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Goodbye Sci-Fi

Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett reflect on MST3K's final broadcast.

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RiffTrax Live Press

Joe Kellen at the Minnesota Daily interviews all three riffers.

Toni Ruberto of the Buffalo News (I love his title of “Gusto Editor”) gets an interview with Mike.


Radio station KMXJ-FM “Mix 94.1″ in Amarillo, Texas, interviewed Kevin about MST3K and RiffTrax and the upcoming live shows. And, to whoever wrote the web page copy, his name is Tim Serbo.

Drew Wood at Mpls St. Paul Magazine interviews Mike, Kevin and Bill.

Joel at BlobFest

The classic 1950s sci-fi/horror movie “The Blob” was partially filmed in and around the little town of Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, and the town’s merchants, especially the historic Colonial Theater, do their best not to let people forget it. Every summer they have a weekend-long “BlobFest” and one of the guests for this year’s fest will be Joel. More information here.

‘MST3K: The Movie’ This Weekend in L.A. and St. Louis

“Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie” will be screened Friday, July 11, at the Nuart Theater, 11272 Santa Monica Blvd. in Los Angeles at 11:59 p.m. local time and at the Tivoli Theater, 6350 Delmar in the Loop in St. Louis at 11:55 p.m. local time.

If you hear about other showings of the movie or of episodes, let us know!

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Keeping Clean and… Whoops. I mean Clean and Neat with Harv and MarvSee a sample or download it here.

Weekend Discussion Thread: Your Favorite Parody Host Segments

On Twitter, E. A. Bruce, aka @NeoMyers, asked:

Have you ever done a piece on favorite “genre-bending” episodes? Like “Last of Wild Horses”?

I assume what he means by “‘genre-bending’ episodes” are the ones where one or more host segments take a familiar convention, sci-fi or otherwise, and parody/satirize it. His fave is the “Star Trek” “Mirror, Mirror” parody in “Last of the Wild Horses.”

I’m going to pick an obvious one: the segment in “Fire Maidens of Outer Space” that parodies “Aliens.” “Uh, say, Crow? Could you please kill me?”

What’s your pick?

Episode guide: K06- Gamera vs. Gaos

Movie: (1967) In third outing of the long-running Japanese movie series, the giant flying turtle monster takes refuge in a volcano. His arrival releases Gaos, a shovel-headed bat-monster with the ability to shoot laser beams. Caught between the two monsters are some nearby villagers, who want to stop the construction of a highway through their land (or at least get a good price when they sell it). The grandson of their leader is young Itchy who, after Gamera saves him from Gaos, becomes an instant expert on both creatures.

First shown: 12/18/88
Opening: After a complaint about the movies, Joel explains that he doesn’t control what movies are shown
Host segment 1: Joel changes Tom Servo’s voice. He’s very pleased
Host segment 2: Gypsy wants a new voice too. Joel explains again that Crow has been frozen. Gypsy has been snacking on decorations
Host segment 3: Joel and Tom offer birthday wishes to a young viewer
End: Joel and Tom preview the KTMA’s New Year’s Eve programming

