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Kevin Murphy visits SCIFI.CON 1.0

<KMurphy> Morning all.

<Moderator> OK, today we have MST3k's own Kevin Murphy.

<Moderator> Please introduce yourself, Kevin.

<KMurphy> Hello My name is Prince, and I am funky.

<Moderator> And chatters, please send your q's to me. (I have a ton already).

<KMurphy> I'll be taking your questions on toxic waste

<KMurphy> Fire away GMark

<Moderator> <Sampo> to <Moderator>: can you give us the names of the movie in episode 801, 802, etc., for as many as you know?

<KMurphy> In No particular order, we have secured:

<KMurphy> Mole People, Leech Woman, Land unknown.

<KMurphy> The rest are being decided as we speak.

<KMurphy> kind of.

<KMurphy> Next?

<Moderator> <Cambot> to <Moderator>: Kevin, how did BBI feel when Trace left?

<KMurphy> by the way, good morning Chris.

<KMurphy> We were all sad to see Trace go, of course, but i never want to hold someone back from hteir dreams.

<KMurphy> He seems to be happy in California, and I wish him all the best.

<Moderator> <invincor> to <Moderator>: For Kevin: Will you keep the secrets of the new Deep 13 casting secret until the season premiere or will we learn them before then?

<KMurphy> Yes, the new fiction is a deep and wonderful secret, and we like it that way.

<KMurphy> don't you like surprises?

<Moderator> <Valeyard> to <Moderator>: What is your opinion of the new guy who's doing Crows voice. Is it a pretty good replacement?

<KMurphy> Bill Corbett is terribly funny, and has priven to be talented as a puppeteer.

<KMurphy> I think you'll love him.

<Moderator> <MSTer> to <Moderator>: Any plans to make actual visual appearances in Deep 13 (assuming the lab is still under that name) this season? I loved you as the shrub.

<KMurphy> You never know where my kisser will show up, MSTer.

<Moderator> <BobShrimp> to <Moderator>: Why doesn't Mike or Crow write messages for the Web Page?

<KMurphy> Mike and Crow are lazy slackers who don't care. There, I said it.

<Moderator> <agentj> to <Moderator>: At the convention, Jim Mallon said we were all valuable employees at Best Brains. So what I want to know is -- WHERE'S OUR PAYCHECK?! \}B-D Just kidding!

<KMurphy> Check is in the mail, hahahahahahahahahaaaaaa!

<Moderator> <Craig> to <Moderator>: Can you give us a hint as to how the SOL is going to be resurrected? When last we saw the crew, they had become energy beings in deep space...

<KMurphy> Einstien said that energy and mater are intercontravertable, so draw your own conclusions.

<Moderator> <Deathstal> to <Moderator>: to Kevin: Im sorry i didnt catch the Movie when will it be out on tape?

<KMurphy> that's "matter", by the way.

<KMurphy> The Movie is in video stores NOW! enjoy!

<Moderator> <Torgo> to <Moderator>: are there plans for another MST3K Convention in the works...and if so, when is it being planned for?

<KMurphy> MST Convebntions are very hard, but fun, and we're open to another, but no immediate plans.

<Moderator> <KimCatral> to <Moderator>: please tell us about your singing background! you have such a lovely voice!

<KMurphy> Thank you, Kim. I have no real training, but I've sung in choirs, blues bands, a little barbershop, musicals, all the wrong places.

<Moderator> <Wabbit> to <Moderator>: Will the new season still include those hilarous shorts?

<KMurphy> We love the shorts, and we sure hope we can do some! stay tuned

<Moderator> <MaxMouse> to <Moderator>: Kevin: out of all the MiSTed movies, which is your favorite? Why?

<KMurphy> Tough one. But maybe it's "Sinbad" because it's so pretty and yet so goofy.

<Moderator> <Ricky> to <Moderator>: Will there be any changes made because of the change to the scifi channel?

<KMurphy> We're repainting, and re-doing the bathroom, and adding carpeting. But seriously, the Sci-Fi channel folks are fine people and consummate pros and so far they've behaved.

