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Goodbye Sci-Fi

Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett reflect on MST3K's final broadcast.

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This Date in MSTory

1887: Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery, who was mentioned in a host segment in episode 507- I ACCUSE MY PARENTS.
1899: Douglas Shearer, sound recording supervisor for the movie in episode 510- THE PAINTED HILLS.
1915: Raymond F. Jones, whose story “The Alien Machine” was the basis for movie THIS ISLAND EARTH riffed in MST3K: THE MOVIE.
1919: Joby Blanshard, who played Smith in the movie in episode 111- MOON ZERO TWO.
1928: Rance Howard, who played a deputy in the movie in episode 523- VILLAGE OF THE GIANTS.
1934: Karen Kadler, who played Ellen Peters in the movie in episode 311- IT CONQUERED THE WORLD and Iris in the movie in episode 415- THE BEATNIKS.
1959: William R. Moses, who played Guten Gus Edway in the movie in episode 516- ALIEN FROM L.A.*

1970: Alexander Laszlo (age 74), composer of the musical scores for the movies in episodes 406- ATTACK OF THE GIANT LEECHES and 701- NIGHT OF THE BLOOD BEAST. He was also the musical director for the “Rocky Jones, Space Ranger” TV series, episodes of which were seen in MST episodes 413- MANHUNT IN SPACE and 417- CRASH OF MOONS.
1980: Hod David Schudson (age 38), musical score composer for the movie in episode 811- PARTS: THE CLONUS HORROR.
1982: Bill Baldwin Sr. (age 68), who played an announcer in the movie in episode 517- BEGINNING OF THE END.
1987: Arthur C. Pierce (age 64), director/screenwriter of the movie in episode 104- WOMEN OF THE PREHISTORIC PLANET and producer/screenwriter of the movie in episode 420- THE HUMAN DUPLICATORS.
1988: Sheilah Graham (age 84), who played Sister Grace in the movie in episode 601- GIRLS TOWN.
1997: Wilfred Josephs (age 70), composer of the musical score for the movie in episode 905- THE DEADLY BEES.
2004: Anthony Magro (age 81), associate editor for the movie in episode 406- ATTACK OF THE GIANT LEECHES and the music editor for the movie in episode 618- HIGH SCHOOL BIG SHOT.
2008: Ennio De Concini (age 84) who was one of the screenwriters of the movies in episodes 408- HERCULES UNCHAINED and 502- HERCULES.
2014: Carole Mathews (age 94), who played Lee in the movie in episode 503- SWAMP DIAMONDS.

1990: episode 207- WILD REBELS first shown.

1960: The movie in episode 617- THE SWORD AND THE DRAGON, just released in the U.S., is reviewed in The New York Times.
1982: The movie “Time Walker,” seen in episode 405- BEING FROM ANOTHER PLANET, is reviewed in Variety.

This Date in MSTory is written and compiled by Steve Finley, Chris Cornell and Brian Henry. Copyright © 2017 All rights reserved. Please do not reproduce This Date in MSTory items in any form without express written permission from the authors.
* = According to the IMBD this person is alive. If you can supply evidence that he or she has died, and when, please let us know.
** = If this appears next to a birthday, the IMDB indicates that the person has died, but the IMDB does not have a full death date (probably just a month and year or just the year he or she died). If you can give us the exact date (with some sort of proof we can check), please let us know.
** = If this appears next to a death date, the IMDB does not have this person’s full birthday. If you can provide it (with some sort of proof we can check), please let us know.

RIP Keith Barron and Liz Smith

Versatile British actor Keith Barron died Nov. 15 after a short illness. He was 83.
Barron enjoyed a “long and varied career… of which he was immensely proud”, a statement said, referencing his many roles across television which included appearances in “Coronation Street,” “Casualty,” “DCI Banks,” “Doctors,” “Holby City” and “Benidorm.”
But MSTies will remember him as Bradley in the movie in episode 1114- THE LAND THAT TIME FORGOT.”

The Guardian has the story.

And while we’re noting departures, gossip columnist Liz Smith died Nov. 12. She was 94.

MSTies may remember that she was mentioned in a host segment in episode 505- THE MAGIC VOYAGE OF SINBAD.”

Her New York Times obit is here.

Thanks to Timmy for his copious headses ups.

