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Weekend Discussion Thread: rough draft of the Season 12 episode guide: 1204- THE DAY TIME ENDED

Movie: (1979) An unsuspecting family spend the night at their newly built solar-powered house and are confronted by concepts.

Open: J&tB are still hanging out in Moon 13. Jonah is still at work on the containment vessel and the bots are just making mischief. Max seeks assurances from Jonah, and gets them, giving Max a good feeling.
Back on the SOL, J&tB are having’ a cup o’ joe, while the Mads drink from empty mugs.
For the invention exchange, J&tB present the Fortune Meal. Meanwhile, the Mads show off their spray-on mustard gas.
The Mads tell Ardy to flush the movie, but he is busy suiting up bonesy the dog so he can go walkies.
Segment 1: J&tB are rugged men of a certain age until interrupted by hill bikers.
Segment 2: Script writers Jonah and Crow get help from Prof. Harold Servo, along with Growler and M. Waverly and, later, Max and Kinga.
Close: J&tB are losing it. Meanwhile, Max & Kinga are visited by Dr. Lawrence Erhardt, who gives them a mission.
Stinger: The little green guy pleases Jenny.

• Callbacks: “Pretty nice.” (Mac and Me). “Bah-boom!” (Atlantic Rim). “Knew your father I did.” (Mr. B Natural). The movie “Avalanche.”
• The great “concepts” song is another winner from Paul & Storm.
• Nice to hear a Flash Bazbo reference.
• Kinga’s mom was Kim Catrall? Of course!
• The voice of Bonesy was the great Ivan Askwith.
• Fave riff: “Don’t talk to the Lovecraftian obelisk, dear.” Honorable mention: “Uncle Owen, a Star Wars story.”

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Rifftrax: What did you think?

An open thread to discuss tonight’s live show. Let us know about turnout, response and about any technical glitches.

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RIP Peggy Stewart

Actress Peggy Stewart (real name Margaret O’Rourke) who worked steadily in Hollywood, on TV and on the stage, died May 29, just a few days short of her 96th birthday.

Her first role was in the 1930s, her last was in 2014. In between she played in more than 100 films. She was a contract player for Republic Pictures for many years.

MSTies may recall a small role she had in a TV movie originally called “The Stranger,” later re-edited and retitled (episode 305-) STRANDED IN SPACE. She had an uncredited role as an “inner council member.”

Nice appreciations of her career are here and here.

Thanks to Tim for the heads up.