<Moderator> <Valeyard> to <Moderator>: Are the rumours true that Tom Servo was seen skinny dipping with Tammy Fae Baker!

<KMurphy> Yes, and he has the makeup scars to prove it.

<Moderator> <Evan> to <Moderator>: When will the show start on the Sci Fi channel?

<KMurphy> February '97. Watch for it!

<Moderator> <MaxMouse> to <Moderator>: Kevin: What part of your job do you enjoy doing the most?

<KMurphy> It's 95 per cent fun, but writing is an amazing experience, with all the funny folks we have.

<Moderator> <Superguy> to <Moderator>: How can you guys stand to watch thes awfull movies over and over?

<KMurphy> Sometimes it's hard, but i swear that with some movies, the more painful the better the results. Evedinced by "Red Zone Cuba" or "Manos"

<Moderator> <NetRider> to <Moderator>: What is the process for choosing a movie..and are some movies "Off Limits"

<KMurphy> Movies can't be too violent or abusive to either sex, and they should be in focus...

<Moderator> <Phronq> to <Moderator>: What's the usual routine during the writing process? Do you just get together at the office, or is it a complex event, where you get together at someone's home and consume lots of corn chips and make funnies for hours on end?

<KMurphy> and they should be not too talky, and pretentious.

<KMurphy> We sit in a big comfy room, drink coffe, and yell at our big screen TV, while one of us writes down the results. Try it sometime, it's fun.

<Moderator> <Valeyard> to <Moderator>: Do you have any plans to make another theaterical movie or is BBI content with just the television programmes.

<KMurphy> With the roaring financial success of the first one, we'll just see which studio wants to leap at the chance...

<KMurphy> but you never know.

<Moderator> <birdman> to <Moderator>: besides the thing with joe don baker,have you ever gotten any bad feedback from the stars of the films?

<KMurphy> Kim Cattrall, of course. recently Roger McGuinn of the Byrds came by, after we referenced him.

<Moderator> <Basara> to <Moderator>: Exactly what is Tom Servo made out of?

<KMurphy> No bad feedback, though.

<KMurphy> Tom is made of many tems you cna find around the world...

<KMurphy> Gumball machine...

<KMurphy> flashlight hoods,'

<KMurphy> salad bowls,...

<Moderator> <Ken> to <Moderator>: The new Sci-Fi bio for Mrs. Forrester says that she has taken the place of the "lete
Dr. Forrester." How is his departure explained?

<KMurphy> you know. STuff.

<KMurphy> Dr. Forrester's departure will be explained. Stay tuned.

<Moderator> <fizzy> to <Moderator>: How is the CD-ROM coming along?

<KMurphy> The CD-Rom is a little stalled right now. We've been busy.

<Moderator> <Dave> to <Moderator>: when you get the script done, how do you decide who gets which lines?

<KMurphy> Mary Jo, Paul and Bill divide up the script, and they are experts at assigning lines to characters...

<KMurphy> though many lines can be said ny any of them.

<Moderator> <Loriam> to <Moderator>: Does BBI have any other plans for other programes other than MST3K?

<KMurphy> Programmes? are you English? We've done some writing and devloping for some other projects, but it is a slow and maddening process.

<Moderator> <Forrester> to <Moderator>: How long does one robot last?

<KMurphy> A robot lasts as long as its karma dictates, just like us.

<Moderator> <Andrew> to <Moderator>: will old episodes ever be made available on video?

<KMurphy> Many old episodes are now available on Rhino Home video, with more to come. I don't have the list. Check the FAQ.

<Moderator> <Soran> to <Moderator>: I enjoyed the book greatly. Any chance of future publications?

<KMurphy> Thanks. We'd love to do another book, maybe a songbook. The book was a blast to write.

<Moderator> <GUSRADIO> to <Moderator>: what is the most catastophic event that happend to the crew beside the hull breach?

