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Dominion Chat with Mike Nelson and Mary Jo Pehl

MST3k: OK, can we begin?

MST3k: Hey everyone. Mike Nelson here. Don't hit me!

SciFiMJ: Hi!

MST3k: And don't believe anything Mary Jo says. 'Kay?

shred: Whew, at long last we're ready to roll.

shred: I'm gonna handle moderation, so PLEASE send all questions for Mike and Mary Jo to me.

: Dear Kim. Thank you for your question. Yes, Joel's shoes were quite filthy.

shred: you can do that by typing /msg shred <question>

MST3k: Actually it was quite frightening, but the therapy is helping.

shred: Mike, Mary Jo - anything to say for starters?

MST3k: Dear Shred and everyone, thank you for the opportunity to tell my side of the story.

SciFiMJ: I'm scared because I've never done an on line chat before and I'm not really a people person

shred: first question:

shred: <Sampo> to <Moderator>: so far we have the names of four movies for the news season: Revenge of the Creature, The Mole People, The Leech Woman and The Deadly Mantis. Can you give us any other confirmed titles?

MST3k: Were doing The Magnificent Amersons, and It's a Wonderful Life!!

MST3k: Actually, how does Terror From the Year 5000 sound?

SciFiMJ: We're trying to get waterworld too

shred: <Thrillsee> to <Moderator>: What is your outlook on re-airing on the sci-fi channel?

MST3k: Private to Zonks. Can I have my hat back?

MST3k: We're very excited about the SciFi channel because we get to meet the Incredible Hulk. He's been really nice and he helped me move

SciFiMJ: I'm excited because it seems like they actually want our show on their channel and they've been great to work with and we have a lot more titles to chose from (movie titles)

shred: <arteitle> to <Moderator>: Will Tom and Mike be aware of Crow's new voice? Or will it be a "new Darren"-on-Bewitched type thing?

SciFiMJ: There will be some allusion to it. A veiled reference here and there.

MST3k: I should announce that standing next to me now is Jack Perkins. No kidding!! He's really cool.

shred: <Choadster> to <shred>: Mike, what does Crow sound like now without Trace doing his voice?

SciFiMJ: Mike lies so bad - there's nobody here.

SciFiMJ: Mike is busy with his invisible friend jack perkins so I'll answer if you don't mind. It sounds like someone else is doing Crow's voice, but the character remains the same.

shred: <jlbore_> to <shred>: For MJ... How do you respond to (especially on-line MSTies) who feel you shouldn't have been chosen as the one to host Deep 13??

SciFiMJ: Um... I I guess I didn't know that there were a lot of on line MSTies who felt that way.

SciFiMJ: Hi!!

shred: <LPBNEdito> to <shred>: Do you (Best Brains) plan to produce any other shows besides MST3k, now or in the future?

SciFiMJ: We have tossed around ideas here and there, but for the time being we're really tied up with MST.

shred: <JWL> to <shred>: Will the format of the episodes change? Like, for example, did the really-nice dictatorship of the SciFi channel force you to use buzzwords, etc.? And will there be a new door sequence?

SciFiMJ: Hey, thanks!

SciFiMJ: No, there will not be a new door sequence but watch for a terrific new opening. And no, the Sci-Fi channel is not forcin us to use buzzwords. We can't use the word Shatner however

SciFiMJ: Hey, thanks!

MST3k: There is a new doorway sequence starring Sylvestor Stallone.

shred: <invincor> to <shred>: for MJ: I heard that you and Rosie O'Donnell were/are? friends and if so, do you think you'll get to plug your show on her show come February?

SciFiMJ: I was on VH1 standup spotlight so I met rosie then, but right now I've secretly trying to will her to have me on her show.

shred: Please don't send private messages to Mike & Mary Jo. Also, I'm not passing along any questions that are currently answered in the FAQ.

shred: <DataJoe> to <shred>: 8 seasons, huh? How does it feel to be among the ranks of "The Facts of Life" and "Coach"?

MST3k: I actually have a lot in common with Tootie. (sp?)

SciFiMJ: Oh, wow! Well, until we've had George Clooney on in a recurring role - or Jerry Van Dyke - I guess I won't consider us in that realm!

shred: <CamBorg> to <shred>: Mike, who do you feel is the most important person to MST3K?

MST3k: Confidential to MrFizz. Please get off my porch.

MST3k: I feel that the most important person to MST is Garret Morris. Without his unswerving vision, there would be no MST. Thank you.

shred: <Wiles> to <shred>: Any plans for another "behind the scenes" type show? (better than CC's)

MST3k: Confidential to hectate. Use a better knife.

MST3k: Actually, we're doing a lot of stuff for SciFi and I think a new one of those is inevitable. Unless it doesn't happen. Then I take back what I said. Sorry.

shred: <MSTer> to <shred>: With "The Mole People" in the wings, will Gerry & Sylvia be making a cameo?

