The Archived Sci-Fi Channel MST3K Pages


The Archived Sci-Fi Channel MST3K Pages


The MST3K content you used to be able to find at can now be seen here, including all the "Say What?" items, the season 8 through 10 episode guides and more. A few notes, however.

You will notice in most cases the actual page layouts used on were not retained. This was necessary for a number of boring technical reasons. It was our sense that the fan base was mostly interested in the preservation of the TEXT of those pages, and has no great attachment to the presentation. To any that were, our apologies, but the changes were unavoidable. By the way, we have also taken the opportunity to correct a few typos that crept into the text.

The FAQ page that ran on was not retained, as it was out of date and incomplete compared to our own FAQ--which by the way, has been updated in almost every section (mostly changing present tense verbs to past tense verbs...:::sigh:::)

The message board connected with the pages (which, in the last year or so, has suffered a painful lack of adult supervision), remains at their site. We are told it will be closed--none too soon, in our opinion. We have no interest in creating our own message board--there are already enough places on the internet where you can talk about MST3K. We would like to note that most of the regulars of the board on have relocated to the MST3K Review Discussion Board (and we should add that the board is well-moderated).

But enough with the introductions. Let's get on to the pages!

Amazing Colossal Episode Guide - The Sci-Fi Years
The Brains
Say What?

Satellite News