<KMurphy> A scene with a deadly meter shower was cut from the movie. Otherwise, Crow lit the ship on fire twice in season 7.

<Moderator> <Cambot> to <Moderator>: Will Cambot return next season?

<KMurphy> Cambot is a perrenial, and will be back.

<KMurphy> perennial, sorry.

<Moderator> <Forrester> to <Moderator>: How long does it take to make one episode?

<KMurphy> It takes ten days from concept to finish shooting, and another 2-3 weeks of editing and post production.

<Moderator> <KimCatral> to <Moderator>: how do you feel about the sociological aspect of the show, the fact that its been such a magnet for folks, and many relationships have come about because of the fan-bonding?

<KMurphy> I think it's great to share a passion with others, it builds community. It's good for us. But don't join a cult. That's different.

<Moderator> <birdman> to <Moderator>: Kevin,are there any future loves planed for Tom?like another creepy girl?

<KMurphy> Tom is a heart waiting to love. You never know with the little guy.

<Moderator> <Neelix> to <Moderator>: Are there any movies that you'd like to put on the show which you haven't been able to do yet?

<KMurphy> All-star disaster pictures are big on my list, but we can't afford them.

<Moderator> <HamerheaD> to <Moderator>: Have you guys ever had mental blocks where you could never seem to come up with any funny material?

<KMurphy> Lucily, since we have six or seven writers in the room, it is very very rare that we all lock up at the same time. we take turns carrying the load. If we all go down at once, we take a break and play Quake until our hearts fill with the bolld of the living, then we're ready to go back in.

<Moderator> <Superguy> to <Moderator>: Kevin, is it true that you had some hand in the production of the movie Blood Hook?

<KMurphy> I was the key grip on Blood hook, and contributed to the music.

<Moderator> <octinomos> to <Moderator>: is MST3K shown anywhere other than the U.S.?

<KMurphy> Sci-Fi might show it in England and Europe, I think it would be great. i know the movie's playing in Australia right now.

<Moderator> <PatrickD> to <Moderator>: I got to meet your wife at the convention. Is she a MSTie?

<KMurphy> Jane isn't as much a MSTie as a member of the family. SHe had a lot of fun at the convention and enjoyed meeting all of you. She's gotten fan mail!

<Moderator> <HAL-9000> to <Moderator>: What do you do for laughs when not working?

<KMurphy> I read Vonnegut, Peter deVries, Swift, Donald Westlake. I watch Marx Brothers Movies, I rent Chuck Jones era Loony Tunes.

<Moderator> <MaxMouse> to <Moderator>: Kevin: on average, how much fan mail do you get a week?

<KMurphy> The show gets a couple hundred letters a week, and I answer as many as I can. I get a boatload of email, too.

<Moderator> <dread> to <Moderator>: When you say "I'm Huge!," what EXACTLY are you refering to?

<KMurphy> When there's a low angle shot of a character in a movie, intended to make him or her look huge, we simply point out the directors intent.

<Moderator> <NetRider> to <Moderator>: Have you ever had film producers etc...."Beg" you to do a film of theirs?

<KMurphy> Not yet, but I'm hoping for Renny Harlin to come crawling.

<Moderator> <Spawn> to <Moderator>: Kevin, A friend of mine sent a painting he created of Tom Servo to the studios a year or so back. I'm sure you folks get things like this all the time. I'm just curious about what happens to all the stuff?

<KMurphy> We hang artwork on the wall all the time, and rotate freah stuff in as it comes. we've gotten some great stuff, and it's flattering and very gracious.

<Moderator> <HamerheaD> to <Moderator>: How much longer do you think MST3k can last before fans turn to freaks and try to blow up their telvisions when they see the opening theme?

<KMurphy> If we start seeing those signals, we'll call it a day. Until then, we'll make 'em.

<Moderator> <Hol> to <Moderator>: Kevin, how much longer can you see yourself staying with MST3K?

<KMurphy> I'll stay with MST as long as it's fulfilling and fun, as it is right now. I can't put a timer on it. I have a hard time
scheduling a haircut.

