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IRC Chat with Trace Beaulieu
Sponsored by Universal Studios
September 11, 1997

Moderator says "Howdy, Bonjour, Bienvenido and welcome to tonight's live chat with Trace Beaulieu of Mystery Science Theater 3000!!! It's Thursday, September 11 and you are chatting live on the Universal Chat Network. I'm Jeremy Berg and I'm your moderator for the evening. Joining me tonight are my partners in crime, Tony "The Axe Man" Liu and Catherine "Fingers" Panarelli. The Axe Man, my trusty screener, will sift through the endless array of questions that you, the chat audience, submit.

Trace_Beaulieu waves at everyone.

Trace_Beaulieu says "It's all a lie. I made it all up. How's everyone doing? Hello... Oh, absolutely. I apologize for every wrong route I took in getting here."

Moderator says "Is this your first time chatting online??"

Trace_Beaulieu says "I have chatted online twice before. Sometimes moderated. Sometimes just an anarchy session. Sometimes they had me type -- not a good idea!"

Fugazifan asks "What made you decide on "This Island Earth" for the MST3K feature???"

Trace_Beaulieu says "Excellent question."

Trace_Beaulieu says "We wanted to use a film that was in colorOAnd Universal, which was gracious enough to let us raid their library, was also hoping we would pick a color film. And that was the one we found that had the best qualities for riffing."

Chloe25 asks "Did you like MST3K the movie or the TV series better?"

Trace_Beaulieu says "Boy, that's hard. The movie is now judged by how it compares to all the other TV shows since now you can only see it on video or laserdisc. I must say that some of the TV shows may be a better laugh factory for the home viewer."

Jinxed asks "How did you get started with MST3000?"

Trace_Beaulieu says "Quick history... We started at a tiny TV station in Minneapolis that let us loose with the gears. Joel Hodgson had connections with Comedy Central and we took it to the network who was hungry for programming."

Fugazifan asks "What was the first monster movie you saw as a kid??"

Trace_Beaulieu says "First monster movie I saw was a Mars movie... a kid is taken underground... Invaders From Mars. Scared the beegeebers out of me."

Hitch asks "How did you come up with the design of the robots?"

Trace_Beaulieu says "Robots were originally designed by Joel. He pulled an all nighter and created the first ones.They evolved from there."

Gunsnroses asks "Why did you leave MST3K???"

Trace_Beaulieu says "I wanted to come to California and spend most of my life driving."

Trace_Beaulieu chuckles in amusement.

Chloe25 asks "What do you think about the following films: Motel Hell, Piranha, Event Horizon and Porky's?"

Trace_Beaulieu says "Well, Event Horizon is freshest in my mind... A very odd film and very timely... looked great, but kind of a goofy film. A lot of things thrown at that wall... Not very good. Have not seen Motel Hell... Barely remember Piranha, but I remember not wanting to swim after that. I saw Porky's II, so I think I missed the set-up.l"

agentj asks "What do you think of the virtual revolution? What are your favorite parts about the Internet, and the worst parts you could do without?"

Trace_Beaulieu says "My favorite part of the Internet is the mouse. The part I could do without is live access to human beings. I'm so lonely..."

Trace_Beaulieu chuckles in amusement.

Supa asks "Is there someone in particular you would like to work with?"

Trace_Beaulieu says "Hmmm.... Boy, I've worked with everyone that I've wanted to. I've been very fortunate. Since everyone else doesn't call, I don't want to work with them"

MisterD asks "What can you tell us about your comic book you're working on?"

Trace_Beaulieu says "It should have been out already. I think it comes out in October. It's a really goofy story actually about a computer mogul who gets into a lot of trouble when his intelligent computer arranges a date for him. Amanda Connor is doing the art for it and Jeff Darrell who you may remember from Big Guy and Rust the Robot is providing the cover. Actually, Darryl. Sorry Darryl."

JamieP asks "Trace, we're all anxious to see your work on the new "America's Funniest Home Videos." Do you have enough footage to work with, or will you need to take a football to the groin yourself?"