SciFiMJ: No - we forgot who played those roles and so cannot contact their agents

MST3k: El Santo, thank goodness you're here. We're actually doing a lot of SciFi movies and if there is an El Santo movie with a scifi edge, we'll do it. Thank you for your interest in sweaty wrestlers.

shred: <Xxyl> to <shred>: any word on the new theme song, or will we just have to wait?

MST3k: confidential to funnyman. A sweater or a keychain is a nice gift.

SciFiMJ: There will be a theme song - several in fact played concurrently

MST3k: The new theme song is being done by LaToya Jackson. She's really nice.

shred: <ACC3k> to <shred>: Hello Mike, Mary Jo! Me and my friends (who treat you like gods) were wondering if there is going to be another ConventioCon in the not-too-distant future?

MST3k: Actually, there is a new theme song, but you'll just have to wait. Just sit there and wait. And wait. Don't move.

shred: <TomServo> to <shred>: What big secrets can you hint at for us?

MST3k: I think it will be a couple of years before we do the ConventioCon again. We're still sleeping in from the last one.

MST3k: mewster, you just opened up a whole can of whoop ass!

SciFiMJ: I don't always throw the deadbolt on my apartment door when I get home. But I don't like people to know that. Sometimes I take people's clothes out of the dryer before they are dry so I can use it.

MST3k: confidential to mary jo. can you skootch over a little.

MST3k: It will be explained in the first show for the SCIFi channel. Gosh what a great channel. I love these guys. (the pres. is right over my shoulder)

MST3k: Dear CamBorg. Yes. Thank you for your interest in my middle name.

shred: <davey23> to <shred>: hey mike, is microsoft paying you to make anti-mac/pro bill gates refrences on the show??

MST3k: The best way to get soy sauce out of your jumpsuit is, well, first you cry. Then you put white wine on it.

MST3k: Dear KimCatral. I do love you and I will marry. When should we set it up?

shred: <MrFizz> to <shred>: "What is your fondest behind-the-scenes memory of TV's Frank? (Right now the pres. of the scifi channel is going 'Who's Frank? You never told me about any Frank!')"

MST3k: Dear IG-72, name at least one of your sons or daughters Jebediah. You'll be glad you did!

MST3k: Dear Birdman, thank you for your interest in my head. I will have the same $7.00 haircut I always have.

SciFiMJ: My favorite memory of frank was one day in the writing room, someone made a very funny comment and frank, without laughing, said in his very flat voice, "That's hilarious." Its hard to convey in writing, but it was very very funny, his flat assessment of the joke. And he really did think it was funny!

shred: <Snowdemon> to <shred>: How is Bill Corbett coming along in his character?

MST3k: Dear Lisa, In fact I do. He's living in L.A., working and doing well.

SciFiMJ: Who's bill corbett? Is he the new Mrs. Forrester?

shred: <Seawitch> to <shred>: Is anyone else planning to leave the show?

MST3k: Snowdemon, Bill is wretched. It hurts. What have we done. My god, what have we done.

MST3k: Actually, Bill is fantastic and we're having a ball.

SciFiMJ: Yes. We had a squirrel in the rafters at the office and he left. We escorted him off the premises

shred: <Gypsy> to <shred>: Many of us were discussing our favorite episodes earlier tonight. Are there any episodes you consider your personal favorites?

MST3k: Dear Kim, I find it rather comforting that as a woman, I am so horribly, viciously, wretchedly ugly I could gag a maggot. So no.

MST3k: Dear People. We're going to take just a few more questions. Then we have to go to Pizza Hut.

SciFiMJ: Yes, frankly, I love two of the three Coleman Francis movies - Red Zone Cuba and Skydivers. I loved the non-effort that went into them. I also quite liked Dead Talk Back

MST3k: Dear CrowLuvr. Do not go down this road. It is lonely dark and deep, but you have promises to keep, and miles to go before you sleep.

shred: <Moxie> to <shred>: Have either of you watched Sabrina?

SciFiMJ: No, I haven't - I don't have a tv and I don't get cable or network stations. Its actually a closed circuit monitor of other rooms in my apartment

MST3k: To Claye. Thank you for your interest in our CD's. In fact our CD's have been outselling Corey Hart for some time now. As far as I know, we can't use the themesong from the movie or Universally will have us ritually executed.

MST3k: Last question and I will, not you. You, there in the front, yourquestion?

shred: <Masem> to <shred>: question: If someone were to give you a sufficient amount of funds, a studio, and all the waffles you can eat, would you considering doing another movie, and would you do something "big" like, oh, Star Trek V?

MST3k: Dear XXyl, first, get a better screen name. As to your question, it's us because it's not Kevin and it's not Jim. Kevin is very smelly and has a hairy back. I smell like lavender and am hairless. Jim is not here because he is somewhere else. That is all, thank you.

MST3k: We'd like to thank everyone, except that one guy, Mary Jo and I have enjoyed our chat. I hope you liked our Spoon Bread and fresh jellies. Thank you all and we'll see you on SciFi come february!!

Reprinted with permission of The Sci-Fi Channel.