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• Leaving aside the theme song, this show contains the first mention of the Mads. There’s a kind of historic moment during the opening, as Cambot puts up a still from the opening theme, and the names of the Mads are spoken for the first time. It seems like Joel is laying the groundwork for the arrival of the Mads as actual characters.
• Joel’s comment about the Mads contradicts what he said in the opening segment of the previous episode. In that episode, Joel said that he “raided the movie library,” giving the impression that he, Joel, decided what movies they watch. In the Q&A, Joel admitted that, yes, they were “sloppy with the concept” in those early days.
• Trace is still away, so Crow is still frozen.
• Joel says “Your eyes won’t believe what your hands have done.” That’s the old Spirograph tag line.
• Servo is back in the theater for this episode. Note that Servo sits in Crow’s seat rather than his own.
• We seem to come in with the movie already under way but, just like last week, it’s just a teaser. Again, it was cut from the season three version.
• With this episode we get our first Sandy Frank comment.
• Let me just say: I hate Tom Servo’s new voice! Kidding. I’m sure it helped Josh that the new voice is much closer to his natural voice.
• Portions of segment 1 appear on the MST3K Scrapbook tape.
• The clip of Crow being frozen is shown again.
• In the theater, Joel shushes Tom twice!
• On the other hand, several times Joel is in mid-riff when Tom just blurts out a riff and interrupts him, something Trace called “runover.” Each time Joel, ever the Midwestern nice guy, stops talking and gives way to Tom. I think Josh was a little excited about his new voice. After Tom does this about four times, Joel covers his mic and saying something to Josh. Josh stops interrupting after that. In the Q&A, Joel admitted that something like that happened.
• Joel calls Servo “Josh” at one point. Servo calls Joel “Hodgie.”
• Movie stuff: Sometimes Gamera doesn’t have to spin to fly, though sometimes he does. Weird.
• Unlike Kenny in the previous episode, Itchy does seem to have a genuine relationship with Gamera. Why, I have no idea. Somebody in the comments suggested that the whole strange relationship between the kids and Gamera may be something that’s lost in translation.
• We had a weekend discussion thread about the dumbest schemes in MSTed movies. The whole “blood turntable” thing ranks right up there.
• The whole “Grandpa mooing” running joke is great.
• Fave riff: “Grandpa thinks he’s a saxophone now!”

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.ereh ti daolnwod ro elpmas a eeS

Classic Episodes Begin this Week on Retro-TV

As first announced in March, Retro-TV will begin showing MST3K episodes on Saturdays, starting July 5.

What is RetroTV? It’s one of those networks that sprang up after local TV affiliates were all required to go digital. It runs over-the-air on local affiliates’ digital sub-channels and low-power stations. Not to be confused with Me-TV and other similar services.

Since we announced this, there were some rights issues — dull surprise! — and the new lineup of episodes is:
103- The Mad Monster
105- The Corpse Vanishes
211- First Spaceship On Venus
301- Cave Swellers
303- Pod People
320- The Unearthly
323- The Castle of Fu Manchu
402- The Giant Gila Monster
409- The Indestructible Man
412- Hercules And The Captive Women
419- The Rebel Set
424- Manos: The Hands of Fate
504- Secret Agent Super Dragon
506- Eegah!
507- I Accuse My Parents
511- Gunslinger
517- Beginning of the End
518- The Atomic Brain
610- The Violent Years
616- Racket Girls
619- Red Zone Cuba?
701- Night Of The Blood Beast
812- The Incredibly Strange Creatures…
908- The Touch of Satan
1002- Girl in Gold Boots
1009- Hamlet

They have added: Cave Dwellers, Pod People, Secret Agent Super Dragon and Eegah!

Removed from the list are: Space Mutiny, Time Chasers, Overdrawn at the Memory Bank and Merlin’s Shop of Mystical Wonders.

The schedule for the next two months:
July 5: The Mad Monster
July 12: The Corpse Vanishes
July 19: First Spaceship On Venus
July 26: The Unearthly
August 2: Cave Dwellers
August 9: Pod People
August 16: The Castle of Fu Manchu
August 23: The Giant Gila Monster
August 30: The Indestructible Man

Does Retro-TV have an affiliate in your area? Check here.

No affiliate in your area? Write/email all the TV stations in your area and ask them to add Retro-TV to their digital lineup.

Weekend Discussion Thread: Your Favorite Shadowrama Moments

Alert reader Cam suggests:

List some favorite silhouette moments, ranging from the purely visual shtick to those incorporating riffs. I am constantly discovering visual gags that I overlooked because I was watching the featured film itself.

My fave: In Magic Voyage of Sinbad, Crow returns from his lifelong quest thingy in hilarious fashion, flying across the screen from top left and crashing to the floor. Cracks me up every time.

What’s yours?

Keep those topics comin’!

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