkeyDay.  

Check out the Turkey Day promo video here:

For those who can’t get enough helpings of cheesy cinema, Shout! Factory TV will whet your appetite with the launch of the dedicated Mystery Science Theater 3000 Twitch channel! Leading up to the start of the Turkey Day marathon, this new channel will launch with a full week of classic MST3K episodes livestreamed in chronological order, starting at 1 p.m. eastern/10 a.m. pacific on Wednesday, Nov. 20. Following the Turkey Day marathon, the channel will remain a dedicated home for classic MST3K episodes and related programming. Visit for more info. 

For updates on all things Mystery Science Theater 3000, follow @MST3K, @JoelGHodgson, @ShoutFactoryTV and @ShoutFactory on Twitter, “Like” on Facebook, and follow @MST3K on Instagram. To keep up to date on all MST3K news, visit