Episode 910- The Final Sacrifice

Movie Summary: This film gives us insight into the banality of banality and would have us believe that murderous cults are a bad thing. Zap Rowsdower is a guy who was in a cult, then he either dropped out or got kicked out -- hang on, I gotta go check with Paul Chaplin about the plot of this film.
Sorry, I'm back, he didn't know much about this movie either.
Anyway, Zap Rowsdower befriends Troy, whose father was killed by Zap when Zap was in the cult. Zap took a leave of absence from the cult and does battle with the boss of the cult because the boss wants Zap back in the cult.
Just a sec, I'm gonna go check with Mike Nelson, ask him if he remembers anything about this film... thanks for waiting. Mike was not sure, but was mostly upset about how women were portrayed in the film.
Troy is understandably miffed when he learns that Zap is the guy who is responsible for his father's death. But Zap has turned out to be a good friend, albeit with hockey hair, so what is Troy to do? Somehow at the end, the two become fast friends.
The film was made in Canada, which explains a lot.

Prologue: Servo and Crow loot the SOL after a power outage of a mere second. Their looting is rather fruitless, nay, even counter-productive.

Segment One: Pearl, in a renewed effort to rule the world, tries taking over one person at a time, firstly Todd Gunderson. Servo is next on the list.

Segment Two: Servo constructs an ode to Canada, and manages to turn it into a ripping slam-fest. "Where the hell do they get off sharing a border with us?!?"

Segment Three: Everyone in the castle, as well as Crow and Servo, comes down with hockey hair.

Segment Four: Mike, although immune to the ravages of hockey hair, has come down with Grizzled Old Prospectors disease.

Segment Five: The robots start their own cult, sort of a muffin-y, Ally McBeal kind of cult. Pearl is this close, this close, to taking over Carl.

Reflections: You know what? You lose me straight away when your movie's protagonist is named 'Zap Rowsdower'. The second I hear him identified as 'Zap Rowsdower' I am squeezing past you and climbing over your legs and muttering "excuse me" and I am getting the hell out of the movie. Only this time I couldn't because I was at work and I'm hourly and I had used up all my vacation and sick time. How about Plink Holmgren? Or Pow Flowhauer?
Just between you and me and the wall, I think a major error was made in their film archetype-ology. Zap was clearly supposed to be the intermediary guy; the hard-drinking, tough-but-lovable, car-won't-start sidekick to the hero.
However, we were short one hero, and its not till the end of the movie that you realize that Troy and Zap's journey isn't to bring Troy to the hero (to whom Zap should be the sidekick), but in fact, Zap is the hero. Excuse me... sorry... can I just squeeze by you... watch your pop... -- Mary Jo Pehl .


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