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SCIFI.CON 3.0 Chat with Kevin Murphy

< Moderator > coming up next is Kevin Murphy from MST3K.
*** Mode change [:-m] on channel #auditorium by Moderator

< KWMurphy > Special hello to Bob Shrimp from Ed Clam.

< Moderator > We will begin the chat with Kevin Murphy in about 1 minutes.

< KWMurphy > A rousing cheer for the fighting Urukhai.
< KWMurphy > Here's to the Fighting Uruk hai! Garn! PACKERS!!!

< Moderator > Please send your message to Kevin by typing /msg moderator.
< Moderator > We will now go moderated.
< Moderator > The room is now moderated and we will begin the chat.
< Moderator > Kevin can you speak?

< KWMurphy > i dunno, can i?
< KWMurphy > yes.

< Moderator > Ok.
< Moderator > <TVsHenry> to <Moderator>: Hi Kevin, anything you can tell us about Joel and Frank's appearance on the show next season?

< KWMurphy > i can'r pronounce capital letters.
< KWMurphy > Joel and Frank are back one show only.

< Moderator > <Sampo> to <Moderator>: Hi, guys! You've already announced what movies you're doing in the first four episodes of season ten. Are you ready to tell us what the movie will be in episode 1005?

< KWMurphy > Big fight. Holyfeilkd will warm them up.
< KWMurphy > When we get back from vacation...
< KWMurphy > I think there's a real stinkpot awaiting us,...
< KWMurphy > We'll let you know.
< KWMurphy > Next?

< Moderator > <BuckFifty> to <Moderator>: Hiya Kevin!! Was wondering if there's anything special going on to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the show? \

< KWMurphy > We're Bringing Back Jeol and Frank in Loving cameos.
< KWMurphy > Della Reese will also be mentioned.
< KWMurphy > And By Jeol I mean Joel.
< KWMurphy > It was great fun having J and F back on the show.
< KWMurphy > felt like old times.
< KWMurphy > sexy.
< KWMurphy > and yet wholesome.
< KWMurphy > Next?

< Moderator > <BadChicken> to <Moderator>: Hi, Kevin, I'd like to say that I love what you've done with Bobo, and, of course, I have a question. So, will there be a change in the lyrics, to incorporate Castle Forrester, this season?

< KWMurphy > The theme song has been changed so many times now...
< KWMurphy > If we don't come up with a GOOD new one, we'll stick with what we have.
< KWMurphy > We don't want to break anything.
< KWMurphy > Neckst.

< Moderator > <wbwolf> to <Moderator>: Has Best Brains considered redoing any of the movies it did during the KTMA days but not redone later on (like the Sandy Frank movies) for the 10th season? Personally, I would think doing The Green Slime or something like that would be really neat (though I have no idea about copyrights...)

< KWMurphy > I'd love to do green Slime with this writing crew. the presence of richard Jeackel alone is enough for me.
< KWMurphy > We could do a few of those movies...
< KWMurphy > In fact we did in Season 1 and 2
< KWMurphy > all them Gamera films.
< KWMurphy > Mighty Jack too.
< KWMurphy > so there.
< KWMurphy > Knechst?

< Moderator > <Rolaid> to <Moderator>: What kind of feedback have you received from the directors of the films you've made fun of (or actors), postive or negative?

< KWMurphy > Generally positive. I recently had a great talk with the Producer of "Teenage Werewolf, herb Cohen...
< KWMurphy > A lovely man, very talented, made a LOT of movies...
< KWMurphy > Sent us a few to consider for our show...
< KWMurphy > I hope we get some of them.
< KWMurphy > necks'd?

< Moderator > <Catty-Mabelle-Hunter> to <Moderator>: Did you have a Halloween party this year? If so, what happened?

< KWMurphy > I just got back from Mexico...
< KWMurphy > So I celebrated Fiesta Del Todos Santos Today instead...
< KWMurphy > It's the catholic Feast for all Mexican Wrestlers.
< KWMurphy > nexed?