<Moderator> <Forrester> to <Moderator>: How do you guys come up with the silouette in front of the movie screen?

<KMurphy> The theater seats are a cut out of styrofoam, we sit behind them holding the puppets on stands, and watch monitors. Mike doesn't generally need a puppet stand.

<Moderator> <MaxMouse> to <Moderator>: Kevin: do you think that audience participation (reminiscent of RHPS) will start with the movie?

<KMurphy> "rocky Horror" was designed with audience participation in mind, our movie was not. But you never know.

<Moderator> <Phronq> to <Moderator>: Are there any plans for groovy MST3K collectables, such as a velvet paintings of the cast members, or dinner plates that you can't eat off of?

<KMurphy> I was thinking of a line of painted ties with the robots totally nude.

<Moderator> <JeremiahT> to <Moderator>: Indeed, some of the movies you use are painful to watch. Do really bad films bring out the worst/best of you?

<KMurphy> Really bad films make me angry, they're such a waste of talent and money. Especially big budget bad movies. So yes, If I ever met Paul Verhoven, I'd pour my drink on him.

<Moderator> <Valeyard> to <Moderator>: Is it true that Gypsy has been having an affair with Crow? Or is that just Hamdingers talking.

<KMurphy> Look, it's a small satellite, and things happen, and I... look, forget it, oKay?!?

<Moderator> <Acolyte> to <Moderator>: Kevin, if you could change something to Tom Servo, what would it be?

<KMurphy> I would make Tom Servo drop a few pounds, he's heavier than a full-grown bulldog.

<Moderator> <Erhardt> to <Moderator>: How's Mary Jo enjoying being the bad, person?

<KMurphy> May Jo loves her new role, and we love her character. She's a pro.

<Moderator> <yopo> to <Moderator>: We've heard that Viking Robert Smith will appear on MST3K next season. Are there any other guest appearances planned?

<KMurphy> Robert and the Vikings Camp are nearby, so it was easy. No plans for other celebs yet, but it's fun to think about.

<Moderator> <Satyric> to <Moderator>: Will you now have access to bigger-budget flops that the Sci-Fi channel airs? I'd love to see 'Akira,' for example.

<KMurphy> Being with Sci-Fi opens up a whole new world of films to us, and it's been fun pouring through their library. I think we have great bad films this year.

<Moderator> Kevin has to go soon. Please send your final questions to the moderator now.

<KMurphy> Kevin has to tinkle soon.

<Moderator> <D> to <Moderator>: When MST3K hit theaters did you feal satisfied with it, or where you disappointed in the low amount of veiwers?

<KMurphy> We're proud of the work we did on the film. These things are never perfect, and we're we cheesed with how it was released, but we did it for love, not money.

<Moderator> <Acolyte> to <Moderator>: If you could make one real funny remark when Independence Day is MSTied, what would it be?

<KMurphy> "Love for sale..... Hairy deep voiced love for saaaalllleee......"

<Moderator> <PatrickD> to <Moderator>: Do you browse the web often? What do you think of MST3K web sites you've seen?

<KMurphy> I browse the web occasionally, and I'm floored by al the stuff out there. You folks know far more than we do!

<Moderator> <Moxie> to <Moderator>: What *is* a sampo, anyway?

<KMurphy> A sampo is alternately a chipper East-Coast writer and a marvelous gold-making machine from norse mythology. Oh, and a brand of TV monitor.

<Moderator> <DynoMutt> to <Moderator>: Are we gonna see more of Torgo this season?

<KMurphy> Torgo will never leave us. We can't shake him. Who knows, it's a big universe.

<Moderator> Thank you Kevin. And thank you, MSTies. Any final words, Kevin?

<KMurphy> Thanks for being virtually there this morning, and Thanks to Gary and Sean Sci Fi for this nifty Con. Thanks for all your support, and watch us in February!

Kevin Murphy's SCIFI.CON chat log © 1996 The Sci-Fi Channel. Reprinted with permission.
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