Episode guide: 906- The Space Children (with short: ‘Century 21 Calling’)


Short: (1962) A couple of clean-cut kids tour the phone company exhibit at the Seattle’s World’s Fair.
Movie: (1958) The children of rocket technicians come under the control of a mind-controlling blob.

First shown: 6/13/98
Opening: Tom has a kissing booth
Intro: Pearl attempts to take over the worked through officing
Host segment 1: Mike’s the kid from the short! Bonk!
Host segment 2: M&tB have a model rocket; but Pearl has a space program
Host segment 3: Crow lashes out with Jackie Coogan fashions
End: The peace loving blob visits; Pearl’s space program has a problem
Stinger: Dead Professor
1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (222 votes, average: 4.00 out of 5)

• There’s much more good news than bad with this one — a short, some funny segments, great riffing, TV sitcom stars galore — that I can forgive the drab little movie at the center of it all, and a foulup by the Brains.
• This episode is not on DVD and, according to Shout, never will be.
• Paul’s observations are here.
• The opening is light and fun. Mike’s delivery of the line “A kissing booth? WHAT FOR?” is hilarious.
• That’s Patrick as “Lacks” the phone guy.
• The officing sketch goes on a little long, but you can tell Mary Jo is into it. She’s written about “officing” experiences in some of her short stories, so she knows whereof she parodies.
• This was the first short of the Sci-Fi era. There was much rejoicing among fans.
• Short producer Jerry Fairbanks made other shorts for Ma Bell, including ‘Once Upon a Honeymoon.’ Fairbanks was nominated for two Oscars and won one.
• Sharon Lawrence was born in 1961, so that is definitely not her in the short. But wow, it sure looks just like her.
• Naughty riff: Singer: “You’re seeing it all…” Crow: “…at the Annie Sprinkle show…”
• I like how Tom leans over to tell us one more thing as Mike carries him out at the end of the short.
• Segment 1 is one of those “here’s a bit that’s not funny” bits. Again, a little wry for my tastes, but any segment where somebody gets hit by that big clown hammer is okay by me.
• It may not be quite as bad as not recognizing the “Battlestar Galactica” spaceships in “Space Mutiny,” but a lot of fans were stunned that the Brains failed to recognize (or at least comment on) Raymond Bailey, who played Milburn Drysdale on TV’s “Beverly Hillbillies.” Were they too busy coming up with bald jokes (there had to have been dozens) to notice?
• Segment 2 is just really, really funny. Mary Jo really channels Trace in this one and it works brilliantly.
• Nerdy reference that was obscure then and is about to enter the general public’s consciousness: Smaug.
• Second reference this season to St. Blaise, patron saint of ailments of the throat.
• Segment 3 is very reminiscent of seasons 2 or 3, and actually it works pretty well.
• Then-current reference: Let’s get in line for Beanie Babies.
• Behind the scenes: Fans, glum after the announcement a few weeks ago that “the back nine” would not be picked up, were cheered up slightly on June 4, about a week before this episode debuted, when it was announced that Sci-Fi Channel had renewed the channel for season 10 (though privately cast and crew members were all saying that it looked like the last one).
• Cast and crew roundup: Producer William Alland also did “Revenge of the Creature,” “The Mole People,” “The Deadly Mantis” and “This Island Earth.” Director Jack Arnold also did “Revenge of the Creature” and “This Island Earth.” Scriptwriter Bernard C. Schoenfeld also worked on “The Magic Sword.” Cinematographer Ernest Laszlo also worked on “Tormented.” Process photography guy Farciot Edouart also did “Village of the Giants,” as did makeup guy Wally Westmore and sound recorder Charles Grenzbach.
In front of the camera, Peggy Webber was also in “The Screaming Skull,” Johnny Crawford was also in “Village of the Giants.” Russell Johnson was also in “This Island Earth. Vera Marshe was also in “Tormented.” Eilene Janssen was also in “Beginning of the End.”
• CreditsWatch: Directed by Kevin. Dan Breyer begins a three-episode stint as both intern and grip (they must have really liked him). Additional music written and performed by Michael J. Nelson.
• Fave riff from the short: “How do animals learn? Well, as long as they learn to taste good…”
• Fave riff from feature: “Hang on. Niels Bohr’s using the toaster.” Honorable mention: “Go find out what he put on his job application under ‘Do you drink a lot?'”

Vol. XXXIX Press Begins

Our pal Bruce Westbrook kicks off the press for the upcoming release of Vol. XXXIX.