< Moderator > <Zelphi> to <Moderator>: How do you become an intern for the show? Do you make them go through any scary rituals or initiations?

< KWMurphy > Send us your testicles, and we'll talk.
< KWMurphy > PLEASE DON'T.
< KWMurphy > let's not have another Battlestar Galactica on our hands.

* Bouncer will check

< KWMurphy > good, do that.
< KWMurphy > whew.
< KWMurphy > please, people. really.
< KWMurphy > nxt?

< Moderator > <Sampo> to <Moderator>: Hi, guys! You've already announced what movies you're doing in the first four episodes of season ten. Are you ready to tell us what the movie will be in episode 1005?

< KWMurphy > SAMPO, you're pressing.
< KWMurphy > Now i think It might be "Blood Waters of Doctor Z" but don't tell anybody I said so.
< KWMurphy > We have some real gems in the pipe. "Blood waters" is about a nebbish...
< KWMurphy > a real anal retentive with bad laboratory habits...
< KWMurphy > he turns himself into a fish...
< KWMurphy > a real ugly fish, not like a wahoo or a dorado...
< KWMurphy > and he kidnaps women...
< KWMurphy > now i lnow you're all thinking it's the Rick James Story, but it isn't.
< KWMurphy > nnnnnnnnext?

< Moderator > <MrNelson> to <Moderator>: Kevin, are there any plans for another Conventio-Con?

< KWMurphy > Conventio-Cons are really fun, but very expensive.
< KWMurphy > We'd need a co-sponsor...
< KWMurphy > With the Tenth Anniversary and all, it's poissible...
< KWMurphy > so stay tuned.
< KWMurphy > Na na na na next?

< Moderator > <Tom Servo> to <Moderator>: Kevin, is there anything you can tell us about the new series the Brains are planning on?

< KWMurphy > No, there is nothing I can tell you.
< KWMurphy > But I can tell you this...
< KWMurphy > come close to the screen....
< KWMurphy > closer....
< KWMurphy > closer....
< KWMurphy > put your face on it....
< KWMurphy > that's it.....
< KWMurphy > now, just between you and me and the diodes....
< KWMurphy > i can tell you.....
< KWMurphy > Sorry.

< Moderator > <FAYZER> to <Moderator>: so what is the worst movie ever made?

< KWMurphy > but it's not truly a project for public disemmination, and it's not really the Brains, just a recominant mess of some of us, so
< KWMurphy > Aw hell, what I'm saying is that we're playing with stuff.
< KWMurphy > It's hard to get anyone to think that we're not crazy.
< KWMurphy > So I'm a big fan of lab-testing stuff on video.
< KWMurphy > Then people with money can look at it and confirm that we're crazy.
< KWMurphy > Ah, we had another question. The most INEPT movie ever made was the very last movie we did, FUTURE WAR.
< KWMurphy > I'v begun to break down "worst" into sub-categories.
< KWMurphy > most inept..
< KWMurphy > stupidest...
< KWMurphy > most loathsome...
< KWMurphy > most pointless.
< KWMurphy > FUTURE WAR wins the Inept category.
< KWMurphy > who's next? bring 'em on!

< Moderator > <garak2000> to <Moderator>: <garak2000> to < moderator >: is it my imagination or are you guys getting stranger every week

< KWMurphy > were. Tart fish are holding. PL:US???PLUYS!!!!! why are you? who diod your nails?
< KWMurphy > No I'm fine, really. don't bring those NEEDLES IN HERE! AAAAAUGH!
< KWMurphy > Okay, Sean.
< KWMurphy > Don't cut me off.
< KWMurphy > I'm better now. Soma Holiday and all.
< KWMurphy > Next please?

< Moderator > <Krytn2x4b> to <Moderator>: Hiya Kevin. Long time watcher first time caller. I have a question. Will you guys be doing another Episode Guide?

