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Visit our archives of the MST3K pages previously hosted by the Sci-Fi Channel's SCIFI.COM.

Goodbye Sci-Fi

Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett reflect on MST3K's final broadcast.

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Joel & Mary Jo To Host Rhode Island Event

The Greenwich Odeum, 59 Main St. in East Greenwich, RI, will present a four-day event, “Mystery Science Expo 3000,” with Joel and Mary Jo as the hosts, Thursday through Sunday, April 25-28.

Get info here.

The phone number is 401-885-4000.

Weekend Discussion Thread: Cheering Someone Up with MST3K

Our pal Timmy, aka goalieboy82, presents us with a great story:

3 years ago, i had a friend who was pregnant and need a place to live. i helped her find a place. she had to take a train to the place. i was chatting with her online as she was going to the place, and i sent her the MST3K episode “Sword and the Dragon” (she is Russian and she likes dragons).
So, with that in mind, have you cheered someone up with MST3K?
[epilogue: she is doing great now and her son will be 3 in August.]

Do you have a story?

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Weekend Discussion Thread: “If I Had Seen This One First…”

One of our alert regulars notes that, in a comment thread, pete_plums_drivers_license “had a good suggestion for a future WDT: ‘If I’d seen this MST3K episode the first time I tuned in, I probably never would have come back.'”

With the usual caveat that even the worst MST3K episodes are better than most of what is on TV, I would have to pick “Radar Secret Service,” the episode that puts me to sleep every time (despite the great short).

Your pick?