Trace_Beaulieu says "That was actually the employee indoctrination was how well we took a softball to the package. I'm actually excited about this project. I'm going to be working with Josh Weinstein again. Actually, J. Elvis Weinstein. He was on the original MST at the crummy TV station we worked at."

Hal8K asks "How do you feel about the job Bill Corbett is doing as the new voice of Crow T. Robot on the show?"

Trace_Beaulieu says "I think he's doing a swell job."

Supa asks "Who's your biggest inspiration?"

Trace_Beaulieu says "There's so many... Monty Python... The Goon Show... Laurel and Hardy...My parents....Why'd I plug them? They're not going to be on the Internet."

Janitor_of_God asks "My friend told me Dr. Clayton Forrester's the name of a "War of the Worlds" character. Any reason you chose this particular name?"

Trace_Beaulieu says "We thought it was a nice homage... as opposed to outright theft."

SHRommel asks "What current celebrity begs most to be parodied? And are your lungs still aching for air?"

Trace_Beaulieu ponders thoughtfully.

Trace_Beaulieu says "The Spice Girls. And yes, my lungs are aching."

Zaphod42 asks "Was it difficult to work the Crow puppet? Did it take time to get used to?"

Trace_Beaulieu says "Crow was a real primadonna. Difficult to work with. I'm glad you the viewer could see that. I never got used to it. I thought I was the brains, he thought he was the brains. He had a very cold stick."

Moderator says "Most robots do.."

Chloe25 asks "Have you ever actually been to another planet? If not, which one would you like to visit?"

Trace_Beaulieu says "I guess it would be Saturn. It's the prettiest in my opinion."

Chloe25 asks "What is your favorite flavor of ice cream??"

Trace_Beaulieu says "Vanilla."

Gunsnroses asks "What do you have planned for the future???"

Trace_Beaulieu says "Well, we're thinking of fixing that computer clock problem so that everyone has a future."

Trace_Beaulieu says "After that it's up to everyone..."

agentj asks "You recently attended a science fiction/comics convention in California where you mentioned you were interested in returning to MST3K. Would that be for a special like an anniversary show? And if so, how do you think the future looks for such an event actually happening?"

Trace_Beaulieu says "I think it's always possible. I wouldn't count on it. I think any of the folks that have moved out to California. Joel, Frank, myself would be tickled to work with the MST crew again. Wouldn't hold your breath."

Supa asks "we had a bond fight here before,who is the best James Bond actor in your opinion?"

Trace_Beaulieu says "I'm surprised that you guys fought over this... It's so obvious... It's Peter Sellers...Or Woody Allen..."

JamieP asks "Trace, when will HERE COMES THE BIG PEOPLE be released? Are you working on any other comic projects?"

Trace_Beaulieu says "I believe it comes out maybe the end of this month or sometime next month. It's taking me a long time to color in all the pix."

Janitor_of_God asks "Who would win in a fight between Gamera and The Amazing Colossal Man?"

Trace_Beaulieu says "Gamera. Hands down. If you remember Glen Manning kind of flipped out at the end of the first movie, Gamera can fly... no contest."

Melvin asks "Did you ever consider skewring episodes of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea? There were so many references to Richard basehart of MST3000. Also, what is Joel Hodgson doing now, and would he come back to the show?"

Trace_Beaulieu says "First question, it never occurred to us to do Voyage. I actually liked that show. It's close to my heart. Right now Joel is fixing a nice bowl of soup... and I think he'd do a guest shot on the show if someone asked him nicely. Again, don't hold your breath. I think Joel is working for Henson right now to be quite honest."

JamieP asks "What is Soylent Green made from?"

Trace_Beaulieu says "People."

MisterD asks "What did you like best about working with Frank?"

Trace_Beaulieu says "Frank's a great comedic partner. I don't know what else to say. He has great timing and a vast encyclopedic mind for great TV trivia... And his hair is real."

Moderator says "You don't say"

MelvinM asks "When you were on MST3000, what was your favorite movie to be roasted on the show?"