< KWMurphy > Special "woof" to Shnarf.
< KWMurphy > We may soon have enough shows to do another episode guide.
< KWMurphy > It was fun to do the first, I'd love to do another book of any kind...
< KWMurphy > foction, maybe? Hmmm? sound good to you chappies and tarts?
< KWMurphy > and by foction, well hell, you know...
< KWMurphy > Just Imagine Jean-Paul Gaultier trying to say "fiction"
< KWMurphy > bring 'em on, tiger.

< Moderator > <Yuji> to <Moderator>: Kevin, have you had any funny experiences where you run into people and they recognize you?

< KWMurphy > special noodles out to TuxedoRamen.
< KWMurphy > I ran into a person in Mexico who was certain I was that guyon the show with the thing.
< KWMurphy > I think he was talking about MST, but he seemed to like Porn a lot...
< KWMurphy > which would explain the concept of a guy on a show with a thing.
< KWMurphy > I got a free drink at a Minneapolis reatauraunt once,
< KWMurphy > All people see of me is my wrists and my pupils.
< KWMurphy > It's fine with me.
< KWMurphy > A special lube job going out to CriscoKid.
< KWMurphy > next.

< Moderator > <TuxedoRamen> to <Moderator>: Kevin, the Bots for sale in the info club mailing are GREAT. Anyone bought them yet? Think anyone is going to? Do I ask too many questions?

< KWMurphy > Dear Noodleboy, thanks for noticing.
< KWMurphy > Yes you do ask too many questions. kidding.
< KWMurphy > As for the actual Bots for sale in the new catalog,
< KWMurphy > I don't know if anyone's bought one.
< KWMurphy > They're kinda steep, y'know.
< KWMurphy > I'll be sure to leave some hair and hand-sweat on the Servo, so it's authentic.
< KWMurphy > nex-x-x-x-t?

< Moderator > <BrewingTea> to <Moderator>: The Bots for sale from the Info Club are from episode #1005. Anything special about that episode?

< KWMurphy > I plan to shoot myself in the head, splattering dura matter al over the puppet...
< KWMurphy > that oughta drive the price up a few sheckles, eh?
< KWMurphy > keep 'em rockin, Redlitz!
< KWMurphy > A special "behold" going out to Palehorse.

< Moderator > <Ookie> to <Moderator>: How long does it take to get one movie done? And how much of original material makes it to the show...

< KWMurphy > Our first draft scripts are often fifty pages long or more...
< KWMurphy > and out final scripts are much smaller.
< KWMurphy > after winnowing out all the bad stufff, which takes two days in itself,...
< KWMurphy > we take another shot at the film and try to make everything fit.
< KWMurphy > It's a grind in a really bad boring dumb movie...
< KWMurphy > but it beats writing for "Third Rock."
< KWMurphy > A special "splunge" going out to Splunge.
< KWMurphy > Splunge for mee too!

< Moderator > <mike66> to <Moderator>: Are all of you guys musically inclined?

< KWMurphy > Why yes. Paul still does great Dead licks on his vintage Gibson...
< KWMurphy > Bill has a fine voice and plays guitar...
< KWMurphy > Mary Jo you've heard, but she's shy about her talent.
< KWMurphy > Patrick plays the drums like mad.
< KWMurphy > We saw Dave Alvin at the Dylan Concert...
< KWMurphy > He thought we should form a band.
< KWMurphy > THe name The Band is taken, however....
< KWMurphy > so it probably won't happen.
< KWMurphy > Now serving number 32?

< Moderator > <Nanite> to <Moderator>: I loved it when you guys appeared on Talk Soup in the past. Any chances for another appearence? Perhaps guest hosting? Also, will you guys ever make an appearence on late night talkshows like Letterman or Conan?

