Episode 816- Prince of Space

Movie Summary: This movie is Japanese. It's so Japanese, in fact, that the actors spoke Japanese, and so in order to understand it, it had to be dubbed in English. And this is where our sad involvement begins.
So the plot as it appeared to me is this: This mean guy, The Phantom of Krankor or just Krankor as we called him, and his band of tiny-wienered (as in Oscar Meyer) minions are out to capture Earth, by way of Japan. Krankor laughs a lot. Meanwhile a slim bachelor bootblack and his microshort- wearing bootblack kid friends root for Japan's savior -- Prince of Space. Prince of Space, in a farm fresh plot twist, is really the slim bachelor guy! Tension mounts as the phrase "Your weapons are powerless against me!" is repeated 700 times. There's a monster thing and the kids have access to all levels of commerce, industry, and military decision-making. Approx. running time: 4 days.

Prologue: Crow and Tom are playing bear and coonhound. Servo (the coonhound) gets carried away and Crow is traumatized physically and mentally. Mike is tender in his care for Crow.

Segment One: Bobo is tethered to a rope so he can go potty in space. His paranoia about Pearl and Observer "looking" leads him into a tunnel for privacy. The tunnel is a wormhole which sucks the Widowmaker into its vortex. Pearl insists that Observer lasso the S.O.L., and they all hurtle into the unknown.

Segment Two: The wormhole has created havoc with the space time continuum, so everything is mixed up by three seconds and most of the confusion centers on a chicken puppet.

Segment Three: More wormhole. This time it causes Mike to turn into a little puppet guy. He tries in vain to give orders but is mocked by the 'bots: "We only take orders from Willie Tyler and Lester!"

Segment Four: A true departure. Mike and the 'bots find themselves in the woods, not fake studio woods but real Minnesota 10,000 Lakes woods. It's odd.

Segment Five: All seems normal on the S.O.L. until Mike introduces his wife Krankor (Bill). Pearl and Observer have landed on a suspiciously Roman-looking world. A "to be continued" effect is achieved when guards are instructed to "seize them."

Stinger: Krankor, and his laugh like a Buick not turning over.

Reflections: The movie was made bearable only by the fact that we ate sushi for lunch. Also, Krankor and company's droopy crotch areas made me have to close my eyes so I missed a good deal of the movie.
Look for a cute chipmunk (squirrel?) as it runs across the path in the outdoor scene.
When Kevin and I were trying on our roman costumes he complained that his slip was too lacy, to which Mary Jo replied, "Were you hoping for a more masculine slip?" That Mary Jo, what a minx. (In the end, Kevin wore shorts under his toga.)
It should be noted that Beez worked day and night getting Flavia's dress and wig just right. She did a great job! I'm just sad I'm am adult and can't go to prom anymore because Beez could make the coolest dress ever! -- Bridget Jones.


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