Trace_Beaulieu says "I guess my favorites were the industrial or educational shorts that we used to skewerO.people my age were subjected to those in science class and phys ed classes in school and I have a real soft spot on my body for those films."

Moderator says "How many films did you roast??? And how did you pick them"

Trace_Beaulieu says "In my tour of duty I did about 150 of them. And they've continued with another 20 or so. We would try to do the ones we could afford. We'd get a box of videos and watch every single one of them. Our hit rate was 1 in 10."

Moderator says "What were the ones you really wanted to do"

Trace_Beaulieu says "We had several star driven TV MOW disaster films - those are so much fun when you have a cast of really famous people whose work you can reference. Those were always too expensive for us."

Hal8K asks "Can you tell us if Mr. B. Natural is a man or a woman (both)?"

Trace_Beaulieu says "That's like asking if Peter Pan is a boy or girl. No one really knows. Best left unsolved."

DeusExMach asks "any plans to return to standup?"

Trace_Beaulieu says "I would have to be dragged kicking and screaming and then someone would have to write a great act for me. I had a terrible act. I did stand up in Minneapolis. Josh and I went out on tour and played Beaulah, North Dakota... Hot spot. I think there's a Coke factory or Coke hole out there... I can guarantee you that no one in Beaulah is online!"

Zaphod42 asks "Do you talk with the past and/or present Best Brains often?"

Trace_Beaulieu says "Get together with Frank, Joel and Josh quite often. I'm working with Josh now. Frank I saw at lunch the other day. Saw them all the other day and ended up on the sofa riffing. A really odd moment. No puppets involved however."

SHRommel asks "What did you do growing up that got you in the most trouble? Ever mimic a parent?"

Trace_Beaulieu says "Never mimicked a parent. Was too terrified of every adult. Most trouble... I think I tried to burn a neighbor's house down. But in a nice way..."

shredsfc asks "Trace, this season MST did Parts: The Clonus horror, with Peter Graves. Can you throw in one Peter Graves joke for old time's sake?"

Trace_Beaulieu says "No, I can't. Actually I don't know that many Peter Graves jokes other than he went to the University of Minnesota..."

MisterD asks "I gotta ask, did you ever find yourself physically getting sick after a movie?"

Trace_Beaulieu says "Not really."

Janitor_of_God asks "What's the one movie that causes YOU Deep Hurting? There's gotta be one ..."

Trace_Beaulieu says "Actually, one of the few movies MST related that I walked out of was Hardly Working with Jerry Lewis who called me a nut, but I happen to agree with the French. What made me mad was my brother and I snuck out of work to go to this movie and then we snuck back."

Moderator says "That's bad.."

Womanofscorn asks "did you guys make up the comments on the movies, or did you have a script?"

Trace_Beaulieu says "Both. We made them up and then we put a script together to remember what we said..Good question."

SHRommel asks "What was the weirdest dream you ever had as a direct result of watching a film for MST3K?"

Trace_Beaulieu says "There've been so many.. That's really had to narrow down.. And there's nothing really clean enough that I could repeat. People in my dream came to me once and said we don't have the budgets for these sets. It was my subconscious... not too strange, but clean. Later I'll be on the superanimated Japanese Porn line... I'm Chop Stix."

Slywy asks "Have you seen JMS? And would please be a Babylon 5 alien?"

Trace_Beaulieu says "I have seen JMS. He's an extremely kind man and took me on the tour of all the B5 sets and facility. I think it would be a gas to work on that show. They were just renewed for Season 5 and doing movies... TNT I can't say enough good things about those guys. They're like gods."

JamieP asks "Okay, you've piqued our curiosity. What movie were you watching on that couch?"

Trace_Beaulieu says "The Magic Voyage of Sinbad. Then we watched a little of The Seven Faces of Dr. Liu"

Zaphod42 asks "Did you write the "Who will I kill?" song? That was a really great song..."

Trace_Beaulieu says "I did not write that. Mike Nelson wrote that. Mike and Kevin I think. Or maybe just Mike. I don't remember quite frankly."