< KWMurphy > A special "call me" going out to Ismael.
< KWMurphy > Talk Soup is a loose show and a lot of laughs.
< KWMurphy > John Henson is a very funny man.
< KWMurphy > The Conan show people mus thing that our show is too "culty" or something...
< KWMurphy > they snub their noises as us.
< KWMurphy > they might well have peacocks up their butts.
< KWMurphy > NBC peacocks, that is. heh heh
< KWMurphy > ...heh...
< KWMurphy > can I say "ass"on here?

< Moderator > I won't tell if you won't.

< KWMurphy > Whoo! ASS! Yee HAH!
< KWMurphy > next ass!

< Moderator > <invincor> to <Moderator>: Are the robots Y2K compliant?

< KWMurphy > The robots will start running backwards on december 13th 2003,
< KWMurphy > It's built in. and it harkens the real end of the world.
< KWMurphy > Honest. I'm gonna start a church and everything.
< KWMurphy > But Mike is not Y2K compliant.
< KWMurphy > He insists the Millenuim begins on January 1, 2001.
< KWMurphy > And he refuses to exist until then.
< KWMurphy > How will he get his mail?
< KWMurphy > As for Gypsy, she's been jumpin Gates on the side.
< KWMurphy > She's compliant as they come.
< KWMurphy > next!

< Moderator > <Ace> to <Moderator>: What's it like to have thousands of loyal followers?

< KWMurphy > and a special "hola" tpo Fernando.
< KWMurphy > and a special roll going out to clover.
< KWMurphy > When you have thousands of followers, you never lose your keys.
< KWMurphy > there's always someone following you.
< KWMurphy > it's actually a tribute to the show that so many folks write and cheer us on.
< KWMurphy > next?

< Moderator > We only have a few minutes left. Please send in your final questions...
< Moderator > <flamingcat> to <Moderator>: Okay so the Space Station website says they are trying to get mst3k. But they say the 'earlier episodes' copyrights have expired. They haven't answered this, maybe you can: WHY NOT SHOW LATER SEASONS INSTEAD? Really Kevin, we Canucks are getting desperate. Don't make us overrun the US and burn your satellites.

< KWMurphy > a special bathtub goin out to fatman49

< Moderator > (By the way, SPACE is a cable network like the Sci-Fi Channel, but it exists only in Canada)

< KWMurphy > Sci-fi channel seems to have a dispute with the whole of Cnada.
< KWMurphy > It's like a war.
< KWMurphy > and we hav e no Canadain content beyond the insults
< KWMurphy > which by the way, you richly deserve.
< KWMurphy > so Keep petitioning your Parliament.
< KWMurphy > next

< Moderator > <Tom Servo> to <Moderator>: What was the most embarassing thing that happened to you when you were filming?

< KWMurphy > Actually during writing one time...
< KWMurphy > I sneezed with amouthful of coffee...
< KWMurphy > i sprayed the entire room and each and every writer.
< KWMurphy > this happens a lot to everoyne, right?
< KWMurphy > necccchst

< Moderator > A few final plugs before we go... SCIFI.CON is currently holding a charity auction. We have a real MST3K nanite, signed by the entire cast.
< Moderator > For a good cause...

< KWMurphy > me.

< Moderator > Also, the Brains have agreed to judge our Caption This! contest from yesterday.
< Moderator > Keep an eye out for the results.

< KWMurphy > who-hoo!

< Moderator > (things that happened while you were in Mexico)
< Moderator > Thank you so much for coming by and chatting with us!
< Moderator > Any final thoughts for our chatters?

< KWMurphy > I caught some big-ass fish, and visited Cabo Wabo.
< KWMurphy > Cabo Wabo is owned by Sammy Hagar and other Van Halen types.
< KWMurphy > Cabo Wabo is proof of Hell on Earth.
< KWMurphy > Avoid it at all costs.
< KWMurphy > And stay tuned!

< Moderator > Our next chat is Maureen Russell, author of the Highlander guide book. Stick around!
< Moderator > We will now make the room unmoderated.

< KWMurphy > Thanks everyone!

Reprinted with permission of The Sci-Fi Channel.