Chloe25 asks "If you could have been in any other sci-fi movie, which would it be? What character would you play?"

Trace_Beaulieu says "Hmmm... 2001. I would be Whitehead. I think that was his name. The frozen guy. Wouldn't have to remember any lines. Or the chimp that gets beat up in the beginning."

Moderator says "Do you know who did the voice for the Hal 9000"

Trace_Beaulieu says "Douglas Rain... Another assist from Joe Sena..."

Chloe25 asks "What kind of pets do you have?"

Trace_Beaulieu says "I have two cats and about 100,000 little brown ants. It's true. Everyone in Los Angeles has ants. Just don't take the garbage out for a day and you too will have a variety of constant companions."

Gleek asks "Do you collect memorabilia???"

Trace_Beaulieu says "I do. I do collect a few things. A few select comic books which people have been gracious enough to sign. I have an abacus collection. Not really sci-fi collection..."

Hitch asks "What do you think of modern day horror and Sci-Fi films???"

Trace_Beaulieu says "I'm a huge fan of horror and sci-fi. I say, just keep making it. It's not all good, not all bad... Every once in a while there's a gem. I'm looking forward to the Aliens movie."

Moderator says "What did you think of City of lOst CHildren"

Trace_Beaulieu says "Stunning visually... I kept getting lost in the story."

Moderator says "That bug was pretty cool"

Trace_Beaulieu says "The bug was great. The flea. There were so many cool things in it. I'm actually looking forward to Terry Gilliam's Fear in Las Vegas. I read an earlier script and I think it's changed since then. It's close to the book, very funny."

Jinxed asks "Do you theater hop when you go to the movies?"

Trace_Beaulieu says "I try to stay in one theater at a time, even if the movie's bad. I'll stay and watch. It's like changing channels. Somehow it's just not right. Make up your mind. It's an evening out. Have fun."

SHRommel asks "What was the worst or weirdest job you ever took to pay the bills?"

Trace_Beaulieu says "I once played Santa Claus. And if you know me, you know I don't really have the stature for the roll. It was a tiny indoor mall in St. Paul. I was to do crown rap and give out candy canes.The candy canes were one big sticky mass and it was horrible. It was an ugly experience, but I got paid $75. Scared some children..."

DeusExMach asks "Any horror stories about doing Manos: The hands of Fate?"

Trace_Beaulieu says "Just watching it over and over again."

Jinxed asks "Do you read marvel?"

Trace_Beaulieu says "I haven't. I like some of the characters, but they never really grabbed me. I'm more of an obscure, independent collector... Sam and Max... Milk and Cheese... Big Guy and his robot pal Rusty. And Madman, Mike Allred's book. The alien series from Dark Horse."

Wanderer asks "what advice do you have for a struggling actor"

Trace_Beaulieu says "Be willing to get into the Zen of it. And find a couple of other things to do to make money. Don't be afraid to be out of work for a looooonnng time."

MisterD asks "What's your kinda of television? Other than SciFi.. do you like any other genres?"

Trace_Beaulieu says "I think I'm a real fan of British comedy."

Moderator says "Like the Young Ones"

Trace_Beaulieu says "The Pythons, Black Adder, The Young Ones, Alexi Sales... Mr. Bean... Of course Fawlty Towers."

Moderator says "This is the final question..."

JamieP asks "Trace, could you tell us something about the "With or Without You" movie you have a part in?"

Trace_Beaulieu says "It's an independent film. Wendell Anderson is the writer/director. It's based on an incident in his very own life. He took it to Sundance and went through their writing & directing program. I couldn't be more pleased. He made it completely independently. I got a tiny part in it. Don't know when it's coming out. It's his first feature."

Moderator says "That's going to wrap it up for the evening. Our thanks go out to Trace for taking the time to chat with us tonight!"

Trace_Beaulieu says "And don't forget to watch America's Funniest Home Video in it's new format. Thanks for coming tonight. Sorry I got stuck in traffic. This was the best one yet!"